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Are you the kind of person who multitasks regularly with serious work on your PC? You might notice that one monitor is never enough, even two. 

This puts you in for the hassle of constantly switching screens as you get from one window to the other. With this kind of work, you need the best monitor stand for 3 monitors to accommodate 3 screens and make your work easy.

With a 3 computer monitor setup, you will easily keep watch of all your work without missing any essential parts. For instance, you can have your emails, your messaging app on the second one, and your text editor on the third one.

Again, you can utilize this setup for more complex work. This article has gathered the seven best three monitor stand setups, with their best features, highlighting their pros and cons.

Our Favorite Best Monitor Stand for 3 Monitors

Top 7 Best Monitor Mount Stand

1. HUANUO Triple Monitor Stand

HUANUO triple monitor stand is among the best monitor stand for 3 monitors; you can use it with curved and flat fit computers. Each motor hand can support up to 17.6lbs weight. Again, the mount accommodates 17 to 32inches size monitors, which is more significant than other stands.

On the downside, some users’ reports stand wobbling sometimes, and also, it’s a bit expensive compared to others.


  • Customizable: HUANUO triple stand setup allows you to customize your monitors for the best view. To set, you can swivel, tilt, and rotate your monitors to find the best angle for your comfortable working. You can set the monitors in either portrait or landscape view mode if you like.
  • Comfortable and efficient: many users of this stand love that you will complete your tasks efficiently, without switching between windows. Again, you can set your monitors at an optimal view to work without straining.
  • Compatibility: this monitor stand can hold 17 to 32-inch monitors, which is bigger than other stands. It is compatible with both 75×75 and 100 x 100 VESA mounting holes to mount your monitors. Further, each monitor arm can hold up to 17.6lbs weight, similar to many monitors.
  • Space-saving design: HUANUO pc monitor setup will save your space by elevating the monitors above your working space. Again it has a detachable integrated cable management system that helps organize your work desk by adjusting power and AV cords, so you will not deal with cables scattered all over your desktop.


  • High-quality construction material
  • Works well with heavy monitors
  • Easy to assemble


  • A bit expensive for some users

2. MOUNTUP Triple Monitor Stand Mount

Get MOUNTUP to hold all your 3 monitors steady, which is the best monitor stand for 3 monitors with great design and sturdy. At the center, the stand has a 17-inch long pole to hold one monitor, which you can only tilt upwards or downwards.

On the other side, the left and right arms are adjustable and can go up to 20 inches high.


  • Efficient: once you get this fully adjustable stand mount, you have various setting options. You can arrange landscape, stack, and portrait modes. With this, it’s easy to get an optimal viewing angle while sharing screens.

Again, you can achieve any ergonomic view with the screen by adjusting your monitor to your eye level, which is good for your body and work.

  • Space-saving design: think of how much space you will save hanging your monitors to the wall? And all the space you will have on your desk? To enjoy this, get this MOUNTUP triple monitor stand. Again, this mount has an integrated cable management system, where cables and wires can run through the pole to clear your desktop.
  • Easy to assemble: from the first look, you might think this stand is hard to complete. But, it’s straightforward. You have two options; C-clamp and grommet. So, you can choose to use a c-clamp to mount the stand if your desk doesn’t have a hole and has a 0.39” to 3.15” thickness. On the other hand, if your desk has a 0.39”- 3.15” diameter hole, you can choose the grommet way.
  • High-quality material: this mount is made of heavy gauge steel, which gives it a solid and sturdy characteristic to hold 3 monitors. In total, the mount can hold up to 52.8lbs, giving its users confidence in its safety.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Highly flexible
  • Compatible with flat and curved designs


  • The center monitor can only tilt upwards or downwards

3. Mount-It! Triple Monitor Stand

Clear your desk while enjoying ergonomic monitor installation height for your monitors up to 24 inches. Again, this monitor allows you to boost your productivity with 3 screens at once while relieving your back, neck, and shoulder pain.

You can turn the right and left monitors according to your needs, but the stand restricts the center monitor to moving upwards or downwards only. However, some users have experience engaging stand setup and correct monitor adjustment. Also, the stand base cannot support three full-weight monitors without tripping.


  • Efficient: Mount-it triple monitor is yours to go 3 monitor setup with freestanding monitor desk featuring full motion. The mount has VESA plates which are removable for easy mounting. Again, the monitor arms are height adjustable and made of heavy-duty steel for strength and reliability.
  • Extreme adjustability: the stand left, and right monitor can tilt up to 45 degrees up and down and swivel at 360 degrees. You can lower them up and down the middle pole if you like. You can tilt, swivel, and adjust the height for the center monitor.
  • Easy to mount: You get everything you need to mount your monitors from the box. From hardware tools to user manuals for straightforward mounting. Further, the stand is non—skid to sit on any desktop freely. But, you should ensure the monitors are at a balance to avoid falling off.
  • Warranty: this monitor mount comes with a 5-year warranty. In addition, you can be sure of friendly and responsive customer service based in the US on business days.


  • Triple monitor stand
  • 360 degrees’ screen rotation
  • 5 years’ warranty and business day’s customer service


  • The base is not very strong to hold the 3 monitors with a maximum weight

4. TechOrbits Triple Monitor Mount

TechOrbits triple monitor is a good pc 3 monitor setup, especially when working on a budget. It has Smart SWIVEL arms with adjustable gas springs you can set for your monitors. And can support 13 inches to 30 inches wide screens weighing up to 15.5lbs monitors.

Although it’s difficult to get any fault with this stand, some users say the mount is not stable while mounting full weight 15.5lbs monitors, but perfect with lesser weight monitors than recommended.


  • Design: TechOrbits triple monitor mounts weigh about 17lbs with heavy metal construction. To attach the mount to your desk, it has a clamp that fits 0.4 to 3.3”, which is reasonable enough for many desks. Each mounting arm can support up to 15.4lbs weight, which is more than enough for many panels.
  • Adjustability: this monitor’s adjustability is better compared to freestanding mounts. You can extend your monitors up to 28.1 inches forward and up to 21 inches upwards each.

The monitor has VESA 100 plate, which is also adjustable up to 90 degrees clockwise and anticlockwise. Many users love the adjustable base to rotate the screens up to 270 degrees to give you a perfect viewing angle.

  • Efficient: no more cluttered desktop. You only need to attach your monitors to the stand, and voila! There you go. Again, you can set the monitors at an ergonomic position giving you an excellent posture for working without straining.
  • High-quality stand: this stand is made with heavy-duty aluminum and articulating gas springs, giving you confidence for your screen safety. Besides, each arm can hold up to 20lbs on each self-balancing arm.


  • Excellent customer service in case of anything
  • Good cable management
  • Space-saving and organization design


  • You might need to use lighter monitors than the recommended weight

5. IMLIB Triple Monitor Stand

IMLIB triple monitor stand is yours to go 3 monitor setup to help you free your working desk within a few minutes. Also, the stand will help you achieve an ergonomic working posture once you set up your screen correctly.

With this stand, you can set your screen to either portrait or landscape for optimal view. The stand also accommodates both curved and flat-screen within the recommended range. But on the lower side, fitting three 27-inch screens will be very tight for the arrangement.


  • Compatibility: IMLIB triple monitor is your perfect stand, compatible with most brands as long as it’s within 13 to 27 inches. Your screens can be flat or curved, with each arm holding up to 17.6pounds monitor weight.
  • Integrated cable system: this system allows the cables to run through the monitor’s arm decently, reducing the amount of clutter on your desk.

Again the stand has a durable gas spring system to hold your monitors in place to avoid wobbling or sagging. But this application is common with users who stay in their permanent office spaces.

  • Flexible: the stand has a full-motion gas springs arm that tilts up to 135 degrees; you can swivel to 180 degrees and up to 360 degrees’ rotation angle. With this, you will consistently achieve your view angle quickly. Also, you can have your monitors in either landscape or portrait angle if you like.
  • Lifetime customer support: as a buyer, it’s always good to go where you are valued. This monitor is eligible for a lifetime warranty and full-time customer care support. In addition, the monitor will always benefit you in terms of good posture and efficiency.


  • Strong monitor body construction
  • Variety of adjustability options
  • Integrated cable management options


  • The setup can be too tight for three 27 inches’ monitors

6. Triple Monitor Stand – 17-32″ Heavy Duty

Get this three monitor setup, a real game-changer for your office. This stand helps you create an efficient work style while creating a clutter-free work environment. Choose this triple monitor stand; choose a neck, back, and shoulder pain-free working environment.

However, some users have encountered challenges with the sidearm tension, but it holds the monitors well enough once you are done.


  • Flexible desk mount: this monitor has 2 heavy-duty right and left arms, which can swivel 90 degrees clockwise and anticlockwise. Also, you can tilt them to 90 degrees anti-clockwise and 85 degrees clockwise.

Further, the arms can rotate up to 360 degrees for optimal view. Unfortunately, the center monitor can only adjust upwards or downwards along the center pole.

  • Screen size: this monitor stand can support 17 to 32 inches’ screens. The screen can be flat or curved and still get an optimal view. At the same time, each arm can hold up to 17.6lbs weight.
  • Two mounting options: to hold your monitors securely, you can use C-clamp or grommet mounting base holds. Luckily you don’t have to worry If your desk doesn’t have a hole since you’ll still mount this triple mount stand.
  • Efficient: this stand has a heavy-duty stand pole design that is easily detachable with an integrated cable system; to give a clutter-free and spacious workstation.

Many users like the easy assembly required to set up your monitors on the stand. The package comes with installation manuals and all the necessary accessories to setup.


  • Easy assemble required
  • The stand is highly flexible
  • Two installation options for diversity


  • The center monitor is not as adjustable as the arms

7. WALI Triple LCD Monitor Desk Mount

WALI triple LCD monitor desk mount is a favorable 3 monitor pc setup. Unlike arm monitors, this setup ensures uniform screen adjustment, which you must adjust one by one. So, you will always have perfectly aligned monitors.

However, although the mount accommodates both flat and curved screens, it works best with flat for optimal viewing since curved screens may cause strain on your vision.


  • Flexible: WALI triple LCD monitor desk mount enhances your comfort with easy-to-adjust monitor arms. With this, you can quickly achieve an ergonomic posture to reduce eye and neck strains. However, the stand is more prevalent in schools, manufacturing plants, businesses, dorms, IT networks, and homes.
  • Multiple mounting options: this stand is easy to mount and set up your monitors, with two C clamp systems and a 4-inch grommet base diameter. Further, both options are compatible with a 4-inch thick desk.
  • Adaptability: this desktop stand has fully flexible arms extending and retracting on the 18 inches high pole. Again, you can tilt the center monitor at 45degrees clockwise and anticlockwise, while the side monitor can tilt up to 90 degrees both ways.
  • Compatibility: for optimum user experience, you can mount flat screens TV and monitors up to 24 inches, holding 22 lbs. per arm. The mount plates are adjustable in height and detachable as you wish. Again the mount plates are VESA compatible with 75 and 100.


  • Easy to mount
  • Detachable VESA plate
  • High-quality material


  • Not suitable for curved monitors

Buying Guide- Best Monitor Stand for 3 Monitors

monitor setup with stand

Now that you have an idea of the best monitor stand for 3 monitors available in the market. Here is a guide with what you need to consider while buying one.

1. Compatibility

Before buying any monitor stand, there are two compatibility options you need to consider;

VESA mount compatibility: this setup refers to the four attachment holes at the back of your TV or computer monitor. Although there are several standards, two are more common: VESA 75(featuring four holes in 75mm x 75mm pattern) and VESA 100 (which has holes in 100mm x 100mm). Hence it’s advisable to buy a stand compatible with your monitor VESA amounts.

Maximum weight support varies depending on the manufacturer and the model. To get the proper weight support, you need to check the monitor manufacturer’s website and compare the monitor support weight.

2. Horizontal or Stacked

Usually, monitor stands will have a side-by-side arrangement for maximum horizontal real estate. Whereby this arrangement is good for productivity and cock-pit immersion style. With this setup, there are various ways you can set up.

On the other side stacked setup similar to that of the WALI Triple LCD Monitor Desk Mount is more of a niche choice. It works well when you have a relatively cramped space not enough for three monitors side by side. However, the setup is not efficient for entertainment.

3. Wall Mounting

Wall mounting is the best way to achieve monitor floating looks. Whereby three monitors are using a single monitor wall mount. However, triple monitor mounts are expensive and uncommon, with the available systems compromised, expensive, or sometimes both. But this setup is good if you want to save space on your desk.

4. Fixed or Flexible Arms for Triple Monitor

You also need to consider using your monitor arms to make your decision. For instance, do you want a monitor you can adjust according to your sitting position, or do you want a monitor to fix at one place at all times?

If you don’t need to move a lot, you can go for fixed monitor arms since they are cheaper than flexible monitor arms.

How Do I Find My 3rd Monitor on Windows10/11?

If you have challenges connecting your 3rd monitor in windows 10/11, you are not alone, which may result from a monitor compatibility problem. More so if your monitors are of different generations. This section will focus on how you can solve the monitor connectivity issue in your Windows 10/11.

Attempt Reconnecting our Monitors One by One

Sometimes you might think everything is in order while it is not; with this, you might need to reinstall your monitor set up.

  • Unplug the monitors according to advanced display settings window order
  • Plug them back later
  • You might notice the auto-detect could find the third monitor after a few attempts

In the Control Panel Reset the Display Settings

Many users who had this problem reported one monitor disconnection. Follow these steps to reset your display setting;

  • Click the start button and open the control panel
  • On display, click display settings
  • On the disconnected screen, select extend the desktop to this display

Check for Available Updates

For your monitor displays to work correctly, you need to check the latest updates. If not, you might need to install the newest update.

  • Go to settings
  • Hit the check update button

Also, you can check and download the updates from the Microsoft update catalog website. Or click the updates, bug fixes, and improvements that appear on your screen.

Disable Integrated Intel Card

Disintegrating your device intel card is another adequate solution to detect your third monitor. Sometimes hardware conflict may occur between your primary graphics cards and the integrated graphics card. To disable an integrated graphic card, you need to;

  • On your keyboard, press the R + windows button to open the run box> then type devmgmt. msc and click enter
  • Click the arrow next to the display adapters in the device manager window
  • Select intel graphics card and select disable device
  • Finally, you can try to reconnect your 3rd monitor to see if it works

How Do I Set up 3 Monitors in Windows?

Nowadays, multi-tasking multiple monitor configurations have become common as a single screen is somehow restrictive. However, it’s easy to set up your Windows 10 three monitors to have an excellent desktop. To achieve this, you need to

1. Select how you want to use your windows ten display by selecting windows +P on your keyboard. And select a new display mode from the available options;

  • PC screen only: select this option if you only need to use the main monitor
  • Duplicate: this option allows you to see the same image on all your monitors
  • Extend: with this option, your monitors will combine to give you an enlarged desktop
  • Second screen only: choose this option to use the second monitor only

2. To use all three monitors, you should choose the extend option

3. Then, set up your displays on windows 10. To this;

  • Click on settings then go to systems
  • Scroll throughout the display
  • Select identify to drag and drop the displays. This enables windows to comprehend how the monitors are positioned physically
  • To change your selected display orientation, select between landscape and portrait
  • To save the setting changes, click apply


Can You Connect 3 Monitors to Your Laptop?

Yes, through a USB to HDMI adapter. To connect, on one end, select the correct USB connection for your laptop, either USB type A or type C) and two HDMI connections on the other end.

Why Do My Display Settings Show 3 Monitors?

Your display shows 3 monitors due to the built-in graphics card on your motherboard being still active. You need to enter BIOS at startup to disable the inbuilt graphics card to do away with the problem.

What Is a Ghosting Screen?

As the name suggests, the ghosting screen shows a monitor/display problem and has less to do with your system. You might encounter this problem if your monitor screen has fast-moving images or when you are moving your mouse quickly.

How Do I Get Rid of the Display Not Detected?

On the desktop, right-click screen resolution and click on the third monitor. You should see the “remove this display” option on one of the drop-downs. Select “apply,” and it will disappear.

Why Won’t My Extra Monitors Work?

Your extra monitor not working might result from the incorrect connection. To correct it, turn your computer off then on to refresh the connection. Also, you can use the monitors’ built-in controls to select the correct input port.

You might also need to check the signal cable connection between your PC’s graphics card and the monitor. If the problem persists, disconnect the signal cable from both sides and wait for a minute before reconnecting again.


Ideally, the best monitor stand for 3 monitors is the setup that will work best for your needs. However, it’s good to note that you will use the center monitor most compared to the other side monitors.

From this buying guide, you have an idea of the best models you can get. Also, there is a guide in case you need to compare your choices.

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