Best Lights For Photographing Artwork – Buying Guide

Do you want to take better pictures? You don’t have to just focus on the camera to get perfect pictures. What is in front of your camera can also affect the quality of the recording. Whether you’re a beginner, a seasoned photographer, or a simple vlogger, you’ll need lighting kits for one or two reasons.

You can place the high-quality artwork lighting set in front of your camera and take good, if not great, pictures. Many different lighting sets have different functions and capabilities. What they do have in common, however, is to ensure that you have an enhanced shot.

There are many such kits online, making the pick of the best one a challenge. But while you’re here, we’ll make your search for the best kit an easy undertaking. We made a buying guide of the best lights for photographing artwork. Let’s dive right in.

Best Lights For Photographing Artwork- Buying Guide

1. LimoStudio Umbrella lighting kit

To open up our list of the best lights for photographing artwork, let’s start with Limo Studio’s Umbrella Lighting Kit. It is one such lighting kit that can be used by both a humble beginner and a professional. With this lighting set, you never have to enter the market for another lighting set again. It has everything a professional or a starter needs for the perfect artwork photography.

Frustration-free, easy, and quick to install, along with its competitive quality, this kit is one such photo shooting device to consider. You can apply these umbrella sets to diffuse light and get the perfect capture of the color spectrum with neutral skin tones and soft, smooth light.


Even Light Distribution

These LimoStudio light sets can be used inexpensively and effectively to evenly distribute the light required for a perfect camera shot. It’s such a perfect light modifier for the novice photographer.

Easy to Set Up

Whether you are starting in the photo industry or want something simple, you will have no problem getting your lighting set ready for the photo session. It is very easy to set up, and you will need the lighting you want in your pictures without any problems.

Low Power Consumption

The lighting set has an energy-saving compact fluorescent spiral. The light bulbs supplied can save up to 80% energy. The light bulbs have a nominal power of 45 W but shine with a 200 W output.

Reflective Design

The umbrella’s inside is silver plated and reflects the light towards your target, which maximizes the light output and range. 


  • High-quality construction
  • Easy to transport with its lightweight design
  • Industrial standard lighting stand
  • Perfect light bouncing from the umbrella
  • Re-usable design


  • Low gauged steel design
  • Bulky 
  • Costly

2. YICOE Softbox Lighting Kit

This is one of the best Softbox lighting kits we have in our rundown. You need not miss it if at all you need high-quality work. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for something more than what natural light can offer. It has an easy-to-adjust light bulb that can be set to three different colors.

Let’s see some of the functional advantages of this artwork photography lighting Softbox from YICOE.


Three Interchangeable Colored Lights

With this Softbox, you can choose between warm white, warm yellow, or white-colored light. That way, you can choose what you prefer for the perfect capture of your target. For example, you can choose each of the color lights for different people’s hair colors and skin tones.

Dimming Ability

you can choose the light color and adjust your light from 2800k to 5700k. This means that you can adjust the brightness anywhere, starting from 1% to 100%.

Remote Control

you can remotely change or adjust all color modes and brightness. This way, you can work from any angle in front of or behind your camera as you can easily change the settings. It saves you time as you don’t have to switch between your recordings to change the settings.

Rotating Boxes

The boxes can be rotated within 210 degrees at any stage of a photo shoot to suit your needs.


  • Energy saver bulbs
  • Accompany carry case
  • Durable full-featured design
  • Interchangeable colors to choose from
  • Suits both armature and professionals


  • Poor diffusion material 
  • Low stand build quality
  • Fragile like plastic knobs

3. PHOPIK Softbox Lighting Kit

Your search for the best photo lighting kit with all the features that you need but affordable should stop with this Softbox lighting kit. Its two bright light bulbs, which provide enough light for perfect photos, make this set suitable for photographing artwork for prints. 

The light bulbs supplied are designed to last a long time and save electricity at the same time. They can last over 8000 hours, which means you will be relying on them for so long before you think about replacing them. Let’s find out more about what the PHOPIK Softbox lighting set has to offer. 


High-Quality Construction

Made of high-quality PET, which can maintain good reflectivity for a long time even when the bulb is heated for a long time? It has a silver-plated inside that minimizes light loss while maximizing scattering. The Softbox does not give off any unpleasant odor, even if the light bulb is heated for too long.

Multipurpose Design

The PHOPIK Softbox lighting kit has been developed to meet different needs, making it ideal for a wide variety of applications. This lighting kit is suitable for photography enthusiasts, professionals, semi-professionals, or beginners with the great light it creates. This means that it can be used for fashion photoshoots, still life shoots, portraits, studio portraits, etc.

Adjustable Stand

The adjustable stand that can be rotated up to 210 degrees gives the flexibility to cast the light at any angle.

Double Lighting

Double lighting ensures you get the brightest light you need for the perfect shot you crave. It also ensures you get extra light brightness while saving electricity at the same time.


  • Great lighting effect
  • Lightweight design easy to carry around
  • Long-lasting bulbs
  • Suits multiple applications
  • Flexibility with adjustable stand


  • Lacks a backdrop
  • Not effective outdoor
  • Limited illumination area

 4. Neewer 2 LED lighting kit

Here is another lighting kit to use to build on your photo and video artwork. This premium LED lighting set is suitable for any photographer or videographer around the world. It has a remote control and can be operated with either electricity or direct current.

It is also bright enough for perfect shots. The temperature can be adjusted, making the light suitable as a key, filler, or backlight for photoshoots and videography.


Aluminum Alloy Construction

The LED lighting set is made of aluminum alloy and is of excellent quality, and has a simple, elegant appearance. The set that can be used on the floor, placed directly on the light stand or desk, provides the necessary lighting for shoots and ensures the perfect shot. In addition, the construction is lightweight and makes it easy to carry or move this lamp from point to point.

U-mount Bracket

The set is supplied with an adjustable U-mount bracket, which enables it to be mounted at different angles for the best possible shots. You can adjust the lighting angle to suit your recording environment.


The lighting set comes with a removable white diffuser that can soften the light. This makes the kit suitable in an environment that does not require harsh shadows on the target. Attaching and detaching the diffuser is not difficult. To remove it, you can simply pull it out through the side of the panel.


Each LED panel comes with its settings and can be customized to achieve the desired effect. There are two buttons on each panel. One is for color temperature, and the other is for brightness.


  • Rugged and long-lasting construction
  • Suitable for heavy-duty application 
  • Brighter 
  • Remote control
  • Both corded and cordless mode


  • Short cord
  • Unstable stand 
  • Need space

5. Neewer 2 Packs Dimmable LED lighting kit

Here is another great lighting kit from Neewer that will ensure any photographer has a great experience while shooting. Their agility, affordability, and compact design make them a preferred option. 

They suit those looking for great video lighting at an affordable price. Below we take a look at what this amazing light set has to offer its customers.


Soft, Durable Construction

The exterior design appears soft yet very durable. The set will serve you for a year to ensure you get perfect shots every time you shoot. 

Compact and Effective Design

If mobility is your primary concern, this kit is for you. The set measures 3.5 “by 5.5”, but its flexibility makes it a perfect lighting set that can be used at any angle and in any setting for perfect shots. When used manually, the shooting angle can be up to 360 degrees but can be anywhere below 180 degrees with the lights resting on their stand. The stand is also adjustable, and you can achieve the different heights by simply extending the stand either low, high, or centered.

Power Supply Via USB

The lighting suite is compact and light and is also supplied with power via a USB cable: This means that the set is also suitable for on the go and can also suit the photographing artwork for reproduction. The USB cables make it easy to use and transport the kit as you don’t have to carry cables around when you want to use your light.

Flexible Tripod

The tripod can be set either low, high, or at eye level to illuminate the subject. The assembly of the tripod is also child’s play and done in a very short time.  


  • Flexible and portable design
  • High quality at low value
  • Soft yet durable design
  • Compact yet powerful
  • Suits different environment 


  • Low-quality build
  • Short tripod
  • Not suitable for outdoor use

6. Yesler Softbox Lighting Kit

Yesler is a high-quality photo and video lighting kit designed to illuminate everything in life and stand out regardless of the user’s abilities. It is such a portable, durable, and high-quality lighting kit that anyone can create ideal lighting effects for photography and videography needs.

The set contains basic functions for anyone who needs a simple but effective lighting set. Yesler softboxes can be ideal for any budding photographer or anyone starting a career with lenses. With two competent daylight lamps and three standard background settings, you can’t ask for anything more from this kit. The softboxes can be used both indoors and outdoors.


Double Lighting

The Yesler lighting set comes with two light bulbs with 85W power each. This is enough power and provides the necessary brightness for studio shots, still photography, or portrait lighting.

Silver-Plated Inside

The silvered interior minimizes light loss while maximizing its diffusion to remove any shadows from the subject. The kit can be used for indoor photography with a color temperature of 5500K, and there is no need to worry.

High-Quality Construction

The Softbox is made of high-quality PET material and softens the light for the perfect shot. It is designed to last a long time and maintain good reflective performance.

Adjustable Height

The three-column stand made of aluminum alloy ensures certain flexibility in height. You can expand the stand for low, high or medium lighting. The stand can be extended up to 79 “and collapsed to 26” for portability and storage.


  • Suit both indoor or outdoor
  • Professional lighting kit
  • Height can be adjusted
  • Double lighting for brightness
  • Suits multiple applications


  • Less effective when applied outdoor

7. StudioFX H9004SB2 lighting kit

For those who want to enhance the quality of shots taken of products, this lighting kit from StudioFX is worth considering. The set provides a natural white light that can illuminate and highlight any subject. It can be used for either photo or video recording and is suitable for all levels of users. 

The 3-piece StudioFX constant lighting set is not that expensive and comes with two softboxes. It also features an overhead hair light Softbox with light bulbs. The four light bulbs attached to each Softbox ensure that the subject is properly illuminated for the highlighting. 


The Boom And Its Arm

The kit has a 71-inch boom arm bent at multiple angles. The boom itself is very light and equipped with four fluorescent lamps that reach a color temperature of 5500k. This makes the kit suitable for daylight shots.

Seven Feet Tall Light Stand

For flexibility, the StudioFX lighting set comes with a 7 feet tall light stand that you can hang on your lamp and use as a pendant lamp. The furnished stand is very strong and stable.

Studio Quality

It has four light holders that ensure excellent performance by eliminating glare and distributing light evenly, making this set suitable for any studio application. With the on and off switches, you have full control over the brightness.

Solid Workmanship

The set impresses with its good, solid workmanship, which is neither difficult nor time-consuming to assemble. It has a sandbag that you can fill with material and act as a counterweight. 


  • High quality at an affordable cost
  • Super bright
  • Light head
  • Smooth subject illumination 


  • Difficulty to set up
  • Cheap build material that will not last 
  • Poorly designed boom arm
  • Has no dimmers

8. EMART 60 LED Continuous Lighting Kit

The EMART 60 LED lighting kit is for you to look your best on your vlogs. This best on-camera light will amaze you with its performance and quality. It is one such LED lighting set that guarantees the best result in your recordings.

Very compact, handy, and thanks to the adjustable angle and the retractable bracket, this set is suitable for various applications. It can be used in recording, photo shooting, vlogging, and even in studios.


Lightweight Metal Legs

It features lightweight metal legs that collapse for easy storage or transportation. The legs are very easy to fold or unfold. The end of the legs has an extension for extra stability and height.

65 “AC Power Cord

The lights are powered by a 65″ AC power cord compatible with a US 120V AC outlet. Although the lights work fine on 110-240V and you can use them on your international tours.

Color Filters

With these, you can adjust the color temperature of your choice. There is a red, orange, white, and blue color filter. Choose the color filter based on what you want to illuminate. For example, red and blue color filters cannot work well in video conferencing.

Double the Color Temperature

You can use either 3300k or 5500k color temperatures with this lighting set. There is no doubt that you can quickly create professional-looking videos and photos as the kit is also energy efficient and very convenient.


  • Double color temperature 
  • Superheat dissipation
  • Supplied with light filters
  • Suits different applications
  • Adjustable design 


  • Non-adjustable brightness
  • Not compatible with other stands
  • Poorly made tripod

9. ShowMaven LED Softbox Lighting Kit

Do you have a video or photo studio and are looking for lights? If so, ShowMaven can be a great addition. These LED studio lights can be a free way to add professionally maximized light to your studio. The set is equipped with three high-quality Softbox lights with an energy-saving value of up to 80%. 

The set is ideal for everyone who works intensively on the quality of the shoots. It can be used in homes, studios, or outdoors. Thanks to the supplied robust carrying case, this lamp is also suitable for on the go. High-quality construction, energy-saving property, easy assembly, and low value make this kit one of the most respected and best-selling. 


Two-Tone And Dimmable Softbox

The ShowMaven LED lights are dimmable, and you can adjust the brightness so that the subject is optimally illuminated. This feature makes these lights suitable for various photographers. With their powerful features and ease of use, these lights can be a phenomenal addition to any video or photo studio. Buy them and create your dream photo studio.

Reflector With Diffuser

The lights also have a 20 x 28-inch studio Softbox reflector with a diffuser. In this way, the luminous flux is naturally softer to remove any shadow cast and thus enable perfect shots. It’s a feature that ensures you capture your subject the way you want it to. 

Corrosion-Resistant Construction

The lights are made of corrosion-resistant metal that withstands the tests of nature and lets your lights shine for longer. The solid construction also enables these lights to be used for heavy-duty use. 

Daylight Temperature Setting

You can use the lights outdoors and still illuminate your subject perfectly with the daylight temperature setting. You can also perfectly illuminate your subject outdoors with only lower to medium brightness settings. 


  • Hassle-free set up
  • No shadow casting
  • Effective and powerful
  • Even the distribution of light
  • Accompany carry bag


  • 45W is not enough for outdoor use
  • A lot of heating from LEDs

10. MOUNTDOG Softbox Lighting Kit

Last on our list is another fine studio light set from MOUNTDOG. This is another continuous lighting kit for a photo studio that meets most of those looking for something affordable.

This great light set comes with three softboxes, three light bulbs of 95 watts each. It also comes with a sandbag and three stands that can be used for each of the softboxes. A carrying case is also included and allows you to easily transport your light set to the desired location to store it or use it for any other purpose. 


Three Softboxes

In contrast to most of the lighting sets in this rundown, the MOUNTDOG is supplied. The three softboxes guarantee the best light beam, as you can position them separately at different angles to project the light onto the illuminated subject. The three softboxes, which can be mounted at different angles, help where uniform lighting is required.

Adjustable Stand

The included adjustable stand allows you to adjust the angle that best suits your needs for each photo session. The adjustable stand and three softboxes ensure that you are not restricted to a certain angle.

Adjustable Softbox Heads

The softboxes and stands are not only adjustable things on the MOUNTDOG light set, but the Softbox heads are also adjustable. This gives you the freedom to attach the box at any angle you want for the perfect illumination of your subject.


  • Lightweight design easy to transport
  • Long-lasting construction
  • Great light at an affordable price
  • Adjustable light angle
  • Optional softboxes


  • The thin stand that looks easily breakable

Features to Look for Before Buying Best Lights For Photographing Artwork

There are many best lights for photographing artwork, and while looking for one, you don’t have to choose anything that you come across. You need to think twice about investing in this lighting kit as it will drastically affect the quality of the shots, and you will be using it for a long time. 

So if you buy the wrong item, you can suffer for so long. Here are some things to consider when looking for light to use in photography for your needs.


The first factor to consider is your budget, which will play a crucial role in your final decision. Photographer lighting kits come at different prices, and high-quality ones are expensive. However, it should not always be the case that what is expensive is the best quality.

So you should determine what you need and what you are willing to spend. This can help you buy a photograph light that meets most of your needs without placing too much strain on your pocket. Just make sure you have the balance between quality and cost.

Type of Photography

The type of photography you plan to do will also determine what lighting kit you should purchase. Many such kits are sold both locally and on the Internet. Each kit is best made for a reason. You can get other kits with accompanying diffusers and softboxes that will affect your final camera shot as well.

More importantly, with the many kits available, you will never miss anything that best suits your needs, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned photographer. Whether you want to do product photography, portraits of models, or personalities, there is something for you.

Light Temperature Color 

There are different colors of light, and in photography, each color temperature creates different effects. So consider the temperature graph when purchasing your kit.

3 Simple Ways to Create Collective Artwork for Your Fashion Website

The value of any fashion website is directly proportionate to the number of visual materials. No matter how many beautifully crafted copywriting techniques are involved in the process of writing the articles, readers also want to feel like they are in the front row at Fashion Week. And how else can you provide them this experience if not through well-selected collective artwork for your fashion website?

However, it is next to impossible to afford a professional fashion photographer for your daily fashion columns.  This pitfall can, however, be a great opportunity to enter the imaginary world of graphic arts. Thanks to the Adobe Illustrator tool, any kind of shape or design concept can be created. Here are the three simple ways to create collective artwork for your fashion website!

3 Simple Ways to Create Collective Artwork for Your Fashion Website

1. Hire A Digital Designer

The budget for the artwork should be as important as any other budget. Investing in the visual aspect of your website is a sure and safe step to increasing its reach. So, have you thought of funding your creative department yet?

Hiring help will also allow you to focus only on the aspects of your website you are good at. So, it’s high time you started spreading the word about your new and exciting job position. There are many young talents out there that can bring your online magazine a fresh new angle. It’s important, though, to state from the beginning that your future colleague must have work experience in the fashion world. Fashion graphics is an independent graphic niche, and it requires a different set of basic rules.

However, hiring a graphic designer isn’t your only option. You can take advantage of online platforms that provide a connection between you and design freelancers. is one such website that enables you to manage your creative activity from your office.

The steps are easy to follow: create an account as an employer, then create a gig (decide the price, set the level of difficulty, describe your expectations), and publish it on the platform. Wait a day to receive as many offers as possible, and select one of the designers based on their background, work experience, and your chat with them. The best part is that you can get a refund if you are not satisfied with the result. After a while, you will end up building a list of designers you were pleased with that you can always count on. is another good option for you. This platform is entirely dedicated to graphic design freelancers, but it’s a little different as far as collaboration is concerned. It offers you the opportunity to choose from a large array of designs specially created for your task. All you have to do is describe your ideal design and decide on a reward. Your offer becomes public, and any designer can participate with their own creation. In the end, you pick the winner who will also be the only one to enjoy your compensation.

2. Build Your Own Fashion Collection

This option requires you to learn your way through the Adobe Illustration tool. You might have a rough start, but the benefits are plenty. You get to create your own vision for your fashion website. That way, you will have unique collective artwork for your fashion website and get to master one of the most important skills a successful Millennial should have.

You can still call this a simple way to create collective artwork since there are many free online tutorials to teach you the Adobe Illustrator program. Start with getting yourself accustomed to drawing fashion figures. Fashion artwork requires different body proportions for the model than any other design area. The figure is more elongated to offer a better view of the entire outfit. Also, body positions are essential to catching the perfect angle of an outfit.

Visit websites that offer professional design courses free of charge, like,, or

3. The Internet Is Already a Step Ahead of You

Your collection of fashion artwork is already out there. You just have to find it. Lots of design websites offer freebies to support any kind of budget of their clients.

Make sure that the free artworks you gather are royalty-free. That means that you can use the graphics in your work to be seen by your readers without violating in any way the copywriting of the digital products. Go ahead and explore free sources for graphic designs like,,, or

You can also enjoy doing some custom work on them, even though these resources are open to the public. There are some online tools that act like basic Adobe programs but are more user-friendly and intuitive for your projects. is a good example of this case. You can choose to create visual content for social media, presentations, posters, or blog articles. Use your collective artwork for your fashion website as a background, and personalize your illustration with layouts, different kinds of elements, and text to suit your website articles.

FAQ’s: Lights For Photographing Artwork

What Kind of Light is Best for Photographing Artwork?

Many lighting kits can help perfect your photo artwork. These kits can be purchased locally and on the Internet. They are specially made for different purposes. We have presented the top ten best such kits to you, which can be good for any photograph of any kind of artwork. Just pick anything that you think will be within your budget and what you need.  

Are Ring Lights Good for Photographing Art?

 Ring lights are a type of photographer light kit that you can use in your artwork. They are very good and effective in their purpose. Ring lights come in a wide variety, and you can get one for every need. What sets ring lights apart is their ability to create aesthetically pleasing light. In addition, they make a product appear clearer and set it apart from the chosen background. 

What is Photography Artwork?

Photography artwork refers to the type of artwork created by the artist’s photographic vision. It is also known as fine art photography. The artist uses photography as a medium to express creativity. The main goal of photography artwork is to express an artist’s creative idea, message, or emotions. Like any type of artwork, fine art photography combines many elements, including balance, shape, texture, line, etc. 

What is the Best Way to Photograph Artwork?

There is no other way to have perfect photographic artwork than by investing in high-quality tools. You need to make sure you have all the tools you need to perfect your job. For example, you need to make sure that your work area is properly lit. Camera settings should be adjusted for the best shots, and you should have photo editing skills to perfect your work. This is the best way to achieve the perfect photography artwork.

How Do You Set Lights to Photograph Artwork?

You can get different types of photo lights with different functions. As a result, their way of setting varies from one to the other. But no matter what type of lighting kit you have, always place it halfway between the camera and the Canvas. Tilt it at a 45-degree angle and should be facing the wall to make sure you don’t capture shadows or hot spots in your shot. 


In conclusion, we let you know that great photography is not always a must-have for the most expensive camera on the market. While there is no doubt that a high-quality camera will produce perfect shots, it can’t be the case when used indoors. It can only perform well when paired with great lighting sets. So, you should consider buying a quality photography lighting kit if you want to get the maximum quality out of your camera. We’ve analyzed for you some of the best lights for photographing artwork. Just go for what best satisfies your needs.

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