Best Mini Umbrella [2022 Guide]

We’ve all been there; it’s raining, and you’re a block away from the office. You decide to take a gamble on whether or not your umbrella will keep you dry. If you don’t have an umbrella, this is usually when things start to go downhill. 

Your clothes are now wet, and so is your hair, which means that the only way for people to know how miserable you are with this weather is if they can see your face and every inch of clothing that was once dry. 

This problem has been solved thanks to our best mini umbrella! They have a compact size that makes them easy to carry around with just about anything else in your purse, pocket, backpack, or briefcase-even a cup.

We tested this list for the best mini umbrella for yourself on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Mini Umbrella

Best Mini Umbrella Reviews In 2023

1. Yoobure Small Mini Umbrella

This small and light purse umbrella is perfect for carrying around your handbag, backpack or briefcase. It’s compact and easy to handle while providing ample rain protection. This travel umbrella comes with a waterproof bag, so you can keep it in place and protect it from being damaged by moisture or bending.

I grew up in a small blocked village. Once I bought a fan in a grocery. Without user manual, I asked for help but was driven away. I was determined to take professionalism & service as goals. 10 years later, I set up Yoobure, from the scale of 1 person to 100 today.

We pour all sincerity to our products. We promise superb quality and satisfactory service. We sell not only goods but reputation, and harvest full trust from customers all these years.

Fate makes us get acquainted, and trust makes fate endless. We always keep in mind: to make people much happier here!

Weighs only 0.5 lbs and 7 inches long when closed, our lightweight umbrellas are comfortable to carry around or travel with. It is 36.2 inches in diameter when opened and provides plenty of coverage for adults yet isn’t oversized for young children. It is easily put into your backpack, briefcase, luggage or your pocket.

For Both Rain and Sun

Made of the canopy cloth with a layer of UV and water blocking coating, this UV umbrella for boys can block 95% UV ray and protects you well from the strong sunlight and any expected downpours. The weather forecast is always unpredictable; you won’t get caught in the rain again.

For Our Lovely Customers

Our brand Yoobure is suitable for all kinds of people, men, and women, young and old, girls and boys, etc. Our goal is to let our customers enjoy high-quality products with the least money.

2. Small Mini Umbrella with Case by GAOYAINIG Light Compact

If you’re those guys that don’t like to carry around a large umbrella all the time while don’t want to be caught unprepared for rain, then you should have one GAOAYING Umbrella. Ultra small, compact, and lightweight, GAOYAING umbrella is super portable without taking up much room. Easily and perfectly fit in your bag, purse, briefcase and glove box etc, without weighing them down. Although light, it is sturdy enough to withstand high wind or heavy rain. GAOYAING umbrella is tailored to those who want to enhance the feeling of happiness in their daily life. The small item perfectly displays your elegance and your unique and fashionable taste!

Colorful Choices

With 15 colors to choose from, it is easy to find an umbrella that suits your style. Add some happiness to a rainy day with rich, bright colors, or keep it simple with something low-key and neutral. Choose the one; we believe such a colorful umbrella will bring a unique experience to your journey.

Superior Water Repellency

210T polyester fabric is a high-density fabric with stronger water repellency technology and quick-drying, once the raindrop touches the instant line into the ball, micro-weave fabric with coating makes the raindrop fall quickly from the umbrella.

Portable & Travel

Weigh only about 6.7 oz and only 6.7 inches when closed, which is quite convenient to fit perfectly in a purse, handbag, backpack and more around you anytime, anywhere.

Upgrade Button Design

Easy to close by pressing the button without much strength needed. The button is only used to close. When opening, just push the ring to the top or rotate the ring slightly.

Perfect For Travel

Small size and ultra-light design suitable for women/men. Stylish look plus various bright colors make this umbrella a perfectly ideal gift to your family, friends and colleagues.

3. RUMBRELLA Mini Umbrella small UV Umbrella

UMBRELLA is a 25-year-old umbrella factory. With TUV / urs / BSCI certification and 11 global patents, all products are handmade and have passed 6 quality inspections. We are always committed to creating beautiful and high-quality umbrellas, paying attention to every detail, and never stopping pursuing perfection.

Instant Dry With Just One Shake

Nanotech super water-repellency coating canopy, instant dry with just one shake. UPF 50+ blocks 99% of harmful UV sun rays and is no longer afraid of being burnt by the extreme sunlight.

Stable Structure

 Unlike other fragile mini umbrellas, we reinforced the ribs for a more stable structure. The open size is also enlarged, which can give you wider protection. It has a deformable umbrella cover that can easily be turned into a large shopping bag for quick and easy use.

4. LEAGERA Mini Umbrella For Purse – Black Small Travel Lightweight Backpack

The Niagara mini umbrella is a compact, lightweight umbrella that easily fits into any bag or purse. The Micro Folding umbrella is designed to fit into your pocket when folded, making it a great choice when you need an umbrella but don’t want it to take up space in your bag. It’s so compact; it’s almost as if it disappears when not in use!

Fiberglass & Black Coated Metal Frame

Lightweight Umbrella & Portable Umbrella: Durable fiberglass & black coated metal frame, Only 0.45lb, much lighter than a phone. Suit for a daily carry-in backpack, Compact manual umbrella for travel.

High-destiny Nano Cloth

High Waterproof Nano Umbrella: Umbrella cloth is made of 50D high-destiny Nano cloth, using high-tech ultra-hydrophobic technology. A common umbrella with only 70 contact degrees between the umbrella and raindrops, so raindrops will be attached to the cloth, while the LEAGERA Nano umbrella is 150 degrees; it dries instantly and does not splash water. It can be against soy sauce, milk, liquor, etc.

5. Travel Mini Umbrella for Purse With Case-Small Compact UV Umbrella Protection Sun

This mini umbrella is perfect for traveling, weekend getaways, and more. It features a convenient case that can be easily stored in your purse, carry-on bag or glove box. The inside layer is made from black glue fabric reflecting most UV rays. The black coating underside of the canopy absorbs any remaining UV rays, giving an overall UPF rating of 50+. The small compact UV umbrella fits easily into a pocket or purse for quick use.

Mini Travel Umbrella

The compact Travel Mini Umbrella is the perfect solution to protect yourself from wind and precipitation, no matter where your travels take you. With a 41-inch arc and a 37-inch diameter, this mini travel umbrella is perfect for concealing in your purse or bag when you’re on the go! It folds to an ultra-compact 7 inches, making the umbrella great for travel, as this super lightweight umbrella collapses into a compact 7 inches.

Case Of A Sudden Downpour

This compact umbrella protects you from the rain or sun. It’s small and compact, making it easy to toss in your bag or purse so that you can be prepared in case of a sudden downpour of rain or sun glare. The UV protection coating on the canopy prevents harmful UVA and UVB rays from reaching your skin, and the reinforced fabric makes this umbrella windproof to withstand light breezes.

6. Small Compact Travel Umbrella UV Protection Mini Umbrella

Small and compact, this sturdy umbrella folds away neatly in its bag. The small size makes it perfectly suited for travel, with a weight of only 220 grams. This umbrella is ultra-light yet strong from aluminum keel alloy and glass fiber composite material. It has been wind tested to ensure it’s durable, reliable, and effective at protecting you from the elements.

Travel Umbrella

Are you looking for a new travel companion? Then our Small Compact Travel Umbrella UV Protection Mini Umbrella is perfect for you. It’s easy to carry and won’t weigh down your purse or bag. With its fashionable design and exquisite details, this umbrella will add some class to any outfit.

Compact Umbrella

Excitement and happiness is the most important thing in life, especially when you are outdoors. But not any umbrella can protect you from rain and sunshine. This small and compact umbrella is designed for daily use, with the absorbing fabric of the canopy made from polyester and the stainless steel shaft, which is easy to dry after use.

7. RUMBRELLA Mini Umbrella

RUMBRELLA is a 25-year-old umbrella factory. With TUV / urs / BSCI certification and 11 global patents, all products are handmade and have passed 6 quality inspections. We are always committed to creating beautiful and high-quality umbrellas, paying attention to every detail, and never stopping pursuing perfection.

Material And An Aluminum Frame

This rumbrella mini umbrella is made of high-quality material and an aluminum frame, 1.5 mm for the main canopy and 0.5 mm for a skirt. With the unmatched design, it is durable and reliable.


It weighs just 220g (0.48lb) and is only 6.7in folded length, making it smaller than other common folding umbrellas. Penta-folding design perfectly fits your handbag, purse, and even pocket. Also, it comes with a deformable carrying case, which could easily be changed into a large-capacity shopping bag, which is convenient and efficient

Buying Guide: Best Mini Umbrella

Open And Close System

Two options are available. By sliding the end of the umbrella on the pole, the umbrella can be opened. By pressing the endpiece, it can then be closed. By pressing the same button on the umbrella, you can deploy and close it simultaneously, making your life much easier.  


There are two kinds: metal tubes, lighter and more flexible (but less rigid), and wooden handles, which are stronger but not as flexible. A non-slip handle and a soft, ergonomic handle are ideal for umbrellas. You can also put the strap around the wrist to free your hands if they are also equipped with this feature.


There are usually between six and eight whales on an umbrella, but there have also been some with upwards of ten. Even though reinforced steel, fiberglass, and lined fiber are the most common materials, carbon fiber can be found in more costly models. Further, note that the resistance of whales varies as a function of fabric tension. As its stretch increases, its wind resistance increases.

Fabric or Canvas

You need a waterproof umbrella for maximum protection. PVC, polyester, and cotton are the most common materials used to make waterproof fabrics. Aside from nylon fabrics, which are windproof and quick to dry, you can also find umbrellas made of POE and Teflon, a stain-resistant plastic material.


You will be better protected from the rain with a larger umbrella. Nevertheless, that is the idea. In comparison, small folding umbrellas have only enough room for you and your equipment, while large umbrellas are large enough to protect you and your equipment from the rain. If you want a large umbrella, buy a lightweight one. It would be challenging to transport you because of the extra size.

Ensure Safety

Choosing an umbrella should also take safety into account. So that the umbrella ribs are not exposed, they must fit into the pockets of the canopy. By doing this, you will not run the risk of hitting yourself or the passersby.

Design and Color

In addition to their practical use, umbrellas can also and undoubtedly be used as stylish accessories, provided you pick the right ones. The color combination of a pocket square may be more appropriate for an umbrella than a handkerchief.

You should choose neutral colors if you don’t want to take risks. It is not boring nor plain to be neutral. Don’t go overboard with monochrome models.

FAQ: Best Mini Umbrella

What Is A Windproof Umbrella?

As its name implies, a windproof umbrella is made to withstand the wind. Umbrellas with these designs differ from traditional umbrellas in several ways. By creating a windproof umbrella, the designers intend to make it more durable while also making it able to handle sudden gusts of wind.

Are Davek Umbrellas Worth The Money?

Despite its higher price, I think it is worth it. It feels sturdy and solid, and it has handled some decent winds. Compared to most compact umbrellas, it’s heavier, which gives it its durability.

Why Is It Easier To Carry An Umbrella That Folds Up?

Folding umbrellas are mainly favored because they can be stored in most bags and purses and are easily carried on the go. Winds strong enough to blow an umbrella over should be able to withstand its frame.

Are Dome Umbrellas Better?

Because bubble umbrellas are dome-shaped, they provide better coverage than regular umbrellas, while the see-through material means you won’t be limited by them when driving in wet conditions.

How Long Should An Umbrella Last?

An umbrella should cost at least 2 dollars, if not a few dollars, perhaps ten or fifteen dollars. However, an umbrella with a higher price tag can last at least five years.


The best mini umbrellas are the ones that will last for years to come. It’s not about how strong it is, but rather whether or not you can rely on its durability in any type of weather. That means choosing a product with protection against UV rays and rusting and materials like steel frames, aluminum shafts, fiberglass ribs, and rubber tips that won’t snap off quickly under pressure.

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