Best IPad Holder For Bed – Buying Guide

Many people like to watch a movie or the newest TV series on YouTube using their tablets. A tablet is usually a great choice because it is easy to hold while relaxing. An iPad holder is a crucial instrument you should invest in and enjoy an extraordinary experience. It is a worthwhile investment as you can use this tool to relieve stress on your neck, back, and wrists caused by looking down or holding your device while in bed.

All you need is to swing your iPad holder to eye level and enjoy hands-free browsing, watching, or reading and work more efficiently. However, choosing the best iPad holder for the bed is never an easy undertaking, especially if you are buying it first. The good news is that there are different models out there, and our iPad holders are the go-to options. You need to choose the best, and our top 10 models are here. Read on.

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Leading 10 iPad Holder For Bed- Buying Guide

1. Amazon Basics Adjustable Tablet Holder Stand

You won’t go wrong by picking an adjustable iPad holder from Amazon Basics. It is one of the top-rated products and offers more than what meets the eye. This holder is compatible with Apple iPad, Kindle Fire Tablets, and Samsung Galaxy.

This adjustable holder comes with two vertical pivot points that make it easy to position your tablet or iPad at virtually any angle. Hence, it is comfortable to work from your bed when using this holder or to view a favorite movie or reading online.

With the Amazon Basics adjustable tablet holder stand, you have a great home, office, or travel use model. All you need is to place your iPad vertically to view videos, read books or browse the web.

You can as well turn it horizontally to satisfy your needs. It is easy to use and incredible to add other accessories like a Bluetooth keyboard or use the holder independently. It is a highly rated product you will get at low prices from your favorite dealer.

Key Features:

  • The Amazon Basics iPad stand holds up pretty well despite its small size. It has a non-slip base and padded recesses to keep your tablet securely in place.
  • It also has two vertical hinges that allow you to hold your iPad at any angle, including portrait and landscape.
  • It’s shaped like an easel and measures only 7×1.25×1.5 inches, so it can easily fit in your laptop bag or purse.


  • Non-slip base and padded recesses for grip
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Compatible with all iPads
  • Foldable and easy to carry


  • No recess for cable routing

2. Gooseneck Tablet Holder, Lamicall Tablet Stand

Lamicall is a widely acknowledged brand developing various types of device holders. It has been focusing on the relations with more smart devices, and the Gooseneck tablet holder is a great model you will love.

This holder will make your life simple and quite comfortable to use your iPad while lying in bed. It is an excellent model for reading and viewing while in bed. Your iPad will not wobble or bounce when you touch it as the holder is designed in incredible structure.

You can use it by looping the gooseneck arm to reduce the bounce or wobble. It guarantees broad compatibility with different mobile phones and tablets as it’s easy to position and mount. You can clamp the holder in places like a bed headboard or next to your favorite chair.

This makes it a clear option for reading, video calling, or watching online while in bed. Thus by picking the gooseneck tablet holder, it’s easy to reduce neck and back strain or protect your eyesight as you keep your iPad at an appropriate distance.

Key Features:

  • A stiff gooseneck adjusts the iPad’s position to virtually any viewing angle, unlike conventional pivots.
  • The height-adjustable telescoping pole and 360-degree rotation make a stand very easy to maneuver and suitable for people of all sizes.
  • Optional caster wheels make it even easier to move the stand from room to room without removing the tablet.


  • Rigid but flexible articulated track connection
  • Additional swivel casters for quick rotation
  • Accessory holder included


  • Very tight fit to the iPad holder

3. MAGIPEA Tablet Stand Holder

You may have several iPad holder brands in mind, but settling for MAGIPEA tablet stand holders is a worthwhile investment. This holder is also applicable for mobile phones and an excellent fit for the iPad iPhone series, Samsung Tabs, Nintendo Switch, Nokia, Amazon Kindle Fire HD, Nokia, and many other models in the market.

It is also a perfect choice for use in many places besides your bed. You can use this model and free your hands to focus on what you are doing when busy in the kitchen, gym, office, or kitchen. Significantly, the MAGIPEA is one of the safest and reliable models in the market as it’s made from aluminum-magnesium alloy.

It comes in a length of around 30″ and is strong enough to protect your iPad or any other device you attach to it. Even if you own a heavy tablet, you need to mount it perfectly and use it stress-free.

Key Features:

  • The clamping mechanism on the base can be attached to the headboard for bedtime reading, to the countertop for reading recipes while cooking, or to any flat surface such as a table or desk for general daily use.
  • This 30-inch long holder is made of magnesium-aluminum alloy, making it very strong and durable.
  • It fits a wide range of phones and tablets, including heavier models, and the ultra-reliable and sturdy shackle provides 100% protection from drops and bumps.


  • Ideal for reading in bed
  • Gooseneck design adapts to any angle
  • Easy to unscrew and move
  • Super secure clamping base


  • A sturdy arm requires some muscle effort to move it

4. Mindsky Tablet Floor Stand

At a budget-friendly rate, you can quickly get the Mindsky iPad holder. It is a standout model that offers impressive features you will definitely like at first glance. For instance, the holder is compatible with different devices 7-13 inches iPad Air, iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus, and many other devices.

This iPad holder is also easy to assemble and mount, thanks to its simple design. You can hollow floor rods to hold heavy devices to make the holder stable and better balanced.

It is also easy to move the holder around your bedroom or the space you are using. The 360-degree swivel gooseneck guarantees multi-directional adjustment, making the holder model a great choice for watching movies, videos, and reading.

You can easily place your iPad in the different angles you want. Intrinsically, you will have a great iPad holder you can use comfortably whether sitting, laying down in bed, or exercising every day.

Key Features:

  • The smartphone grip is suitable for various occasions and prevents the phone from slipping out of your hand, thanks to its articulated design.
  • It serves as a phone stand that can be used in both portrait and landscape mode, and you can easily adjust the angle to suit your needs.
  • It also includes a universal magnet that allows you to attach your phone to your dashboard, mirror, or any other surface.


  • It can be installed on vertical and horizontal surfaces with a thickness of up to 52 mm
  • 360 degrees rotatable and fully adjustable
  • Built with a sturdy aluminum arm


  • Not stable for heavy devices

5. SAMHOUSING 360 Degree Rotating Bed Tablet Mount Holder

If you have been looking for the perfect bed entertainment companion, get the SAMHOUSING tablet mount holder. It comes with a sturdy mechanical aluminum arm stand with a super-strong spring to hold up more weight on the devices you attach.

This model is an excellent choice for a solution to free your hands when watching an iPad in bed. It guarantees broad compatibility with many devices and in different sizes. You can use this holder to mount your iPad Pro 10.7 inches, Amazon Kindle Fire, iPhone, and N-Switch.

By picking this iPad holder, you will have a 360-degree adjustable and versatile model you can use hassle-free. You use it on a vertical surface, like the headboard, or mount it horizontally on your desk.

It’s easy to bend the arm and turn the holder to the most comfortable viewing position, whether lying in bed, sitting, or standing. Without overlooking things, the holder is also easy to install, and you don’t need any skills or tools, and it comes with a three-year warranty.

Key Features:

  • You can use this iPad bed holder by attaching it to a vertical wall, such as the headboard, or a horizontal surface, such as a workbench. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting, standing, or lying down; all you have to do is bend your arm and rotate the holder to the most comfortable and convenient angle.
  • The unit is compatible with virtually all smartphones with 4.7 to 11 inches screen diagonals. You can attach this holder to the iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, and any other iPad as well as any N-Switch, iPhone, and Amazon Kindle Fire.
  • With a maximum load capacity of 1,500g, this sturdy, mechanical aluminum hand holder features a heavy-duty spring to support the extra pounds.


  • Easy installation
  • User friendly
  • Flexible and versatile
  • Durable material


  • Annoying wobble

6. Lamicall Gooseneck Swivel Tablet Holder

Lamicall is a renowned brand that has provided high-quality and efficient tablet holders and related devices over the years. You won’t go wrong by buying the Lamicall gooseneck swivel tablet holder.

This holder guarantees unmatched compatibility, and it’s easy to upgrade the clamp part to hold bigger devices. It is compatible with tablets ranging from 4.7 to 12.9 inches, whether an iPad Pro, iPad Air mini, Galaxy Tab, Nexus, or Fire HD. 

You can use your holder in broad places thanks to the gooseneck stand. For instance, it is an excellent choice for mounting in your bedroom and other places like the living room, office, kitchen, or classroom. It’s sturdy enough to withstand the weight of your devices as it’s made up of aluminum alloy.

You will never regret picking this Lamicall tablet holder as it’s also height-adjustable and to different angles. It features a height adjustment function from 130cm to 160 cm, making it easy to suit all your viewing postures while in bed. Most importantly, the gooseneck arm makes it easy to adjust the device to your desired position and satisfy your needs better.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a clip that can be attached to your bed headboard, study table, or workstation. With this iPad Pro bed stand, you can raise your iPad to your desired height or line of sight.
  • This iPad bed holder is flexible and is compatible with multiple devices such as iPads, Galaxy Tabs, etc.
  • This flexibility means you don’t have to be in a particular position to look at your device, which means you don’t have to strain your neck and take care of your eyesight while in it.


  • Works on both phones and tablets
  • Adjustable height and viewing angle
  • Wide compatibility
  • Ergonomic and minimalistic


  • Not suitable for a thick desk

7. LEVO G2 Deluxe iPad Rolling Floor Stand

Like many other brands making IPad holders, LEVO has stood its ground by creating one top-notch model. The LEVO G2 iPad rolling floor holder is exceptional for residential and commercial use.

It comes in a robust construction that makes it easy to sit, lie, or recline in bed as you watch your videos: the Flip lever height locks and swing arm guarantee a quick positioning. It would be best if you grabbed the holder, swung it, and tilted it into that perfect view.

While in use, you can still extend the holder to 24 inches to the center of the device. On the other hand, the height adjusts from 30-56 inches. The LEVO iPad holder is compatible or interchangeable with different platforms.

This model also stands out in terms of aesthetics, and it’s a great addition to your bedroom or living room equipment. The lustrous anodized aluminum finish is distinctive and looks fabulous in any home or work premise. 

Key Features:

  • The device has an excellent and stable design. It helps reduce awkward movements while surfing or writing and prevents you from dropping your expensive Smartphone.
  • It gives you an easily replaceable platform that allows you to switch between digital devices and books and newspapers quickly.
  • Compatibility: This can be used with all iPads, including the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, Zoom, Galaxy tablets, Nexus, Nook, Fire, and other tablets.


  • Durable design
  • Heavy and stable base
  • Very flexible positioning
  • No tools are required for mounting
  • Comfortable to use


  • Expensive

8. HSFTEC Tablet Mount Lazy Holder for Bed Compatible

There is a lot to know before picking the best iPad holder for bed and in a competitive market. The models you come across may vary, but it’s wise to choose one that will satisfy your needs. Settling for the HSFTEC tablet mount lazy holder for bed compatibility is a wise decision you will never regret.

It offers an array of features that guarantee more than you can imagine. For example, it assures universal compatibility with devices as big as 4-11 inches. Hence, you can perfectly mount your air/mini iPad, all iPhones, Amazon Kindle Fire, and Nintendo Switch.

The holder is also easy to install and use as you don’t have to drill any holes to mount it perfectly. The foldable arm is wide enough to hold your iPad securely. You can also rotate and adjust the components at 360-degrees to enjoy an ideal video viewing and reading position.

In addition, you can also mount it on your furniture with much ease. It is a sturdy and durable holder made of aluminum alloy and great for day-to-day use.

Key Features:

  • 360° Rotation and Adjustment- 360° rotating mount and 180° adjustable brackets make it easy to position your phone or tablet at the perfect distance and angle with a comfortable view.
  • Sturdy and durable – 3-stage stable and adjustable aluminum alloy bracket provides strength and easy stability.
  • Easy to install and remove without holes or drilling. The foldable iPad holder is wide enough to hold your tablet securely. It can be easily attached to furniture, such as a table or bookshelf.


  • Easy to adjust
  • Durable and stable
  • Great for devices with 4-11 inches


  • None

9. Upergo Tablet Floor Stand, Flexible Tablet Holder

The Upergo flexible tablet holder is a great choice for many people who like watching and reading videos from the comfort of their beds. It’s compatible with different devices besides your iPad, and this will include a Samsung Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire, Surface, and Surface Pro.

The model is durable and safe for daily use as it’s made of premium heavy-duty aluminum. Another unique feature of this holder is that it stands on a triangular support base that provides stable support for your devices.

You don’t have to stress adjusting it to different heights with this iPad holder. You can loosen the position ring on the floor stand’s body using your bare hands. In addition, you can use your hands to adjust the height of the bracket arm and tablet holder to your satisfaction.

The bracket arm can easily adjust from 8.5″ -39.8″. And without forgetting, you can rotate the holder up to 360-degree to support different chores you undertake with your tablet.

Key Features:

  • The tablet stand is made of a highly durable material that keeps your tablet securely in place at all times. Whether you’re sitting in a fixed position or moving around with it, you don’t have to worry about accidents.
  • It can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing you to view it from any angle. This is unmatched by most other tablet stands you’ll find.
  • It also comes with very adjustable mounts and can be mounted to any device or Kindle as long as it is less than 13 inches.


  • It can be adjusted from 12″ to 42.”
  • Flexible
  • Made from sturdy material
  • It can be fitted to any device with less than 13″
  • You can rotate 360 degrees


  • Expensive

10. Raking Tablet Stand for Bed, Adjustable And Foldable Tablet Stand Holder

In your hunt for the best iPad holder for bed, you won’t miss the mark by including the Raking tablet holder. Besides holding your tablet in position when viewing or reading, it guarantees incredible benefits. This iPad holder model is designed to reduce neck and back strain and protect your eyesight.

The holder makes it easy to keep your tablet at an appropriate distance from the eyes. It also provides an ergonomically correct wrong posture when viewing your tablet or smartphone.

Opting for the Raking iPad holder will instill confidence when using your device because it’s strong and features a universal aluminum alloy base. You can install it on the bed, on the table, or any furniture you fancy, thanks to its clamp thickness of up to 5.5 cm. The stand tablet holder supports multiple parts adjustments and 360-degree rotation.

The arm joint can also rotate at 270-degree, and it is easy to use your devices when lying down, sitting, or standing. Undoubtedly, all these iPad holders for bed are available at budget-friendly rates and top-notch quality and will satisfy your needs.

Key Features:

  • Quick-release tripod plate makes it easy to remove the flatbed from the tripod, allowing you to quickly move from one shot to the next and quickly move from one location to another
  • A height-adjustable tripod provides secure stability and the right angle for award-winning shots.
  • Constructed of rugged yet lightweight aluminum, the tripod is easy to move and transport from one place to another


  • Compatible with different devices
  • Easy to install and use
  • It is adjustable at 270 and 360 degrees
  • It can be attached to beds and table


  • It wobbles a lot

Things To Consider When You Purchase An IPad Holder For Bed:

Best IPad Holder For Bed


This vital point will allow you to choose the right holder for your iPad. I mean, these holders come in a wide range, so the prices vary as well. Before you buy, be sure to check the prices of each model and compare it to the best. Again, you can determine your budget before buying a model to narrow down your choices. Avoid expensive brackets, as they can ruin your budget, and choose a model that fits your budget and is of good quality.


 There are many different styles of iPad bed holders. Evaluate the available techniques and figure out what best suits your needs. That is, again, a personal preference, as not everyone will choose the exact shape of the holder.

The Weight Can Hold

The devices have a very different weight. Therefore, you should determine how much pressure the holder can handle before buying a model. Make sure that the holder you buy can withstand the pressure of your device so that it won’t break and fall out.

Arm Length

Before choosing a model, be sure to check the arm length. This is an important aspect that should not be ignored. It would be best to have a holder that would hold your device perfectly in bed. If you consider this factor, you will be able to make the right choice of holder that will fit your personal preferences.


On its own, this parameter is not essential, but you need something attractive. This is a personal decision you have to make when choosing the best model. Choose a holder that matches the color of your closet or bed to look great.

How Can I Use My IPad In Bed?

What role does the stand play in keeping the device on the bed or couch? If you are still undecided which holder to choose for your iPad. You need a device that will balance your iPad.

You don’t want your device to fall or get damaged. A small drop can easily damage your decorated screen and make it unusable. Not only can you watch a movie or read a novel without using your hands, but you can concentrate entirely on the task at hand.

When using the device, you should not place it on your stomach or hips. This can also cause the tablet to overheat and burn. We’ve featured some of the best mounts currently on the market in this review.

You’ll be surprised to learn that there are over a thousand mounts to choose from. We have tested and reviewed them based on customer reviews and top reviewers.

Many of us use a tablet while lying in bed. However, holding it with your hands can be a little uncomfortable. Here are 10 iPad stands that will allow you to use your tablet in bed comfortably:

  • Amazon Basics Adjustable Tablet Holder Stand
  • Gooseneck Tablet Holder, Lamicall Tablet Stand
  • MAGIPEA Tablet Stand Holder
  • Mindsky Tablet Floor Stand
  • SAMHOUSING 360 Degree Rotating Bed Tablet Mount Holder
  • Lamicall Gooseneck Swivel Tablet Holder
  • LEVO G2 Deluxe iPad Rolling Floor Stand
  • HSFTEC Tablet Mount Lazy Holder for Bed Compatible
  • Upergo Tablet Floor Stand, Flexible Tablet Holder
  • Raking Tablet Stand for Bed,

How Do You Put An IPad In a Holder?

iPad bed holders have solved the problem of how to secure an iPad, tablet, or e-reader in your bed! Let’s face it, it’s the end of the day, you’re tired, and you want to relax in bed with your iPad and maybe read a good book, watch a movie, or shop on eBay. Despite the millions of iPads sold, there are very few products that can hold your iPad, tablet, or e-reader while you lie in bed. Many bedside tables don’t have enough edges to hold a holder or stand, and even if they do, they are too far away to work with a flexible gooseneck. The same problem exists with bed headboards — most of them are difficult to attach a clamp to, and even if you do, it will likely be too far away for the flexible arm to take up the ideal viewing position.

  • To assemble the bed holder, insert the springs in the 3-way connection.
  • Then simply slide the steel tubes onto the 3-sided connection and slide the two tubes under the mattress.
  • And you can rest your tired arms and use the bed holder as a stand for your iPad, tablet, or eReader while you relax in bed!

FAQ: IPad Holder For Bed

What Is The Proper Way To Hold a Tablet?

Using an iPad holder- It provides stability for your device. Using the device holder, you can keep your device stable. Once your device is stabilized, you no longer have to worry about your iPad falling or slipping. You can continue to perform your tasks on your device without interruption. Similarly, the iPad stand makes it easier to use your iPad and tablet.

Where Should You Position Your Drawing Tablet?

Place the drawing tablet directly in front of the monitor. Look directly at the monitor. By aligning the direction of the monitor, drawing tablet, and face, you can correct this angular error.

Why Is It So Hard To Draw on a Tablet?

Drawing on a tablet is difficult because graphics tablets do not have the feel and responsiveness of traditional drawing. This is mainly because graphics tablets have a smooth, matte drawing surface and often create less precise lines than drawing with a pencil on paper.

What Angle Should a Drawing Tablet Be At?

Typical settings are 30 to 40 degrees, but personal taste is vital. Find an angle you are comfortable with and stick to it.

What App Should I Use To Draw on The IPad?

  • Best Drawing Apps Include
  • Procreate.
  • Linea Sketch.
  • Paper.
  • Affinity Designer.
  • Adobe Illustrator Draw.
  • Adobe Photoshop Sketch.
  • Sketch Club.
  • Astropad Standard.


This concludes our list of the 10 best iPad bed holders. All holders have their uniqueness with some quirks, but I’m sure they get the job done. If I had to choose from these 10, I would choose the LEVO G2 iPad holder.

It is amazingly sturdy yet easy to mount. It’s heavier than the others, but I don’t have to worry about moving it anywhere with the wheels.

The folding and unfolding swivel arm is a great helper. Overall, I liked this iPad bed holder. I hope you can find a better iPad bed holder to fit your needs.

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