Best Meditation Timers

Meditation is an incredible technique many people use by focusing the mind on a particular object, activity, or thought. This technique helps achieve a clear mental and emotional calm and stable state. Meditation helps gain a new perspective on a stressful situation, build skills to manage stress, increase self-awareness, reduce negative emotions and increase creativity and imagination. Meditation is a daily practice that you should spare quality time for and gain more from its general benefits with the best meditation timers.

Unfortunately, many people interested in meditation don’t have ample time or miss most sessions. The good news is you can invest in the best meditation timers that make it convenient to prepare, time and enjoy ideal sessions. You will come across different options in the market, from sophisticated functions or beautiful designs with lower to higher price tags. You will, without a doubt, find a time that satisfies your needs, but it is wise to review all the models at your disposal and find the best from the catalogs.

Our Favorite Best Meditation Timers

Top 7 Best Meditation Timers Reviews- 2022

1. DreamSky Digital Kitchen Timer

DreammSky is the best meditation timers brand that has stood the taste of time and tested to be a leader in the field. This is the ideal digital meditation timer for cooking with an on/off button. The power-saving on/off switch makes it easy to turn off the digital backlit time when you are not using it. It is a portable model with a pocket-size perfect for sports, kitchen, classroom, yoga, cooking, and much more. In addition, it features two shortcut keys.

There are three ways to place your meditation timer. It has a strong magnet back, a stout hanging hole, and a retractable, built-in kickstand. The LED time perfectly works on a refrigerator, can stand stable on the table, or you can hang it up stably on the wall. Thanks to the nifty black kitchen time, the model is attractive with a cute retro shape and vivid large red digits that display minutes and seconds. Hence, you can see the time clearly at a glance across the room. The DreamSky is a standout model you can use wherever you are without losing track of time.

Key Features:

  • The DreamSky Compact digital alarm clock is equipped with a USB port that allows you to charge your cell phone.
  • This alarm clock from DreamSky has a large display that clearly shows the time even when you are across the room.
  •  The unit is equipped with a dimmer that allows you to adjust the brightness not to disturb your sleep at night.


  • An alarm clock is easy to set
  • It connects to a power outlet and has a backup battery
  • The alarm volume is adjustable to choose the best volume for your needs.


  • The alarm cannot be set to a different tone
  • The backup battery does not provide power to the alarm but only keeps time

2. eTradewinds Elegant Kitchen Timer

Feel free to go for the eTradewinds elegant digital time ideal for medical, dental, and salon timers. The product can be used with a set magnet and fold-out stand.  It is easy to push minutes and seconds at the same time. There is no need to press the button each time, setting up the time to press and hold to fast-forward. It is the strongest timer you will find listed anywhere, and it won’t pivot, wobble or slide down depending on where you place it.

This powerful time will count up/down 99 min/59 seconds. You can also press two left buttons simultaneously to reset to 0000. The large display allows you to read the timer across the room easily, and you can easily hear it in other rooms thanks to the 75-80 dB alarm 62-second beep. The model requires eT-23 AAA batteries and many other features that make it the best time you can buy today.

Key Features:

  • The timer has an automatic shut-off program that shuts off after 2 minutes of idle time to reduce energy consumption.
  • With the large display and the loud but pleasant 75-80 dB alarm sound that can be heard well in other rooms, this timer is our absolute favorite.
  • What’s more, thanks to its heavy-duty, flush-mounted magnets, the timer can be attached to any metal surface without the risk of it falling off.
  • Finally, the timer has an auto-off feature that saves the last reading so you can conveniently use it the next time.


  • Requires 1 AAA battery, which is included
  • Easy-to-read display that is visible throughout the room
  • It can count down to 99 minutes and 59 seconds.
  • Built-in magnetic holder with stand and hook for hanging
  • It does not rotate, wobble, bounce or slide off the attached surface.


  •  It is expensive

3. CDN TM30 Direct Entry 2-Alarm Timer

CDN is a reputable brand offering measurement tools from timers, scales, and a broad assortment of thermometers. Over the years, the brand has been advocating for quality, accurate and durable devices, and you will find a timer that satisfies your needs. It is an ideal model for meditation and busy cooking sessions with two alarms that make it easy to hear the timer when it vibrates and features loud audio. The timer features advanced technology, quality, easy-to-read displays, and quality construction, making it an indispensable tool.

With this CDN multi-task time, you will no longer find meditation demanding. It has an easy-to-use combination clock and timer that operates at the slide of a switch or touch on a button. It counts 10 hours up or down by hours, minutes, and seconds. You can also rely on the memory button to recall your favorite settings. Most importantly, you don’t have to spend a fortune on this timer as it will perfectly fit into your budget.

Key Features:

  • Digital LCD: This stopwatch has a clear digital LCD and an easy-to-use keypad.
  • Because the CDN Direct Entry 2 Alarm Timer takes up very little space, you can place it on your table, kitchen counter, or bedside table.
  • It has three programs and a universal timer that counts down to 10 hours for added functionality. The vibration alarm is easy to set and can be heard from a distance.


  • Easy to use
  • Countdown to 10 hours
  • Lightweight and compact
  • It comes with two alarms, one with vibration and a loud sound.


  • It tends to be fragile

4. YQY X-Wlang 3-In-1 Alerts Timer

Many people on the lookout for the best medical, therapeutic, and kitchen timer have different ideas in mind. If searching for a model that will satisfy all your needs, it is wise to consider a meditation timer clock. The ZYQY x-wlang 3-in-1 alert timer is incredible and comes with unique features. It is ideal for users with hearing and visual impairment and those who work in noisy environments. It comes with customizable alerts and on/off switches located on the back of the digital timer to ma. Your timer will choose a red flasher, vibration, or loud beeper.

The digital timer has a clear display you can quickly see or hear from a few feet away. It counts hours/minutes or seconds. You can switch between 20 hours/20-minute resolution and automatic memory. The ZYQY x-wlang timer is ideal for meditation, kitchen chores, gym routines, laundry, physical therapists, and general office use. Significantly, it uses two-piece AAA batteries meaning you don’t have to worry about its performance and efficiency.

Key Features:

  • The timer includes a clip and a magnet. The clip allows you to attach it to clothing, and the magnet is ideal for attaching it to the fridge.
  • It has a clear display that can be seen from several meters away and large buttons that are also suitable for people with poor eyesight.
  • Customizable alarms and an on/off switch on the back of the digital timer makes it easy to set the timer. Use the timer to select one, two, or all three countdown alarms: a flashing red light, a loud beep, and a vibration.


  • Vibration, flashing light, and sound mode
  • With clothes clip and fridge magnet
  • Easy setup
  • With detailed instructions
  • Large display


  • An audible beep is not the best way to end a meditation session
  • Sensitive buttons can be accidentally pressed

5. Awake Mindfulness Clock- an Actual, Physical Meditation Timer

If you have been looking for an incredible meditation timer that is not connected to the internet, the Awake Mindfulness clock and timer is the best option. It helps keep your phone out of meditation space and shun any form of distraction. It makes it easy to program total duration, your optional warm-up time, so you have time to settle, and other optional intervals. And if you are into an open-ended meditation practice, there is a screen-off function that helps avoid the temptation to peek at the remaining time.

The Awake is another incredible meditation chime timer that easily gets you roused from your session. The chime sound can either be set in high or low volume. Thanks to the alarm clock, you can sleep better, join other meditators and program your snooze for a duration you like. This timer uses AA batteries and comes with a Digital Mindfulness Guide. It is the ideal model to place in your bed stand or carry around during travel. Interestingly, it features a low battery indicator that lets you know when to replace the batteries.

Key Features:

  • It is not connected to the internet. You can’t lose time. Whether you are in the office or a retreat center, On timer will keep track of your time for you.
  • Use the Sleep Mode when going off to sleep (a gentle night light feature is also available) to avoid being tempted by your phone in the dark.
  • The screen-off timer option is designed for those who practice open-ended meditation — set how long you want your meditation timer. Whenever it finishes, it will turn off automatically.


  • No extra distractive notification
  • Easy to use with no instructions
  • Affordable
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Works offline


  • Not compatible with Android devices

6. Wynnline 60-Minute Visual Analog Timer

This Wynnline timer is an ideal model for adults and kids. It helps them stay more involved during their day-to-day routines. The analog timer helps them reduce procrastination when at work or classroom and on top of their daily schedules. It also features bright colors and easy-to-read numbers, meaning it is the go-to timer if you or a loved one has special needs and wants to keep track of specific tasks. You don’t have to worry about distractions or annoying audible ticking sounds when using this timer.

If used in sound-sensitive environments like group meditation, training, or meetings, it is an excellent choice. This timer features a quick-adjust timer alarm that lets you set a low or loud alarm sound at just 3 or 60 seconds. When the set time expires, the bright disk will disappear when it reaches the zero mark to guarantee a better visual reference. Most importantly, you don’t have to spend a fortune on this stunning meditation timer and alarm clock.

Key Features:

  • 3 minute and a 60 minute time dial: Comes with three (3) minute and a sixty (60) minute time dial for a range of routine schedules.
  • The red numbers are imprinted on grain fiber wood coated with plastic, making it durable and beautiful.
  • Loud alarm sounds accompanied by a red bar that moves toward zero when the alarm goes off. The bar will jump up when activated again to show how much time is left until the next alert.


  • Soft sounds produced are not distractive
  • Minimalistic design
  • It comes in five different colors
  • Very easy to use – no instructions needed!


  • Not loud enough for areas experiencing noise

7. ZUER Digital Timer

As you look for the best timer in the competitive market, you won’t go wrong by picking the ZUER digital timer. It is a one-of-a-kind model that works perfectly for kids, tutors, spas, classrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and gyms. It is designed to make meditation sessions more fulfilling as the participant can enjoy private sessions without missing out on set deadlines or schedules. This timer comes with unique features: a 1x timer with no batteries included, 7.5 cm in length.

The shell of the Zuer timer is made of ABS, making it a long-lasting model you can use for day-to-day activities without any worries. The big digits displayed on the LCD screen are easy to read and clear. Hence, you don’t have to struggle setting up the timer. The sleek look of this timer is a significant attraction, and you will also fall in love with the magnetic back that allows users to stick it to different locations at will. The invisible brackets and lanyard holes make it easy to place the timer at will and use it whenever you want.

Key Features:

  • LED display: Comes with a big LED display, plus a convenient magnet on the back so you can stick it anywhere
  •  Setup timer intervals from 10 seconds up to 60 minutes for an efficient countdown no matter the task you are handling.
  • It comes with 7 buttons that let you quickly choose the time (in seconds, minutes, and hours) and start the timer going.


  • Flexible design for faster countdown or count up
  • Easy to track the time left in your schedule
  • Convenient one-touch operation
  • It also works as a clock


  • It does not produce ambient lights for soothing sleep
  • Only one alarm sound limits users of their choices

Best Meditation Timers Buying Guide

best meditation timers

Meditation is a practice you take very seriously, and you may feel the need to meditate wherever you are. Luckily, the experts have thought of this, and now we have a great way to use meditation timers to keep everything under control and on time.

Here are some features to consider before you buy one.

Alarm Type and Options

Many different meditation timers are on the market, but some offer more options than others. Ideally, you should choose a meditation timer that allows you to choose between sound, vibration, and flashing lights.

If the timer you choose serves as an alarm clock, you can use the beep for waking up and the vibration and blinking for daily meditation.


It’s nice to have a meditation timer equipped with several other features, but that’s not the main thing. It shouldn’t be a problem if it does what it was designed to do.

If you need additional features, check out the following:

  • Alarm Clock
  • Volume settings
  • Brightness settings
  • Different tones
  • Portability

It is essential to choose a portable meditation timer. This way, you can take it with you when you travel. Choose a timer with a clothes clip and a retractable stand.

That way, you can attach it to your clothes and easily keep it on your bedside table. You can also take it to the park and enjoy an excellent meditation session.

How Do you Use Insight Timer?

This is not just a collection of spiritual practices but a social network. Insight Timer interface is user-friendly and intuitive; it is a world map. You can see who is studying at a given time, find friends and like-minded people, join communities, correspond with people you are interested in, ask exciting questions and share your achievements.

The Insight Timer library contains about 24,000 free meditation options and 1,200 audio tracks for various exercises, compiled by leading experts, psychologists, and neuroscientists. You can get guides from professionals and delve deeper into meditation practices for an additional fee.

When you start the program for the first time, you will have to answer a few questions so that the application adapts to you and suggests reasonable practices, gives advice and helps achieve results. Each lesson is accompanied by a pleasant, relaxing melody, sounds of nature, and the announcer’s sensual and measured voice.

The Insight Timer has a convenient timer that allows you to meditate on your own, as well as separate by goals: recovery and treatment, getting rid of stress, anger, fear, panic, working with relationships, connecting with spirituality, acceptance, stability, relaxation, wisdom, etc.

 The free version cannot use the application offline, but this problem can be solved by purchasing the paid version. Free Features:

  • Over 40 thousand guided meditations.
  • Use filters by time to select short listening meditations on the road to form a simple daily habit.
  • Thousands of music tracks and ambient sounds to help you calm down, focus, relax, sleep better.
  • The world’s most popular meditation timer.
  • Subscribe to the profiles of your favorite teachers.
  • Thousands of discussion groups and various community features.
  • Statistics and milestones to track your progress.

What is the Minimum Time for Meditation?

Now let’s talk about how long the meditation should be. It depends on the level of the practitioner. Those who have been practicing for a long time can freely stay in this state for one to several hours. For beginners, a time of five to ten minutes is likely to be optimal. Everything here is individual. This is one of the rare occasions where austerity is likely to be unhelpful. The duration of the meditation should be comfortable. If you have the patience for just five minutes, start with five minutes. It is better to meditate regularly for five minutes than sit for forty minutes once and then give up.

The most important thing in meditation is not duration but regularity. Try to choose a time and duration of reflection that is comfortable for you, and meditate simultaneously, keeping the duration. Over time, the period of meditation can be gradually increased; the main thing is not to decrease it. So if you feel like you can sit comfortably for five minutes, start with five minutes.

As you master the practice, meditation should last at least 20 minutes. Again, everything feels like this, but this is the level you should strive for. The fact is that this is precisely how long it is necessary to remain motionless for our subtle body and, as a result, our mind to come to a state of rest, which is essential for high-quality meditation.


Can I Download Meditations from Insight Timer?

Yes. Guided meditations, conversations, and music tracks are available offline for the Premium app subscription. Member Plus subscribers can download the audio for offline listening.

How Long Does it Take for Meditation to be Effective?

In general, you should not spend more than half an hour on meditation because you will either get tired or fall asleep.

What are the 5 Benefits of Meditation?

  • Reduces stress and anxiety. Mindfulness techniques have long been prescribed to calm their nerves with reasonable success rates for patients with anxiety disorders and panic attacks
  • It makes you physically fit. People who practice meditation sleep better on average, have a lower heart rate, lower blood pressure, and get sick less often.
  • Enhances emotional stability. For people prone to outbursts of anger or sadness, meditation can help regulate and control their emotions.
  • It improves memory and helps you think clearer. Meditation teaches you to throw unnecessary rubbish out of your thinking patterns.
  • Increases concentration and discipline. Meditation practitioners can stay focused on specific tasks longer and be less likely to be distracted from those tasks.

What Does God Say About Meditation?

Meditation is a constant search for God’s revelation; as a result, God reveals Himself to you. “The glory of God is to clothe a secret of a work, but the glory of kings is to investigate a work.”

Can Meditation Change your Life?

Yes. If you want your life to start changing for the better as soon as possible, begin practicing the art of meditation. Meditation is one of the self-help strategies.

We can very quickly get rid of current negative thoughts and negative thinking habits through meditation. For example, you can use specific mantras to reduce the amount of negativity in your head.


Now you know everything you need to know to choose the best meditation timers! With these timers, you can easily use your mental space and let the device control time, not your thoughts.

Overall, I recommend the Awake Mindfulness Clock- an Actual, Physical Meditation Timer to anyone looking for a meditation timer that does not require an internet connection.

Now you can choose the right meditation timer that meets your needs for simplicity or a calming atmosphere. Good luck with your new timer!

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