Best Kiteboarding Kites of 2022

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The thrill of the wind catching your kite and that rush it gives as it lifts you up over the breakers is one you’ll never forget! Riding the swells with a good headwind and knowing you’re safely harnessed in can give you such a buzz, as you practice your jumps and turns. Sound familiar? If you’re also a wind junkie, you know that the gear’s performance makes all the difference in this sport.

Keep reading for a product review covering the best kitesurfing kites on the market. Whether you’re a fan of all-around kites or want a specialty model for niche moves, we break down the features of each to help you decide which one might work best for you.

let’s see what you should consider when choosing the Best Kiteboarding Kites for you.

Editor’s Pick-Kiteboarding Kites

Best Kiteboarding Kites Reviews

1. HQ Symphony Beach III 2.2 Stunt Kite, Rainbow

HQ Symphony Beach III 2.2 Stunt Kite, Rainbow, Dual Line Foil Sport Kite
  • DETAILS: Stunt foils fill with air during flight to form a wing shape to achieve flight & stability. Includes: Kite, winder, straps & line. Made from Rip Stop Polyester. Operates in 4-31 mph wind.
  • PERFORMANCE & SIMPLICITY: Adults will love it, and kids ages 14 and older can handle this kite with ease. This style is a great intro into the world of soft foils and has no parts to assemble or lose.
  • LAWN, BEACH & BACKYARD FUN: Kite flying is a popular & social activity enjoyed by boys, girls, young & old alike. Help your children learn to fly, or treat yourself and feel like a kid again!
  • LET'S GO PLAY: HQ has been the premier provider of sporting, power and single line kites for over 20 years; providing the best in high quality design in the world. We make windy days fun for everyone!
  • STUNT FOR FUN: Popular for beginners, this tough and forgiving dual line kite is an excellent value for the money. Present advanced tricks & have tons of fun whether you are looking for speed or pull.

The Symphony Beach III 2.2 Stunt Foil Kite features bright, eye catching colors and an impressive 87 Inch width and 29″ height to delight spectators visually with its performance, size and beauty. Created with Rip Stop Polyester for ultimate durability, Dyneema line is included with winder and straps.

Whether you are teaching your children to fly kites for the first time, or want a more sporty kite for advanced tricks and stunts, HQ can provide you with everything you need. Let our expertise get you up in the air! We have an international background using a worldwide network of designers and engineers to ensure the highest level of innovation and quality.

Advanced Flyer

This Symphony Beach III kite is not only perfect for the beginning flyer, but also for the advanced flyer looking for something a little bigger and more advanced. With amazing pull, trick capabilities and speed, this kite will definitely keep you entertained.

How To Fly

A must-have for every beach trip, this Symphony kite is a great way to teach an older kid how to fly. The soft foil design is easy to maneuver and allows for precise control with simple hand movements. This kite also has winder on the string to allow for longer flights without losing your drag.

2. FLEXIFOIL Kitesurf Trainer Kite with Bar

FLEXIFOIL Kitesurf Trainer Kite with Bar | Kitesurfing 2.6m Control Training Kite | Kids & Adult Kiteboarding | Best Beach Summer Sport Power Kite | Fun Kiteboard Kiting Activity | Easy to Fly 2.4m²
  • LIFETIME MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE | With 4358 already sold across 96 countries we changed from a 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee to a LIFETIME MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE
  • SIR RICHARD BRANSON | Flexifoil Kites were Sir Richard's choice of kites for 3 Successful Kiting World Records in 2012
  • AGE 14+ | Adult supervision essential at all times | Start in lighter winds and progress to stronger winds
  • THREE MINS SETUP & 5 MINS TO LEARN | Easily stored under the front seat or in the boot of a car. Super-light and packs down small so fits neatly into a suitcase. Sounds too good to be true but it really only takes 5 minutes to learn the basics and 15 minutes to start mastering the kite
  • VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE | Expertly designed and fine-tuned to 2.4m2 with 18m flying lines, control bar, stylish carry-bag (60x20x15cm) and literally arrives 'ready-to-fly. Perfect to learn your kite skills ahead of learning to kitesurf

Here’s Why 4,358 People From 96 Countries Have Bought The Control Kitesurf Trainer Kite And Why More Than 380,000 People Have Chosen Flexifoil Kites Since We Invented Power Kiting in 1972, by Anthony Van Dort, CEO, Flexifoil International. In 2012, Sir Richard Branson chose Flexifoil to design the kites which powered his family, friends and himself from England to France and in so doing, achieve 3 Guinness World Records.

A survey completed by 1485 kiting enthusiasts reported quality as their number one priority when buying a kite. It is little surprise considering the number of reviews one reads online about lines breaking, straps snapping, lines fraying, kites tearing on minor impact and kites stalling to name just a few! Flexifoil kites perform well in the lightest of winds and they are safe, reliable, strong. Flexifoil is a highly trustworthy premium brand – the absolute market leader in superior quality power kites. The Control is the ideal kite for those who just want to get out and have fun whilst learning the skills ahead of flying a kitesurfing kite.

It is also the perfect kite for beginners because it is easy to control. It is also a very safe kite. We highly recommend adult supervision of youngsters just in case a strong gust comes through. And while 4,358 people have already bought the Control from Flexifoil, to give you absolute confidence in your purchase, we make you a promise by way of a Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee. You buy a Control kite from Flexifoil here on Amazon, you’ll fly it and we’re certain you’ll love it – but – if you’re in any way unhappy with your purchase, then we will give you all your money back at any time – guaranteed!

Easy To Fly

The Symphony Beach III 2.2 stunt kite is a great way to learn your kite skills. The expertly designed and fine-tuned 2.4 m2 shape gives a safe, stable and easy to fly a kite that has been carefully manufactured from high quality materials. The 18 metre flying lines are strong and reliable, whilst the stylish carry-bag gives you somewhere to store it when not in use. Ideal for learning your kite skills ahead of learning to kitesurf!

Perfect for Performing Stunts

The Symphony Beach III 2.2 Stunt Kite is perfect for performing stunts, including loops, rolls & flips! It also has a 2-line stunt system that offers more control of the sail angle. This colorful kite comes with everything you need out of the box to get flying: kite, winder, straps, and line. This kite is made from rip-stop polyester and operates in 4-31 mph winds.

3. Slingshot Kiteboarding B2 Trainer Kite

Slingshot Kiteboarding B2 Trainer Kite
  • Save time and money by learning the basics before paying for a lesson
  • Develop an understanding of the wind and what a kite will do in it
  • Learn what to do and what not to do with a kite
  • Learn basic kite skills safely and at your own pace
  • Develop the coordination and muscle memory crucial to kiteboarding

The 2018 Slingshot B2 Trainer kite is already legendary. After all, it’s the original trainer kite from back in the day, and it’s still the trainer of choice for anyone wanting to learn how to kiteboard. Many, if not most, kiters started with a Slingshot B2 or a B3, and the tradition continues. Learning to fly a good trainer kite like the B2 is an essential part of the process of learning how to kiteboard.

The Force Takeaway

There’s no question about it, learning how to fly a trainer kite will drastically reduce the amount of time and punishment it takes to learn kiteboarding. We did it, your favorite riders did it, and you should do it, too.

Slingshot’s Product Description

Getting the right start is the most important aspect of learning to kiteboard, and for almost everyone this means starting with a trainer kite. Slingshot’s B2 is the original trainer kite that started it all. With the B2 you will discover the gold standard in learning kite flying skills in a safe, efficient and affordable manner. If you are serious about learning to kiteboard, investing in a Slingshot trainer kite is a small price to pay for an invaluable, timeless and fun piece of equipment. You can fly your B2 anywhere with wind and open space. It works great on land, grass, at the beach or even on snow. No water needed.

4. Slingshot Kiteboarding B3 Light Traction Kite 3 Meter

Slingshot Kiteboarding B3 Light Traction Kite 3 Meter
  • A great tool for skate-kiting
  • Develop an understanding of the wind and how a kite behaves in it
  • An affordable, durable, safe and fun piece of equipment useful for years to come
  • Save time and money by developing your kite skills safely, on your own, before paying for a lesson
  • Develop strength, muscle memory and coordination crucial to kiteboarding

The Slingshot B3 trainer kite is the perfect learning tool for the sport of kiteboarding! It comes with everything you need in order to learn how to become a kiteboarder or just have fun at the park or beach. Even if you already know how to kiteboard this is the perfect thing to have for all conditions and to introduce friends to the sport.

The Slingshot B3 trainer is the most popular for adults. It delivers power and pull similar to the larger inflatable kites. It comes complete with the control bar, safety leash, flying lines, bag and instructional DVD. The Slingshot Trainer Kites have a proven reputation as the best trainer kites ever produced and they are easy to fly. These kites are durable, forgiving and provide a background in basic flying skills.

Little Experience With Kites

Most people that learn kiteboarding have little experience with kites. Many come from a background of similar sports like: water skiing, surfing, bodyboarding, skimboarding, wakeboarding, and snowboarding. Even though these sports are related, kiteboarding is significantly different and requires instruction. Here at Jupiterkiteboarding we recommend that you start with the basics of kite flying and always follow the safe kiteboarding guidelines. Jupiter Kiteboarding believes strongly in the use of trainer kites. These are smaller kites which you can purchase and fly before taking a lesson.

Maintainin5. g Correct Body Posture

Although trainer kites comes in several sizes, they are much smaller on average than the inflatable kites that are used on the water for kiteboarding. These kites come with an instructional CD and are designed for people who have never flown a power kite before. The main skill to master with the trainer kite is steering while maintaining correct body posture. Once the trainer kite has been mastered we recommend taking a lesson with one of our IKO or PASA certified instructors. On average 3 – 9 hours of instruction is required to get up and going on a board.

5. HQ4 HQ Hydra 420 V3 Kiteboarding Trainer Kite Bundle

HQ4 HQ Hydra 420 V3 Kiteboarding Trainer Kite Bundle : Includes FREE 2ND Kite : Symphony Beach 1.3M Foil Kite + WindBone Kiteboarding Key Chain +Koozie +Decals : Water Trainer Foil Traction Power Kite
  • HQ Symphony Beach 1.3M Foil Kite with Control Straps (color may vary on 1.3 Kite: Rainbow or Mango)
  • Kiteboarding Trianer Kite Bundle - Includes FREE Second Kite
  • Plus Windbone Kiteboarding Lifestyle Items: WindBone KB Key Chain Fob + WindBone KB Beverage Cooler Holder + WindBone KB Decals
  • HQ HQ4 Hydra 420 4.2M Water Relaunchable 3 Meter Trainer Kite (All New Version 3 Model) - Only Trainer Kite that can be used on/in/over water
  • Kitesurfing Trainer Bundle - Includes 3 Items (HQ HQ4 Hydra 420 Trainer Kite + Symphony Beach 1.3M Foil Kite + WindBone Kiteboarding Key-Chain Fob + Decals + Koozie

The HQ4 Hydra (from HQ / HQ4 Power Kites) is the world’s first and only water launchable trainer foil kite. Extremely stable and easy to fly, this closed cell ram-air foil has no bladders to inflate or replace, yet it floats on water. A third line provides the safety system and the ability to reverse launch, making it perfect for use with absolute beginners. The HQ4 Hydra 420 flies great in low winds and generates plenty of pull for body drags when the wind is strong.

Kitesurfing Trainer Bundle

This unique combo includes the HQ4 Hydra 420 V3 Trainer Kite, a Symphony Beach 1.3M Foil Kite, WindBone Key-Chain Fob, Decals and Koozie. This new comprehensive kitesurfing trainer bundle is perfect for first-time riders looking to get started on the water.

Moderate Wind Conditions

The HQ4 Kiteboarding Trainer is designed for the beginner kitesurfer looking to learn the basics of kiteboard riding. The HQ4 kite provides a stable platform that holds steady in moderate wind conditions. The HQ4 is the perfect kiteboarding trainer kite for those looking to progress their skills in flat water conditions.

What Should You Check For When Purchasing The Best Kiteboarding Kites?

Obviously, safety is the most crucial consideration when selecting your first kite as a novice. This includes the kite’s ability to relaunch after falling into the water, depower, high-wind capability, and rapid release system.

Stability And Powerlessness

When you push out or let go of your control bar, your kite should stop pulling or lifting you. This is especially important in heavier winds. Some kites, such as C kites, have limited depower, which might be difficult for beginners to overcome.

In addition to depower, some kites have significantly higher draw and bar pressure than others. As a novice, having a powerful kite even in light winds gives you more confidence than a kite that stalls quickly in light winds. It’s also far easier to ride and stay upwind powered up as a novice than it is to ride and stay underpowered.

Your first kite should be stable. Drift is linked to stability. The steadiness of a kite when parked, such as when depowered and positioned at 12 o’clock, is referred to as drift. When you depower your beginning kite, you want it to drift with you rather than falling out the window or flapping its canopy.

Another component that affects stability is turning speed. Kites that turn quickly demand more sophisticated control skills and are more difficult to jump with. You’ll want to try jumps as soon as possible as a beginner, and you’ll want your kite to give you the confidence you need to master new tricks.

Relaunch & Wind Range

Because you’ll be crashing your kite a lot as you learn and attempt new things, the ability to relaunch is critical in a beginning kiteboarding kite. After falling into the water, certain kites are significantly easier to relaunch than others.

Compared to C kites, bow, delta, and hybrid type kites have the best relaunch capabilities. Bow and delta kites have less power, are more stable in the air, and have a wider wind range, making them suitable starting kite options.

All three types of kites are suitable for beginners since they are forgiving, stable, and have good depower and relaunch capabilities. Hybrid kites offer more power, especially when turning, making them slightly more challenging to control but more versatile in the future.

Kite Design/type

When picking your first kite, don’t get too caught up in the type of kites, such as a bow, delta, or hybrid. The line between them isn’t always apparent, and manufacturers frequently categorize kites arbitrarily to emphasize certain attributes over others. You should be fine as long as you avoid pure C-kites for your starter kite.

Frequently Asking Question

What Is The Best Kite In The World?

Prism Designs has released the Prism Synapse Dual-Line Parafoil Kite. The Prism Designs Prism Synapse Dual-Line Parafoil Kite is at the top of our list because it is designed to fly quickly and with exceptional agility.

What Is The Best Size Kite For Beginners?

Given this, most average-sized riders (140-190 pounds) would benefit from starting with a 12m kite. For the majority of riders, this is the standard. This size will allow you to get out on the water on the majority of windy days, depending on where you are located.

Where Are Switch Kites Made?

Finished products are laminated at a single location, ensuring that they are made entirely in Germany. For maximum performance, it is the most stable and lasting framework available, ensuring that the designed shape is preserved.

Are North Kites Good?

It has a wide wind range and performs especially well in gusty conditions since it produces large variations in power with only minor changes in the bar’s orientation. If you’re searching for a kite that can be used to jump and soar, this is the greatest option available. Aside from that, the North Rebel 2022 is a kite that can now be flown in four lines, which is a new feature.

Is Ozone A Good Kite Brand?

Ozone began as an innovative paragliding company manned and owned by snowkiting enthusiasts who wanted to share their passion with others. Ozone’s natural progression into kitesurfing gained him a highly regarded reputation in the sport of snowkiting, which he later expanded into kitesurfing.


One of the biggest reasons you should choose from our recommendations is because we only select the top kites based on their overall performance and versatility. For example, the North Kiteboarding Switchblade is a highly rated competition kite—but it does well in any other conditions because of its impressive ability to transition easily from one activity to another.

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