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Exfoliation is an essential part of any modern skincare routine. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells that can lead to clogged pores and dullness. There are different types of exfoliators. One method is to rub your skin with a washcloth, loofah sponge, microfiber cloth, or brush. Another method is to use powder-textured scrubs that are massaged onto the skin. A third way to achieve exfoliation is by using chemical peels; there are two types which are alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids.

Here are the best loofah for men on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Loofah For Men

Best Loofah For Men Reviews In 2023

1. MainBasics Bath Shower Loofah

After a long day, a bath is the perfect way to relax. You deserve it! We’ve got all the essentials for you to create that perfect bath time experience. Simply place one of our high quality, premium fine mesh loofah sponges in your bath and watch it lather up thanks to its amazing ability to create a rich lather. Then, just sit back and enjoy your spa-like moment while your skin heals itself after all that stress from life.

2. AmazerBath Bath Shower Loofah Sponge

Ever had the frustrating experience of buying a shower sponge that falls apart or is out of shape? You don’t have to suffer any longer! This AmazerBath bath shower loofah is made from 100% food-grade silicone, which is great for cleaning skin and hair. The unique design allows you to hold it in one hand, exfoliate, and apply soap simultaneously, unlike ordinary sponges or pouffes.

Soft and Delicate

Clean your body and exfoliate dirt with a soft, friendly, and delicate texture.

Plenty of Lathers

Use an upgraded knotting technique to make the bath sponge tighter and create plenty of lathers experience.

Hang-Up Design

You can hang shower sponge pouffe on the wall to dry off with a convenient storage design.

3. BAIMEI Bath Sponge, Sponge Loofah Body Scrubber

The bath sponge dries quickly and is easy to drain out without soaking too much water, effectively massaging your skin. Gently massage your skin, and the bath sponge makes the skin feel moist. Lather up quickly. The loofah body scrubber sponges hold body soap well. Apply the body wash on the bath sponge and massage it slightly to create rich suds Wash after each use. We suggest you wash the bath sponge and allow it to air dry after each use. There is a string on each bath sponge, and this allows the bath sponge to dry nicely. This luffa sponge can last long.


The sponge is thick, sturdy and soft. The porous surface helps lather up well and exfoliate gently.


They don’t change the size when they get wet. They are already big enough to hold and scrub your body.


The bath sponge is easy to wash by hand and hang to dry. It will last so long and always be clean. It also hardly gets torn up.

4. MainBasics Charcoal-Infused Bath Shower Loofah

Cleanse, protect, and gently exfoliate your skin in the shower with our loofahs. Wet and apply your favourite body wash. Infused with activated bamboo charcoal powder for a better clean.

Our gentle shower sponge has a convenient hanging strap, and it’s super soft texture creates a rich lather, so you use less body wash and feel more pampered.

5. Loofah-Charcoal Bath-Sponge XL-75g-Set by Shower Bouquet

Bring the spa home with these premium hand sponges, designed to exfoliate and nourish your skin. Soak in warm water before using to soften and create a thick, rich lather. The dark charcoal colour helps remove dead skin cells and dirt to leave your body feeling smooth.

Spongey, soft and soothing – our Loofah Charcoal Bath Sponge will make your bath time the best. The sponge is infused with natural bamboo charcoal, which helps to cleanse and brighten your skin. It is free of dyes, detergents, foaming agents and preservatives. With this set, you get a large 75g sponge, ribbon handle to hang dry, and a bag to keep it all in!

This Loofah-Charcoal Bath-Sponge XL is an Eco-friendly bath accessory that exfoliates while you bathe. It’s great for softening and buffing the skin, leaving your body feeling refreshed, invigorated and pampered! With a natural loofa outer layer on one side and a sturdy nylon loop on the other, it makes a great scrubber that can help you remove dead skin cells, especially when used before showering or bathing.

6. Shower Body Brush with Bristles and Loofah

Are you ready for a super-soft, invigorating shower? Our Shower Body Brush with Bristles and Loofah is designed to exfoliate your body while you shower gently. Enjoy its use on either wet or dry skin. Use the loofah side to gently scrub away dry skin cells, leaving your skin fresh and smooth.

This scrubber brush is a 2-in-1 design with an integrated loofa and bristles sides, which can be used separately or together. The mesh scrubber will remove dead skin cells from your skin, stimulating the blood flow and gently exfoliating your skin by removing dirt particles. They’re perfect for cleaning your feet without bending down, but they can also lather up soap on your back or body, allowing you to get clean in places that would otherwise be difficult to reach, like behind knees and elbows.

Enjoy a relaxing shower with this Shower Body Brush. Made of high-quality plastic and natural loofah, the Shower Body Brush is designed to stimulate blood circulation and remove dead skin and toxins from the skin to improve its quality. It can also be used to relieve stress while enjoying a hot shower. Its long curved handle makes it comfortable to hold while its extended handle allows you to easily clean hard-to-reach areas such as the back or feet.

7. Loofah-Charcoal Back-Scrubber & Bath-Sponges by Shower Bouquet

Luffa and bath sponges are great for exfoliating, scrubbing and massaging. But more than that, they help you relax and set the mood for a great bathing experience. This Special Edition of our best-selling loofah has been infused with bamboo charcoal powder, helping to give you soft, lasting PE mesh infused with bamboo charcoal powder. Not only will this luffa help remove those hard-to-reach areas of your back, but it also holds soapy suds much better than a plain loofah or sponge.

These vibrant shower and bath pouffes are made from superior mesh and are designed to hold up beautifully. These impressive, extra-large loofah and bath scrunchie sets from the Shower Bouquet bath & beauty line are designed with a dense fullness, making them great for soaking up a lather and keeping your hands clean while showering or bathing. Each has a charcoal design that is infused into 100% natural loofah fibres to help eliminate bacteria growth on the texture of the scrubber.

The perfect combination of a back scrubber, bath sponge and loofah – all in one! The Shower Bouquet combo scrubber brush & 2 large bath sponges are the ideal practical gift. Ideal stocking stuffer or just because item that everyone will want to use. Our luxurious and affordable exfoliation sets are a must-have for any spa day or pampering at home.

8. Slick- Loofah with Handle, Loofah Back Scrubber

The perfect loofah set. The back scrubber loofah is great for massaging your back, while the shower loofah is ideal for cleaning your body. We’ve included a stainless steel hook to hang them on in your shower or bathtub, making it easy and convenient.

High-quality bath loofah made from charcoal-infused fibre. It is a wonderful back scratcher that exfoliates your skin while soaking in hot water. The soft, squishy texture and firmness of this loofah make it easy to use everywhere on your body, so you can scrub your skin without harming yourself.

Great for exfoliating dead skin, gently massage and cleanse all skin types. This loofah back scrubber massages and stimulates your skin, giving you a deep clean feeling. The long ergonomic handle with a comfortable grip makes it easy to hold onto while using the tool against your body.

9. Loofah-Charcoal Bath-Sponge-Color-Set XL-75g by Shower Bouquet

This impressive extra-large set of loofah bath sponges by Shower Bouquet is designed with a dense fullness! Each black and white loofah by Shower Bouquet is made from superior quality mesh that holds up beautifully and easily forms mounds of lather with your favourite shower gel or soap.

The Loofah-Charcoal Bath-Sponge-Color-Set XL-75g by Shower Bouquet is an excellent alternative to traditional loofahs made from synthetic blends and materials. These loofah sponges have natural, biodegradable ingredients that release the skin’s natural oils and help cleanse the pores. They come in charcoal & jewel tone colors that are ideal for both men and women.

After a long day or a hard workout, there’s nothing better than taking time for yourself. We have the perfect loofah for you, whether you’re soaking in a bath or scrubbing off in the shower. Our Shower Bouquet Series features five colours that help you easily clean and scrub your skin. These loofahs are made of natural sponge, which helps exfoliate while protecting your skin from the damaging effects of soap.

10. Loofah-Charcoal Back-Scrubbers 2-Pack-by-Shower

Introducing the luffa, a soft, durable and environmentally friendly sponge made from PE mesh that’s easy to bite into for exfoliating. Bamboo charcoal powder, infused into this special Loofah-Charcoal Back-Scrubbers 2-Pack-by-Shower, makes them perfect for removing dead skin cells so that you can achieve that smooth, soft feeling.

This impressive, extra-large shower and bath pouffe collection from the Shower Bouquet bath & beauty line is designed with a dense fullness! Each black and white loofah by Shower Bouquet is made from superior quality mesh that holds up beautifully and easily forms mounds of lather with your favourite shower gel or soap.

The incredible combo of 2 long charcoal back brushes comes in neutral black for both men and women to complement any bath or shower. The loofah is made of beautifully crafted premium natural fiber material, making it the perfect texture for soft exfoliation, while the low-density bristles provide maximum durability and longevity. Made of 100% natural fibres, these loofahs are gentle on your skin, leaving it smooth and refreshed.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Loofah For Men


The best loofahs are made to last for a long time. Before you purchase a loofah, Joshua Ross, a well-known celebrity aesthetician, advises that you should confirm that it can be washed in a washing machine and is resistant to the formation of bacteria. “By doing this, bacteria won’t have a chance to thrive, and cleaning will be a lot easier.” This will ensure that the loofah won’t cause rashes or infections and prevent odour.


Even though you might like a loofah with strong exfoliating capabilities, you should avoid using an excessively abrasive one because it could harm your skin. Ross emphasizes the importance of having fine, smooth grit in your loofah. It shouldn’t be overly abrasive because doing so could cause the skin to split, which would cause annoyance, redness, and possibly an infection.

Fibre Class

Ross advises customers to choose loofahs made of natural fibres whenever it is practical. Synthetic fibres can irritate the skin, resulting in diseases like contact dermatitis.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the best loofah for the body?

Unlike many other loofahs I tried, I could clean my entire back without much effort. This loofah has two sides—one is very soft (softer than a washcloth), and the other is grittier.

Are silicone scrubbers better than loofahs?

Both experts emphasize how gentle silicone scrubbers are versus other methods of cleansing and exfoliating. Besides your hands, the scrubber is the most gentle method compared to a washcloth, loofah, or spin brush. If you don’t wear makeup, your fingers may be all you need to cleanse properly.

Which is better, loofah or sponge?

From its sustainability to its cleanliness, replacing your loofah or washcloth with a shower sponge may just make the world a better place (and your body much cleaner).

Should I use a loofah every day?

After cleaning, rinse it thoroughly with cool water and dry it out completely before putting it somewhere cooler to hang. To use loofahs safely, you need to replace them often. Cleveland Clinic recommends throwing out your loofah every 3 to 4 weeks.

Is a loofah or washcloth better?

“Neither is necessary,” explains Dr Mudgil. “But if you choose one, washcloths are much better than loofahs, provided you only use the cloth once before washing it. Both can harbour bacteria, but loofahs are much more prone to doing so, given all their ‘nooks and crannies.


If you desire to reach specific areas of your body, such as below the shoulders or behind the knees, you should choose a loofah with a long handle. Pay attention to the massage bits because these are the exfoliating elements that will get you clean. You can also find varying levels of softness or sponginess depending on how important that is to you.

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