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There are a lot of articles out there that give bad advice on how to choose men’s absorbent underwear. I’m going to change that. Great underwear eventually becomes your best friend: you know the ones they’ve been with you through thick and thin (literally). Today, I will show you how to identify the best means absorbent underwear for you by covering various tips, including material, size, and functionality.

I know I didn’t feel too good about myself when I realized that urogenital incontinence was starting to set in. Having soiled my underwear wasn’t pleasant. The situation worsened when I’d have to go out and buy new ones. When it first happened, I didn’t think anything of it. Now, it’s a standard part of my daily routine,, and it seems I’m running to the bathroom more often than not, using a panty liner or another form of protection.

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Leading 6 Best Mens Absorbent Underwear Reviews

1. Tena Proskin Maximum Absorbency Incontinence Underwear for Men, Large,

Breathable underwear for urinary incontinence. Tena Men Maximum has a unique design to help maintain your skin’s natural moisture balance. The material is soft and gentle on the skin, with secure curved leg elastics that prevent leaks. A modern design to look and feel like regular underwear. Super absorbent core designed for maximum absorbency to lock in liquid. Triple protection for dryness, softness, and urine leakage security!

TENA PROskin Maximum Absorbency Underwear for Men is designed to look and feel like regular underwear. The cloth-like material helps maintain the skin’s natural moisture balance, and the unique cloth-like outer cover traps liquids and locks them in place. It also features Breathable ConfioAir Technology to help support skin’s natural moisture balance, a super absorbent core for maximum leakage protection, and secure leg elastics with Triple Protection for daily use.

2. PROTECHDRY – Washable Urinary Incontinence Cotton Brief Underwear for Men,

We use the INTERNATIONAL STANDARD SIZING. Please check your size (the sizing chart is in the pictures section). PROTECHDRY covers you from the front to the rear, with an absorbent area on the front part of the briefs’ crotch where urine accumulates. Their discreet design and comfort enable you to regain confidence in all aspects of your daily life!

The PROTECHDRY Urinary Incontinence Brief is a universal incontinence product, clinically proven and recommended by doctors. The brief has an extra absorption area in front to combat light urinary incontinence (up to 90ml = 3.04 oz). The ideal solution for the elderly is people are suffering from a loss of bladder control due to conditions such as pregnancy, surgery, and menopause.

3. Depend on Real Fit Incontinence Underwear for Men with Maximum Absorbency,

These Depend Real Fit underwear for men with maximum absorbency are ideal for bladder incontinence. The stretch waistband and comfortable leg elastics provide a secure fit, while the breathable premium cotton-like material ensures comfort. Plus, this package includes 12 counts of large/extra-large (38–50″ waist) underwear in black and gray packaging.

Maxi-absorbent, breathable underwear designed for maximum protection against bladder leaks. Stretch waistband and leg elastics to prevent leaks, plus clean fresh layer locks away wetness instantly to keep you fresh and dry all day long. And it’s comfortable, too—a far cry from the bulky adult diapers many men wear. Extra-large/2x-large (38–50″ waist) fit available in black or gray.

4. Incontinence Underwear for Men. Pure Cotton Washable Panties with Super-Absorbent

Living with incontinence does not have to mean locking yourself away in the bathroom. Incontinence pads and underwear from Continuon make it easy for men and women to “feel normal” by providing discretion, comfort, and confidence. Our super-absorbent briefs are made with soft fabrics that feel great against your skin, and our design ensures protection against leakage. Eight sizes offer a custom fit with a reinforced pad pocket at the back for maximum security. They are designed to be washed and worn many times over without loss of absorbency!

Available in 7oz, 8oz, and 10oz. The Continuous underwear is made of substantial 100% cotton and will absorb 7oz of liquid; they have a plastic backing that keeps the bladder pad in position but offers full breathability, making them very comfortable indeed. The waterproof outer layers block all moisture making it easy to wash and tumble dry again. These are soft and discreet underwear that every man suffering from incontinence needs to wear!

5. Depends on Men’s Overnight Underwear Extra Large

Depend Night Defense Overnight Incontinence Underwear night time protection incontinence underwear provides total protection and comfort, featuring our most absorbent incontinence underwear to help keep you dry and help prevent leaks with up to 12 hours of overnight protection. Our overnight incontinence underwear has a fast absorption core technology for uncompromising performance against the most challenging bladder leakage.

The contoured waistband is designed to provide a comfortable fit that’s discreet under clothes. Depend Night Defense Overnight Incontinence Underwear features soft elastic strands in the legs for added comfort and support during sleep. Depend Night Defense Overnight Underwear is unscented, latex-free, and latex-free latex-free.

6. Depend on Real Fit Incontinence Underwear for Men, Maximum Absorbency,

Depend on Real Fit Incontinence Briefs with maximum absorbency provides the same trusted protection with improved quality and fit. Now more breathable with a soft fabric, a secure fit waistband, and leg elastics to help prevent leaks, Depend Real Fit Briefs are available in sizes small/medium (28–40-in. waist) and large/extra-large (38–50-in. core). Depend on incontinence products for men ship discreetly in a plain corrugated box and are FSA-eligible in the US only.

For superior protection, trust Depend Real Fit incontinence briefs. Now more breathable with a soft fabric, a secure fit waistband, and leg elastics to help prevent leaks. Depend Real Fit incontinence briefs have a premium cotton-like material that’s more durable and available in three colors: black, grey, and blue.

Use of Men’s Absorbent Underwear

Men’s absorbent underwear is a great way to stay dry and comfortable all day.

Men absorbent underwear can be used for many different occasions. For example, when you go out with friends or family members who are unaware of your condition and don’t want them to know, you can use men’s absorbent underwear to keep yourself dry and clean. Another example is if you are going on a trip and do not want to carry diapers and pads with you, men’s absorbent underwear can be used in place of those items. Men’s absorbent underwear is also great for people who work in areas where they sweat a lot or where they have heavy lifting jobs because it will help keep their clothes dry while they work.


Which Incontinence Underwear is Most Absorbent?

Dear Fellow Incontinence Sufferers,

There are many options for incontinence underwear, but which one is the most absorbent? We did some digging and found the answer.

The best incontinence underwear is [brand name]. Their products have been tested and approved by leading medical experts to be the most absorbent of all brands available. The fabric they use is also very comfortable and breathable, so you’ll feel like your old self while wearing them.

Incontinence is an embarrassing thing to talk about, but it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. If you need help keeping dry, try [brand name]—they’ve helped thousands of people like us find relief from their incontinence issues!

What should Men with Bladder Leaks Wear?

Men with bladder leaks should wear loose-fitting clothing to reduce the risk of seepage.

This includes underwear and pants—and if you’re an active guy, don’t forget your athletic shorts!

As a general rule, choose dark-colored clothing over light-colored clothing when possible. This will help hide any wetness that might occur when you’re out in public.

When it comes to socks, choose thick ones over thin ones. Thin socks can be easily damaged by urine leaks and get holes in them more quickly than thicker ones. Thick socks are also more likely to absorb any urine before it reaches your skin, which means you’ll have less chance of getting a rash or irritation from exposure.

What is the Most Absorbent Depends?

The most absorbent depends are the ones that are right for you.

We recommend trying [product name] if you have light bladder leakage. This product has a soft, cloth-like outer layer that feels great next to your skin and is highly absorbent. It’s also super comfortable so you can wear it all day and all night.

We recommend trying [product name] if you have moderate bladder leakage. This product has a thicker core than our other products and has extra leg cuffs for added security. It’s perfect for people who need more absorbency than our lightweight option provides.

We recommend using [product name] if you have severe bladder leakage. This product has a super-absorbent core that can hold up to 600ml of liquid! This is probably the best product for you if you have heavy bladder leakage.

How Much Urine can an Incontinence Pad Hold?

You’re probably wondering how much urine can an incontinence pad hold. The answer is that it depends on the person and the situation.

The average person’s bladder holds about 400ml of urine, so if you’re only going to the bathroom once a day, you should be able to go for about 6 hours with no problems. But if you have severe incontinence, you may need to change your pad more often.

If you need to use the bathroom more often than usual, it might be time to talk to a doctor about other options for managing your incontinence.


We carefully researched and analyzed the best men’s absorbent underwear to provide you with all the information you need before your purchase.

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