Buying The Best Kvm Switch Dual Monitor

The best KVM switches for dual-monitor setups can allow you to use your high-end gaming monitor or workstation (which has multiple connectors) with another computer. Say you have a desktop computer and a laptop that you want to use with a single monitor, but there is no built-in KVM switch. No biggie. You’re ready to go by just purchasing one of the KVM switches below that allows display switching between two computers using just one keyboard, mouse, and display (KVM).

Here are the best Kvm switch dual monitor available on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Kvm Switch Dual Monitor

Best Kvm Switch Dual Monitor Reviews In 2023

1. CKL HDMI KVM Switch 2 Port Dual Monitor Extended Display

Improve work efficiency, and tidy up your workspace. The CKL HDMI KVM Switch is a premium choice for working from home and the best KVM Switch to make your workspace tidy and efficient. It controls up to 2 computers or laptops with 1 independent set of USB keyboard, mouse, and monitor or 2 monitors with extended or duplicated display with dual head input.

Dual Monitor Displays

Each computer/laptop needs 2 video connections to correspond to IN A, and IN B ports on the KVM switch using Cable A and Cable B. Reliable adapters are needed but not included for DVI, VGA, DisplayPort (DP), and USB Type C video outputs. Please be aware of the adapters needed for your setup before ordering. Avoid using adapters on both the monitor and computer side for the same video flow. The dual monitor displays are from the same input source selected; it does not support computer 1 on monitor A and computer 2 on monitor B.

Plugged Into The Computer

Ensure cable A is correctly connected; the end with USB and HDMI must be plugged into the computer, and the other end with only HDMI must be plugged into IN A port (not IN B port). Recommend to plug Bluetooth adapter of wireless keyboard and mouse into the rear USB keyboard port. If the special keyboard and mouse-like gaming and mechanical types do not work well from the rear USB ports, use the front USB port or turn off the hotkey and use the wired remoter instead.

2. UGREEN USB KVM Switch Box 2 Port VGA Video Sharing Adapter

UGREEN USB VGA KVM Switch allows you to share one USB keyboard, mouse, and VGA monitor to control 2 computers. It is designed for multitasking with two computers at your convenience, increasing productivity in the office or at home. You can switch between 2 computers using a manual switch located on the top of the KVM unit.

Multitasking Between Computers

Ugreen 2 Port USB KVM switch box allows you to control 2 computers with only one set of controls (mouse and keyboard). It is great for workstations, test stands, or anywhere multitasking between computers is required. USB VGA KVM switch provides a cost-effective way to share one USB keyboard, USB mouse, and VGA monitor to control 2 computers.

High-definition Images

Ugreen USB KVM switch supports high-definition images and supports maximum resolution up to 1920 x 1440. The adapter supports only video output. But you can enjoy the audio through speakers from a PC.

3. TESmart HDMI KVM Switch 2 Port Dual Monitor

 Support keyboard and mouse pass-through mode (Semi-DDM USB). You can use more keyboard and mouse functions not supported by ordinary KVM. Supports wired, wireless, mechanical, multimedia, and gaming K&M.No delay, zero latency keyboard, and mouse switching.

True Ultra HD 4k Visual Enjoyment

This 4K HDMI KVM switch dual monitor max supports 3840×2160 RGB 4:4:4 downward compatible. This HDMI KVM dual monitor Switch can enjoy the most luxurious video.

2 PCs Share 3 USB Devices

This Dual Monitor KVM has dedicated mouse and keyboard ports. An extra standard USB 2.0 port works with printers, jump drives, USB headsets, or webcams for teleconferencing. Meet more demands at work.

Audio Output

KVM Switch comes with a 3.5mm Audio Jack port with a DAC chip, which can be inserted into a 3-segment 3.5mm earpiece.

4. 2 Port Dual Monitor KVM Switch HDMI 4K

The HDMI 18Gbps KVM switch and extender support dual monitor or multi-screen mode. It can also extend cable distance up to 30 meters and is convenient for daily use. If the computer supports a single display, then this product does not support a dual display function. Please make sure that all cables are connected tightly and all cables are good. If you have any questions about the product, please contact us.

2 USB2.0

With 2 USB 2.0 hubs, the transfer rate is up to 480 Mbps. Sharing devices as scanners, printers, flash drives etc. Special Note: The USB 2.0 port does not support hotkey switching.

Exquisite Thermal design

An exquisite metal case that resists both compression and breakage. The thermal design on both sides can dissipate heat quickly, provide better protection for the device, and makes it more durable.

5. GREATHTEK Dual Monitor HDMI KVM Switch 2 Port

Only when your computer supports dual display or multi-display you can use this product to achieve two computers to share two monitors, extended mode or copy mode. If your computer only supports single display, then this product cannot help you get a dual display function. Our products include 4 HDMI cables, 2 USB-B cables, and 1 mini USB charging cable. When using the product, please ensure that all cables are connected tightly, and ensure that all cables are good.

Support 2 Mode Switching

1 Button switching: Convenient and efficient; 2. Hotkey Switching: Simple and fast (Hotkey: Scroll Lock+ Scroll Lock+ 1/2). Please note: Use the hotkey switch to insert the keyboard and mouse into the KVM switch K / M USB ports.

Thermal Design

The thermal design on both sides can dissipate heat quickly, better system protection.

Small Volume

Almost the same size as your phone, small in size, light in weight and does not take up much space.

6. CKL 2 Port USB 3.0 KVM Switch Dual Monitor

his Dual Monitor KVM Switch requires 2 HDMI input for each computer and 2 HDMI output for monitors. However, most computers, especially laptops, do not have a dual HDMI output. Thus, reliable adapters for non-HDMI outputs like VGA, DVI, USB C, and DisplayPort will be needed.

Audio Will Not Work Properly

This KVM Switch supports HDMI digital output only. Make sure you select HDMI Audio Output or Monitor A audio (monitor on HDMI Out A) as default in your sound settings. Do not select your audio device as the default sound device; otherwise, the audio will not work properly. Some older monitors which do not support HDMI audio will not work with the audio function. The workaround is to add a USB to the Audio adapter (Ref. ASIN B00IRVQ0F8) to one of the USB 3.0 HUB ports on the front panel.

Keyboard And Mouse

Some keyboards with special features like gaming, programing, multi-media, mechanical, and back lights may not be well supported on the USB keyboard and mouse port which are dedicated for hotkeys; if so you can plug the keyboard and mouse into the USB 3.0 ports or turn off the hotkey then the USB keyboard and mouse port will turn into standard USB 2.0 port, without hotkeys, you can use the included wired remoter to switch between computers.

What To Consider The Best Kvm Switch Dual Monitor When Purchasing


You will need a high-quality video output and a high resolution if you plan to connect several displays to your KVM switch. The experience will improve overall if the video frequency (Hz) and resolution are increased. Check out the products we chose, and if you think the best resolution results in the best device, you won’t have any trouble selecting a choice. We also have coverage if your main concerns are the system’s adaptability and compatibility rather than its video quality.


No device can be used if your system or systems are incompatible with your KVM switch, making this a major concern. Along with Windows, the KVM switches on our list work with iOS, Mac, Android, and Linux devices.

Available Switch

It is in your best financial interest to feel at ease while using a switch to switch between devices. This instruction makes it apparent that there are a maximum of five switching possibilities, ranging from one or two. Considering all the available switch possibilities, purchasing a device with this many is a no-brainer. In addition to the sheer number of alternatives, it’s important to consider the particular solutions offered because some of them could not be appropriate for your needs.

Numbers of Ports

The number of input and output ports that are readily available must also be taken into account. Of course, the relevance of this issue depends on the individual, so before selecting a device, it is advised that you have a strategy for how you want to use your setup or which components are more significant to you. You’ll obviously need many HDMI connections for many displays, but you may also decide how many USB ports you’ll need and whether or not you’ll also need audio input or output ports.


It’s sometimes possible to overlook a device’s aesthetics in favor of its features and number of ports, but it’s still a good idea to keep this in mind. Several devices can be easily installed anywhere in your home if you don’t mind their slightly larger size. However, the importance of this factor varies from person to person. Thus, we included several stylish gadgets with plenty of features.

Frequently Asked Question

Will A Kvm Switch Work With Dual Monitors?

Can I use a KVM switch with dual monitors? With the utmost ease, you can use a KWM switch on PCs with dual monitors and even multi-monitor support. You can add dual-monitor software to make the most of multiple VDUs.

What Is A Kvm Switch Dual Monitor?

 Consoles control up to 2 computers or laptops with 1 independent set of USB keyboard, mouse, and monitor or 2 monitors extended or duplicated display with dual head input. The best KVM Switch to make your workspace tidy and efficient is a premium choice for working from home.

What Is The Difference Between A Docking Station And A Kvm Switch?

A dock is more meant to add functionality to a laptop. And unless you have USB C with DP Alt mode, you would be required to install software for the dock, which would be a problem. KVM is meant to switch your peripherals between the two systems with a button.

Does Kvm Switch Cause Input Lag?

When you have too many components plugged into your PC, the processor might have difficulty handling all the data, which may slow down the PC’s response time and cause input lag. Using second-rate cables with low-standard KVM switches can also result in a noticeable difference in input lag.

How Can I Use Two Computers With One Keyboard And Mouse And Monitor?

First, a cable called a KVM switch is short for a “keyboard, video, and mouse” switch. These let you share one mouse, keyboard, and monitor between two computers. KM switch cables allow you to share just a keyboard and mouse with two computers with two separate monitors.


Now that you have all the information you need, go ahead and make a great purchase. Just make sure it’s really worth your hard-earned money.

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