Best Journal Notebook – Buying Guide

What are some of the best journal notebook in the market today?

As a writer, you probably made a few resolutions this year, and you’d like to stick with the habits and make notable changes. Getting a good journal can help you keep track and stay motivated. Writing is always a perfect way to keep yourself accountable, and a journal is a good partner. Journaling can also boost creative thinking.

In this article, we’ll list and elaborate on the best journal notebook you can get on the market today.

Our Favorite Best Journal Notebook

Best Journal Notebook Comparison Table

PAPERAGE Lined Journal Notebook, (Burgundy) Pages: 160
Size: Medium  
Item Dimensions: 5.7 inches x 8 inches
Weight: 100 gsm
Paper: Thick
Cover: Hardcover
PAPERAGE Lined Journal Notebook, (Dark Grey)                        Ruling type: Ruled
Pages: 160 Pages,
Dimensions: 5.7 inches x 8 inches
Weight: 100 gsm
Color: Dark Grey
POPRUN 10 Pack Journals Notebooks  Weight: 80Gsm
Paper: Thick
Dimensions: 5.4″x8.5″
Color: Red
Ruling type: Ruled
EOOUT 24pcs A5 Colored Journals Notebooks  Style: Ruled, Lined
Cover: Soft
Dimensions: 5.5″ x 8.5″ Inch
Pages: 60
Color: Multicolor
IDEALOne Classic Hardcover Lined Notebook Journal  Pages: 160
Item Dimensions: 5.7”x8”,
Weight: 100GSM
Ruling type: Ruled
2 Pack Classic Notebooks/JournalsRuling type: College Ruled
Page Style: Lined
Dimensions: 5 x 8.25 Inch
Color: 1 Black + 1 Yellow
Brand: Ai-natebok
Deziliao Lined Journal NotebooksWeight: 100Gsm
Size: Medium
Dimensions: 5.7″x8.4″,
Color: Orange,
Ruling type: Ruled
EOOUT 3 Pack A5 Lined Spiral NotebookDimensions: 6″x 8.5″
Pages: 160
Binding: Twin wire
Weight: 100gsm
Ruling type: Ruled
Huhuhero Ruled Notebook JournalDimensions: 5″×8.25″
Paper: Thick, Lined
Color: Black
Ruling type: Ruled
Brand: Huhuhero
RETTACY Lined Journal NotebookSize: A5
Format: College Ruled
Pages: 376 Numbered Pages
Weight: 100gsm
Paper: Thick
Dimensions: 5.75” × 8.38”

Top 10 Best Journal Notebook- Buying Guide

1. PAPERAGE Lined Journal Notebook

The Burgundy PAPERAGE lined journal notebook has been a favorite notebook among journaling enthusiasts. This 160 paged journal notebook has a simple yet attractive design with a few critical components of a journal notebook.

It comes with a hardcover made from durable, water-resistant vegan leather. The papers are thick and ruled, and it has rounded corners to protect the edges from folding. In addition, this notebook features expandable inner pockets, sticker labels, bookmark ribbons, and elastic closure band.

Note-taking, journaling, and planning have never been more convenient with this PAPERAGE journal notebook. The papers are thick and acid-free, so you can write with most pens and markers without the worry of ghosting or bleeding through.


Quality Design– Includes a water-resistant vegan leather hardcover, 160 pages of thick and acid-free paper, expandable inner storage pockets, closure band, and sticker labels for decorations.

Lays flat for Convenience– This journal notebook is thread-bound and is designed to lay flat when writing. This makes it easy for both left and right-handed users to write.

Vibrant and Colorful– The variety of vibrant colors makes it popular and attractive. You get to choose which color of the same design you want.

Premium Paper Quality– With a weight of 100gms, this journal is thicker than the regular standard notebooks. Besides, the papers are acid-free so that you can write comfortably with most pens and markers without the risk of bleed-through or ghosting.


  • High- quality acid-free paper
  • Expandable inner pocket
  • Sticker labels for organizing and personalizing your work
  • Lays flat for convenient use


  • It’s too heavy to use on the go

2. PAPERAGE Lined Journal Notebook

This journal notebook is a perfect addition to your collection as the sister. PAPERAGE does not fail on quality and performance. Similarly, this notebook features critical elements such as thick and acid-free papers, round edges, durable vegan leather and water-resistant cover, elastic band to keep the book closed, ribbon bookmarks, and decorating sticker labels.

It is designed to lay flat when open for ease of use for both left and right-handed writers, and it is made with a range of beautiful colors to choose from. The ruled paper style is perfect for planning, note-taking, and, of course, journaling. You can use the expandable inner pockets to store simple things like cards and receipts.


Lay Flat Design– The notebook lays flat when open making it easy for right and left-handed users to write.

High Quality is one of the best-selling journal notebooks with a durable and water-resistant cover and acid-free paper for efficiency and convenience.

Accessories– This notebook is accompanied by unique accessories, including expandable storage pockets, an elastic band for closure, sticker labels for decorations, and ribbon bookmarks for easy tracking.

Great Paper Material– Its papers are heavy, thick, and acid-free. This makes writing easy without worrying about markers and pens bleeding through.


  • Impressive paper quality
  • Water-resistant cover
  • Decorating sticker labels
  • Vibrant and colorful


  • Might be a little heavy

3. POPRUN 10 Pack Journals Notebooks

These notebooks don’t come cheap, but they’re undoubtedly good investments. Most people like them for the value pack that you can stock or share with friends, colleagues, classmates, and family.

They have 192 pages of 80gms thick papers which can handle fountain pens and ink and most other pens. Enjoy writing using any hand because it is designed to lay flat when writing, making reading, journaling, and note taking more comfortable and relaxed.

Moreover, you can throw it in your bag or purse and carry it around for convenience. Ideal for class, work, home, office, school, teaching, drawing, and studying.


Multipurpose– Suits many occasions and activities, including church and school supplies. They can be used for art drawings, classwork, office work, at home, studying, and more.

Excellent Investment- Although the pack is expensive, it comes with a bulk of 10 notebooks which you can use as supplies or gift out to family and friends.

Lays Flat– The notebook’s designed to lay flat when in use. This is effective for more relaxed and comfortable writing or reading experience.

Portable– Despite the papers being conveniently thick, the journal notebook is not heavy. You can carry it with you when you need to without feeling the weight or that it takes too much space.


  • It suits many occasions
  • Premium quality paper that allows the use of most pens
  • Ergonomic design for ease of use
  • Bulk pack of 10 notebooks


  • · Expensive

4. EOOUT 24pcs A5 Colored Journals Notebooks

We know that seems like a lot of money for this tiny and thin notebook, but it has an excellent value for your money since you get a pack of 24 pieces with 60 pages each. The vibrancy of these notebooks makes them an industry’s favorite.

The high-quality colored kraft softcover and cream white paper are efficiently stitched together with a thread for protection and durability. This notebook is at the top of the game when it comes to speed. It has a lined paper style and is easy to carry around for quick note-taking and planning. Perfect for kids’ classes, school work, daily planning, travel journaling, and daily diary.


Assorted Colors– The pack contains 12 assorted vibrant colors, which you can use for your creativity and imagination and create a particular mood by recording colorful thoughts.

Impressive material– Made of high-quality colored kraft cover. The papers and the covers are thread-stitched together to protect them from loosening and damage. This quality material protects your eyes from visual fatigue and gives the best user experience.

Multi-Use– It has a perfect A5 paper size making it an excellent option for portability. It is ideal for several uses, including creating a diary, travel journaling, study notes, and daily planning.

Product Quality Assurance– It comes with a quality assurance benefit. In case of any problems during the purchase process, you can contact the service team and get the best and most quick solutions.


  • Light and portable
  • A single pack contains 24 pieces
  • Assorted colors
  • Colored kraft covers


  • Soft covers
  • A limited number of pages

5. IDEALOne Classic Hardcover Lined Notebook Journal

The secret is in the name, and the price does not determine its quality. IDEALOne Classic is ideal for capturing thoughts at home, work, or school. It is stylish and durable.

With 160 pages, this journal notebook with leather-like hardcover offers plenty of space for recording your most treasured and intimate thoughts or creative ideas. The pages are thick, ruled, thread-bound, and ivory-colored creating an attractive and elegant backdrop for your entries.

The rounded corners make it travel-friendly and handy as a travel journal. You can use the expandable storage pocket to hold receipts, photos, business cards, or the ribbon bookmark for tracking pages. The opportunities are endless with this IDEALOne.


Classic Design– With an elastic closure band, ribbon bookmark, leather-like hardcover, expanding inner pocket, and colorful pages, this notebook is a perfect design for creative thoughts and ideas.

Versatile is suitable for all your personal, business, or school writing needs and can serve as supplies, notebooks, writing pads, or diaries.

Travel-Friendly– The size and the rounded corners make it perfect for traveling and moving around. You can also use it as a travel journal to record your favorite adventure experiences.


  • Suitable for various uses
  • It opens and lays flat during writing
  • Thread-bound pages for protection
  • It offers plenty of space for writing

6. 2 Pack Classic Notebooks/Journals

Add elegance and sophistication to your note-taking and journaling time with 2 Pack Classic Notebooks. Measuring 5 x 8.25 Inches, it features an integrated bookmark to help keep track of pages, an expandable inner pocket for storage, a cardboard bound cover, and elastic closure that helps keep the notebook securely closed.

Best of all, it is designed with premium quality paper that is 120gms thick, which makes it avoid ink bleed or feathering. It is suitable to use with most pens and markers. The papers are also acid-free, making them resistant to damage from light and air.

The cover has a textured finish that feels great on the hands and is flexible to adapt to the body’s movements without causing any damage. This faux leather hardcover also protects the inner pages and doubles as a convenient surface for easy writing. Ideal for everyday use, including notes, musings, lists, and perfect as a gift for kids, family, and friends.


Great value for money- The two-pack classic journal notebooks are fashionable, quality crafted, and elegant books with a competitive price. You, therefore, get back great value for the money you spend due to quality and functionality.

Faux Leather Cover– Has a textured finish which gives the hands a great and natural feeling. A durable cover also protects the pages to last long and double as a hard surface for convenient writing.

Quality Paper- This 128 pages notebook is made of 120gms thick lined paper designed to avoid feathering, ghosting, and bleeding through when using some pens and markers. The acid-free paper also resists damage from light and air and is easy on the eyes.

Lifetime Support Guarantee- Suppose you have any issues or challenges with the notebook, reach out to the customer service and get served within 24 hours. If you don’t like the quality after buying, you are free to return and get a full refund.


  • High-quality, acid-free paper
  • Faux leather cover with texture finish
  • It is customizable
  • Comes with a bookmark, elastic closure band, and storage pocket.


  • The pages might not be tightly bound

7. Deziliao Lined Journal Notebooks

Choose this lined journal notebook, and you’ll get plenty of valuable components that make it a perfect choice. In addition to 144, 100gms acid-free pages and a convenient 5.7 by 8.4inch size, you’ll also get a ribbon bookmark, one pen loop, elastic band, and one inner storage pocket.

The college rule spacing style offers more writing space, and the paper is acid-free and highly ink-proof, making it resistant to bleeding through when writing. Lay-flat design makes it easy to use when reading or writing.


Light and Portable– A5 notebooks with 5.7 by 8.4 inches in size. They are the best partner wherever you go since you won’t feel the weight and don’t take much space.

Premium Paper– 100GMS acid-free and ink-proof paper to allow a smooth writing experience and help prevent feathering and bleeding.

Great Design– A pen loop, inner pocket, ribbon bookmark, hardcover, and elastic band for closure. It is designed for a professional look with tightly bound pages.


  • Comes with a pen loop
  • Acid-free and ink-proof paper
  • College ruled
  • Includes an inner pocket


  • The binding could be tighter

8. EOOUT 3 Pack A5 Lined Spiral Notebook

This is where beauty meets creativity. This notebook is quite attractive with a range of colors. EOOUT combines fashion, style, and elegance to produce a high-quality notebook. It is made with a strong twin-wire binding and elastic support to make it more durable.

Thick paper avoids bleeding or ink penetration to the back of the page, providing a better drawing and writing experience. The strong paper prevents the pages from having wrinkles when flipped over. The space between the loop and the inner pages allows enough room for securing a regular pencil, making it easier to access and carry.

There’s a back pocket where you can safely store business cards or memos, and the cover fillet edge protects the fingers and increases safety. Perfect for business people, children, students, teachers, artists, and others.


High-quality Design– is meant to improve the writing experience and enhance comfort. The strong loop and the outer hardcover fillet edge increase safety and protect the fingers. There’s a space between the loop and the pages, holding a pencil for easy access.

Multipurpose Notebook– Its suitable for various uses, including acting as a work diary, travel diary, project notebook, or as a schedule for daily use. It serves students, business people, teachers, artists, and children.

Impressive Paper Quality– With 100gms thick paper, this notebook is thicker than most standard notebooks and provides a better writing experience. The quality of the paper prevents it from ink penetration and bleeding through.

Back Pocket– It is designed with a back pocket that is convenient for easy storage of business cards, photos, memos, and receipts.


  • Vibrant and Attractive Design
  • Strong twin-wire binding
  • Great paper quality
  • Loop space for holding a pen


  • Papers can easily fall out

9. Huhuhero Ruled Notebook Journal

This beautiful faux leather notebook journal features a soft and smooth leather that protects the pages to last for years of use.

Measuring 5 “X8.25”, its paper is good quality, thick, and cut evenly, making it perfect for minimal ghosting or bleeding through. The paper resists damage from light and air and protects your eyes from irritation. You will love that the hardcover is easy to lay flat for convenience and comfort when writing or reading.

It comes with a strong elastic band for easy closure and a page marker which comes in handy when you don’t want to lose a particular page. It has an expandable pocket in the back to keep business cards, notes, receipts, and other small paper items. Great journal notebooks for writers, business, college and is suitable for home, office, work, art and drawings, teaching, studying.


Classic Hardcover- The notebook is a classic faux leather hardcover with a smooth and soft feel. The leather hardcover protects the journal for durability.

Excellent Paper Quality– Its 128 pages, 120gms thickly lined papers are thicker than most standard notebooks. This makes it fit to use with most pen types, brush pens, ballpoint pens, glitter pens, etc. It resists damage from air and light and protects the eyes from irritation during use.

Multipurpose-Perfect as travel notebook, business notebook, study notebook, journals, daily planner; Perfect Birthday gift, Halloween gift, Christmas gift, back to college gift for yourself, family, and friends; Great journals for writers, business, college; Suitable for home, office, work, art and drawings, teaching, studying; convenient for educators, church supplies.


  • Has a premium paper quality
  • Suitable for numerous activities
  • Great size for portability
  • The cover lays flat for comfort


  • Not suitable for coloring

10. RETTACY Lined Journal Notebook

If you are a writer who likes more defined lines and more writing space, this RETTACY notebook journal features 376 pages for two packs and a college rule paper format. Available in two classic colors- black and blue- you’ll love this notebook because the papers are smooth, thick, and acid-free, making sure there is no bleeding through.

The premium leather cover protects the notebook to make it last for years, and it provides a comfortable writing surface. It comes with an elastic closure band, two bookmarks, one pen holder loop, a back pocket, and one free sticky notes divider. The corners are rounded to prevent folding.


High-Quality Journal Notebook- The two-pack hardcover journals comes with two pieces of lined pages and thick papers for efficiency. The leather hardcover protects the journal to make it durable, and the papers are acid-free to protect against bleed leading to the best user experience.

Great accessories- Each Journal comes with an elastic closure band, one pen holder loop, two bookmarks, one back pocket, and one free sticky notes divider for each book.

Great Use-It is perfect for office, school, and home use and is ideal as a personal writing journal, travel journals, business notebooks, college course notebooks, daily diary, bullet journaling, etc.


  • It is durable
  • Acid-free paper
  • College ruled
  • Multipurpose


  • Might feel heavy

Best Journal Notebook Buying Guide

notebook with pen top table

The first step in starting your journaling journey is to find a good notebook that fits your particular needs. The differences in various journal notebooks can confuse the purchasing process. Consider the following factors to help you choose what you need.


The size of the journal notebook you choose will determine where and how you use it. If you need one that you can carry around to different places, choose one light in size and whose pages are not so thick. But if you need one that sits by the table instead, you can buy a robust one.


This describes both the cover and the pages. A good notebook should be made with a durable covering protecting the inner pages. If you travel a lot, choose one that has a sturdy cover. You can also opt for water-resistant materials to prevent damages during rains. The paper should also have good material for durability and a good writing experience.

Ruling Design

Besides the ruled journals, there are unlined, dotted, squares, and other types. Choose one that makes your work easy and comfortable.

How to Make your Journal Notebook

Determine the size (width and length) of the notebook you need. Cut out a piece of paper using the measured length and two times the width. Similarly, cut more pieces, group them into fours, hold together and fold them into half neatly.

Place all the groups together with their folded ends facing on one side. Use a ruler to mark the stitching points along folded ends. Now open the first group to punch a hole on the marked points, using an awl for stitching. Repeat for all groups.

Once punched, align all the papers again and stitch together using a large needle and a piece of thread. Use thick paper like cardstock paper for end pages and attach the cover using super glue.


What Type of Notebook Is Best for Journaling?

This depends on the writer’s needs, notebook features, and specifications.

What Are the Best Journals?

Best journals provide the best user experience and meet their needs without disappointments.

Which Notebook Is Best for Bullet Journals?

PAPERAGE Lined Journal Notebook

Which Notebook Is Best for Making Notes?

Deziliao Lined Journal Notebooks

Which Notebook Has the Best Pages?

RETTACY Lined Journal Notebook


Journaling is a healthy habit with various health benefits, including stable mental health. It can be a way for you to express your feelings, thoughts, and ideas without hampering external factors and a chance to unlock your talents. It can also be a way of being organized and precise about your goals and how to meet them. Start a journaling habit and use it to experience your own life from a reader’s view. This post should help with the journey of choosing the best journal notebook to start or maintain a journaling habit.

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