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A friend of mine recently accused kiteboarders of being lazy when it’s time to pump up their kites. He even goes as far as stating that kiteboarders literally have the worst time pumping their kites up – which of course is ridiculous. Carrying a kite pump around takes both time and effort and can sometimes be quite complicated.

Sure, it may be highly inefficient and cumbersome to carry, but there are ways to save your back and still ensure you get a good flow out of your pump. Even if you think your kite is properly inflated, you might want to do some test runs and compare how much pressure is coming out of your pump over time.

Here are the things that you should look for when buying a kite pump

Editor’s Pick-Kite Pump

Best Kite Pump In 2022

1. AIRHEAD Double Action Hand Pump

AIRHEAD Double Action Hand Pump
  • Continuously pumps air on both the push down and pull up of the handle for fast inflating
  • Volume is 2 liters / stroke
  • Double Action, perfect for topping off towables
  • Peak pressure is 14 psi
  • This is a great option when your inflatable is almost full

This double action pump inflates and deflates towables, kayaks, boats, airbeds, and other inflatables. It delivers a continuous stream of air on both the up and down strokes. Simply turn the release valve counter-clockwise and you are pumping air only on the down-stroke. This is a great option when your inflatable is almost full and there is backpressure.

Four universal valve fittings are included to fit Boston valves and stem valves. The accordion-style hose stretches to 5 ft. long and interlocks to the pump, so that it does not fall off while you are pumping. Volume is 2 liters/stroke. Very effective for topping off large towables in the boat, since peak pressure is an impressive 14 psi.

Perfect Combination of Performance

Airhead Double Action hand pump provides the perfect combination of performance, portability, and durability. This no-hassle pump is ideal for all riders who want an easy-to-use, portable pump that is perfect for topping off towables between pumps or if you have an internal leak. With a large rugged handle that’s perfect when wearing gloves, this compact pump is great for inflation after a run.

Multi-use Pump

Airhead Double Action Hand Pump is a multi-use pump that’s perfect for inflating and deflating whatever tubular items you care to inflate. The four universal valve fittings included with this pump make it easy to connect to most airbeds, rafts, and boats.

2. ADVANCED ELEMENTS Double Action Pump

Advanced Elements Double Action Pump with Pressure Guage, Yellow, One Size
  • It is durable
  • It is made of multiple adaptors
  • Designed with a pressure gauge
  • This high flow pump inflates and deflates
  • High flow inflation

Pump your kayak with ease, thanks to the Advanced Elements Double Action Pump. The design is set up with a pressure gauge, so it’s easy to know when your boat is properly inflated. Plus, with multiple adaptors included and its double action design, this pump will give you durable, high-flow inflation time after time.

Recyclable and Sturdy

The ADVANCED ELEMENTS Double Action Pump is 100% recyclable and sturdy enough to withstand weights of up to 340 lbs. It’s also chemical-free, seamless, and non-porous, so there are no holes for germs or bacteria to grow in. Plus it comes with a two-year warranty and easy set-up instructions for do-it-yourselfers.

Higher Pressures

The Double Action Pump features high flow inflation with a single pump, even at higher pressures. And it’s reversible – go from high to low pressure with just a flip of the switch.

3. Ocean Rodeo Sports Big Pump for Kite

Ocean Rodeo Sports Big Pump for Kite, Mattress or Pool
  • Maximum versatility: Use as kite, pool or mattress pump
  • Reliable pressure gauge
  • High volume double action valve
  • 3 attachment fittings
  • 2.9L chamber - Biggest kite pump on the market

Smooth action, high flow with a massive 2.9L chamber and high volume double action valve the all-new big pump will get you pumped up and on the water in a hurry.

Featuring an extra tall body with high air flow Piston, anti-sand seals and intake filter, convertible single action valve for double the PSI, a reliable pressure gauge and 3 attachment fittings. The Big Pump is highly versatile and ready to work with any kite, mattress or pool accessory on the market.

The Big Pump

The massive 2.9 litre chamber gets your items pumped up fast! Convert from double to single action pumping for higher pressure top ups and easier use. Includes multiple fittings, flexible hose, large ergonomic handle, sturdy foot steps, and more. Pump up anything you like, from mattresses, pool toys, and of course kitesurfing equipment. With 30% more volume than standard 2.2 litre pumps, finish the job in 1/3 the time.

Versatile Hose

Moderate length provides versatile pumping. Flexible and extremely durable plastic for ease of use and long life.

Convenience Tether

Keep objects close by in breezy conditions. Great for kites, pool toys, mattresses, etc.

4. Slingshot Kiteboarding Kim K Kite Pump

Slingshot Kiteboarding Kim K Kite Pump
  • Kite tether and hook
  • Two extra kite nozzles to fit most kites on the market
  • Integrated sand filter
  • Premium high-flow and extra-durable hose
  • Kite-tuned Slingshot pressure gauge

This big-daddy, deluxe kite pump makes inflating even your 17m kite a breeze. It’s larger, taller, sturdier and has more volume than the traditional kite pump. Newly engineered seals and pistons combined with newly molded handle and feet offer improved ergonomics and inflation speed. Single- to double-stroke inflation switch allows for instant change from high-volume / low-pressure inflation to low-volume / high-pressure.

Simply Attach the Pump

The Kite Pump is a great kite tether, but it also doubles as a pole for inflating your kite. Simply attach the pump to your kite with the included carabiner and pump away to get that perfect pitch.

Simple Effectiveness

This is the official pump of the Slingshot team, featuring a pressure gauge and anodized aluminum barrel construction. This pump will feature simple effectiveness.

5. PKS Pro Flow V3 MEGA Kite Pump

The PKS Pro Flow V3 MEGA kite pump is the next ingredient for your successful kite session. This tweaked and upgraded version of the newest and best pump on the market is constructed with high-quality components and measures 24″ from top to bottom, taller than the older 15″ and 18″ pumps, for up to 2.9 liters of air per pump.

The taller pump is great for taller people or getting more air per stroke than other pumps. Internal friction has been virtually eliminated so this pump ensures effortless inflation time after time. With high-grade, high-quality shaft and piston seals, the PKS Pro Flow V3 pump will outlast any other pump on the market.

This newly engineered pump features a PSI gauge integrated into the handle, foam air filter to catch sand, new premium extra-durable and flexible hose, pump adapters for standard 9mm inflate as well as larger Boston screw valves, ergonomic handgrips and foot base, and kite tether.

Buyer’s Guide Kite Pump

Kite Pump Pressure Gauge

Manual Hand Pumps

Dual-action inflation pumps are most widely utilized among kitesurfers and they’ve substantially improved over the years. Nowadays they come with the choice of either single or double action inflation in either 2.0, 3.0, and up to 5.5-liter capacity. Basically, the larger the liter size, the faster your kite gets pumped up! For example, pumping 3 liters of air can inflate your kite roughly 30 percent faster than the smaller common pumps. If you fly big kites, then I recommend a large double action pump for quicker and faster inflation to get you out on the water quickly.

Care And Maintenance

Treating your pump like a baby and taking care of it is a fantastic idea. There will be no kiting if you don’t have an air pump, so keep that in mind! You might also ask another kiter if they’d mind lending you their pump. Beach sand, on the other hand, is a constant foe of these pumps.

If you can, avoid sand at all costs, but that’s rarely possible, so excellent habits can help maintain your pump in good shape for a long time. Ensure that the pumping shaft and its seals are not contaminated by any sand particles. Maintenance and cleaning or even probable replacement of parts may be necessary for the future if that happens! Also, make sure that the flexible hose and nozzle do not get clogged with sand. Kite bladders don’t like sand. If sand gets in there and you don’t notice, then you could be pumping it in. The bladder can be severely damaged, leak, or explode if there is sand or small pointed shells inside.

Electric Pumps

Electric pumps are wonderful!! These are useful, especially for pumping up large kites in light wind conditions. There are low-cost pumps and higher-cost, higher-quality pumps. My first pump, which I purchased many years ago, was a cheap little pump that was intended for little inflatable pool toys and the like. But it only inflated my kite about halfway, forcing me to finish with my hand pump lame! I was also envious of a construction worker friend who utilized his air compressor, which he had connected to the rear of his truck with an extra-long hose to reach his kite.

If you’re going to get an electric kite pump, make sure it’s a high-quality one that does everything for you. If you’re going to use your pump at the beach, many come with an optional sand filter. Most high-quality kite pumps have inbuilt rechargeable batteries that may be quickly charged using the provided wall charger or automobile cigarette lighter converter. If the battery is dead but you still want to use the pump, use the provided power cord to connect it to another 12V power source, such as a car battery.

Few Caveats

The WMFG is taller so it won’t fit in your kit bag – you have to strap it on. No biggie though. Also as mentioned, the rugged hose is a bit stiff, making it a bit of a hassle to store. An easy solution is just to unscrew the hose from the pump for storing, the hose will lay nice and flat.

Even though the WMFG is faster and easier to pump, some female riders complain the WMFG still requires strength to pump a kite all the way to 8 psi. Also, on a tall pump, you use your arms more as you can’t lean onto the handle as much, and “dead-lift” back up like with a short pump.

Another thing is, if you’re a person with short arms, you may not be able to easily go the full stroke, stopping at mid-chest and not pushing all the way down. Even so, however, the WMFG still pumps much faster than a regular pump.

Final Words

Keep in mind consumption versus value when shopping. You don’t want to pay too much but you sure don’t want to settle for a cheap plastic pump that will fall apart easily. A plastic pump likely is not going to hold up to the abuses of kiteboarding but a nice quality aluminum pump can be a good choice.

Some pumps of this type have a tube that is matched to the size of your board and will both stand up to use and attach securely with quick-release fitting.

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