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Collagen is a key component of our skin, bones, cartilage, muscles, and tendons.1 As we age, our body produces less collagen, resulting in decreased skin elasticity and more wrinkles. Collagen consumed in whole foods or as a supplement may improve skin appearance and joint pain.23 While claims that collagen supplements can strengthen hair and nails have not been studied as thoroughly, there are potential benefits.45 As an added bonus, some collagen powders are also great sources of protein. To determine the best collagen supplements on the market slice through the research to find out which type is best for you.”

Here are the best liquid collogen on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Liquid Collogen

What Is Collagen?

According to consultant dermatologist Dr. Alia Ahmed, “Collagen is a multifunctional protein in the human body and the building block of the skin.” It significantly contributes to the suppleness, moisture, and strength of the skin. Because it prevents our skin from drooping, it also controls how smooth and full it appears.

How Do Collagen Supplements Work?

Your natural collagen levels can be “topped up” using collagen supplements, which may help to lessen the symptoms of collagen depletion.

But it’s crucial to realize that collagen supplements don’t really add the collagen peptides you consume directly to your dermis; rather, says Dr. Banwell, they operate as a feedback mechanism to stimulate your body’s own natural collagen production.

“It is thought that the collagen fragments mislead the body into thinking that collagen degradation has taken place. According to Whitbread, this encourages the fibroblasts, which are the cells that make collagen, to manufacture more of your own natural collagen. Elastin, which gives skin its suppleness, and hyaluronic acid, which keeps skin hydrated, are both stimulated in their formation.

It’s possible that this causes your body’s collagen levels to rise, which will give your skin a healthier, firmer appearance.

Best Liquid Collogen Reviews In 2022

1. Biotin & Collagen Hair Growth Liquid Drops

Liquid biotin and collagen are the perfect combination for supporting healthy skin, hair and nails. This liquid biotin and collagen is your answer to healthier hair, skin, and nails with a high potency blend of biotin and collagen. This blend is made with 50,000 mcg each of biotin, (also known as Vitamin B-7) and hydrolyzed Collagen type I & III for maximum absorption.

Radiant Skin

Get effortlessly glowing skin with the rich biotin and collagen formula by Pure Research. This supplement works deeply to make your skin more elastic and retain moisture better. This product immediately radiates out, giving your skin a smoother, more radiant, and nourished appearance.

Stronger Nails

You may lack the essential vitamins if your nails are susceptible to brittleness or breakage. Pure Research makes it easy for you to supply your nails with B vitamins to give you tougher and healthier nails. These supplements come in liquid form, making them more accessible for the body to process.

Healthy Hair

It takes as much care outside as it does inside to achieve bouncy and lustrous hair. Let Pure Research’s biotin deliver the care from within with our liquid B-complex and collagen drops. This easy-to-take liquid has what it takes to give your hair the TLC it needs.

2. NeoCell Collagen +C Pomegranate Liquid

As we get older, our body’s collagen gets depleted, which can lead to many common signs of aging. So now is the time to turn your inner strength into outer beauty. Formulated with small bioavailable collagen peptides, NeoCell Collagen +C Pomegranate Liquid can do just that. It supports collagen formation for beautiful skin, healthy nails, hair and joint support. This collagen liquid has pomegranate, green tea, cranberry and elderberry and provides the antioxidant benefits of vitamin C. Science for the win. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Better Skin, Hair, Nails & Joint Support. Supports collagen formation with vitamin C and collagen. Collagen Type 1 & 3 + Vitamin C. Advanced manufacturing process called hydrolysis breaks down large collagen molecules into small peptides. Vitamin C helps support your cellular health.

Collagen Liquid

For best results, take one (1) tablespoon alone or mix into six (6) fl. oz. of water or juice. Give your natural beauty a morning jump start with nourishing collagen and antioxidant support vitamin C. These supplements are specially formulated to support youthful skin, hair and nails. Add a dose of collagen to your morning routine, and activate your inner beauty at its source.

3. AminoSculpt Sugar-Free Liquid Collagen Peptides

AminoSculpt contains CollaPure, a unique form of collagen that builds all 28 types of collagen found in your body including popular collagen Types I, II, III, IV, V, and X. These nitrogen-rich peptides build lean body mass, support wound healing, and improve sleep.

Ready for Your Busy Life

Choose a collagen supplement that respects your time. No mixing, no blending, just pour and go. AminoSculpt is ready to take straight from the bottle. But it’s versatile enough that it can be mixed with any food, or beverage (hot or cold).

True Medical-Grade Peptides

Maximum strength. Fast absorption. Proven consistency. These are what make AminoSculpt a true medical-grade collagen supplement. Our peptides have been used for over 40 years by doctors, hospitals, and health professionals of all modalities.

Pure Collagen, Clean Protein

AminoSculpt contains pure collagen and no other forms of protein. This therapeutic liquid protein is gluten-free, soy-free, whey-free, nut-free, egg-free, and dairy-free. It’s manufactured in the United States in a GMP-certified facility from grass-fed, traditionally pasture-raised bovine collagen.

Unique Bioactive Peptides

We hydrolyze our own collagen with a production process perfected over 40 years. This transforms normal collagen protein into CollaPure liquid peptides. This process improves absorption, minimizes stomach upsets, and ensures consistent results.

Collagen for Men & Women of All Ages

Around the age of 35, your body’s collagen levels decline. Many common signs of aging from wrinkles to loss of muscle tone (sarcopenia) and joint function are all related to this loss. AminoSculpt is used by men and women of all ages looking to support their body’s collagen, stay active longer, and look and feel younger.

4. Liquid Collagen Peptides with Biotin Vitamins for Hair Skin and Nails

Boost your skin, hair, and nails with this collagen peptide. One dropper provides a concentrated dose of hydrolyzed collagen type 1 and 3 to add strength to your hair, nails, and skin over time – helping you fight the signs of stress and aging.

Tissue In The Body

Collagen is the protein that forms connective tissue in the body. As we age, production of collagen decreases, leading to weaker bones, joint pain and skin dryness – not to mention hair loss! Collagen supplements help you stay ahead of nature by boosting your body’s natural collagen production.

Essential Vitamins And Nutrients

Experience the benefits of Collagen Peptides with essential vitamins and nutrients. This liquid formula provides two types of keratin, elastin, and natural antioxidants to restore sun damage and signs of aging. The rejuvenating properties help to moisturize, hydrate and balance oil for men and women, all skin types, and all ages.

5. Liquid Collagen Peptides Hair Skin and Nails Vitamins

Looking for a quick way to slow the aging process and improve your overall skin, hair and nails. Our Liquid Collagen Peptides with Biotin is made from pure hydrolyzed gelatin, a natural product that’s been used for hundreds of years in skincare products. This liquid collagen supplement provides 10,000mcg collagen type 1 and 3 hydrolyzed peptides and 5,000mcg biotin. It delivers rapid health benefits in just one dropper per day.

Elastin And Collagen Production

Better hair, skin and nails. Better you. Our advanced liquid biotin vitamins for hair skin and nails feeds and supports your body’s keratin, elastin and collagen production. The result? Stronger, fuller hair growth with a healthy luster; glowing, wrinkle-free skin; elasticity to keep wrinkles at bay; balanced oil production; and hydration to protect against dryness.

Collagen Is Essential

This collagen peptide vitamin supplement helps to accelerate skin, hair, and nail growth. Collagen is essential to your body’s ability to produce elastin and other proteins that support healthy skin, joints, bones, tendons, ligaments and organs.

6. Youtheory Collagen Liquid for Hair Skin and Nails with Collagen

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and a key constituent of skin, joints, bones, blood vessels, organs and more. The word “collagen” is derived from kolla, the Greek word for glue. Collagen is literally the substance that binds us together. It forms a mesh-like supportive framework in the body that provides shape, strength and flexibility. Highly prized for its nutritional and amino acid profile, collagen is uniquely abundant in glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. In fact, Collagen is the only known source of hydroxyproline, which is believed to help stimulate the body’s own production of collagen.

Absorbable Hydrolyzed Collagen

Youtheory Collagen Liquid provides 5,000 mg of highly absorbable hydrolyzed collagen peptides per serving, plus 18 amino acids, to help support hair, skin and nails. This unique liquid formula carefully combines the benefits of both collagen and hyaluronic acid – with no added fillers, preservatives or chemicals—for a naturally delicious way to help achieve a radiant glow from within.

Unlock The Power Of Collagen

Youth theory collagen liquid is a solution that can help you unlock the power of Collagen Peptides to deliver beautiful, healthy skin. Our product contains 2,500 mg of Verisol Collagen Peptides per day, and has been shown to help reduce the appearance and depth of wrinkles while also improving skin elasticity.

7. Nature’s Truth Liquid Collagen 16 oz Non-GMO

What is Collagen? Collagen is an important nutrient, and the most abundant form of protein provided by the body. Pure and simple, collagen is amazing for the body Sports enthusiasts would agree. Collagen is a protein that makes up a portion 70% of the skin’s composition. These vital proteins act as support beams for the skin.

Incorporate Collagen

Advanced Collagen Peptides and Beauty It’s no wonder collagen is found in so many forms on the market today, including in under eye masks, face masks, gels, beauty vitamins, gummies, tablets, serums, oils, night creams, pills, hair treatments, moisturizing lotions, shampoos and capsules. The list seems endless, doesn’t it? Plus, collagen powder or hydrolyzed collagen can be added into liquids such as plain coffee, bone broth, and smoothies even a gluten-free smoothie, or even used to make a homemade beauty water or lip mask. Japanese beauty trends also incorporate collagen into skin essence products to rejuvenate and replenish skin for an inner boost of a radiant glow.

Liquid Collagen Formula

This supplement is the perfect addition to complete your whole beauty routine. Support Hair, Skin, and Nails*Our delicious Natural Berry Flavor Liquid Collagen formula is made for easy absorption and is also Non GMO and Gluten Free. Our product is formulated with acid protein and biotin for superior support.

8. Liquid Collagen Peptides with Biotin

Collagen is an important nutrient that provides healthy support and vitality for your skin, nails, hair, tendons, cartilage, bones, and joints. The Pure Protein Collagen Peptides with Biotin is carefully crafted with the purest ingredients to ensure the best overall quality and highest nutritional value. This product contains 20,000 mcg of hydrolyzed collagen per mL serving and includes 5000 mcg of Biotin—a powerful nutrient that helps your body utilize protein in a variety of ways.

First Liquid Collagen

Pure Research’s Peptides with Biotin is the first liquid collagen peptide formula designed to restore health and beauty from the inside out. This advanced formula is infused with our concentrated Biotin, a member of the B-complex family and known for its ability to support healthy hair, radiant skin, beautiful nails, and flexible joints.

Delicately Crafted

Soothing and rejuvenating, our liquid collagen drops are delicately crafted with a high concentration of hydrolyzed Type I & Type III collagen peptides to provide your hair, skin, nails, and joints with long-lasting support. Adding it to your post-workout Recovery Drink will help restore your body’s natural collagen synthesis.

9. BeRadiant Hydrolyzed Liquid Collagen Shot

BeRadiant Verisol is a liquid hydrolyzed collagen peptide that improves skin radiance on a cellular level in the dermis. These bioactive peptides are clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, smooth skin, repair the skin’s structure and increase overall skin quality.

Hydrolyzed Liquid Collagen Shot

Clinically proven and patented, Radiance Hydrolyzed Liquid Collagen Shot is a naturally derived spectacular ingredient that stimulates collagen production: improves skin from within. Type 1 Verisol fish collagen peptides are contained in this unique combination that maximizes results and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines faster, and with longer lasting results than other products.

Preventing Premature Aging

BeRadiant collagen shots are a powerfully effective combination of key ingredients to help you make your skin glow, nails strong and hair shiny! We use the best ingredients on the market: Astareal – known for providing long lasting hydration, preventing premature aging + discoloration, Verisol – scientifically proven to help protect DNA from UV radiation + damage while promoting collagen production and Coq10 – an essential nutrient that plays an important role in energy transfer.

10. Liquid Naturals Collagen Liquid

Provides the ultimate beauty support and joint/bone health; Liquid Collagen for women and men helps you to reduce deep wrinkles for younger-looking skin, and strengthen your hair and nails. Tasty Vanilla flavor is an ultimate treat to your taste buds.

Liquid Turmeric Curcumin – 2 Fl. Oz

Liquid Turmeric Curcumin is Specially formulated to relieve Joint Pain and maintain digestive function; Turmeric Extract supports healthy inflammatory function and antioxidant response. The Mango Guava flavor is an ultimate treat to your taste buds.

Liquid Elderberry – 2 Fl. Oz

Formulated to provide overall wellness; this 3 in 1 formula with strong antioxidant power boosts your immune system, strengthens your body’s natural defenses, and keeps your body healthy and balanced. The enjoyable mixed berry flavor is an ultimate treat to your taste buds.

Liquid Ionic Zinc – 2 Fl. Oz

Specially formulated to support antioxidant health; Liquid Ionic Zinc boosts your immune system, strengthens your body’s natural defenses, and reduces inflammatory proteins in the body that can cause any chronic illnesses. All-Natural berry lemonade is an ultimate treat to your taste buds.

Liquid K2 + D3 – 2 Fl. Oz

Ultimate Immunity support and strong heart health; Vitamin D3 K2 drops promotes the proper absorption of calcium with D3 with the correct distribution to your bones where you need it most. The tasty citrus flavor is an ultimate treat to your taste buds.

What To Consider When Choosing The Bes Liquid Collogen

Ingredients & Interactions

To understand which ingredients are present in a supplement and how much of each ingredient is there in relation to the recommended daily value for that item, it is crucial to carefully study the ingredient list and nutrition information panel. To discuss the various substances in the supplement and any possible conflicts with other supplements or drugs you are taking, bring the supplement label with you to your doctor’s office.


What does a collagen product’s quality entail? Quality starts at the source, like the majority of natural supplements. Locating sustainable, ethical brands is crucial because collagen comes from animals. We took sure to check brands for the following when searching for the top collagen supplements available on the market:

  • wholesome components
  • Sustainable sourcing and the production of collagen
  • testing for pollutants by a third party


What use is it to purchase a defective product? Because every person reacts differently, it can be challenging to gauge the effectiveness of dietary supplements. Positive, verifiable evaluations from people with various backgrounds, such as those who have different wellness issues, diverse experiences, etc., and who become repeat customers, nevertheless, are a good indicator.


Supplement costs can add up, especially if you take them frequently. The more expensive, higher-quality solutions, nevertheless, are frequently the best bet for getting anything to function properly. As a result, we considered value when making our choice and took into account cost-saving measures like free shipping and subscription discounts.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Liquid Collagen More Effective?

For greater efficacy, fewer additives, and an environmental advantage, we advise choosing the powder form. According to Kujawski, “many liquid collagen brands promote the bioavailability of their product, asserting that the collagen is more easily absorbed and used by the body.

What Is The Most Effective Form Of Collagen To Take?

The optimal type of collagen for ingesting is typically thought to be collagen peptides. If someone wishes to take a collagen supplement, they ought to take hydrolyzed collagen. Collagen that has been hydrolyzed has been reduced to tiny peptides, which the body may easily digest.

Is Liquid Collagen Better Than Pill Form?

Some people prefer to take collagen supplements in liquid form rather than powder, and vice versa. However, studies show that liquid-form collagen is more effective and produces benefits more quickly than collagen supplements in powder or pill form.


Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides is a great product to add to your health and beauty regimen. When added to coffee, this collagen peptide powder helps strengthen nails, reduce wrinkles and joint pain, fight diabetes, and may even reduce cellulite! Collagen is a substance necessary for the body to repair itself. With an abundance of collagen peptides in our diets, we not only look better, but we feel better too!

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