Top 7 Best Keycap Puller – Buying Guide

Finding the best keycap puller that fits your keyboard might be challenging with so many varied mechanical keyboard sizes. Several keyboards feature small modifier keys, unusual right shift keys, strange spacebars, distinctive enter keys, and split backspace. Because the options are limitless, it’s crucial to know what to look for when purchasing the best keycap pullers for your mechanical keyboard.

It is advisable to check the layout of your keyboard and the size of special keys like space, shift, and backspace to see if a keycap set will fit your mechanical keyboard.

It can be challenging to find the greatest brand if you’re seeking the best. Fortunately, you’ll find detailed information about the seven best keycap pullers on the market in this post. Continue reading to find out more!

Our Favorite Keycap Puller

7 Best Keycap Pullers- Buying Guide

1. Qisan Black Stainless Steel Keycap Puller

This high-quality wire-style best keycap puller is a must-have for anyone who owns a mechanical keyboard. This durable and compact device makes it long-lasting and easy to use. Because it can flex outward to fit onto any key except the spacebar, the Quisan puller is excellent for removing keyboard keys. One of the best keycap pullers can also hold up to three keys to make key removal faster.

This gadget features high compatibility, which is why it fits most mechanical keyboards, including Cherry MX, Alps, and Topre switches. The hooks on this puller may widen out to accommodate larger keys, allowing them to be pulled up as straight as possible. The device is inexpensive and sturdy enough to handle even oversized keycaps such as shift or enter. More importantly, unlike the molded plastic key pullers that are occasionally included with mechanical keyboards, this gadget is soft enough not to harm your keycaps.

Features and Benefits

  • Efficient: The puller’s wires can be bent outward to fit mechanical (and other) keycaps.
  • Compatibility: Most mechanical keyboards, including Cherry MX, Alps, and others, are compatible with this device.
  • User-friendly: The Quisan Keycap Puller is a simple and effective device that allows you to remove keycaps easily.


  • It has an excellent grip on the key and is simple to use.
  • It doesn’t scratch the keys in any way.
  • Reasonable price.


  • The keys with stabilizers are not pulled out.

2. Ortarco Keycap Puller

This keycap puller comes with keyboard brushes, making it work great in removing keycaps and cleaning your computer. In addition, the device features a brush that can be used to clean the heat sink and fan on laptops and mechanical keyboards.

The brush handles are about the width of a pencil, making them ideal for cleaning the keyboard once the keycaps have been removed. Unlike other pullers, the Ortarco Keycap Puller is offered with brushes, making it a popular choice among users. The keycap puller is high-quality steel and best suited for mechanical keyboard users. Because of the puller’s ideal design, it can simply slip around the lower edges of the keycaps and draw them out.

Features and Benefits

  • Brushes: The gadget comes with thin enough brushes to work around the keyboard’s little crevices.
  • High-quality steel: This device is built of high-quality steel, making it more durable and suited for users of mechanical keyboards.
  • Efficient: The keycap puller aids in the removal of keys, while the brush removes dust bunnies and crumbs from your keyboard.


  • The design is well-thought-out, making the pulling procedure simple.
  • It’s low-cost and effective.
  • It’s perfect for removing stuck keys.


  • Not suitable for removing some keycaps like the “space” and “enter” keys.

3. SYIDINZN Keycap Puller

The SYIDINZN Keycap Puller is suitable for those looking for a compact and high-quality keycap puller. This gadget is durable and ideal for cleaning keycaps, replacing keycaps and switches, or performing routine maintenance. Most mechanical keyboards, including Cherry MX, Alps, and Topre switches, are compatible with the keycap puller. Additionally, this device is an excellent DIY tool and may be used as a pair of tweezers.

Features and Benefits

  • Portability: Because this keycap puller is a good size, it’s easy to carry everywhere.
  • Design: The keycap puller’s grip has an anti-slip design, making it convenient for use.
  • Wide Compatibility: Compatible with most mechanical keyboards, including Cherry MX, Alps, and Topre switches, “scissor” type switches are not compatible.
  • Flexibility: The puller’s wires can be bent outward to suit mechanical (and other) keycaps.


  • When dealing with obstinate keycaps, this is a good solution.
  • Overall, the puller’s sturdiness is quite good.
  • Compact and suited for everyone who owns a mechanical keyboard
  • All mechanical keyboards are compatible with this device


  • When attempting to pull surface-mounted switches, it bends.

4. Zonon Keyboard Keycap Puller: 202 Pieces Tools

This high-quality keyboard puller has a plastic handle with two steel loops, catching and pulling keys quickly. The device is comprised of a robust material that has shown to be quite durable. Unlike plastic keycap pullers, this best keycap puller is kinder to the keycaps and doesn’t damage the sides. In addition, this puller has a great shape that allows it to flex and fit around almost every keycap. More importantly, the metal switch puller holds the switches firmly and pulls them out smoothly.

Features and Benefits

  • Cleaning supplies: The puller comes with various cleaning tools, including 1 keyboard puller, 1 door window track cleaning brush, 200 o-ring switch dampeners, and a storage box, which should be plenty to fulfill your everyday demands.
  • Durable o-ring: These o-ring switch dampeners are constructed of silicone, which provides a long service life. They perform well for quieting down your keyboard due to the silicone material’s elasticity; even type a little faster because the actuation distance is reduced.
  • Easy to store: The cleaner brush bristles are constructed of nylon and have great flexibility, wear resistance, and heat deflection, making them easy to store.


  • The dampeners and pulling tool work perfectly.
  • The device has a plastic case for storage, which is a significant improvement over a plastic bag.
  • Simple to use


  • It won’t fit around the larger keycaps, such as the space bar, shift keys, and so on.
  • When removing tight switches, it twists.

5. Camkix Keyboard Cleaning Kit

Camkix Keyboard Cleaning Kit is the greatest alternative for you if you’re seeking an excellent set for a dirt-free computer keyboard. The kit comes with one mini-brush, one regular-sized cleaning brush, one keyboard cap remover, one blower, and one Camkix cleaning cloth. A wire on the keyboard cap puller may be twisted outward to fit every key. Except for the spacebar, the puller is compatible with most mechanical keyboards and is ideal for every key.

Features and Benefits

  • Durable air blower: The gadget has a long-lasting blower that can easily press and remove small particles from delicate surfaces that could cause additional damage.
  • 2 varieties of brushes: There are two types of brushes in the set: powerful but soft bristles. Because of its finer fibers, the mini-brush is designed to reach small gaps in the keyboard and other equipment. The larger cleaning brush can properly remove dust from the camera lens’s sensitive sections and small crumbs from hard-to-reach areas of the keyboard.
  • Key cap remover: The keyboard cap remover’s wire can be twisted outward to fit any key. To speed up the removal, it may hold up to three keys at once. It works with the majority of mechanical keyboards.


  • The instruments are packaged in a resealable and durable plastic bag that keeps them dust-free.
  • A cost-effective way to clean keyboards
  • Simple to use


  • The space key is impossible to remove with the keycap remover.

6. Velocifire Keycap Puller for Mechanical Keyboard

The Velocifire steel keycap puller is composed of high-quality stainless steel that is flexible and thin enough to pass through the spaces between the keys. This kind of best keycap puller is a must-have tool for everyone who owns a mechanical keyboard since it makes removing and replacing keycaps a breeze. This gadget is designed with a round body shape for maximum comfort, and it’s compatible with most mechanical keyboards, including Cherry MX, Kailh, Outemu, and Content Switches.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use: You may effortlessly remove and replace keycaps on your computer’s keyboard with this puller.
  • Comfort: The gadget has a spherical body form that is designed to be as comfortable as possible.
  • Compatibility: Most mechanical keyboards, including Cherry MX, Kailh, Outemu, and Content Switches, are compatible with this keycap removal tool.


  • It provides a comfortable grip.
  • It’s tiny and adaptable, making it ideal for key pulling.
  • For easy storage, the puller can be screwed off.


  • It features a thinner wire that does not hold the switch on all four sides.

7. Griarrac Mechanical Keyboard O Ring Switch Dampener with Keycap Puller

The Griarrac Mechanical Keyboard O-ring Switch Dampener is constructed of transparent silicone material, which minimizes the 0.2mm travel distance of the mechanical keyboard switches, removing additional noise and providing a consistent sound output while typing. The LED backlights can shine through these o-rings since they are transparent and soft. They also function flawlessly with your RBG mechanical keyboard. The O-rings come with a keycap extractor and a dust brush to assist you in cleaning your computer and removing the keycap.

Features and Benefits

  • Support RGB keyboard: The transparent and soft O-Rings on the Griarrac Mechanical Keyboard allow the LED backlights to shine through. The O-rings fit your RBG mechanical keyboard flawlessly.
  • Keycap puller & dust brush: This product includes a double-end keycaps removal tool that makes it simple to pluck both conventional and odd-sized keys, such as retro round keycaps or customized keycaps. Scrape away the filth on or around the switches with the 2-in-1 brush.
  • Cleaning cloth: The bundle includes a nice microfiber cleaning cloth used to clean your mechanical keyboard, mouse, PC tower, and monitor.
  • Bag: The set includes a sturdy accessory bag that is ideal for transporting and organizing all of your miscellaneous components, tools, and small computer accessories.


  • While typing, it minimizes noise and delivers a constant sound output.
  • It comes with a brush and a 2-in-1 switch puller.
  • The item was sold at a reasonable price.


  • The keycap puller’s smaller end is stiff, which may ruin the keys.

Best Keycap Puller Buying Guide

best keycap puller

Here are some things to think about when purchasing a keycap puller.

Quality of the keycap

Many things determine the quality of a keycap. These factors include the keycap’s material, thickness, and printing procedure. A thicker keycap will last longer than a paper-thin keycap, as you might imagine. In addition, the keycap should not be too thick to impact the feel. Because different keycap materials survive longer than others, it is advisable to purchase a long-lasting one.

The Typing feels

Keycaps can subtly alter the feel of typing. The material of the keycaps will alter the sound produced by the keyboards. This is especially noticeable at your fingertips.

A keyboard with a rough surface will keep your fingers from slipping. If you want heavily personalized keycaps, be aware that they will impact the overall keyboard experience.


Before you go out and buy some keycaps, be sure they’ll work with your keyboard’s mechanical switches. You should also consider the size and layout of your keyboard. Finally, consider purchasing a replacement space keycap that is shorter or longer than the original.


You can’t utilize a keycap if it doesn’t fit the stem of the switch, regardless of its shape or form. Unfortunately, the switch stems of mechanical keyboards vary. Some products are cross-shaped, round, rectangular, and weirdly formed. On the plus side, Cherry MX stems are found on many mechanical keyboards.


The cost of the keycap set you want to buy will vary depending on many factors. The key factors are the material, printing method, and manufacturer. You should purchase from a reputable producer of high-quality keycaps. You will be able to find decent keycaps regardless of your budget.


If you have a backlit keyboard, you’ll need keycaps compatible with it. Backlit or RGB lighting on keyboards looks good, adding visibility at night. Unfortunately, most aftermarket keycaps are opaque, meaning they don’t let light pass through. Backlit keyboards work well with puddy and double-shot keycaps.

How to make a keycap puller

best keycap puller

This guide will teach you to create a better wire keycap puller with paper clips and a twist tie.

The steps are as follows:

Collect the required supplies

  • A tape measure
  • Pliers with a single needle in the nose
  • A twist tie
  • Two sizes #1 paper clips

Because #1 paper clips are the same width as ordinary wire keycap pullers, they’re the best choice. They should only be about 1mm thick.

Twist ties with a plastic coating are preferred for enhanced strength and comfort.

Straightening paper clips

Your paper clips will need to be straightened. To straighten them out section by part, you can use your fingers or pliers. The pliers may be required for the final bend. Straighten any kinks using your pliers.

Check your paper clips against a flat surface or a straight edge to ensure they are straight.

Bend the arms

The breadth of a wire keycap puller is around 3/4′′ (1.9 cm), or about the width of a finger. To ensure that you finish up with two arms of identical length, make sure your bends are exact and centered on the wire.

Each arm should be roughly 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) in length when bent. You’ve probably succeeded if your finger fits between the arms. It shouldn’t be too wide because it won’t fit between the keys.

Make the pegs bend

Just make sure you don’t use more than the pliers’ tip for these last bends. The pegs need to be long enough to secure the twist tie. Make an effort to keep your arms as long as possible. Each peg should be no more than 0.5 millimeters in length.

Perform the twist

Take your twist tie and place it in the middle of your clip pegs. Fold each portion across the arms so that both sides are the same length. Next, twist the pegs we bent in Step 4 up and around them. This serves as both a retainer and a pulling handle.

This is the final step, and your DIY wire keycap puller is now complete!

How to use a keycap puller

best keycap puller

When learning how to utilize a keycap puller, a few steps must be followed to be effective. The first step is to place the key you want to remove into the device’s hole. Next, pull the USB keypad away from the hole in the device using the pull-back mechanism. Again, it should be simple to remove.

After removing the key, unplug the device from the USB port before removing the keypad in any way. The puller mechanism must be free of any stuck or jammed wires to function effectively. Then, if you’re working with a multi-board, connect all of the parts and their cords to the puller. The key that has been pulled as part of the system will be recognized by the multi-board and removed.

Some keycap puller manufacturers even include a kit to assist consumers with installation. This is a handy choice because it removes many people who find learning how to use the tool. In addition, some of the best keycap pullers have a series of keycap extractors, allowing users to remove the key without losing it easily.

You can now install the right puller mechanism for your keycap and device. Many people opt for an automated device that allows them to pull out or insert the key without removing the device from its slot. This is the most practical and straightforward way to use a keycap puller. The sole disadvantage of this gadget is that it requires manual cap tightening and loosening.


Do You Need a Keycap Puller?

A keycap puller identifies the different keyboard types on your mechanical keyboard to clean it or change them out for a more personal touch. These little accessories wrap around a keycap and let you remove it without hurting it or the switches it’s connected to.

What is the Easiest Way to Remove Keycaps?

You can accomplish it with paper clips. Bend it with a flat side, place it under the key, hold both ends while gently pulling up, or do the same with two paper clips, which practically replicate some key pullers.

How Do I Get Rid of Keycap without a Tool?

Remove the screws on the backside of your keyboard with the screwdriver. Your keyboard should now be split in half. You can pry them out with a credit card or equivalent wedge if it doesn’t. Next, remove the keycaps one by one with a credit card or a ruler.

How Much is a Keycap Puller?

The keycap puller is a basic wire puller used to remove caps without harming the caps’ sides. Before buying this gadget, there are a few things you need to bear in mind. For instance, you should buy your keycaps from a trustworthy keycap manufacturer. Then, regardless of your budget, you will be able to obtain quality keycaps. A keycap puller costs $3.99 on average.


However difficult it may be for you to choose the best keycap puller for your needs, with the help of our recommendations, you will be able to make an informed decision on your purchase. When acquiring keycaps for your mechanical keyboard, it’s critical to learn what to look for and identify the different keycaps types.

Among the most important considerations are the keycap’s durability and quality and the typing experience it gives, compatibility, lighting, and the overall cost of the device. Then, based on your tastes and inclinations, you’ll surely select the best keycap puller that is offered within your budgetary constraints.

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