Best Magnetic Drawing Board for Kids In 2023

If you are always having to clean crayon or marker writings on your walls or furniture, a magnetic drawing board can save you the hustle. Yeah, that’s right! This magnetic toy will let your children draw anything they like without creating any mess around the house and, at the same time, ignite their imagination. It can also help your little one learn to write numbers and letters.

But with so many high-quality magnetic boards to consider, how do you tell which one to buy? Well, to help you find the best magnetic drawing board, we took our time to analyze hundreds of boards, including their features and user feedback. We then narrowed down the list to 7 products based on their most important features, such as durability, safety, and ease of use.

And keeping the above things in mind, we arrived at the conclusion that the Chuchik Magnetic Drawing Board is the best drawing board. This is because it is making from durable plastic materials that are non-toxic and is easy to erase. But read on to learn more about our other recommendations, the different types of boards available, and how to choose the right drawing board.

Our Favorite Best Magnetic Drawing Board

Types of Drawing Board

When looking for a toddler’s drawing board, you will come across different types based on the materials they are made from. These include:

Plastic Boards

These are the most common types of magnetic writing boards available. This is because not only are they lightweight but also durable. As a matter of fact, most magnetic drawing boards fall into this category. And compared to other types, plastic boards are extremely portable and work well with different mediums like watercolors and acrylics.

Masonite Boards

If you are looking for the best drawing board for use in a classroom setting or a theater, you should consider getting Masonite boards. These boards are highly durable and hence are less likely to break, get punctured, or even ripped.

Wooden Boards

Wooden boards are designed to provide you with a natural feel. They are also quite sturdy, portable, and boast a smooth surface. And since there are different types of wood materials, the most common types of wooden drawing boards are made from pine wood, beechwood, basswood, and melamine resin. Similar to plastic drawing boards, wooden boards are also compatible with a wide range of wet mediums such as watercolor, ink, acrylic, and gouache.

The Top 7 Best Magnetic Drawing Board- Buyer’s Guide

Magnetic drawing boards come in a variety of sizes, prices, and even colors. So, in this guide, we are going to analyze the top-rated options, so you have an easy time finding the best one for your kids.

1. Chuchik Magnetic Drawing Board

For toddlers 3 years and above, this is the best magnetic drawing board that is sure to help them fire up their creativity. The board is making from strong and durable materials, so you can rest assured it will not break easily. Also, another reason to choose this toy is that it is very easy to use and travel-friendly.


Plastic construction: This doodle drawing board is constructing from a double layer of plastic for enhanced durability. So, even if your child accidentally drops it on the floor, sits, or steps on it, it will not break into pieces like some models featuring cheap designs.

Portable design: At 15.7-inches, you can tell that this toy is on the bigger side. The good news is that in addition to the big-size board, you also get a mini-size board design to fit in any bag. Therefore, you can carry the drawing board with you everywhere you go.

Magnetic stamps: Additionally, the board comes with strongly magnetized stamps to help your kid create some amazing art. This means that you don’t have to worry about the stamps falling off the board and getting lost.

Eraser bar: Even better, it comes with an easy-to-use eraser bar that is also easy to move across the board to clean the content on it. Your toddler will be able to clean up everything in just 1 or 2 swipes without needing your assistance.


  • Comes with 6 stencils
  • Easy to take out magnetic stamps
  • Includes a 4-color mini-size board
  • The pen has just the right size string


  • Slider on the large board can be a little hard to move

2. LODBY Cute Magnetic Drawing Board

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your child, this kids magnetic drawing board is an excellent choice to consider. Your kid will be able to draw, write, and even erase the drawings with ease for a fresh start. The best part? It is designing to be lightweight for ease of use and comes with a handle for carrying it.


Color zones: You will please to know that this toy is equipping with 4 color zones, including blue, red, green, and yellow, to make your kid’s drawings colorful and bright. This feature may also enhance your child’s ability to recognize different colors.

Durability: Since this is a kid’s toy, it is making from high-quality and durable ABS plastic materials to ensure long-lasting performance. Therefore, it can withstand almost everything thrown at it.

Design: Meanwhile, the board can use in various forms thanks to its detachable legs. Your child could use it in its table form while sitting on the floor or detach all the legs and use it as a standard drawing board.

Sliding eraser: Besides the magnetic pen, the toy also comes with a sliding eraser. As such, your toddler will be able to clean up all the doodles on the board in just seconds and quickly make a new drawing.


  • Small in size for ease of portability
  • Includes 2 stamps to add more fun
  • Erases so quickly and with ease
  • Made from non-toxic ABS plastic


  • Detachable legs are not very sturdy
  • A little smaller than how it looks in the picture

3. FLY2SKY Magnetic Drawing Board

Need a magnetic doodle board that is well-made yet affordably priced? Well, this product constructed from superior-quality materials along with a sturdy frame for maximum durability. In addition, the pad has a sealed design to protect your child from getting hurt.


Durable construction: One of the things you will love about these toddlers drawing board is how well it is made. It is constructed from ABS plastic material which is both non-toxic and sturdy. More so, the pad boasts a strong frame design to ensure it stays in place as your kid draws or writes on the board.

Colorful screen: Similar to other products in this guide, this board also features 4 colors on the screen, including yellow, blue, green, and red, to enhance their imagination. As such, your toddler will be able to make bright, colorful, and realistic drawings.

Extra accessories: You will also please to know that besides the board, you also get 2 magnetic pens, 2 stencils, and 2 stamps. These accessories are designing to help your child move from creating just simple shapes to drawing more complex images.

Convenient eraser: To allow your toddler to reuse the pad as many times as possible, the board also comes with a slide eraser bar. Your child just needs to swipe the bar back and forth to clear the writings on the pad.


  • Safe for kids from 3 months and up
  • Has numbers 0-9 on the top
  • Includes 2 pieces of strong magnetic stamps
  • Sturdy handle for portability


  • Includes small pieces which are choking hazards for small kids
  • Eraser can be hard to move for younger children

4. FLUESTON Toys for Girls Boys

For a paper-like drawing experience, this kid’s magnetic drawing board is all that your child needs. It comes with a stylus to help your kid draw colorful lines. On top of that, the pad uses cutting-edge technology, which makes it safe and fun to use.


Erase button with key-lock: For most boards, you need to erase the writings manually. But with this particular toy, your kid only needs to press the erase button to clear everything. It also includes a lock key design to ensure that the drawings remain as they are until you press the unlock button.

Multi-color screen: Additionally, the board features a 10-inch colorful screen that has been tested to be flicker-free and radiation-free. As such, your child can safely use it for extended hours, and it won’t hurt their eyes.

Pressure-sensitive: This feature simply determines the thickness of the drawing your kid makes. For instance, if your child applies light pressure, the writings will also be light. But if the kid applies heavy pressure while drawing, it will result in a thicker line.

Replaceable battery: As it turns out, this toy powered by a CR2032 battery cell designed to provide you with up to one year of battery life. And the best part is that it can easily replace once it stops working.


  • Consumes very little power
  • Round corners to protect your kid’s fingers from harm
  • Made from durable and non-toxic plastic
  • Resistance to shock and drops


  • Does not have a place to store or attach the stylus

5. BABLOCVID Toddler Toys, Magnetic Drawing Board

Here is yet another colorful drawing board that boasts 4 color areas to help expose your toddler to a world of colors. Even better, the toy features soft curves and round edges to protect your kid from potential injuries.


High-quality construction: One of the things that stands out about this Magna erasable doodle drawing board is its durable construction. Basically, the toy is making from premium and non-toxic ABS materials, which makes it safe and almost unbreakable.

Design: For ease of carrying the board, it boasts a lightweight design and a built-in handle. So, even an 18-month-old baby can carry this toy all by themselves. And thanks to its small size, the drawing is also travel-friendly.

Detachable legs: Also worth mentioning is that this board table comes equipped with four solidly built legs to support the doodle board. The legs can detach and install back with ease in case your child would like to use the board in upright, oblique, or flat positions.

Slide eraser: Since this is an erasable magnetic drawing board, it comes with a slide erase to help your toddler clean up the writings. The eraser is easy to use, so all your child needs to do is move it back and forth across the board in a gentle manner.


  • The pen is attached to a string so it does not get lost
  • Includes 2 stamps and a pen
  • Strongly built for long-lasting performance
  • Highly portable


  • The legs hardly ever stay on
  • Tabletop is too small for kids above 3 years

6. ikidsislands IKS85B Color Magnetic Board

This is probably one of the safest magnetic writing boards out there for toddlers. The toy has been certified for safety by the U.S. CPSIA & ASTM-F963. As if that’s not enough, it is making with non-toxic materials and boasts rounded edges designed to protect your kid from any potential injuries.


Back panel design: This doodle magnetic drawing board boasts a built-in panel at the back for added durability and optimal comfort. So, you have nothing to worry about in case your kid drops the board on the floor.

Colorful drawing area: Similar to other drawing boards for toddlers, this item also features 4 color zones on the drawing area comprising red, green, blue, and yellow. Your kid will, therefore, be able to explore with colors which could help develop their imagination.

Plastic construction: The ikidsislands IKS85B Color Magnetic Board is making of ABS materials, which is a highly versatile type of plastic with superior strength. This material also boasts strong impact resistance properties. Therefore, this board will not break so easily.

Travel size: Measuring only 11.8 x 8.9 inches, you can tell that this toy is relatively small in size. As such, your child can carry it everywhere they go, including when going on a plane trip or car trip. Besides, it is also lightweight and comes with a carry handle.


  • Easy to erase with the sliding eraser
  • Perfect size for small kids
  • Secured edges for maximum protection from scratches
  • Comes with 2 stamps


  • The colors are not bright enough
  • Drawings and writings tend to fade away pretty quickly

7. HAIMST Jaolex Magnetic Drawing Board

Looking for the best educational toy for your 3-year-old that is also travel-friendly and mess-free? This pad comes with a magnetic pen with a rope which makes it perfect for various writing and drawing activities. More so, it is designing to display 4 colors on the screen to make your kid’s drawings more colorful.


Safe and sturdy design: One thing we love about this product is that the edges are smooth and the corners rounded for the sake of your child’s safety. To top it up, it is making of high-quality plastic material that is break-resistant to ensure superior durability.

3 stamps: While most drawing boards for toddlers come with only 2 stamps, this item has included 3 of them in various shapes. The stamps are designing to help arouse your kid’s attention and awareness of different shapes.

One-button eraser: The pad features a one-button sliding eraser at the bottom to help your child wipe out the drawings on the screen. Your kid just needs to push the button 1-2 times forward and backward, and all the writings will clear.

Magnetic pen with rope: The chances of the magnetic pen getting lost are high because of its small size. So, to ensure the pen does not get lost easily after your child is done drawing, it is attached to a rope, and the rope is connected to the drawing pad.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Securely attached pen and stamps
  • Can withstand as many drops on the floor
  • Relatively inexpensive


  • It is not as sturdy as other boards in this article
  • The eraser does not do a good job

Best Magnetic Drawing Board Buying Guide

children magic board

Because magnetic drawing boards differ in many ways, including size and build quality, there are several factors to consider so as to ensure you invest only in the best. Let’s check them out.


You don’t expect your child to be as careful as you while handling the drawing board. So, it makes sense to consider what kind of material the toy is made from. Ask yourself, can the toy withstand occasional drops? What about rough treatment?

With this in mind, the best magnetic drawing board should be constructed from sturdy and durable materials. Generally, ABS plastic is the most commonly used material because it boasts superior strength plus excellent impact and abrasion resistance capabilities. Even better, you will find that some boards are made of a double layer of plastic for enhanced durability.


The right board size will depend largely on the age of your child. For instance, if you have a young child below 2 years, you should consider getting a small size drawing board that is easy for the little hands to grip. Basically, anything below 12 inches should be good. The small size also means that your child will be able to bring the board along with them everywhere they go since it can fit in any bag.

However, for older kids, a larger board above 12 inches should be the way to go. A bigger board might also be an excellent option for kids that love creating big drawings. The only drawback with bigger boards is that they are not very portable.

Age of the Child

When buying a magnetic drawing board for adults or kids, you will notice that there is information about the appropriate age. Some products are designed for ages 3 months and above, while others are for ages 3 years and above.

So, if your child is below 3 years, then you should not get them a board that is for kids above 3 years because it may have small parts that could choke them. Also, if you have a small child, you should consider getting a board that is easy to use. But if your kid is older, a product with more features will be the best option.

Ease of Erasing

One of the best things about magnetic drawing boards is that they are reusable. That’s why they come with an eraser bar to help your child wipe out their doodles. However, some units are easier to erase compared to others.

Keeping this in mind, it is advisable to choose a Magna doodle that comes with an easy-to-use eraser bar designed to erase everything with just 1-2 swipes. But if you want more convenience, you can get a board with an eraser button.


Your child’s safety is nothing to joke about. So, you must consider if the materials the drawing board is from are safe. If the product is made of ABS plastic, you must confirm that the material is non-toxic.

Also, be sure to check the design of the board. This includes the corners and edges. Are they so sharp that they could hurt your toddler? You want to get a board that boars smooth and rounded corners to ensure the safety of your little one.

Extra Features

Besides the eraser bar and magnetic for drawing, these toys also come with extra accessories. For instance, you should consider getting one that comes with a magnetic pen that is connected to a string. This way, you don’t have to worry about the pen getting lost.

In addition, you can consider getting a board that comes with a replacement pen and more than two stamps for an extra dimension of fun. Other features to look out for are colored screens (at least 4 colors) as well as letters and numbers printed on the outside.

How Does a Magna Doodle Work?

Well, it’s simple. The board works by allowing your kid to write on the display screen using a magnetic pen and then erase the doodles with a sliding eraser.

But to understand better how this toy works, it is important that you get to know first what it is made of. Basically, this toy comprises various parts, including:

  • Plastic sheets
  • Thick liquid
  • Magnetic particles of iron oxide
  • Honeycomb net
  • Colored screen
  • Magnetic pen
  • Eraser slider

As we have already mentioned, a magnetic drawing board has two plastic sheets that lay on each but are separated by a honeycomb net. What you see as the screen of the Magna doodle is usually the top sheet. For most products, the screen is usually divided into 4 color areas, which are red, yellow, blue, and green. So, your child will be able to write in each color, which can help ignite their creativity.

As for the honeycomb net, it contains cells with a thick white opaque liquid and black magnetic particles of iron oxide. However, the true magic lies in the magnetic pen. This is because when your kid draws on the board, the magnetic pen usually draws the magnetic particles to the surface. And as a result, you will see your little one’s drawing coming to life.

But if your child wants to clear the doodles, they just use an eraser slide, which also has a magnetic functionality. Typically, the eraser works by moving the black magnetic particles across the back of the screen or, in other words, back into the white liquid. For most products, your kid will be able to wipe out everything in just 1 or 2 swipes. And after clearing the writings, they can start afresh with a new project.

How to Use a Drawing Board?

So, you bought a drawing board but didn’t know how to use it? Well, if it is a magnetic drawing board for adults or the little ones, it’s quite easy to use. Your kid just needs to use the magnetic pen that the drawing board comes with to draw or write on the surface of the board. And if they want a fresh start, it is easy to erase the content on the screen using an eraser bar.

However, for other types of drawing boards, it is a little different. So, here are the simple steps to follow:


Start by getting the right drawing tools to use with your drawing board. These tools include:

  • Pen/graphite pencils
  • Drawing paper
  • Erasers, inks, and sharpeners
  • Charcoal or graphite sticks


Next, set up the drawing paper on your drawing board and then clip it to the board using clips to ensure it is secure in place. You can also use magnetic whiteboards instead of drawing papers.


Once you have set up the drawing paper, pick up your drawing board, then place it on your lap or on top of a pillow and start drawing. Just make sure to draw on the smooth side of the board and use a pen that has been suggested.

That said, here are additional tips for you on how to correctly use a drawing board to ensure you create the best drawings:

  • Make it a habit to clean the board regularly. You can use white spirit or even a household degreaser.
  • Before you start drawing, be sure to wash your hands.
  • Avoid boards with a frame as the frames can be irritating to work around.
  • You must clip the drawing paper securely to the board to ensure it does not move, which could ruin your drawing.
  • Cover the drawing board with a paper underlay before setting up the drawing paper if you want to achieve thicker pencil lines.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are still not sure which magnetic doodle board to buy for your little one, it might help to go through our FAQ section.

What Are Drawing Boards Made of?

They are available in a wide range of materials. However, most drawing boards are either made from ABS plastic, wood, Masonite, or resin. For the wooden boards, the best ones are built from well-seasoned softwood such as pine and oak or fairly soft hardwood like basswood and beechwood.

How Do You Fix a Magnetic Drawing Board?

If the erase feature of your board stops working, you can easily fix it. Start by unscrewing the board on the back. If you notice that the magnetic strip has been disconnected from the slider, use super glue to glue the slider back on. Once the slider is dry, you can put it back on the board and the screws back in. But if this does not work, you might want to contact the manufacturer or the store where you bought it from.

Which Wood Is Used for the Drawing Board?

Overall, tempered hardboard is one of the best woods for making a drawing board because it is affordable, durable, and environmentally friendly. However, well-seasoned softwood like pine and oak are also used for the board because these woods are not susceptible to breaking and bending. In addition, woods like beechwood and basswood are excellent choices for a drawing board.

How Do You Clean a Doodle Board?

First, you will need water, mineral spirit, rubbing alcohol, a rag, and a paper towel to clean up any mess on your doodle board. Next, apply a little water on your paper towel and use it to wipe the mess on the board. After that, get your rag and apply the rubbing alcohol on it to clean up any remaining mess. However, if your board is still not clean, you should proceed to use mineral spirit. Just add a small amount to your rag and clean the surface of your board.

What Is the Size of the Drawing Board?

The standard size of most drawing boards is 18 inches by 24 inches, 24 inches by 36 inches, or 30 inches by 42 inches. However, you may also find the boards in 36 inches by 48 inches, 37.5 inches by 60 inches, and 37.5 inches by 72 inches sizes.

How Do You Get Crayons Off a Magnetic Drawing Board?

For starters, you could use rubbing alcohol. Just apply a small amount of the alcohol on a lint-free cloth and wipe the crayon marks. Or, you can apply a thin layer of non-gel toothpaste over the crayon marked area and then rub a cloth over the toothpaste until all the crayon marks have been wiped out. You may also use any mild abrasive cleanser that you have.


Why buy those costly reams of paper, pencils, crayons, paints, and other art supplies that you have to keep on restocking while a magnetic drawing board can last for years and is affordable? And the best part? You won’t have to worry about any marker or crayon lines on your walls.

However, since there are many products out there, you want to make sure that you invest only in the best magnetic drawing board. Keeping this in mind, we recommend the Chuchik Magnetic Drawing Board as the overall best board. And not just because it is durable but also for the premium features it comes with, including 2 magnetic stamps, a pen with string, and an easy-to-use eraser.

But if your child is below 3-years, then the LODBY Cute Magnetic Drawing Board will be a good choice for them.

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