Top10 Best Laser Printer Paper Reviews

Laser printers have been celebrated over the years for great performance in printing. With the inbuilt toner colors, these printers are best for flawless prints. But remember, to achieve your finest images, you need to have the best laser printer paper.

However, finding the right laser printer paper can be a stressful process if it’s your first time. There are different types of papers designed for inkjet/ laser printers. So, buy a standard printer paper that can perfectly work with your laser printer. This is the only way you can get satisfaction when printing.

Nevertheless, you can go through this laser printer paper review for an effortless search. Let’s see the top best!

Our Top Pick:

Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing Best Laser Printer Paper

Hp Printer Paper-Office20Weight: 15 pounds
Paper Finish: smooth
Sheet Count: 1500
Brightness: 92

Amazon Basics Multipurpose Copy Printer paper
Color: White
Weight: 15 pounds
Sheet Size: 85×11-inch
Brightness: 92
Sheet count: 1500

Hammermill Printer Paper, 20 Lb Copy Paper
Weight: 40 pounds
Sheet Count: 4000
Brightness:100Acid-freeFSC Certified
Hp Printer Paper-Multipurpose 20lbBrightness: 90FSC CertifiedAcid-free
Sheet Count: 1500
Weight: 15 pounds

Hp Paper Printer-Premium32
Weight: 0.06 pounds100 bright white
FSC CertifiedAcid-free

Hammermill Printer Paper, Great White 30% Recycled Paper
Weight: 15 pounds
Sheet Size: 8.5×11
Sheet Count: 1500
Recycled paper
Hp Printer Paper-Premium28Sheet Count: 500
Sheet Size: 8.5×11
Brightness: 100Acid-free

Hammermill Printer Paper, Premium Color 28 lb Copy Paper
Weight: 7 pounds
Sheet Size: 8.5×11
Sheet Count: 500

Hammermill Printer Paper, Premium Laser Print 24 lb
Weight: 2 kilograms
Sheet Size: 8.5×14 inch
Acid-freeFSC Certified
Hayes Paper, Waterslide Decal PaperWeight: 200 gsm
Sheet Count: 20
Size: 8.25 x 11.75

10 Best Laser Printer Paper Reviews

1. Hp Printer Paper-Office20

HP Printer Paper | 8.5 x 11 Paper | Office 20 lb | 3 Ream Case - 1500 Sheets | 92 Bright | Made in USA - FSC Certified | 112090C

The hp Printer Paper is the ideal product for all office machines. If you use a laser printer, pick this paper for outstanding images. This 8.5 x 11 product is acid-free, ensuring no yellowing after some time. The truth is, you will enjoy seeing your ever-appealing photos.

Also, it comes with ColorLok technology for bright colors, bolder blacks, and fast-drying. You will be comfortable using it as it is certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). The brightness is on point for extraordinary images.

Key Features

HP Technology: We all know Hp papers are the best when it comes to performance. They work perfectly on HP equipment and any other printer, not forgetting copier equipment.

ColorLok Technology: We all need clear and sharp images. Certainly, this is the right paper for vivid images and bolder blacks, which also dries fast.

Acid-free: If you need ever-lasting printouts, you need this hp printer paper. It prevents yellowing, adding quality to your images.

Certification: When using this product, have the confidence as it is certified by FSC in the USA. It is from renewable forest resources. Again, it has satisfied Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

Quality: Its quality is unquestionable. It is a dependable, reliable laser printer transfer paper for excellent printing.


  • It’s an acid-free paper
  • High quality
  • Hp technology
  • ColorLok technology
  • It is a certified product


  • Some damages during shipping due to poor packaging

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2. Amazon Basic Multipurpose Copy Printer Paper

Amazon Basics Multipurpose Copy Printer Paper - White, 8.5 x 11 Inches, 3 Ream Case (1,500 Sheets)

Get this multipurpose paper for your laser/inkjet printer, fax, and copier machines. You can check this high-quality 8.5 x 11-inch product to do your printing, faxing, and copying. You’ll love it for your fade-resistant images because it is acid-free and doesn’t allow yellowing. Trust us with this bright product for colorful photos.

Key Feature

  • Acid-free Paper: Acid-free products are ever alkaline. Remember, yellowing can never happen on an alkaline product. With this product, you will have your images for decades.
  • Capability: Amazon Basic is one of the multipurpose papers that can be best on laser/inkjet printers. Again, it can perfume well on copier and fax machines.
  • Quality: You can consider this product the best laser printer paper because of its high quality. The weight is 20 pounds that guarantee sturdy images.
  • Brightness: The brightness of a printer paper determines the clarity of the output. This product comes with a brightness of 92, an assurance of brighter prints.


  • Super brightness of 92
  • Acid-free paper
  • The quality is super
  • It’s a multipurpose paper
  • Bright prints


  • It is somehow slick

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3. Hammermill Printer Paper, 20 Lb Copy Paper

Hammermill Printer Paper, 20 Lb Copy Paper, 8.5 x 11 - 8 Ream (4,000 Sheets) - 92 Bright, Made in the USA

Grab this Jam-Free for your speedy laser printer. Made in the USA, this smooth paper weighs 40 pounds and can be used on all printers and copiers. Moreover, the heavyweight contributes to professional, designed brochures, proposals, and many more prints.

You will also have bright images because of the ColorLok technology. The quality is superior as it is from renewable forest resources. Have the courage to buy it because it is a certified product that satisfies FSC. This can be the best paper for color laser printers.

Key Features

  • ColorLok Technology: The hammermill printer paper comes with this technology for bright and sharp printouts. This is because of the 30% brightness and 60% for bolder blacks. More, this paper dries fast.
  • Acid-free: Acid-free papers are not prone to yellowing, so your printouts can survive for many years. You can have quality photos for archival purposes.
  • Jam-free: You can pick Hammermill paper for the smooth running of your printer. No one loves paper jams, so that you can trust this printer paper.
  • Quality of the Paper: It’s a quality paper that can perform well on your laser printer. Get the original one for great satisfaction.
  • Originality: It is from the USA. This is more than a paper that has ensured 0% deforestation


  • ColorLok technology
  • It is an acid-free product
  • The quality is high
  • 99.9% jam-free paper
  • It’s the best for bright prints


  • The paper is thin compared to other papers

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4. Hp Printer Paper-MultiPurpose20

HP Printer Paper | 8.5 x 11 Paper | MultiPurpose 20 lb | 3 Ream Case - 1500 Sheets | 96 Bright | Made in USA - FSC Certified Copy Paper |112300C

Are you looking for the best laser printer paper, then, MultiPurpose20 is the ideal hp printer paper. The performance is outstanding when used on printing machines and copying equipment. Existing since 1996, it has been perfect for normal printing and full-color presentation.

HP Multipurpose is smooth with 20 lb for your daily printing needs. Further, it comes with extra brightness and whiteness, making it the best paper for color laser printers.

Key Features

  • Multipurpose Paper: Brighter and whiter than most printer papers, multipurpose20 paper can perform well on your laser printer and even copier machines. It outshines when it comes to internal documents during black and white printing.
  • ColorLok Technology: Multipurpose20 got ColorLok technology for brilliant colors and bolder blacks. It also dries fast.
  • Acid-free Paper: An acid-free paper prevents yellowing. They are ideal for long-lasting prints for archival purposes.
  • Certification: Multipurpose20 is a certified printer paper by FSC. It has satisfied LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design).
  • Origin: HP paper is from renewable forest resources achieving 0% deforestation. The quality is super.


  • It’s a certified product
  • Acid-free feature
  • ColorLok technology
  • It’s a multipurpose printer paper
  • High quality


  • They are a bit thinner compared to other HP papers

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5. Hp Paper Printer-Premium32

Hammermill Printer Paper, 20 Lb Copy Paper, 8.5 x 11 - 3 Ream (1,500 Sheets) - 92 Bright, Made in the USA

Pick this product if you are looking for the best paper to print photos on a laser printer. Premium32 printer paper is uncoated for great performance on HP hardware and other copying and printing devices. Of course, it’s a global paper product for full presentations when printing brochures or invitation cards.

The extra weight and smoothness make it the best photo paper for laser printers. The brightness is on point to achieve the brightest colors, boldest, and professional-looking printouts. Check this paper out because of its ColorLok technology for the finest images.

Key Features

  • ColorLok Technology: Premium32 printer paper should be your intent because of the ColorLok technology for boldest and brightest prints. Moreover, this paper dries fast.
  • Certified Paper: HP Premium32 got certification from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). The contribution it has made to achieve 0% deforestation is evident through LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).
  • Quality: The quality is good to offer unmatched performance on laser printers and other printing and copying machines. This super printer paper comes with 32 pounds and a brightness of 100. The whiteness is at 165 with a super-smooth surface.
  • Acid-free Paper: You can have your long-lasting printing for archival by using this acid-free paper. You’ll not see any yellowing on the sheets.
  • Origin– Premium20 printer paper is from renewable forest resources in the USA. Indeed, it has contributed to 0% deforestation.


  • High-quality papers
  • ColorLok technology
  • Acid-free paper
  • It’s a certified paper
  • Performs well on laser printers


  • Not cheap for everyone

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6. Hammermill Printer Paper-Great White 30% Recycled Paper

Hammermill Printer Paper, Great White 30% Recycled Paper, 8.5 x 11 - 3 Ream (1,500 Sheets) - 92 Bright, Made in the USA, 086820C

Made in the USA, this is a multipurpose paper for office equipment. Hammermill recycled paper is dependable when it comes to professional printing and copying. It is celebrated for great performance as it is versatile with enough moisture for easy printing of forms, price sheets, bulletins, and many more.

We have tested this paper on all sorts of office equipment, and we can attest to its efficiency and performance. Preserve forests by buying this laser printer transfer paper.

Key Features

  • 30% Recycled Paper: Made from post-consume fiber, you can consider this versatile paper for your laser and copier machine for quality outputs. The moisture content is on point, and the curl controls effortless performance.
  • Versatile: When you hear of versatility, you must think of reliability. Hammermill white-recycled paper comes in different sizes. Weighing 20 pounds, this is the right paper for faxes, briefs, memos, bulletins, forms, and many more.
  • Capability: You can use this recycled paper during printing and copying. The distinct contrast makes reading easy. Such a reliable printer paper!
  • Certified: Hammermill recycled paper certification from SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative). Not just a paper, but it has created numerous forestry jobs.
  • Quality-The quality is good with a brightness of 92. With the smooth surface, the outcome is great


  • Brightness of 92
  • It’s a certified product
  • It’s highly versatile
  • Quality printouts
  • It’s a multipurpose paper


  • Paper jam during two-side printing

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7. Hp Printer Paper-Premium28 lb

HP Printer Paper | 8.5 x 11 Paper | Premium 28 lb | 1 Ream - 500 Sheets | 100 Bright | Made in USA - FSC Certified | 205200R

Here is another best paper to print photos on a laser printer with ease. Premium28 printer paper is uncoated for great performance when used on HP hardware and other printing and copying machines. Consider this global, certified product to fulfill your print applications and copying needs.

Moreover, this 28 lb printer paper ensures consistency, unmatched prints, and unbeatable performance. Besides, the whiteness is at 100, and whiteness is at 165. With ColorLok Technology, you can smile about the boldest and brightest when printing full-representation documents.

Key Features

  • Certified Paper: Premium28 printer is certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). Still, this paper has shown satisfaction to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).
  • ColorLok Technology: Such a technology that contributes to bolder blacks, vivid colors and fast-drying
  • Quality: Are shopping for the best paper to print photos on a laser printer, then, consider this superior product. Indeed, it’s a heavyweight premium paper bright enough for fantastic results. Also, it is acid-free to prevent yellowing.
  • Origin: Made in the USA, premium28 printer paper is from renewable resources. It is celebrated for achieving 0% deforestation.
  • Multipurpose: Premium28 paper can perform on laser/inkjet printers, copying machines, and other office equipment.


  • It’s a multipurpose paper
  • ColorLok technology
  • High quality
  • Heavyweight for Sharp and fine prints
  • It’s a certified product


  • Some people questioned about the brightness

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8. Hammermill Printer Paper, Premium Color 28 lb Copy Paper

Hammermill Printer Paper, Premium Color 28 lb Copy Paper, 8.5 x 11 - 1 Ream (500 Sheets) - 100 Bright, Made in the USA, 102467R

Ease the hassle for the best paper for color laser printer by using hammermill premium color copy 28lb paper. The smooth surface and the high brightness certainly contribute to extraordinary images. The heavyweight for maximum performance makes it the best photos paper for laser printers.

Because sheets can go yellow after some time, this paper is acid-free to prevent that. Conserve the environment by purchasing this paper from renewable resources. The quality is good with a brightness of 100.

Key Features

  • Acid-free Paper: This prevents the sheets from yellowing after some time. Thus, you will keep your images for the longest time.
  • Premium Color: Hammermill premium color copy 28lb is a super paper that works at its best for full-color presentations. It would be best if you weren’t worrying about when printing brochures, photographs and more.
  • Bright Finish: A printer paper with a brightness of 100 is ideal for excellent images, just like 28 lb premium color copy paper. Its smooth surface is the best for toner adhesion and heavy toner use.
  • Certified Paper: Get the original paper certified by FSC. It means this paper is from renewable resources sustaining the forests.
  • Multipurpose: You can use this paper on your printer or copier machine. The papers are different for a variety of uses.


  • The brighter finish on prints
  • Full-color presentation
  • It’s an acid-free paper
  • It’s a premium quality paper
  • It’s a certified product


  • Damages during shipping

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9. Hammermill Printer Paper, Premium Laser Print 24 lb

Hammermill Printer Paper, Premium Laser Print 24 lb, 8.5 x 11-5 Ream (2,500 Sheets) - 98 Bright, Made in the USA, 104640C

You can buy premium laser print 24 lb for intensive color printing. Not only does it work on laser printers, but you can have it on your color printer. As one of the best paper for color laser printers, you can enjoy the 98 brightness for your outstanding images.

Above all, it can hold on to a printer with a resolution of 2400 dpi. Still, you can design your brochures, reports, newsletters, forms, proposals, invoices, and other full-color presentations. It’s not just about buying printer paper, but you will be contributing to conserving our forests. Besides that, a t-shirt transfer paper laser printer can perform well with this product.

Key Features

  • Acid-free Paper: Acid-free papers prevent yellowing on sheets. This enables you to have your prints for the longest time possible. Decorate your archival space by using this super printer paper.
  • Color Printing: Hammermill premium 24lb paper is customized for color-intensive printing. Combined with the 98 brightness, you can have super images. It can run on color and laser printers.
  • Smooth Surface: We got super excited about this paper that can run on a printer with a resolution of 2400 dpi. This is because of its weight and ultra-smooth surface. Try it for superior prints.
  • Origin: Because of MR1 performance, hammermill premium 24lb paper got a certification to be in existence. Satisfying LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) was an achievement on 0% deforestation.
  • Quality: The quality is unmatched; as you can see, it can work with speedy printers. Made from renewable resources, you can use it for sturdy prints.


  • Quality product it is
  • Smooth surface
  • Color prints
  • Fully certified by FSC
  • Acid-free


  • Poor packaging can damage the papers at times

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10. Hayes Paper, Waterslide Decal Paper

Hayes Paper, Waterslide Decal Paper LASER CLEAR 20 Sheets Premium Water-Slide Transfer Transparent Printable Water Slide Decals A4 Size

Let the experience meet the quality when using a printer paper. Hayes, waterslide decal paper is a goal when printing metal, ceramics, jade, and plastics. The reason is, it is a water slide paper. This makes it the best waterproof paper for a laserjet printer. This laser printer decal paper performs super well without a sign of fading or smudging. You can buy it to print stickers for your friends’ gifts. 

Key Features

  • Easy to Use: If you are new in the printer world, you can have this printer paper that comes with step-by-step instructions. They are simple to follow.
  • Quality: The quality of this paper is perfect as they don’t fade so easily. With the glossy finish, you can have shiny and exceptional images.
  • Perfect for Gift Prints: Being the best waterproof paper for laserjet printer, you can use it to customize photos to stick on mugs, jugs, plates, and more.
  • Decal Film– Hayes, waterslide decal is a transparency paper for laser printer as it creates a transparent film which allows you to show the background surface. Apply this decal film on a clear surface for the brightest results.
  • Compatibility: It is perfectly compatible with most laser printers. Well, this paper can run on a printer with a resolution of 5760 dpi.


  • Clear decal film
  • Increases your creativity
  • Easy to use
  • Best for gifting prints
  • It’s of high quality


  • It is thin compared to other decal papers
  • It is not the best paper for brother laser printer

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Laser Printer Paper Buying Guide-Top Considerations

Buying Guide to Best Laser Printer Paper

Moving around in search of a printer paper can be stressful. You may have numerous questions on the best paper that can work with your laser printer. There are so many options that you can consider for your printer. The below factors should ring in your mind when buying a printer paper.


Do you know the weight of the printer paper determines the weight? Have one with more than 20 pounds for professional prints. Sometimes, you can opt for light printer papers (below 20 pounds) for daily printing and copying. For two-sided printing, you need paper with a weight of more than 32 pounds.


If you need to print ever-lasting images, it is wise to have your acid-free laser printer paper. Such papers are alkaline, and it’s hard for them to turn yellow with time.

Paper Size

The size of your printing paper matters a lot. This is according to the type of laser printer you have. Many people prefer 8.5 x 11 inch paper for standard printing. If you need a booklet, get 11 x 14-inch paper.


When buying paper for your laser printer, ensure the brightness can contribute to sharp images. Brightness is always from 0-100. You can have a printer paper with a brightness of more than 92 for credible photos.


Always make sure you pick a well-textured printer paper. This is because you’ll learn of heavy textured while others are not. Avoid challenges when printing crispy images.


Shopping for the best laser printer paper is not like walking around the park. It can be a stressful experience because you need the best. So, check on the above considerations to make an informed decision.

When choosing a laser printer paper, you must be keen on brightness, weight, size, acid-free, and durability. Well, take time on the laser printer paper reviews to get guidelines on the best paper for your laser. The list is professionally vetted. Happy shopping!

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