Best Mens Moleskin Pants-A Complete Guide

Moleskin pants are one of the must-have clothing items that you can wear during the cold season. They’re particularly great because they are made using a fabric material that allows heat to escape, not just warm air trapped inside. This makes them comfortable and useful clothing options for people who want to stay warm during the cold months of winter.

Here are the best men’s moleskin pants on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Mens Moleskin Pants

Best Mens Moleskin Reviews In 2023

1. Walker & Hawkes

The Walker & Hawkes – Men’s Moleskin Shooting Traditional Plus Fours Breeks Trousers are crafted from 100% pure cotton moleskin, but they’re not your average breeks. A classic cut featuring a high-cut waist and zip fly, they boast long pleats at the back for a better fit. Finished with a soft polyester inner lining, these comfortable plus fours are ideal for shooting or fishing.

2. German Army Bundeswehr Security Moleskin Olive Cargo Pants

These German Army Cargo Pants are a great option for anyone who wants comfort and style in their clothing. The pants are made from 100% cotton, making them very durable and lasting for years. If you’re looking for comfortable and hard-wearing trousers, these may be the ones for you!

3. AG Adriano Goldschmied Men’s Civil Herringbone Graduate Pants

The straight-leg jeans are a wardrobe staple. Take the Civil Herringbone and make it your own. With a slim herringbone fabric, these pants offer both comfort and versatility with a zipper fly closure and classic five-pocket construction.

4. AG Adriano Goldschmied Men’s The Graduate Tailored Leg Shift Stretch Moleskin Pant

The Graduate Pant is a modern take on an age-old silhouette and features tailored leg openings, contrast stitching throughout and contrast fabric clips. Crafted from 98% cotton and 2% elastane fabrication, this pant promises to remain comfortable through any season, while the stretch allows for ease of movement when you’re on the go.

5. Genuine German Army Moleskin Pants Field Combat BW Olive Trousers

These Field Combat Moleskin Pants are the original German army-issue trousers. They are made of 100% cotton, a densely woven fabric with a heavy texture, which makes them extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear. This particular field combat Moleskin pant variant is made of a single-breasted button-down design fastened around the waist with an adjustable belt strap and buckle closure.

Moleskin’s Background

This fabric’s brief history is provided below; as you can see, it had modest beginnings before rising to fame in modern times: The fabric was created in the Middle Ages and has quickly gained popularity for use in rugged clothing due to its warmth and toughness. Steelworkers in the 1800s used moleskin to make pants and aprons from the fabric. It provided a defence against molten metal.

As labourers and farmers began wearing moleskin coats and pants in the 19th century, the material found a new market and enjoyed success. It is cherished for its durability, water and wind resistance, and both. Moleskin pants have entered the casual wear market and are particularly well-liked by outdoor enthusiasts and property owners. However, it kept up its industrial renown.

From the 1960s to the 1990s, the West German Army wore an unshorn moleskin material. In 1976, Orvis introduced moleskin pants in the USA under the brand “ratcatchers.” Despite its long history, we continue to use moleskin cloth in the present era. Let’s now examine the best moleskin pants that are sold in shops and online. Please feel free to share your experience with us in the comments area if we missed mentioning your favourite brand.

Moleskin Pants’ Advantages

The moleskin-made trousers will be ideal if you’re looking for a pair of pants that can perform well in the field. Protection from briars and brambles that could grab on objects. Excellent wind and water resistance make it ideal for all weather conditions.

Teflon is added to some brands of moleskin fabric to increase its water-resistant properties, which protects against any type of element when you’re on an adventure and lasts for seasons. It permits you to change from a formal working dress to the outfit you wish to wear to dinner parties and adds sophistication to any type of outfit. Durable and flexible. For any use you can imagine, moleskin pants are ideal.

How to Wash and Care for Moleskin Pants

The majority of clothing made with moleskin fabric is simple to clean. However, it’s crucial to pay attention to directions like “wash inside-out” or “dry clean only.” If the clothing can be machine washed, you should heed instructions like “gently cycle.”

Additionally, line drying is advised. The colour will fade with each wash, just like other cotton items, but don’t worry; this simply gives the item a more worn-in, comfy look. No! It’s Not Mole Skin; It’s Moleskin! People automatically assume that moleskin fabric is made from moles when they hear the name for the first time.

Given that moleskin isn’t genuinely made from a mole’s fur, this is an incorrect assumption. Cotton is used to make moleskin, not an individual animal’s fur. If you feel bad about buying moleskin pants, you shouldn’t because no animals were harmed in making this vintage fabric, which is still in style today.

The Numerous Applications of Moleskin

We’ll talk about other moleskin uses that you might not be aware of right now after this.

Here are some details regarding the uses of this fabric since I want you to be knowledgeable about the item of clothing that you’re going to wear:

  • Used to create fashionable but durable pants
  • Due to its wind and water resistance, it is used for various indoor and outdoor clothing.
  • Used as a more cosy substitute for khakis and jeans, the ideal match for blazers and sports coats
  • It completes your casual ensemble when worn with a sweater.
  • Used as early as the 1900s by British labourers
  • When hunting and shooting, landowners use this
  • Because of its shearing, brushing, and tight weave, the production of moleskin is a little more expensive than jeans.

They all call for specialist equipment that can achieve astounding accuracy while enduring high fabric strain. Because it was far less expensive, this is why British workers shifted to denim.

But by this time, the upper class had already discovered moleskin’s weather- and briar-proof qualities and its fashionable appearance and still-ironic use.

Because of this, the need for moleskin persisted and even increased, allowing the mills that created it to continue operating even in modern times.

In 1976, Orvis first introduced Moleskin in the United States. Since then, it has become a highly well-liked fabric for manufacturing cool-weather pants.

Frequently Asked Question

Are moleskin trousers any good?

Leather-tough, yet incredibly comfortable, moleskin trousers are popular for hunting, fishing, or hiking. While traditionally worn in cooler weather—moleskin’s tight weave retains warmth—the cotton fabric is also breathable, making it a suitable choice for summer.

Is moleskin comfortable?

Moleskin is a wonderfully comfortable, tough and hard-wearing cotton fabric that is as tough as leather but as soft as velvet to the touch. Substantial on their own, extra warm with long underwear and warm and weatherproof with wind or waterproofs on top.

Are moleskin trousers waterproof?

Moleskin trousers or jeans are an excellent choice when you’re out in the field. The fabric protects legs from brambles and thorns without tearing or snagging. It’s also wind and water-resistant, keeping the wearer warm and comfortable.

What do you wear with moleskin trousers?

The crisp-looking cotton fabric’s elegant finish and soft, subtle texture make men’s moleskin trousers perfect for informal events. The garments pair remarkably well with a jacket or knit sweater that suits the prevailing season.

Are moleskin trousers made from moles?

moleskin fabric is a densely woven cotton fabric with a brushed surface that looks like suede or the fur of a mole. To be clear it does not come from the skin of moles.


Compared to cotton moleskin pants, woollen ones are somewhat stiffer, inflexible and considerably warmer. The latter should be a sturdier material that could last longer. On the other hand, cotton moleskin pants aren’t only flexible and comfortable but also lighter. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not durable—they can last longer than you expected.

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