8 Best Kite Reel Review and Buying Guide

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The best kite reel is a must-have for all kite lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you are looking to wind even the largest kites or want to fly the best stunt kites, a kite reel is one of the most important tools you’ll need in your kit. Well-built reels shall serve you for years to come making it an excellent investment.

As you’re looking to buy a kite reel, there aren’t many ways to go wrong if you just keep a few things in mind while purchasing one. Suppose you’re like most people who are not interested in spending a ton of money on a kite reel only to use it a few times and never again!

Here are the best kite reels available right now.

Editor’s Pick- Kite Reel

Best Kite Reel In 2022

1. Mint’s Colorful Life Kite String Reel

Mint's Colorful Life Kite String Reel Winder 7inches Dia with 600 feet Line (60 lbs) for Kids/Teens, Blue
  • Waxed twisted thread, 60lb x 600ft, you could fly larger kites higher in the sky.The Ring Line-Guide and the thicker cord(Diameter: 1.2mm) make the spool not easy to get tangled.
  • Smooth Rotation with lower noise. High quality 6 captive steel roller bearings makes the kite string holder spinning smoothly and easily, meanwhile, you can use it for years.
  • The diameter of this reel winder is 18cm/ 7inches, it is for kids, teens and people whose palm width is no more than 8cm / 3.2inches
  • Easy to handle.Unlock the kite line wheel winder, connect kite with the swivel clip, stop the going line with the lock,young kids could handle it by themselves.
  • High class ABS plastic, which makes the winder to be more transparent and solid. Could hardly deformed by seawater and glare. Perfect resistance to drops/impact . Kids just can't break it!

Backyard barbecues and family kite-flying excursions will easy to happen with our Colorful Life Kite String Reel. It offers a degree of convenience that lets you enjoy the sun and breeze on any occasion. Just buy a new string and fix it on the kite reel winder rod; you can immediately play the fresh wind of nature! Furthermore, it is more energy-saving and eco-friendly, reducing 15 lbs per 1000 ft flying line.

Kite Flyers To Line Control In A Smooth

The colorful life kite string reel is designed for kite flyers to line control smoothly, flexibly, and easily. When launching the kite, stop running when the line reaches the end and lock it automatically once the opening is closed. Unlock the kite line wheel winder, connect the kite with the swivel clip, and stop the going line with the lock; young kids could handle it by themselves.

Convenient Ring-line Guide

Fly kites in your backyard, beach, or field near you with this string from Mint’s Colorful Life. This kite string has 600 feet of strong and sturdy thread and can handle even the largest kites. The large spool has a convenient ring-line guide that includes keeping your line tangle-free. 

Quickly And Safely

Mint’s Colorful Life kite string reel is a simple but terrific tool for kite flying. It allows you to wind in the used-up flying line quickly and safely. This is our second version of the kite string reel, with some redesigns. The last generation of kite string reels was sold for hundreds of thousands in Japan, Germany, and America. We highly recommend it to you and your families or friends if you love kites because it will make your kite flying enjoyable. 

2. Emma kites Lockable Kite Reel Winder

emma kites Lockable Kite Reel Winder 8.7inches(Dia) Macaron Blue with 120lb Line Smooth Rotation Ball Bearing Tool for Single Line Kite Flying Inflatable Delta Octopus Another Big Knob
  • The kite line that we select for our 8.7in kit reel set is 500ft 120lb Braided Dacron line which is the most used kite line and its red flecks will make it highly visible to kids on the sand or on the beach. In result they won't get tangled or triped by the line.
  • New Generation of Locking Device! The newest locking device which enables kite reel to realize 3 truly pratical functions: FREE ROTATION - ANTI-REVERSE - ABSOLUTELY LOCKED
  • EMMAKITES 8.7in kite reel: upgraded design for kids & adults, beginners & professionals, high performance reel for your every happy kite flying.
  • Multiple ball bearings are sealed on the reel to gain smooth rotation. Round, slippery and without burr, ceramic ring line-guide is capable of effectively guiding kite line into reel.
  • ABS PLASTIC! Safe kids' toy material and extremely solid: exerts high resistance to the scratches, drops, impact or bumps of frequent use.

EMMAkites have developed this Kite Winder Set for all channels of kiters, inviting you to choose the stripe style and color for your kite line and reels. The kite winder reel is meticulously and carefully designed, following the intention of portable, compact and easy and convenient on-the-go. It is made of ABS plastic material to last a lifetime.

Free Rotation 

Great for kids and adults alike, this lockable kite reel winder provides a safe and fun way to store and transport kites. The winder features a sturdy construction, allowing it to with stand the harsh elements to provide you with endless flying fun. This affordable product’s compact size allows storage almost anywhere, and easily fits into travel bag or backpack.


The kite line of the kite will be tightened and be stopped in both directions when the wind force is above 18km/h. This prevents kites from escaping when they are flying at high altitude. If a kite escapes and it is not under control, it can break anything. Now you do not have to worry about it.

Absolutely locked

The Emma kites Lockable Kite Winder is crafted entirely in the UK using only the highest quality materials, with a design approved by our hardcore kite fliers. It can be used with all types of kite reels such as competing, surf, dual line, delta and power reels.

3. Kite Line Reel Winder 7 inches

Kite Line Reel Winder 7 inches(Dia) Macaron Green Smooth Rotation Ball Bearing Tool, Winding Reel Grip Wheel Handle with 656 ft Durable String and Lockable Outdoor Kite Accessories (Green)
  • SAFE LOCKING DEVICE: Rotary switch with card slot,can absolutely lock the reel.Eventurely,the reel achieves practical value:free rotation - absolute lock.
  • PURCHASE OPTIONS: Green reel with 200m(656ft) 3-strand nylon line; it has a well made line guide installed, can protect kite line from tangling and wear, to prolong its service life and can be used frequently.
  • SAFE KID'S TOY MATERIAL: ABS plastic, safe and odorless, wear-resistant, strong impact resistance, able to withstand the normal drop or bumps. Smooth surface without burrs,safe to hands.
  • 7 INCH KITE LINE REEL WINDER: upgraded design for kids & adults, beginners & professionals, high performance reel for your every happy kite flying.
  • KITE REEL: It is solid, reliable, and easy to use. It winds and unwinds easily and the lock is smooth and solid, and this was comfortable to hold and use, suitable for flying a variety of kites.

The Kite Line Reel Winder will greatly facilitate your kite flying activities. Grab the rotatable handle with one hand, and your kite line in the other, then simply rotate with an “elbow-out” motion. The Bigger Big Knob makes it easy to wind a large kite line. It prevents too much load on your wrist or finger which will cause pain in the long run. You can control the tension of the winding easily and quickly. The adjustable frame can adapt to any kite size, including small fiberglass stunt kites. It is designed to fit left- and right-handed use, regardless of age and gender. And this handle is so much easier than using both hands at the same time!

Easy To Carry

This 7″ reel winder is convenient to use and easy to carry. It is an upgraded design for kids & adults, beginners & professionals. It features a high-performance reel, which ensures your line release smoothly without any kinks, tangles or jams. The leather-like strap makes it quite comfortable to hold. Compact and tough enough to handle even the largest kites.

Insufficient Storage Space

The winding line is not only difficult to operate but also a little dangerous. Due to the relatively high price of the winder and insufficient storage space, it cannot use the regular bicycle line on the market in full. Product advantages: ABS material, odorless and smooth surface. The weight-bearing capacity is more than 50kg.

Reel To Keep The Line Tangle-free

The Kite Line Reel Winder is a practical reel to keep the line tangle-free and reduce tangles while maximizing the time you spend kiting. This reel rotates freely, allowing you to wind your line in any direction, and will not allow it to untangle no matter how hard you pull. This pack of 6 reels contains spare parts and designs of outstanding quality.

4. Kite Reel Winder, Kite Line Winder Winding Reel

Kite Reel Winder, Kite Line Winder Winding Reel Grip Wheel Handle with 656 ft Durable String and Lock Function Professional Outdoor Kite Accessories
  • ★Challenge the Higher Sky:Professional Kite Accessories, The unique wheel allows you to better control the kite,allows kites to challenge higher sky.
  • ★ULTIMATE GIFT IDEA:No one falls out of love with fly a kite,Best Professional Kite Reel Winder also a Perfect Christmas Gift / Birthday Gift/Children’s day gift(random color)
  • ★Kite String with Reel:The Kite reel made of high impact composite plastic and is durable, Suitable for adult and child's palm, not easy to fall off. with prevent fallback function and Lock function , Let the kite fly high and steady, easy to control, more comfortable to hold even for a long time
  • ★Best Outdoor Fun:Learning how to launch and control it will help your youngsters develop coordination and critical thinking skills in a very practical setting. Not only that but they'll feel the thrill of success when they finally launch it
  • ★100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE:If you are not satisfied with our products ,100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, Additional equipped storage bag, Suitable for children 8 years and older,add to Cart,Let’s go fly a kite

Screw this winder onto your garden hose, and you’re ready to let the fun begin. It comes with everything you need for hours of fun. As seen on TV! The kite winder can hold up to 100 feet of kite line, ensuring it withstands strong winds. Includes: Kite Reel Winder, Hose Adapter that fits a standard garden hose, Winder Handle, 90° Elbow, 50 Feet of pre-wound kite string, and Instructional Manual.

Smooth Rotation

With its sturdy plastic construction, the kite reel features a prevent fallback function that prevents your string from falling back onto the spool. It also has a jam-free ball bearing to ensure a smooth rotation. The winder has a lock function so that you can unlock the handle and spool for easy winding and unwinding of kite string. For added control, enjoy the comfortable grip.

Launch and Control

Designed with a special opening, the line on the spool of your kite will be kept tidy as you wind it onto a reel. With our kite reel hardware kit, your children will enjoy learning how to launch and control their kite on breezy summer days.

Unique Wheel

Remember the frustration of not being able to control your kite? Now you can! Kite Reel Winder lets you better control your kite and makes it fly higher than ever. Made of durable aluminum and plastic, this kite reel features a unique wheel that will allow you to get the kite up into the air quickly without a tangled mess.

5. Hengda kite Professional Outdoor Kite Line

HENGDA KITE Reel for Big Kites LED Kites Professional Reel Winder with Strong Line 9 inch Diameter with 1,000 FT-Yellow
  • From The Kite Capital Of The World---Weifang
  • 1,000 ft (300 meters or 330 yards)150lbs Fiber line
  • Line strength suitable for kite size up to 110" wide
  • Built-in locking mechanism for fly and storage,high quality stainless redial ball bearings for easy and smooth wind/rewind
  • 9 inches diameter, comes with carrying zip case

Hengda kite professional outdoor kite line is a product that everyone knows. A Kite line is a very important piece of equipment for the players of kites. The product suggests the choice of nylon tire line. Because nylon has good toughness, while it will not be broken quickly under the tension (pulling), and enhance the safety of flying, it is easy to use and cost-effective. 

Imported raw materials are used to ensure the product quality. Soft and elastic good quality silicone rubber material can increase the strength and durability of the product effectively. The specifications of tire lines for various categories of kites will make you have a good time outdoors and help you pick out a best suit for your kite flying activities.

Professional Kiting Brand

Hengda Kite is a professional kiting brand which was established in 1994, Our company is located in the kite capital of China, Weifang. Each summer, the sky of Weifang will be covered by millions of colorful kites.

Various Weather Conditions

9-inch diameter flying kite line for B grade lines. This line is used for professional kites such as 9 feet kites and above. The color of the line is black, which will help you to control your kites onto the wind more precisely in various weather conditions.

High-performance Sport

Durable and heavy-duty line ideal for high-performance sport or kite fighting. Incorporates the elements of a good kite line: soft, flexible, lightweight, and resistant to the wind. Low stretch improves the kite’s response and reduces wear and tear on the kite fabric. All these characteristics are designed to give the flyer more control with minimal effort.

6. HappyToy Kite Reel Winder Kite String Handle Reel

HappyToy Kite Reel Winder Kite String Handle Reel [Lock-on] with Line - 1000ft Durable String (Blue - Yellow)
  • SUPER EASY TO USE + Lock on. Size:7" inch Diameter Kite Reel Winder.
  • Simply connect the wheel reel on your kite with the Connector that comes with it and you are ready to have fun.
  • Extra Line Strenth with strong combine of Three Lines into One. Suitable for flying a variety of kites.
  • Package included: 1 X Kite Reel Winder. Excellent Kite Accessory Gift.
  • This kite wheel reel is made from Quality ABS Plastic, scratches, drops, impact, bumps resistant.

The HappyToy kite reel will be your favorite accessory for all of your flying needs. It allows for easy and quick reels for your line making it possible to focus more on the fun than the hassle of getting the perfect fly. This winder handle is made from quality ABS plastic to ensure that it is both durable and long-lasting. The pull handle and the clip are strong enough to hold 5 or 6 meters (16-20 feet) of 30 lbs or 100 lbs line, which makes it perfect for all styles of kite flying.

Kite In High Wind Conditions

HappyToy Kite Reel Winder Kite String Handle Reel is the ideal companion, from flying a simple kite with your kids to flying a kite in high wind conditions. HappyToy Kite Reel Winder Kite String Handle Reel has super long line, so you can fly larger kites, and thicker line, so you can fly kites in higher wind areas. It easily handles multiple layers of line from the weight-forward kites that require double or triple lines.

Quickly Connect

Play with your kite anywhere. This Kite Reel Winder Kite String Handle Reel comes with a connector to quickly connect to most 400 and 500-yard kites. This product is a great idea for every kite enthusiast, whether you are an established veteran or a beginner.

Kite Flying So Much More Easier

This Kite line winder is made from high-quality plastic and durable construction. Put one on your wrist and make kite flying so much easier! Enjoy the blue sky and pleasant wind with our kite string reel handle.

7. JEKOSEN 9″ Kite String Reel Winder

JEKOSEN 9" Kite String Reel Winder with 400m Big Grip Wheel Flying Tools with Lock for Outdoor Kites(Green)
  • Size: 9 inch Large Reel Diameter. Lenghth of line 400 m.
  • Universal compatibility: Suitable for flying a variety of kites and a good choice for kite lovers.
  • Easy to Use: The kite line has wrapped around the wheel, you can fly directly on the kite and able to pay out or take in kite line from all direction.
  • Material: Made of high impact composite durable plastic. Shows great performance in protecting kite line from wearing / abrasion and prevents from kite line tangling.
  • Comfortable: When you want to take a rest and admire kites flying in the air, just rotate the lock, lay the reel on the ground.

Jekosen 9″ kite string winder is designed to replace your bare hand to safely control the kite and bring your kite back to you. With Jekosen 9″ kite string winder, you are able to get a better grip on the kite line with the entire palm of your hand which allows you to apply full force on the winder when using it in strong wind conditions. In addition, it can effectively prevent kite lines from getting tangled around your feet by separating the lines into different strands.

 Plenty Of Spare Line

Show your passion in in-line with the Jekosen 9″ Kite String Reel! This reel features a large diameter and plenty of spare lines. It’s made of durable, tough plastic that can take a beating. The string is made of 100% polyester, so you’ll get a good pull on it every time.

Designed to Fit Most Kites

Protect and prolong the life of your kite line with Jekosen 9″ Kite String Reel Winder. Designed to fit most kites, this handy winder is made with high-impact composite durable plastic. It shows great performance in protecting kite lines from wearing/abrasion and preventing kite line tangling. It’s super lightweight, compact, and very easy to carry.

Wind Kite String

Jekosen Kite String Reel Winder is handy equipment to wind kite string and flying line. With it, you can fly directly on the kite and payout or take in the kite string from all directions.

8. ORLUBAAKO Kite Line Reel Winder

ORLUBAAKO Kite Line Reel Winder, Lockable Kite String with Reel 7inches Dia with 656ft 60 lbs Durable String and Lock Function Professional Outdoor Kite Accessories for Kids/ Teens, Blue
  • OUTDOOR FOR KIDS: Safe kids' outdoor toy is made of ABS plastic which is solid and exerts excellent resistance to the scratches, drops, impact or bumps.
  • KITE STRING WINDER: Specially designed to be ergonomic and functional for kite fliers from teens to adults, beginners to professionals! Perfect Christmas Gift/ Birthday Gift/ Chrildren's day/ Holiday Gift.
  • 7 INCH KITE LINE REEL WINDER: Blue reel with 656ft long durable string line allows kites to challenge higher sky. This will make it highly visible to kids on the sand or on the beach. In result they won't get tangled or tripped by the line.
  • SAFE LOCKING DEVICE: Rotary switch with card slot, can absolutely lock the reel. Free rotation - absolute lock, avoid wire winding.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied with our products, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. No one falls out of love with fly a kite, add to Cart, let’s go fly a kite.

This Kite Line is made of high quality polypropylene and polyester fibers, it is durable and transparent. The Line Length is 100Meters, with the total length of line last 50 meters, which can be easily unwound and retracted. You do not need hand winding any more. Using this great retail packaging to prevent the leakage of line on carriage is highly appreciated by our distributor buyers.

 Long String Is Durable

Keep your family and friends safe off the beach by using this blue ORLUBAAKO kite line reel winder. The 656ft long string is durable and will allow you to fly your kite high up in the sky above.

Safe And Reliable Lines

Introducing this children’s toy that is specially designed for the kids to get fun from engaging. Safe and reliable lines winder promotes children’s strength, concentration and its movements coordination. It is made of ABS plastic which is solid and exerts excellent resistance to scratches, drops, impact or bumps. This will allow you to rest assure when your children are playing outside. Also this great product can be an ideal gift to your beloved ones.

Made With Aluminum Alloy

An obsessional reel with spring drive can easily wind the kite line, make kite flying much more smoothly. The reels are well made with aluminum alloy, which allows them to be used repeatedly and effectively avoids wear.

How To Choose The Best Kite Reel

Best Kite Reel

Online forums where individuals discuss their own experiences, product reviews that are explicitly placed all over the internet, and YouTube channels are all wonderful sources of this type of data. You can only get the right stuff if you do your homework.

Brand and Warranty

Most kite reel industry specialists we contacted advised us always to buy one from a recognized brand. In addition, they urged us to include the greatest brands so people don’t buy models from unknown firms. Because an unknown brand kite reel may appear cheap, it may require frequent maintenance and costly repairs.

A respectable brand’s kite reel also comes with a warranty. Most respected brands’ kite reels have good warranties. Cheap products do have warranties, but claiming them can be difficult. So buy models from well-known manufacturers with solid warranties.


You can’t get the best kite reel on the cheap. Establish a list of all the critical features, specs, and variables and set a budget. Once you have it, seek things within your budget or close to it. Stick to your budget since you’ll see a somewhat better model with an extra function for a very tiny fee. Then you must compute the product price with all the required features and the kite reel with the extra features. See if the price difference is worth the feature. If you don’t think twice, you’ll likely boost your budget.


You need helpful features, not tons of them. We look at the important elements and pick the best Kite Reel.


Numbers usually assist in quantifying product quality. We look for items with high specs yet with a balance.


Durability And Reliability Go Hands A sturdy Kite Reel will last for months or years.


Products come and go, and new ones replace the old. Possibly new features were introduced or essential changes made. What good is a good Kite Reel if the maker no longer supports it? We aim to promote products that are current and sold by one or more trusted sellers.


Hopefully, our guide will help you find the best kite reel for your needs (and preferences). Of course, there’s no guarantee that we’ve included everything and anything in this guide. We could have included plenty of additional manufacturers and offerings here. But at the same time, we hope that we’ve included a diverse enough selection of products to keep the most passionate kite flyers satisfied.

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