Top 10 Best Label Maker Machine for Small Business- Buying Guide

If you want to make sure you don’t lose your items while moving to a new place, or just like having all of your jars in order, having a gadget that can quickly and efficiently make labels with the best label maker for whatever items you want can be genuinely a lifesaver.

Of course, you can always attempt to do this without any machine by simply writing the names of these items on a piece of paper and using a pair of scissors to shape the paper into a thin strap in the shape of a label.

That said, such labels probably won’t last for a very long time because they can get damaged if they’re exposed to moisture or some other natural element from the environment.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the best label maker. These are easy to operate, relatively inexpensive, and can be a great way to make an unlimited number of labels for whatever purpose you need them.

In the passages below, we will present to you the ten best products in this category, as well as a brief buyer’s guide on what features to look for when it comes to these curious machines. Also, towards the end of the article, we’ll be answering some of the most frequently asked questions regarding label makers.

Here’s the deal.

Our Favorite Label Maker

10 Best Label Makers- Buying Guide

1) Dymo – Embossing Label Maker

Featuring a curious design that combines an ergonomic pistol grip with a round dial with letters, symbols, and numbers, this Dymo label maker is the best label maker, easy to use. And it doesn’t take up too much space, so it’s pretty easy to store, too.

The manufacturers at Dymo made sure that this label maker features a lightweight design, so you can pick it up and carry it in your hand. Also, when it comes to making labels, all you need to do is load the type of embossing tape you want and then use the rotund dial we mentioned to imprint whatever numbers, symbols, or letters you want.

After you’ve done that, you can use this do-hickey to cut the tape to the length you desire. Once you’ve cut the tape, your label is ready to be placed on paper, glass, and other materials.


  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Compact, hand-held build for easy handling and convenient storage
  • Requires no batteries
  • Thanks to its design, it can stand on its own on a desk or some other flat surface
  • Includes one preloaded embossing tape
  • Can print letters, numbers, and various symbols
  • Embossing tapes available in a multitude of colors


  • The letters are pretty small (not a problem if you do want small letters, of course)

2) Brother – P-Touch Label Maker

Resembling an old-timey calculator, this label maker from the Brother company features an electronic system for allowing you to print labels. The great thing about this thing is that thanks to the fact that it’s not manual, you get to choose from over 600 different symbols.

Let’s start with letters. This allows you to use both capital letters and regular ones to write entire sentences with correct punctuation, rather than just smaller phrases in all caps. Also, you can choose from 14 different fonts, so you have some exciting options to work within case you want to make your labels unique and interesting-looking.

The great thing about this model would certainly be that it comes with a convenient digital display. This means effectively that you can see how the message will look once it’s printed – before you even begin printing it. This can help you avoid mistakes or typos, which means less wasted embossing tape, too.


  • Operates using thermal printing technology
  • 14 different fonts available
  • Features over 600 symbols
  • You can print both capital and lowercase letters with this label maker
  • Comes with a convenient digital display
  • Compact size (roughly the size of a calculator)
  • You can print labels of up to 12 mm wide


  • This device doesn’t come with either battery or an adapter (you’ll have to buy these separately)

3) Dymo – Label Maker with 3 Bonus Labeling Tapes

As our entry number 3, we’ve got yet another product coming from Dymo company. This time around, we’ve got a modernized labeling contraption on our hands that comes complete with a digital display and three additional labeling tapes that are a part of the package with this deal.

This Dymo label maker is no larger than one of those credit card machines you see in supermarkets so that it can be easily used, carried, and used pretty much anywhere. Despite its small size, on the other hand, you will have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to the variety of fonts and print sizes this device can provide you.

To be more precise, you can choose five different font sizes, eight box styles, and seven different print styles. Once you’ve chosen your favorite combination of styles and sizes, you will be able to preview your novel ‘concoction’ on the display before you hit the ‘PRINT’ button.


  • Lightweight design (easy to carry around and use on the move)
  • You can choose 5 font sizes, 8 box styles, as well as 7 print styles
  • Comes with a display so you can see what your label will look like once it’s printed
  • Features automatic shut off feature for saving energy
  • Three bonus labeling tapes
  • You can store up to 9 label settings in the internal memory of this thing


  • The keyboard does not follow the QWERTY pattern, which some users may find confusing

4) Dymo – Label Maker with 2 D1 Dymo Label Tapes

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use portable label maker, this model from Dymo can be an excellent choice. Appearance-wise, this contraption looks like one of those do-hickeys they use in supermarkets to read credit cards, and it’s about the same size, too.

When it comes to the type of input this contraption uses, if you’ve ever used a PC or a laptop with an English keyboard, you will be able to type whatever message you need on this contraption pretty much straight away.

Thanks to the fact that the manufacturers of this appliance are built in a QWERTY keyboard with a button for each letter, you can rest assured that this will be a piece of cake to use.

As far as the versatility is concerned regarding the different symbols and digits you can use, this Dymo tool allows you to choose from more than 200 symbols. What’s more, the phrases and sentences you write can be easily formatted in more than 20 ways, so there’s plenty of room for you to put your creativity to good use.


  • Comes with a simple-to-use QWERTY keyboard with individual letters
  • Compact size
  • Automatic shutoff function
  • Over 200 different letters and symbols, you can choose from
  • 20 ways to format the phrases you write
  • This package comes with two D1 starter label cassettes


  • Some users may not like the design of this unit
  • Some users reported issues with premature battery failure

5) Brother – P-Touch Portable Label Maker

Featuring a slight build and a large keyboard that enables easy input, this Brother portable label maker can be an excellent tool for anyone looking for a simple label maker they can use anywhere.

We say you can use this tool anywhere because the folks at Brother made sure that this appliance is compact enough to be held in one hand. So, this could be an excellent option for someone who travels often or doesn’t want their label maker to take too much space on their desk.

As far as the keyboard on this thing is concerned, the good news is that the layout of the keys has been fashioned to resemble the standard PC Qwerty keyboard. So, as long as you know how to type on a computer (with an English keyboard, of course), you can rest assured that using this label maker will be a piece of cake when typing the phrases you want is in question.


  • Lightweight design for easy portability and convenient storage
  • Features more than 250 symbols
  • Comes with 14 preprogrammed frames you can place around your message
  • 3 different fonts to choose from
  • You can choose different tape colors
  • The special Brother tape that goes with this appliance features a special laminated cover (so you can use it both indoors and outdoors)


  • It only features 3 different fonts

6) Brother – P-Touch PC-Connectable Labeler

As our entry number 6, we’re featuring yet another model coming from the famous Brother company. Compared to the models we’ve featured so far on this list, this Brother contraption is a fair bit chunkier, which means you probably won’t be able to carry it around as easily. That said, the folks at the Brother company made up for this by installing more features in this model than in their smaller, portable ones.

For example, with this label maker on your side, you can choose between 600 different symbols, which is rough twice as many as its portable cousins can muster. What’s more, once you’ve decided on your favorite symbols or combinations of symbols and styles, you can save these fairly easily, thanks to the fact that this contraption features internal memory slots.

To be precise, you can save up to 99 different designs of your making. Thanks to this feature, you can always access them without remembering your favorite style or making it anew every time you print something.


  • Backlit display for easier use
  • Features over 600 different symbols
  • Comes with 14 different fonts, as well as 11 font styles
  • You can save up to 99 designs in this device’s internal memory
  • Works with a large variety of TZ series laminated tapes
  • Large and easy-to-use Qwerty keyboard
  • Can be connected to PC or Mac
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Free phone customer support service


  • A tad chunky (so, not great for people who want a portable label maker)

7) Brady – BMP21-PLUS Handheld Label Maker

Although this label maker from the Brady company is somewhat larger than most handheld label makers out there on the market, it’s still straightforward to operate on the go, as you still need only one hand to hold it.

When they were building this gadget, the folks at Brady probably had some industrial warehouse environment in mind because they made sure to add rubber bumpers all around this thing if you drop it on the floor.

This smart protective measure can be great news for anyone working at a post office or similar establishment with many packages. Also, this gadget can be an excellent tool for someone working at a job position that requires you to make many labels relatively quickly.

As far as the symbol and number combinations you can produce using this thing, you can count in letters from A to Z and digits from 0 to 9. Also, there is a small LCD screen where you can see the letters and numbers you’ve typed in.


  • Handheld build for easy use on the go
  • Reinforced rubber exterior for preventing fall damage
  • 6 font sizes
  • LCD screen for monitoring the messages you’ve typed
  • 2-year warranty


  • The batteries are sold separately
  • This label maker can only produce monochromatic labels

8) Dymo – Direct Thermal Label Printer

For anyone in need of comprehensive, easy-to-read, high-quality office labels, obtaining this gadget can be a great way to produce as many of them as you want easily. (As long as you have enough tape, of course.)

The great thing about this tool, in particular, would be that it doesn’t require any toner or ink, as it uses thermal technology to print a large number of labels quickly. This type of printing technology not only makes printing simple and less expensive (as you don’t need to buy more ink or new toners). But it also makes the printing process itself much faster than is the case with conventional label makers.

If you look at the picture of one of these gadgets, you’ll notice that it doesn’t feature any buttons. This is because you can do all the work on this thing by simply connecting it to either a PC or a Mac. Once you’ve done this, you can use the special software this thing comes with to set the parameters of the labels you want to print.


  • Compact design (perfect for desks and offices)
  • Special Dymo label software you can install on your PC or Mac
  • Thermal printing technology (doesn’t require any ink or toners)
  • Can print up to 51 labels per minute
  • You can create brand new labels easily using Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, as well as Google contacts


  • A bit pricey

9) Brother – P-Touch CUBE Plus Versatile Label Maker

Featuring a simple design that’s roughly in the shape of a cube, this model from the well-known Brother company is small enough to snugly occupy a corner of your work desk (especially if there’s a wall behind the desk to support it). Relatively easy to use thanks to its reasonably simple features.

This model would be another representative of keyboard-less label makers, as this gadget is operated from either a PC or an Android device remotely. You use a special app that comes with this thing to set the parameters of the printing process. Once you’re done setting everything up, you can start the printing process, and this Brother printer will keep producing labels with whatever messages or text you’ve put in the app.

Since this cube-like label maker has built-in batteries, the great news is that you can take this thing wherever you go and print some labels reasonably easily, even if there is no power supply around. As long as you have a mobile phone with an Android system inside it and the special app for this Brother label maker, you can rest assured you will produce all sorts of labels in all kinds of places.


  • Lightweight design
  • Comes with special software built by the Brother company
  • Features pre-designed label templates
  • Built-in Lithium-Ion battery
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • Some users complained that this label maker makes unnecessary cuts to the tape

10) Epson – LW-300 Label Maker

Last but not least, as our entry number 10, we’ve got a label maker that you can use for a wide variety of purposes. While most label makers are only suitable for making jar labels, you can use this Epson contraption to make labels for clothes, office items such as folders and drawers, as well as for price tags and many other things.

When it comes to the style and font output of this thing, you can rest assured that once you’ve chosen what labels you want to create using this thing, you will be able to store them in your internal memory, so you can always know where to find them.

As far as the number of fonts, styles, and symbols within this thing, you can choose some of the 300+ symbols, 14 fonts, and ten styles to make an endless number of combinations. What’s more, this label maker allows you to pick a suitable frame for your labels. (The exact number of these frames is 75, by the way.)


  • Supports seven different languages
  • The internal memory can store up to 30 different files
  • Features over 300 symbols
  • The tapes have a split back, so you can use them immediately after printing
  • This package comes with specialty tapes (glowing in dark, reflective tapes, as well as decorative tapes)
  • Can be used for labeling clothing items


  • It’s a tad chunky (not too much so, but it can’t be held comfortably in one hand)

Best Label Maker: Buyer’s Guide

best label maker

Preview Availability

When it comes to printing labels, it’s always helpful to know what the string of letters and symbols will look like before you print them out.

This is why most modern-day label makers build in some screens on their label printers. This way, you can always tell how the resulting label will turn out and prevent typos or pick the wrong style. Also, seeing the preview of the phrase or sentences you typed in will prevent you from wasting tape.

So, when buying a label maker, make sure always to choose one that comes with either a display or some particular sort of software that allows you to preview what you’re about to print.

Styles & Fonts

One of the most critical parameters regarding label makers would undoubtedly be the number of symbols you can use to produce the message you want.

The more of these symbols you can work with, the more creative you can get with these messages, and you will have more versatility to work with when these messages are in question. 

Also, different fonts are suitable for other occasions and purposes, so owning a label maker that allows you to switch between different fonts easily can be a great feature.

Size & Portability

While label makers are typically a tiny breed of appliances that don’t take up too much space in your home or office, there are still two size categories that you need to take into consideration before buying one of these gadgets.

The thing is, we could differentiate between handheld label makers and those that aren’t. The thing is, while these non-handheld varieties are typically only slightly wider than their handheld counterparts, the label-making appliances that would fall into the first group would be difficult to carry around in one hand. (Without your hand getting tired along the way, of course.)

This distinction is crucial because you can comfortably carry it in your hand while at work if you have a portable label maker. This is quite important if you work at a place where labeling packages and other items are part of your daily work assignments.

Printing Technology (Thermal)

Label makers aren’t the most complicated gadgets out there. That said, one of the few parts of them that can get a tad complex would undoubtedly be the printing mechanism. (Although these are pretty simple too compared to some more elaborate systems such as those used in laser printers, for example.)

The critical thing to remember that label makers that use thermal printing technology don’t require any ink or toner replacement. This makes them a better option in this regard, as you don’t need to buy any new cartridges or worry about the ink in cartridges getting stuck or too dry.


While most manufacturers don’t offer long-lasting warranties on label printers, it’s still better to opt for a model that does come with a warranty (no matter how long it is). Because this will give you at least some sort of protection in case something goes wrong with the product.

Since these products often come with inbuilt batteries that can go wrong, having a warranty can help you wasting your money on repairs, as the manufacturers will take care of it instead if your product is still under warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What to Look for in a Label Maker?

When buying a new label maker, the most important thing would be the number of symbols, fonts, and different styles it supports. The more of these a label maker has, the more combinations you will have to choose from.

Of course, you may also want to take the other secondary features such as colored tapes, LCD screens, and warranty into consideration too.

2) How Do I Make My Own Labels?

While using some paper, a ruler, a pair of scissors, and a marker to make your labels, using a digital label maker can be a great alternative.

With most modern-day label makers, making labels is as simple as typing in the message you want to be printed on the label, setting a couple of parameters regarding the type of font and style you want your label maker to have, and then simply pressing the print button to get a ready label at the end. 

3) Is a Label Maker Worth It?

Whether your job description is labeling boxes in a post office or an airport, or you work a desk job in an office, owning a label-making machine is worth it for a wide variety of jobs.

Even if you don’t need a label maker for your work, having one at home can be of great use to labeling jars and other objects around your house.

Final Verdict

All in all, label makers represent one of the most straightforward digital tools (although not all of them are digital) that can make your life much easier, especially if you need many labels because you’re moving or you need a label-maker to work.

We hope you found the best label maker in this article helpful and that you found the perfect label maker for your needs!

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