Best iPhone Projector- Mini & Portable – Buying Guide

Do you ever wish to show a movie to the kids when camping? Would you like a bigger screen for your iPhone presentation?

It is not advisable to own a large projector for any reason. An improved viewing experience requires a larger screen. The portable projector can be helpful in this situation.

Using it, you can easily share audiovisual content from your smartphone with friends and family, as well as colleagues.

This specialized projector is smaller than regular projectors, as the name suggests. It used to be that you could carry a projector with you wherever you went. In today’s world, you can even control it with your iPhone.

Since the advent of portable movie projectors a few years ago, they have become technological wonders.

In addition to an iPhone, some of these projectors run on Android smartphones and other mobile devices on the same operating system. They can also be attached to desktops, laptops, and gaming consoles.

You can now choose a powerful and compact portable projector for home use or business use. There are numerous projector brands available today, but which ones are best?

Our Favorite Mini Projector for iPhone

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Types of Projectors

Most people usually throw a small projector into their shopping basket and walk away.

It is critical that you first choose which features you should select. Mini projectors that are suitable with an iPhone are available in various sizes these days.

Different projectors have many differences regarding size, features, access ports, and other factors.

A small projector for your iPhone comes in various sizes and weights. Different types of projectors are Pico, palmtop, and LED projectors.

Consider the following significant distinctions between these tiny projectors:

Pico Projector

The majority of pico projectors are approximately the size of a handset or a power bank.

Unlike a palmtop projector, a pico projector is a significantly smaller and more portable.

It means it can simply fit in any pocket and be transported from one location to another.

Unfortunately, its functions and powers are restricted owing to its tiny size.

Palmtop Projector

A palmtop projector is generally more significant than a pico projector.

Even with this, it still fits in your palm perfectly.

You shouldn’t be intimidated by its size, though.

A palm projector offers more and better features due to its larger size than a pico projector. It features more ports, higher picture quality, and so on.

LED Projector

LED projectors provide brighter pictures as compared to pico and palmtop projectors. They also project images at greater resolutions.

There’s more to it than that, though. The larger size makes it appear bulkier.

Because of this, they aren’t the most portable small projectors on the market. It is also uncommon to find rechargeable versions.

The majority of LED projectors on the market must be powered by AC since their advanced features consume large amounts of power.

Pick the right projector to fit your lifestyle, preferences, and needs.

Along with the size and weight, it’s important to consider other characteristics. An affordable projector’s features make it possible to accomplish its job.

There is no way to overstate the importance of selecting a projector for your iPhone that can meet all of your specific requirements.

8 Best Mini iPhone Projector- Buying Guide

Research has shown us that the best iPhone projector is currently available on Amazon. Choosing the best one can be difficult with so many iPhone projectors available.

1. TopVision Mini iPhone Projector

A TopVision Mini iPhone projector simplifies the process of connecting iPhones. TopVision connects to your smartphone using the charging cord that came with your iPhone, unlike many other projectors. An HDMI input can also connect Amazon Fire TV sticks, Google Chromecasts, and DVD or Blu-ray media players. 

In addition to a USB port, the TopVision has an SD card slot for even greater flexibility.

It is capable of more than most iPhone projectors due to its 480p resolution and dynamic contrast ratio. Despite its brightness, it has a lumen output of 2,200. You get a bright, clear display with a vivid color that’s ideal for watching movies alone or with friends. 

The TopVision system also features other features, such as keystone correction and focusing. 

In addition, we recommend a contrast ratio of 1000000:1 for even the sharpest of displays, so even on dark screens, all details remain intact.

2. Elephas W13 iPhone Projector

Elephas W13 smartphone projectors make it easy for groups to enjoy big screens. Using this device, you can project images as large as 200 inches from your phone. Furthermore, it can be mounted virtually anywhere thanks to its tripod. 

Unfortunately, the projector’s power cord is not long enough to supply enough power. Using an extension wire will be necessary if you’re outdoors or in a large room. Its Wi-Fi capability increases the versatility of the Elephas, making it easier to connect your iPhone.

Even at larger display sizes, it provides excellent image quality. Despite maintaining a 480p resolution, this device has a contrast ratio of 3,500:1, 24-bit true color capabilities, and a contrast ratio of 3,500:1. 

Due to their small size, these speakers are not very loud, despite their excellent quality. If you’re watching with a group, we recommend using external speakers. 

In addition to its superior audio capabilities, it is also among the best projectors on the market.

3. AAXA Technologies P300 Pico Projector

Among the best pico projectors for iPhone, the Aaxa P300 offers a high-quality build and design.

Aaxa is comfortable to use and secure, making it an excellent choice for travel. The projector is small enough for one hand to hold, so you won’t need to worry about durability. 

We were surprised by the stability of the video projector despite its small size. In addition to the tripod, the camera is highly stable. 

We encountered only one issue with this choice: the bulb life on brighter settings was not as long as advertised.

If the image quality is crucial to you, its small size won’t fool you. Using this projector, you can display images up to 120 inches. The projector comes with DLP technology and a 2,000:1 contrast ratio. 

In addition, the Aaxa comes with a built-in battery that can provide up to 60 minutes of brightness on a single charge. Watching movies for a limited time is possible with a projector connected to the wall or a battery bank. 

When choosing a projector for your work environment, consider the highest performance, rugged and reliable.

4. AKASO Mini Projector for iPhone

On our list of fourth items is a small projector from AKASO. This is one of the best small portable projectors because of its characteristics. Looking at the projector from the surroundings, the AKASO seems to look excellent.

The portable, lightweight, and small size make it ideal for people who are always on the move. You can easily transport this small projector wherever you go. A micro SD card slot and HDMI connector, along with USB and AV ports, allow you to easily connect this gaming projector to your smartphone and gaming system.

Your home theater will benefit from the bright display of this iPhone projector. A rechargeable battery powers the AKASO small projector. You do not have to worry about the battery life; it lasts for two hours—a power source not required for this tiny projector.

It has a brightness rating of 50 ANSI lumens and a video resolution of Full HD 1080p. The speaker and remote control are built into the device. Projectors with 1000:1 contrast ratios are available.

5. ViewSonic M1 Mini Portable iPhone Projector

Fifth on our list is the ViewSonic M1 portable small projector for iPhone. ViewSonic projectors are lightweight and travel-friendly like the other small projectors on this list. Despite being modest, it is capable of showing high-resolution videos. The screen has a 640 x 480p (VGA) resolution. The device supports WVGA resolution (854 x 480p).

The display has 120 LED lumens (50 ANSI lumens) of brightness and a contrast ratio of 120,000:1. There is also a Micro USB port, USB port, an HDMI connector, and an HDMI connector for communication. Your gaming console or other media device can be connected to this projector using an HDMI cable.

You can use the ViewSonic small projector to watch movies and deliver business presentations. JBL speakers built into this device produce a balanced sound.

Since it has a charging system, it requires no connection to the power source to use this iPhone projector. A fully charged battery lasts approximately two hours.

6. Vamvo Ultra Mini Portable iPhone Projector

Vamvo Ultra mini projector is another item to consider when shopping for small projectors for iPhone. It has many merits, and, although we don’t wish to sound prejudiced, we particularly like the way it looks.

In addition to being lightweight, portable, and compact, the Vamvo Small Projector is also compact and portable. Taking this around is easy because it’s small enough. As well as that, it is very easy to use.

A 130″ projection screen makes it possible for you to project anything from an iOS device, a laptop, a computer, and any other device onto this small, compact projector.

The Vamvo Ultra-portable video projector has a resolution of 800 x 480p and a 16:10 aspect ratio. It can also play content in 720p quality and even in 1080p HD.

It features 1800 lumens LED light and provides consistent brightness for pictures with crisp and clear image quality. Its DLP technology delivers sharp and clear images.

With a built-in 5200mAh battery, this small projector can last for up to two hours, and it also comes with a variety of connections, such as HDMI, USB, and Micro SD. Plugging in an HDMI cable will allow you to connect your multimedia devices and TV.

7. ManyBox Mini Projector for iPhone

Why pay more for a high-end projector when the ManyBox V501 small projector costs less than a hundred dollars and is just as powerful?

Projectors are primarily used for viewing information on a larger screen than your iPhone or iPad. Additionally, you should ensure that fuzzy images don’t obscure your videocast. It will amaze you how well it throws a 200-inch projection while maintaining image quality.

The LCD monitor features 4500 lumens of brightness and 2000:1 color contrast among its numerous features. ManyBox assures you a clear image regardless of the ambient lighting every time. There is no end to the list. There’s nothing better than watching a movie in high resolution.

There is a light on this device that has a lifespan of 45000 hours. The light may not need to be replaced; as a result, saving you both time and stress.

As a result of its lightweight design and small size, it is a perfect portable device that can easily be stored and carried virtually anywhere. Moreover, would you like a cushioned case to protect your device? The package includes it.

8. POYANK Wi-Fi Mini iPhone Projector

An Amazon review with more than four stars is a pretty good indication that a projector is excellent. Whether you’re watching movies on a large screen or looking for the best image quality available, the POYANK Wi-Fi Projector is the best choice for your iPhone.

If you prefer not to get tangled up in cables, this projector has a wireless connection. You can solve the wire problem with a Wi-Fi connection.

It will blow your mind how bright this projector is. The device’s 4500 lumens brightness will enhance your home cinema experience. It also boasts a 2000:1 contrast ratio, which results in exceptional color quality.

You’ll get a sense of HD with this projector, as it boasts a native resolution of 720p. One purchase will give you access to some of the most breathtaking movie sequences ever created.

It’s undoubtedly important to keep an eye on the brightness and resolution, but what if the projection becomes less clear after a few months? Compared to other projectors in that price range, you can enjoy watching videos for a more extended period using this device due to its impressive bulb lifespan of 50000 hours. That’s awesome! This iPhone projector is going to be amazing.

iPhone Mini Projector Buying Guide

With the advancement of technology, projectors have become even smaller, more versatile, and easier to operate.

You can find the best iPhone projector by keeping the following criteria in mind.


There are a number of new projectors being released every day. Finding one capable of all the features you need may be a challenge. If you choose one, the budget may make a difference.

Projectors can be lifelong investments, but their high price tag frequently dissuades buyers from purchasing them. The cost of the item may not deter a buyer from sacrificing a few awesome features. With a little bit of research, you can also find many gadgets with excellent features and are within your budget.


We must consider the degree of brightness because we are talking about the projection of light on a screen. Ideally, the screen should have an exceptionally bright picture, so you do not have to squint.

The model with the highest lumen rating will produce the best projection.

You can watch a movie with a brighter projector even if your room is largely dark. Whether indoors or outdoors, bright lighting is vital.


The low native resolution of the projector would make watching full super HD movies a frustrating experience. The high resolution of your device is important if the quality of the video is important to you.

By separating native from compatible resolutions, it is easy to make a mistake. Despite having a low native resolution, all projector manufacturers tout that their devices can take advantage of full HD input. It is therefore imperative to verify discrepancies in advance.

OS Compatibility

Do you possess another device that runs on the Android operating system?

Next, make sure the portable projector is compatible with smartphones and iPhones. This is not the best decision to purchase two separate projectors.

You may be able to save a lot of money by choosing one that is compatible with both iOS and Android. As a result, the gadget may be moved from one place to another while preserving storage space.


Most small projectors that you can purchase today come with different ways to connect to your iPhone.

Wireless connections such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth are available in some of them. In this sense, they are ideal for people who dislike hanging wires.

An HDMI or VGA cable can also connect some small projectors to mobile devices. An adaptor may be required for gadgets that require a wired connection.

Having the option to connect it to multiple devices other than your smartphone makes it more versatile.

Contrast ratio

The contrast ratio is the distance between the brightest and darkest colors it can display.

Your projector’s contrast ratio will help you distinguish between dark and light areas without blending them. The contrast ratio of your device will prevent you from experiencing the vibrant feeling of dark scenes.

A high-contrast projector is essential for watching Blu-ray movies and playing high-end games.

Battery Life

A rechargeable battery makes small projectors portable.

The statement implies they can be used without a power source nearby.

Ensure you purchase a large battery when you buy. It is better to have a large size. However, a rechargeable battery may deplete faster due to the availability of advanced functions.

Modern small projectors can run for one to four hours on a full battery charge.


The iPhone has built-in speakers on many small projectors.

Traveling with minimal luggage is possible due to this.

Small projectors often do not have loud enough integrated speakers. There is a limit to how many pairs of ears they can fit.

In most cases, users can attach their favorite speakers to small projectors.


We prioritized mobility and connection during our study of iPhone projectors available today. You will most likely need a portable projector if you’re using an iPhone with a projector. Consequently, we gave higher ratings to options that fit into a bag or backpack.

Nowadays, it can be challenging to decide which portable movie projector to buy for your iPhone. Thus, it has become increasingly challenging to select the best.

Consider your requirements before purchasing one.

Portable movie projectors are the best way to watch movies on the go. Viewing movies on the go with friends or making presentations at work is easy and enjoyable.

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