Best Kitchen Runner Rugs-A Complete Guide

A kitchen runner rug is one of the easiest ways to refresh your home. Why? Because they are used every day. The women in my life (ahem, my mom and my sister), use theirs every day, on purpose and by design. For example, my mom has her kitchen chair cushions positioned so that her kitchen rugs fit right under her legs as she sits down to make dinner or even just a cup of tea.

She has a lot of traffic through her kitchen to the living room because that’s where we like taking our tea and coffee — hey, they are two of my favorite things! So it makes sense to keep the floors coordinate and updated with multi-functional pieces like this.

Here are the best kitchen runner rugs on the market today.

Editor’s Pick-Kitchen Runner Rugs

Best Kitchen Runner Rugs Reviews In 2023

1. U’Artlines 2Pcs Kitchen Rug Runner Set Anti Fatigue

U’Artlines standing kitchen rug sets come with anti-skid bottoms; they are not easy to remove, so you can focus all your energy on enjoying the cooking time. They will be safe to use, especially for kids and the elderly.

These comfort mats will work great in the kitchen, office, standing desk, laundry room, bathroom and restaurant, etc. Classic pattern design is a true cook’s classic color, providing a modern decoration for any home and kitchen.

U’Artlines kitchen mat is a 10MM thick comfort standing mat makes you feel super soft and cushined when standing on

Use as Kitchen Mat

Comfort chef mat set is ideal for home and commercial use will be used as a kitchen runner mat, laundry room mats, inner door mats, yoga mats and more!

Use as a Desk Mat

Thick cushioned comfort kitchen mat provides ample support for your foot and knees over long periods of standing, perfect for use in the office as a comfort desk mat.

Use as a Laundry Mat

The water-resistant feature can help avoid water from wetting the floor; it can help to keep the laundry room dry, perfect fit a laundry room decoration.

2. Carvapet 2 Pieces Kitchen Rug Set Non

Carpet provides high-quality, design sense, comfort, and practicality rugs, mats, and runners for kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, nursery, laundry, entryway, etc., can meet almost all your home rug needs. We specialize in floor mats and rugs to improve the lives of millions of customers worldwide, making your home beautiful and individual.

Microfiber Material

Carpet kitchen rugs made of microfiber material with non-Skid TPR backing ensure safe use; the soft surface is comfortable and easy to work on even with bare feet.

Resistant And Durable

Well done making, detailed edge, resistant and durable.Perfect to be used as a shoe cabinet side mat or bedside rug.Simple and fashion design, ideal for brightening u your kitchen.

3. Color G Kitchen Rugs

The surface of this kitchen mat is made of 100% polypropylene, the material is safe and durable, and the elderly and children can use it confidently. The back of our durable kitchen floor mat is a TPR non-slip bottom to prevent the mat from sliding on the floor and will not damage the floor.

Easy To Clean

This kitchen rug is good water absorption, will not stain the floor, and is easy to clean. It must only be cleaned in a washing machine or a vacuum cleaner.

Edges Due To Transportation

A beautifully packaged, high-quality kitchen mat and 100% satisfaction and lifetime support. Attention: If the mat you receive has creases or raised edges due to transportation, please lay it flat for 1~2 days to remove the creases on the carpet before using it for the first time, or wash and dry the kitchen mat. For any other questions, please contact us; we will provide you with the best solution ASAP.

4. Boho Kitchen Runner Rug 2’x4′ LEEVAN Cotton 

Bohemian style is a rule-breaking, personal, and unconventional style of decorating a living space. The woven boho area rug is resistant to stains, it is easy to care for as it can be vacuumed regularly. You should consider the elegantly mysterious elements found in Bohemian Moroccan Style decor, From vibrant colors to increase funny on the floor

Hand-knitted tassel & Durable Cotton

Each tassel is hand-woven, making the mat more beautiful and varied in interior style.High-quality cotton weaving for durability natural cotton area rug, very soft and comfortable to touch.

Soft 3D Beige Cotton Tufted

Hand-tufted with a half-inch of natural cotton material,a little tufted design with a cozy and luxurious feel, keep you up with the latest trends of bohemian home decor.

Easy to Care

Machine washable in cold water gentle cycle. Colors Separate. Dry Cleaning applicable. Do not bleach.Iron low heat.

5. LUFEIJIASHI Small Kitchen Rugs and mats Non Skid Washable Kitchen

The kitchen rug fits perfectly in front of the kitchen sink and laundry Can absorb oil splashed during cooking and water droplets dropped during washing.

Easy to clean

This floor mat supports machine wash or hand wash, and light stains can also be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, which is very convenient to maintain

perfect match for the kitchen

Tip: The cushion is folded and packaged. Therefore, there may be some creases on the carpet. Please machine washes the mat and dry it. Or iron it, and the crease will disappear.

6. HEBE Kitchen Rug Sets 2 Piece with Runner

This kitchen rug is designed for water absorption, keep your kitchen dry and moisture; Slip resistant: rubbery backing is designed to ensure you have a safe activity; Suitable for kitchen, kid’s room, doorway, outdoor, foyer, bathroom, bedroom, balcony, porch; Different pattern for you to choose, make sure there is always a right color for your kitchen. With non-Skid TPR rubber backing, the indoor mat front door mat gives you the safest protection and won’t slip or scuff floors. You can use the kitchen mat on the dry wood floor, tile floor, etc.

Good Condition After Multiple

Sturdy edge stitching keeps the kitchen rug set in original good condition after multiple machine wash and longtime use, and classic geometric pattern design upgrade home and kitchen decor. The entryway rug floor carpet is made of high-quality polypropylene fabric, which can help to absorb water, scrap off dirt, dust, grit, mud, sand, grass, or snow from the shoes and protect your floors clean.

Regularly Sweep

Kitchen mats for floors constructed to absorb water and dry quickly always keep you a fresh kitchen, ideal for placing in your kitchen or any high-traffic area of your home! You can regularly sweep these throw rugs and runners with a broom or vacuum or shake them off outdoors. For a deeper clean, machine washed and air dried. Suitable for indoor/outdoor door mats, kitchen, entry rug, laundry room rug, bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining room, office, porch, stairs, balcony, kid’s room, etc.

7. LEEVAN Boho Kitchen Runner Rug

Bohemian style is a rule-breaking, personal, and unconventional style of decorating a living space. The woven boho area rug is resistant to stains, it is easy to care for as it can be vacuumed regularly. You should consider the elegantly mysterious elements found in Bohemian Moroccan Style decor, From vibrant colors to increase funny on the floor

Boho Bathroom Rug 2′ x 3′

small boho rug with vintage hand-knotted tassels element, simple tribal vivid rainbow bring exoticism feeling into your bathroom

Cotton Sink Rug 2′ x 3′

Decorative with boho style rug in front of sink adds exquisite detail and craftsmanship.

Hallway Runner Rug 2′ x 4′

Durable cotton rug made to withstand everyday use, extremely easy to take care of and will brighten up a dining room.

8. Collive Kitchen Runner Rug, 2’ x 4’ Cotton Hand

Collive is a brand dedicated to producing area rugs; we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing rugs across a range of styles. Our rug offers a timeless touch of class, and it’s great for high and low-traffic areas, making the perfect addition to your home decor.

Skin-Friendly and Comfortable

Our rug is made of soft and fluffy cotton. Tightly woven cotton area rug , durable, good breathability cotton rug, and skin-friendly fabric for Nurseries and children

Pets and Kids Friendly

Fine workmanship, exquisite edge lock, good shape, and no running threads. Comfortable and skin-friendly soft floor surface for pets and children to play, Perfect for reducing noise and impact, and a great insulator on all floor surfaces

Machine Washable

Machine wash, hand wash,rinse with cold water, and air dry naturally.Vacuum your rug regularly (without a beater bar) to maintain the life and beauty of your rug.

Best Kitchen Runner Rugs Buying Guide


Kitchen runners come in many different varieties. You should choose a rug that fits the space if you intend to place it there. Make sure you precisely measure the space before making a rug purchase. In rare cases, the rug can even be specially made to accommodate you. Making the right size choice will improve the appearance of your kitchen.

Convenient and Non-slip

Pick rugs with an anti-slip backing that are plush, cushioned, and durable. You can stand on this if you spill a lot of liquid when cleaning dishes or while stirring soup over the stove.

If you fall in love with a rug, you shouldn’t shy away from it just because the backing isn’t anti-slip. Nonslip rug pads should be used to safeguard mats and area rugs. You can cut them down to fit your kitchen rug based on its size.

Design and Color

After addressing all of the issues, it’s time to think about size, material, and design. Simply put, the ideal carpet for your kitchen should fit the size and form of the room while having a design and color that go well with the furnishings.

Rugs provide both aesthetic and functionality. Picking a hue that is already present in your kitchen and incorporating it into the rug is the best tip for choosing a kitchen rug. This will enable you to coordinate your carpeting with the design of your kitchen.


The components of a rug matter while choosing one for your kitchen. Make sure the carpeting you select is sturdy and simple to clean. The ideal rugs for kitchens are those with low piles, flatweaves, or braids.

Get a kitchen rug that can be used both indoors and outside. A busy kitchen is a fantastic match for an outside rug. Outdoor polypropylene rugs are non-porous, moisture-resistant, and very long-lasting.

Elegant and simple to clean? How about being both simple to use and safe? I adore it. Continue reading to learn why kitchen rugs and mats are so crucial.


Can you put a runner rug in the kitchen?

Consider placing a rug between the sink and the island if you choose a runner rug, no matter how large or small. It will make the kitchen look softer and warmer. The kitchen’s cold floors will also be heated. It is inevitable that there will be a spill or splash in the kitchen.

What is the best rug for in front of the kitchen sink?

Rugs in square and rectangular shapes are popular for a good reason: multiple uses are often found in these versatile shapes. To add comfort and cushioning to a kitchen sink, crescent-shaped or half-moon rugs are often used. The round rug is a good choice for softening sharp edges and accommodating the focus of the room.

How long should a runner be in the kitchen?

Various ways can be used to modify the size of your kitchen rug based on this layout. You will probably need a runner if you have a galley kitchen. There are two to three feet of width and six to ten feet of length when it comes to these rugs.

Where should a runner be placed in a kitchen?

The rugs in the kitchen should be placed in the areas with the most foot traffic. Rugs should also be placed in areas that show more signs of spills and stains. Spaces such as those in front of a sink, stove, or refrigerator may be considered to be this kind of space.

Are Ruggable rugs worth it?

Ruggable is worth it if you are looking for ultimate convenience. You should consider Ruggable washable rugs if you often spill or stain your rugs. Every room of the house can be furnished by them from the mudroom to the living room, with styles and sizes to suit.


We hope that our article will make it easier for you to choose the best kitchen runner rugs for your home. If you already have some insight into which type of rug you want, but you’re having trouble figuring out where to find one that’s a good price, we recommend heading to You’ll have access to hundreds of options and can easily compare prices, delivery times, and more to find the best deals.

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