Best iPad Stand for Drawing – Buying Guide

Are you finding it hard using your iPad to draw? Are you constantly thinking about or trying different ways to keep in one place while you draw? Well, guess what? You can use specific devices to help keep the tablet in place while you draw. The best iPad stand for drawing will help you solve this problem.

This article will look at some of the best iPad stands for drawing currently available on the market and highlight some of the reasons why they’re the leading products. There are several different kinds of iPad that stand out there, and to create this list below, we looked at things like sturdiness, durability, portability, versatility, etc.

When buying an iPad stand, one of the most important things you need to be looking for is something that’s sturdy, isn’t shacky, is iPad compatible, and will last you a while. The best iPad stand product on this list is the UGREEN Adjustable Tablet Stand. Why? Well, not only is it a sustainable product made using eco-friendly material, but it also has an adjustable angle of up to 100 degrees.

Our Favorite Best iPad Stand for Drawing

What is an iPad Drawing Stand?

The Apple Pencil has made the iPad an excellent drawing tablet option. The portability of this device gives you the flexibility to use it in places it would be impractical to use a laptop. However, sometimes, keeping it in one place in these scenarios can prove incredibly difficult in portable iPad stands.

An iPad holder for drawing is a simple but beneficial device that allows you to keep the table in place while you draw. Just like when drawing using computers and laptops, you need to keep an ergonomic position when using a tab.

These easel-like stands allow you to choose the angle that best suits you. Sturdy and robust stands will ensure no wobbling occurs while you draw. A good stand should turn your tab into somewhat of a monitor of sorts.

Durability, flexibility, and sturdiness are some of the things that make up a good quality iPad Pro drawing stand.

Best iPad Stand For Drawing- Buying Guide 

There are many options to choose from right now, so we’ve chosen ten of the best stands currently on the market, each with its selling points and benefits.

1. UGREEN Tablet Stand

UGREEN is a user-oriented corporation that’s always committed to providing its customers with valuable and innovative products. This iPad adjustable stand is no exception. It’s the best iPad stand for drawing on this list.


Adjustability: This incredibly adjustable stand can fit a 4-12 inch tab, E-reader, and smartphone handset, with a 0.55-inch max thickness.

Compatibility: It is compatible with iPad Air 2, iPad mini 2/3/4/5, iPad Pro 2020 (11″), iPad 2019 (10.2″), and iPad (9.7″). And you can also use it with specific Samsung Notes and Galaxy Tabs as well as the iPhone 11/12/13 series.

Portability: It’s a light-weighted and incredibly portable device that measures 4.7×4.2 inches. What makes the device so portable is that it’s foldable and can easily slip into your pocket or handbag for travel. You can effortlessly use this iPad drawing stand in your bedroom, living room, or kitchen stand. Hey, you can draw while you wait for your favorite meal to get ready, wouldn’t that be cool?

Multi-Angle and Durable: The device also provides for multi-angle adjustability. You can place your tab from an angle between 15 to 100 degrees. UGGREN tablet holders and stands can hold your tab at the angle that best suits you. Its durability and sturdiness are a few other things that help make this such a great tablet stand for drawing.

High-Quality Materials: The device is made up of premium ABS components that help ensure the stand sticks in place wherever it’s positioned. In addition, the cradle protects feature, and the silicone pads found at the bottom of the device protect both stand and tablet from scratches and sliding. Its in-built stainless steel structure will also help ensure that the stand doesn’t slide back and forth when in use.

  • Broad compatibility allows for devices measuring 4-12 inches.
  • Its anti-slip and non-slip features protect the device from slips and scratches.
  • Stainless steel infrastructure.
  • Its max 100-degree adjustable angle capability
  • Its compact foldable size.
  • The tray could do with a tiny rubber grip for more stability
  • A bit too simple.

2. Ontel Pillow Pad Tablet Stand

If you’re tired of having to hold up your iPad while you draw, then you need to consider getting this Ontel tablet to stand strongly. This multi-angle, pillow pad soft tablet stand will allow you to comfortably place your iPad at an angle and position that best suits you.


Improved Edge Design: The device comes in a newly enhanced Dual Edge design. This Pillow Pad, Ultra hands-free tab comes with an extra pocket that can fit your iPad plus two ledges to make sure you’re comfortable at whichever angle, whether it’s standing, sitting up, or lying down.

Portable: The stand is also incredibly travel-friendly. It features a convenient carrying handle that helps allow for easy travel. It’s lightweight, sturdy, and ultra-soft with a built-in pocket, which you can use to store other essential items.

Easy to Maintain and Sustainable: The soft padding cover is also easy to maintain because it’s machine washable. So you don’t have to worry about getting it dirty constantly. Furthermore, it’s a very sustainable product as well. Why? Because UGREEN is an eco-friendly outfit that offers sustainable products, this tablet stand is no exception.

  • Incredibly travel friendly with its cool carrying handle.
  • Newly enhanced dual-edge design.
  • Lightweight and ultra-soft.
  • In-built pocket for storing other things.
  • Highly sustainable because of its eco-friendly components.
  • It could do with some extra elastics for stability.
  • It takes time before getting to firm form.

3. Amazon Basics Adjustable Stand

This adjustable tablet stand has two vertical pivots designed to allow you to place the table in almost any angle you want to place in for comfortable drawing, reading, working, and viewing. It can be in a vertical or horizontal position and is ideal for drawing at home, at work, or as you travel.


Multi-Angle: The vertical position is suitable for reading books and surfing the web. When you want to use your tablet to draw, both the horizontal and vertical should do the trick depending on what you’re looking to create.

Broadly Compatible: It’s a widely compatible device as well. You can use it with literally any size tab device. Not only can you use it with iPads, but you can also use it with the Nexus 7, Kindle E-readers, Kindle Fire, and Samsung Galaxy. In addition, it has many other dynamic uses. From using it to work from home to watch movies, you can add on different accessories like a Bluetooth keyboard to make working at home more manageable or use it on its own.

Highly Portable: Another great thing about this device is how portable it is. It’s a highly portable tablet stand that can easily fit in any pocket or bag. Furthermore, its non-skid base overall design will keep the stand sturdy, safe, and secure when you use it on flat surfaces.

Multi-Applications: With so many angles it allows you to choose from, this iPad desk stand is perfect for both writing and reading, besides drawing. The upper arm can pivot in two different places, which allows you to place the tab in all the different angles available. The non-skid material found on the upper and base helps keep the tab stable at different angles.

  • Its foldability and lightweight
  • An incredibly budget-friendly device
  • Incredibly durable because of its high-quality plastic parts
  • Widely compatible and allows many different tabs
  • Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • It doesn’t support many tablet devices.
  • It could use a bit more grip.

4. Lamicall Gooseneck Tablet Holder

Lamicall is all about less is more. This company focuses on being compatible with as many smart devices as possible. It’s always trying to redefine itself by coming up with several different types of tablet stands, and this one is no exception.


Widely Compatible: As far as compatibility is concerned, this gooseneck tablet stand is compatible with iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad Pro 11, iPad 9.7, iPad Pro 11, iPad Pro 9.7, iPad mini 4/3/2, iPad Air 4, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and iPhone 11 Pro. However, it’s not only Apple devices that work well with this device. The latest Samsung Galaxy tab series can also fit in this stand.

Easy to Install: The stand allows for easy mounting and positioning of your tab. You can use the gooseneck clamp to mount the device to your desk, table, or even bed headboard, meaning you can comfortably draw while in bed if you want. How cool, no? It helps raise the device to eye level or whichever height you want. Besides drawing, it’s also another stand that can be used for either viewing or writing.

Gooseneck Functionality: Its gooseneck functionality will also help reduce neck strain and protect your eyesight as well. You can do all this because it allows you to keep the tab at an appropriate distance from the eyes. It will also help ensure you have an ergonomically-correct posture when using the tab to draw, write, read or view.

  • It has a 360-degree rotation capability that supports both landscape and portrait use.
  • Incredibly easy to install because of its screw-on base.
  • Wide compatibility range
  • Gooseneck features reduce neck strain and protect eyesight.
  • Incredibly versatile.
  • Gooseneck could be longer.
  • Not as pleasing aesthetically.

5. Lamicall Adjustable Tablet Stand

The iPad has become a regular part of both home and work life. In fact, many people now use them for drawing even. So if you’re looking for a good iPad desk stand, look no further.


Highly Adjustable: This adjustable tablet stand from Lamicall features a sturdy metal base that allows users to raise their tab device a couple of inches from their table/desk. It has a rubber-padded metal plate that helps prevent scratching, which you can also use to change viewing angles. You’ll need to use a little force when adjusting the metal plate. This will ensure it maintains the angle you’ve set. Because the stand has such a low center of gravity, the device seems always to be able to get back into place all the time.

Ergonomic Design: The device’s stand features an overall ergonomic design which helps alleviate it. That metal base can lift your iPad device around two to three inches from your table/desk, depending on what angle you want to use.

Cut-Out Functionality: Lastly, it has cut-outs to pass through charging cords. So you don’t have to unplug your device if you want to use the stand. Even though the design is simple, it’s still very functional.

  • It has a sturdy aluminium overall build.
  • It features adjustable viewing and drawing angles.
  • It’s incredibly stable because of its low center of gravity.
  • It has an overall ergonomic design.
  • Rubber-padded metal plate at the base
  • It could’ve been a little bit bigger.
  • Relatively simple overall design.

6. OMOTON T1 Adjustable Tablet Stand Holder

OMOTON’s main aim is to treat your devices like it’s their own. The company strives better to give its customers the convenience they desire. If you draw a lot using your iPad device, you might want to consider strongly getting this stand. The OMOTON T1 checks quite a lot of boxes. It’s an ergonomic iPad stand that raises your device to a computer monitor’s height. It has several color options to ensure you won’t lack anything when drawing.


Adjustable: This tablet has a heavy metal base that features an adjustable plate. The plate is what you’ll use to lift your device about two to five inches off your table or desk, depending on the angle you want to use.

Durable: Silicone pads found at the base of the stand help prevent scratches and keep them from sliding around.

Cut-Out Feature: Like the last one we looked at above, this stand has a cut-out feature for the charging cord to pass through. This feature will allow you to charge your device even if you’re using the stand. The device’s heavy metal base has a vast footprint and an incredibly low center of gravity, meaning that it’s hard to knock it out of place because it can withstand a lot of force.

Colors: It also comes in six different color schemes, meaning that it can blend into almost any environment.

  • Has cut-outs that allow for charging codes to pass through.
  • Several color options.
  • It has a sturdy overall build.
  • Low center of gravity
  • Silicon padding to prevent scratching
  • It has a few quality control issues.
  • It could have used more adjustable angles than what it offers.

7. Tablift Tablet Stand

It can be fun using an iPad for drawing. However, the biggest downside about this is when you need it to stick in one place when you’re using it. Also, it can be very uncomfortable when you can’t make this happen. However, tablet stands like this one from Tablift can be a very practical solution.

These versatile iPad stands allow you to have a hands-free experience in almost every setting. Furthermore, it is both stable and robust, but it can accommodate almost any tablet device as well.


Adjustable: You’ll find a thick plastic brick at the center of this four-legged tablet stand, which acts as the device’s base. All four legs are flexible and sturdy, allowing the user to adjust the device to get the most steady balance possible. The tree groves on the plastic brick are what you’ll use to place the tab in either lean-forward, vertical or lean-back position, whichever best suits your drawing or viewing needs.

Great Support: You won’t need any additional support if you want in a vertical position. An extensible cable with a clip behind the plastic brick to ensure it remains stable.

High-Quality Build: It has an excellent overall build quality, and you can feel how sturdy it is whenever you use it. Any tablet that can fit into 10mm grooves is compatible with this device.

  • It features a universal design
  • It’s widely compatible
  • It has four flexible legs which can fold down
  • It’s 10mm wide slots allow for almost any device
  • Easy to store and travel with
  • It’s not ideal for flat surfaces because of the way it’s build
  • It also doesn’t work well with cases.

8. LISEN Tablet Stand

LISEN’s main aim is to add ingenuity, innovation, and design into your everyday life. It believes that good products are practical rather than superficial and are creative instead of imitative. These are the criteria it used to create this tablet stand.


Highly Stable and Durable: This stylish tablet stands from LISEN has been enhanced from three aspects of sturdiness. An upgraded all-metal base containing a thickened EVA pad, an incredibly sturdy metal support rod, and a more robust elastic silica metal clip. All these things make the device very stable and robust, in turn allowing it to support almost any kind of tablet device.

Highly-Adjustable: You can adjust the height range to between 10 to 20 degrees and the angle to 360 degrees. Finally, its bendable metal rod will allow you to find the drawing angle you most desire.

Widely Compatible: Furthermore, the device is case-friendly, but it’s widely compatible as well. It’s compatible with 4-inch to 13-inch devices, like the iPad mini 1/2/3/4, iPad Air 2, iPad 1/2/3/4, iPhone 12 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Surface Pro series, and so on.

  • Widely compatible
  • Adjustable height range
  • 360 Degree adjustable metal rod
  • All-metal overall design structure
  • Stylish aesthetics
  • The overall appearance could be better.
  • A little flimsy at certain angles.

9. AboveTEK Retail Kiosk iPad Stand

AboveTEK always looks to add comfort and value to portable consumer electronic devices. They’re made up of a team that strives for innovation, convenience, and flexibility. The company has developed this highly flexible tablet stand with a bracket holder and a 360 degree rotatable base alongside a folding arm to provide you with unparalleled adjustment options for drawing, writing, and viewing.


Ergonomic Design:

The device features an overall ergonomic design. You can either detach or attach the holder with a quick button push. This button functionality makes it hassle-free when it comes to storage and when you need to travel with it. It’s a complete universal tablet kiosk stand with a dedicated space for your power charging cable and an easy pull handlebar.

Multi-Applications: This tablet kiosk also has numerous applications. For example, it allows you to draw or write without worrying about stability. Furthermore, not only is it compatible with most of the latest Apple devices, but you can also use it with specific windows and android tablets.

  • Ergonomic overall design.
  • Great build quality.
  • You can use it for many different applications.
  • It provides great stability.
  • Highly flexible.
  • The overall design is a bit simple.
  • It can be a bit tricky to install.

10. Moko Tablet Stand

The MoKo iPad stand is lightweight and compact. It’s an incredibly versatile stand that can withstand the weight of tablets and smartphones alike. Made using ABS high-quality plastic material, it’ll provide a sturdy and stable base for all your drawing and sketching tasks and projects. Many people all across the globe can’t adore using this particular product.


Highly-Adjustable: It allows you to place your tablet at three different angles and is easily adjustable. Also, it’s got silicone feet at the bottom, which prevents the stand from sliding and scratching. At the front of the stand, you’ll find stops that help prevent skidding. Furthermore, it’s six fully adjustable slots allow easy angle adjustments and support horizontal and vertical use.

Very Stable: One of its most vital points is its stability. There are raving details on the Internet of how stable this stand is. Plus, the stand can easily manage an iPad Pro’s weight by moving around or wobbling.

Affordability: In addition, it’s also one of the more affordable iPad that stands out there and gives you value for money. The only downside is that it might be challenging fitting an iPad Pro that has a thick case or cover.

  • It’s extremely lightweight.
  • Is incredibly portable because of its compact size
  • Features six full adjustable slots.
  • ABS plastic material makes it very durable.
  • Broadly compatible.
  • Challenging to fit an iPad Pro that’s got a thick case.
  • Overly simple design.

Best iPad Stand for Drawing Buying Guide

wooden table top stand

When it comes to picking the best iPad for drawing, there are a few things you’ll need to consider.


Your iPad can easily get lost in busy environments. Therefore, you should consider how secure the stand you’re considering. For example, you might want to look for something that has lockable enclosures to prevent unwanted people from accessing your tab.


You can get an iPad in many different sizes, and even the most popular ones are available in four specific dimensions. So think about the size of iPad you’re working with before you go out looking for the perfect iPad table stands. You can opt to go for a universal tablet stand that allows users to adjust it to their device easily, or you can go for a stand that explicitly fits the device you’re using to draw.


What do you want to use the tab for? Are you going to use it for drawing and writing purposes, for work or home life? This should help you determine how durable you’ll need your stand to be. Always purchase a stand that’ll safeguard your iPad when drawing. Consider products made of heavy-duty materials with an enclosure that comfortably fits around your tab.

If you’re considering one that’s got a freestanding base, make sure that it’s sufficiently weighted so that you don’t have to worry whether your tab will fall constantly. Also, consider build quality and whether it’ll allow your iPad to sit firmly in place.

Overall Aesthetics

Just like functionality, the feel and look of the stand’s enclosure are crucial. Aesthetics becomes even more critical if you’re using the tab in a retail or hospitality environment. Therefore, it’s best to go for a stand that is inconspicuous, simple, and streamlined in either a plain black or white color, which will allow it to fit into almost any surrounding.


You need to think about another vital thing when choosing an iPad stand for drawing. Will you be able to easily access your iPad when you place it standing on a counter? Think about where and how you’ll access the tab when drawing. The height you select should be comfortable, especially when using it for drawing purposes.

How Do you Make an iPad Stand at Home?

  • LEGO Pieces- You can use LEGOS to make a stand. Take the rectangular pieces and then connect them on top of each other. The base should be the big, flat rectangular piece in the set. Build two upright towers and then attach two tiny LEGOS at the front to act as a stand.
  • Coat Hanger- Bend the bottom end of your coat hanger so that it can hold the iPad. Using pliers, change the traditional shape of the bottom part of the hanger. Change the triangle shape into an oval one, leaving the hook part unbent. In the end, the hanger should look kind of like a shower rack.
  • Tie Pencils Together into a Tripod- Using a rubber band, tie six pencils together into the shape of a tripod. Try and make a tiny pyramid out of these pencils. Bind the ends of three pencils to form your base triangle. Next, stick one pencil into all the bands, angling them towards each other. Using the rubber band again, secure your last three pencils into place.

How to Use an iPad Stand

Different stands can be used in different ways. All you need to do with most stands is place your iPad into the stand’s enclosure and choose the angle and height you want to use. The excellent quality stands offer many adjustable angles to choose from, so it all depends on what position best suits you.

Tablift devices are great for those of you that are looking to draw in bed. This allows you to position your iPad in front of your face when you’re lying in bed. The ones with a gooseneck feature will allow the tab to be placed horizontally or vertically. 


How Do I Keep My Ipad Upright?

Most iPad stands will allow you to place your device vertically. Just put your device in the stand’s enclosure and then adjust the stand accordingly.

How Do You Turn an Ipad Case Into a Stand?

Fold the cover into a triangle until the bottom of the iPad. This technique is going to allow the iPad to sit up straight.

Do I Need a Stand for My Drawing Tablet?

Not necessarily, but it’ll make it easier to draw on the tab if you do.

How Do I Mount My Ipad to the Wall?

Cut out a piece of wood and measure your tablet. Make sure they have the same measurement. Drill one hole for your stylus, and then use permanent mounting tape to place your tab.

How Do I Make My Ipad Case Stand Up?

Fold the case into a triangle to the bottom of the device and place the tab on one side of the triangle.


We determined the best iPad stand for drawing by looking at how sturdy and stable the device is, the kind of materials it’s made up of, and its combability with tablet devices besides the ones that come from Apple. Finding a good quality iPad stand can be incredibly hard, especially considering how many options you have at your disposal. This is why such articles can prove so critical when it comes to finding products that’ll best suit your needs.

If you stopped using your iPad to draw because you didn’t know which stand to get, now you do. Go and get yourself a good quality stand so you can start creating masterpieces right there on your iPad device.

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