How to Choose The Best iPad for Drawing In 2023

For any art enthusiasts, a pen and paper need to be ready at hand. Be it real paper or a digital version, drawing won’t stop. As digital art is getting more popular, you might want to get a good device for your drawing. Till now, Apple iPads are the best devices for any digital artform. From sketches to painting, you can easily make any perfect art using an iPad. So, to unleash your creativity, get your desired iPad. We have made your work easier by listing here some of the best iPad for drawing. Together with this iPad and art apps and a stylus, you can make some wonderful art.

Our Favorite Best iPad for Drawing

Top 10 Best iPad for Drawing to Buy

1. 2021 Apple 12.9-inch iPad Pro

As always, the latest version of any device will have more upgrades. So, the 2021 iPad Pro is for professionals to explore their great ideas. Besides, this iPad has a lot to give you. It excels all its predecessors in various settings and functions, not just art. Firstly, the high-quality display and new M1 chip will provide a clear screen. Clearly, this one is the best iPad for drawing 2021 so far. 

Using excellent wide-angle cameras you can take outstanding photographs for art references. They will also add depth and realism to the artwork. But the best thing is you get to choose your desired size between 12.9-inch and 11-inch displays. Other excellent features include good battery life, fast WiFi, a brightness option, and a hard drive for internal storage. All in all, this device will be beyond the experience of the previous models. 

Key Features

  • Display: This iPad is unique with the Liquid Retina XDR display available for either 11 or 12.9-inch screens. You also get True Tone, ProMotion, and P3 wide color. All these make the images extra bright, clear, and colorful.
  • Battery: We would love a device that doesn’t run out of charge. The latest model is capable of remaining charged all day long, although usage limits it to a 10-hour life. But you can easily charge it with the type-C charging quite fast. 
  • Storage: As said before, the 2021 model moves ahead with storage facilities as well. You get to choose a capacity of up to 2TB. Moreover, the device offers hardware for storage. So on this iPad, you can keep countless files and apps. 
  • Apple Pencil: The 2nd generation Apple Pencil can connect wirelessly to the iPad. Just like a pen on paper, this pencil can work to make the tiniest detail for flawless work. 


  • Great display size and screen
  • Good quality CPU
  • Long battery life 
  • Amazing camera quality 
  • Storage options for a large number of files


  • Not suitable for multitasking with limited apps 

2. 2020 Apple iPad Air

Apple iPad Air 2020 is a good investment for various tasks. But you will find that this is one of the best iPad for drawing. The upgrades resulted in a larger screen, powerful processor, great Apple pencil, and sturdy build of the iPad. The metal frame makes the iPad strong, but it is still slim and lightweight. The 11 inches screen works very well as a canvas with an anti-reflective coating.

Besides, the powerful graphics and RAM allows you to have a smooth and fast function on the iPad. Any artist will find that the display, brightness, and Apple stylus are outstanding to work out a fine artwork. As always, Apple makes brilliant camera features, so the camera in this iPad will give out beautiful reference photographs. All in all, this is a wonderful iPad for easy functions and portability.  

Key Features

  • Display: The screen fills the full frame with about a 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display. This display consists of True Tone and P3 wide color. In addition to brightness adjustment and smooth screen, the display is outstanding for various tasks.
  • Battery: Usually, the battery life depends on the usage, but this iPad will run continuously for 10 hours, regardless of the use. By using a Type-C charger, you can quickly charge the device. 
  • Storage: You can use either 64GB or 256GB storage. The capacity depends on your preferences. Either way, the iPad allows you to save a lot of files and use various apps.
  • Apple Pencil: This iPad comes with a second-generation Apple Pencil. You will be smooth and dry on your hand but will stay firm on any surface. In addition, it can be attached to the iPad on the side magnetically to charge.


  • Very fast processor with good storage
  • Durable outer build
  • Fantastic display with smooth screen
  • Brilliant camera quality and Apple pencil
  • Touch ID for security


  • Can’t multitask well

3. Apple iPad Air 2

Similar to other Apple products, the iPad Air 2 also excels with a powerful processor to run different apps. So, you can easily use this iPad for different types of artwork. Unlike the previous models, this iPad is super slim in design and lightweight to carry around. The display is also brilliant with a smooth and fast screen. So, you can make any artwork to the tiniest detail without any problem. 

Moreover, using high-quality cameras, you can take beautiful photographs for editing or references. The Touch technology has further developed to avoid any lagging while using different apps. Here, the light conditions are also good for working your art. Besides, this iPad has claimed to be excellent for multimedia so, there is no doubt that this device is great for drawing.

Key Features

  • Display: Here we have a 9.7-inch Retina display for a crystal clear look. Wide-angle and anti-reflective coating helps with the images and clarity to make flawless drawings. In addition, the display is laminated to prevent any stains. 
  • Battery: The average battery life of nearly all Apple products is stated to be around 10-hours. You can charge it easily again with the cable power source to work again. However, you can also work on it while charging.
  • Storage: A 16GB memory size may sound low as compared to most contemporary iPads. Yet, this size is quite sufficient for different apps. There is also the option to store everything online, or you can select 64 or 128GB storage. 
  • Apple Pencil: There is no mention of the compatible Apple stylus for this device. In that case, since the display is excellent, you might use your fingers to complete the drawing. 


  • Large and thin display for a good canvas
  • Fast processor and smooth screen
  • Suitable for different apps
  • Excellent camera quality
  • Maximum storage for various files


  • Not a good battery life

4. Apple iPad 9.7inch with WiFi 32GB

Apple iPad Pro 9.7 is another just the right size touch device for a canvas. The iOS runs fast and smoothly with a powerful processor and RAM. So, you can easily use different apps and work with your artwork. Several other specifications of this iPad enhance the functionality. It is specially designed to work for beginners and for those who need to carry it around. Even with a thick border on the screen, this iPad has a convenient size for a nice drawing. 

Besides, the materials are sturdy and lightweight. The display is brilliant to watch movies or videos, so it is evident that the platform for art will be great as well. As you can adjust the brightness easily to make the perfect conditions, the display gets better. Thus, this product is one of the best old iPad great for drawing. 

Key Features

  • Display: Like all Apple iPads, this one also features a Retina display with a 9.7-inch screen. The display has a wide color and a true tone for clarity. You will find the touch screen functioning smoothly without any lags even with different apps. 
  • Battery: Average run time of the battery is 10 hours, but this one can last longer. It depends on your use. Use the cable charger to recharge the device when needed. Usually, this charges up quite fast.
  • Storage: The memory is limited to 32GB as the device is quite small. However, this size is still sufficient for necessary apps. It works well for beginners and occasional artists with fewer requirements. 
  • Apple Pencil: Since the screen has several sensors, the Apple Pencil works really well on the screen. You will feel it working as a real pencil to create minute details without any problems. 


  • A powerful processing system for fast performance
  • Compact and lightweight
  • High-quality material build
  • Longer battery life
  • Touch-sensitive security options


  • Thick border around the display

5. Apple iPad 6th Gen Wi-Fi 128GB

Apple’s iPad of the 6th generation is one of the best tablets in the market. This is especially great for students and for those who will do basic functions. The product is of high quality with sturdy materials, lightweight, and a fast processor. It can run countless apps without problems, so you can easily use all kinds of art tools for beautiful work. You also get a nice size display that is compact. 

Even though this iPad is said to have some lags, it still functions smoothly for creative content. For artwork or similar functions, the iPad will run fast with good brightness adjustment. This happens for the 120Hz ProMotion coinciding with the powerful processor. Besides, you get good storage and RAM to further enhance your digital art through this iPad. Using excellent cameras, you can edit photos with elevated colors for references. So, this iPad is solely built for creative people. 

Key Features

  • Display: The 9.7-inch screen has a Retina Display with high resolution. In addition, ProMotion and True Tone improves the clarity of the screen. By using the brightness control, you can draw in this iPad in any light conditions on a clear screen.
  • Battery: Unlike other iPads, this one has an average battery life of 8 hours. So, you will have uninterrupted work time for around 5 hours as the device is running several apps at a time with full brightness. It is easy to recharge to full using the USB charger. 
  • Storage: You either get 32GB or 128 GB memory in this iPad. Depending on your work level and the number of apps and files, choose your storage. But both of them are sufficient enough for drawing purposes. 
  • Apple Pencil: This iPad is compatible with an Apple Pencil, but needs purchase separately. The stylus works smoothly on the screen making easy details. It also feels comfortable on the hands for long-term work. 


  • Low profile iPad for people on a budget
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Fast processor and convenient screen
  • Runs various apps smoothly
  • Compatible with an Apple Pencil


  • Not waterproof or very durable

6. Apple iPad (10.2-Inch, Wi-Fi, 32GB)

This 10.2 inch Apple iPadis another innovative device for all kinds of digital work. From design to functions, it has excelled its competitors for being a great iPad for creative content and professional applications. You will find the aluminum back and small curved front very stylish. Even though the size is small and has no laminated display, the colors are superb for a clear screen. It feels comfortable on the hands to carry around and work. 

The software has been upgraded and has a better processor to run different drawing apps. A Bionic processor allows you to open multiple apps when needed without lagging. Besides, the battery life is amazing for continuous work for a long time. Since the brightness of any Apple device is great for different light conditions, you don’t need to worry about a light source. As always, the cameras are also brilliant for crystal clear photos. All in all, this iPad is a unique item for various drawings. 

Key Features

  • Display: The display consists of a LED-backlit form and a high-resolution screen. So, with a small display, you will still have a superb quality screen to clearly draw on it. Other changes to the software and processors further enhance the display. 
  • Battery: On average, this iPad runs for 10 hours. But be sure that you can use it for a long time regardless of the number of apps and brightness. The device also comes with a lightning charger to revive again.
  • Storage: A 32GB memory may not sound enough, but you also have the option of 128GB storage. If your work is in a smaller range, you will find the 32GB sufficient for various apps. 
  • Apple Pencil: This iPad is also compatible with an Apple Pencil for clear drawings. The Pencil mimics a real one for making details. But it may not come useful for intricate details or highly professional work due to the small screen.


  • Very good software and fast processor
  • High-quality display with a clear screen
  • Good battery life to last a long screen time
  • High performance in running several apps at once
  • Security ensured with Touch ID 


  • The lightning charger isn’t very effective

7. Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch

Apple iPad Pro is no less than an actual computer, minus the comfort. Its features have been upgraded from the predecessors in several ways with better processors and batteries. In addition, we also get outstanding graphics and a camera for high-quality pictures needed for a drawing. Since the screen is quite fast for the Bionic Chip, you can easily work your art here smoothly with no lags. 

The software and other developments of this iPad make it versatile for using different apps at a time. For this reason, you can install all your necessary art apps in no time. You also get a large display for a convenient size canvas. It feels very slim and comfortable on the hands as you carry it. Moreover, the battery and screen time is also great for long-term work purposes. Thus, by using this computer alternative iPad, you are guaranteed high performance. 

Key Features

  • Display:  The latest model smart devices consist of a Liquid Retina display, and this iPad is no different. It also includes Promotion, wide color, and True Tone for a more clear and crystalized screen. But the best thing is the smaller border outside the screen, giving more space to the display. 
  • Battery: On average, this device can run up to 9 hours with a full charge. But depending on the screen time and brightness use, the battery can only last to around 4-5 hours. The iPad supports a USB cable charging option.
  • Storage: Like the size, this iPad is available up to TB memory, cellular, or Wi-Fi. It is better to get medium-range storage like 256 GB for the best apps and functions. 
  • Apple Pencil: This iPad is compatible with an Apple Pencil. You might need to get it separately checking the accurate one. The stylus will help to make the tiniest detail on the screen easily. 


  • A12X Bionic Chip makes it fast
  • Gorgeous display with a large size
  • High performance with countless apps
  • Battery run time is large
  • Better camera quality


  • The USB cord is very short 

8. Apple iPad (10.2-inch, Wi-Fi, 128GB)

Apple iPad 10.2-inch here is another medium-sized art platform with high screen resolution. As you paint, the images will be very sharp and vividly colored. An A12 Bionic chip increases the functionality with a faster processor to operate several apps. Better screen and processor also come with high-quality camera for reference photos. Even after much heavy-duty artwork, the battery lasts a long time before you need to charge. 

The software evolution also allows high performance to try out new things in this iPad. Moreover, the solid design and build give a stylish and sturdy outlook. After you are done with your drawings, keep them organized on the Files app. Undoubtedly, this is one of the top-notch smart devices ever made for drawing.

Key Features

  • Display: Again, a Retina Display is responsible for the top quality screen with extra sharpness and clarity. Although the display is quite small, it is great for minimal drawings. Using the brightness control, you can easily make wonderful art.
  • Battery: Similar to several iPads, this one also runs on average up to 10 hours before turning to zero percent. For running different apps and full brightness, this battery life may be lower down to around 5 hours. A lightning connector is given to recharge. 
  • Storage: This iPad has 128 GB of memory, which is a wonderful storage option. It is just the right size to keep files and still run the device smoothly. 
  • Apple Pencil: To draw or write on the screen, the iPad supports a 1st generation Apple Pencil. While this stylus may have some lackings, you can still make some great drawings with it. 


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Upgraded Bionic Chip for fast screen
  • Colorful and sharp display
  • Longer battery life
  • Convenient storage size


  • No space to keep the stylus 

9. Apple iPad (10.2-inch, Wi-Fi, 32GB)

The Apple iPad made in 2020 is the first best iPad for drawing. But we know that the iPad is an excellent device for a number of things. You will have the best and powerful iPad of the latest generation for drawing. The display is large enough for a perfect canvas for any type of art with beautiful color options. It is also very smooth and fast at 120Hz.

Other unique features include the Bionic and an eight-core processor. There are also high processing graphics for great performance. The battery life, fast display, and fast charging are all efficient for the artwork. But the best thing about any Apple product is its outstanding camera. Good light detection and ultra-zooming lenses will give you very clear images for making digital paintings or sketches. You can easily multitask using this iPad. 

Key Features

  • Display: Apple iPad always gives a gorgeous display. The 10.2-inch Retina display is a great size as a canvas with brightness adjustment and a smooth touch screen. Your artwork will come out perfect with this display. 
  • Battery: The battery has a life span of 10 hours. Even if you are out of charge, you can connect to a lightning charger for fast charging or working while it charges. Just move towards a charger connector. 
  • Storage: Good storage is necessary to keep your files. This iPad has either a 32GB or 128GB capacity. After you are done, save your drawings here and be sure that they will remain safe. 
  • Apple Pencil: This pencil works great to mimic a pen to draw. It can be magnetically attached to the iPad. It is designed well to work smoothly on the screen for detailed works. 


  • Large display with smooth and fast screen
  • Long battery life with good charging option
  • Magnetic attachment and charging for the pencil
  • Great security with Face ID
  • ProMotion and brightness adjustment


  • The screen is too big for some users

10. 2019 Apple iPad Mini

2019’s iPad Mini will be your ultimate drawing partner. Since the iPad 2020 is very large, this one is a great alternative to it with similar features. Due to the size, it is easily portable. Similarly, the display, color, and brightness are also amicable for your artwork. You will also find that the iPad is fast with a powerful screen to run several apps without hanging. 

The high battery power allows you to work for hours. Using this iPad you can perform different art forms, but the best output is of any illustrations. Edit or take excellent quality pictures using the cameras and photo settings. It is slim and lightweight for comfortable use. Overall, you will have a mini-size device for everything you need. 

Key Features

  • Display: Here the display is 7.9-inch in size and in Retina with True Tone. Besides, the color and brightness settings are very sharp and clear. To top it all, sharp graphics will make the artwork look very picturesque. 
  • Battery: Like the iPad 2020, this one also has 10 hours battery life with 9 hours for WiFi or other apps. Using the lightning connector, you can fast charge it or use it while the battery charges. In this way, your work remains uninterrupted.
  • Storage: The capacity is either 64GB or 256GB. For a small iPad, the storage is huge to keep a large number of files. You can also use different apps regarding art without the worry of space. 
  • Apple Pencil: Apple pencil will make your drawings flawless. It is very comfortable and precise to make details. In addition, you can easily attach it to the iPad to carry around.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Powerful and large storage
  • Long battery life with easy charging
  • Great for beginners
  • Security ensured with touch ID


  • Compatible with the only first-generation Apple pencil

Best iPad for Drawing Buying Guide

Every Apple iPad is a high-quality gadget with different features for top-notch drawing. But when you need to select the right one to suit your desires, you need to look for some other factors to make that decision.


It is evident that the more powerful the processor, the device will work more efficiently. You can then easily run different apps for your artwork without any leggings. But ensure that the fast processor doesn’t decrease battery life. For this, the A10 processor is a great choice.


A liquid or Retina display is primarily the best type for a clear screen. In addition, you need to get a bigger display for art. This is because the overall screen is smaller due to the border. A good display is the most important thing for your digital art. 


As we have seen, iPads come in different sizes from 9.7 inches to 12.9 inches. For drawing, it is better to get a larger size for more space to make the artwork. But if you need a portable device, then go for a smaller version.


Another very important thing is the battery life because you don’t want your device to go dead while you are in the middle of work. Usually, the iPads have an average of 10 hours of battery life. But when it runs different apps, you will only get about 6 to 7 hours of uninterrupted battery power. 


More storage is needed for more space to save files. If your work is minimal and you don’t need to save them, then a small memory is fine. But it is better to get larger storage to have more necessary apps. 


Again, a camera is an important thing to check for in any smart device nowadays. A good camera will give you high-quality photos for references and better editing options. 

Apple Pencil

The best type of stylus is the Apple Pencil. In most cases, this comes with the device. But even if you have to purchase it, go for the 2nd generation one which is lighter and highly functional. It is compatible with many Apple devices.


A better RAM is needed for the iPad to work fast and effectively. So, you need to go for at least 4GB or more. This RAM will allow you to use different high-profile apps for art. 


You need to have good charging options for your iPad. The USB option, especially a Type-C charger is a better choice than the in-built LTE. A USB charging system will allow the portability of the device.

How to Use iPad as Drawing? 

We have seen how iPads are the best devices for drawing, but we need to make them suitable for this purpose. While most iPads work on their own, some might need a PC connection. This happens if the application you use on the computer isn’t available on the iPad.

  • In case you want to use the iPad independently, install a good app for drawing. This, however, depends on several factors.
  • A good app for any form of art is the Astropad. It is easily available for any smart device, including the iPad. Ensure that this app is compatible with the Apple Pencil.
  • Using the Astropad, you can easily make different types of art. In addition, other apps like Adobe Illustrator or Easy Canvas can also be used with this one together for different tools.
  • Choose art apps and install them for drawing, sketches, painting, final touches, and so on. Since it is a digital platform, you need different online tools.
  • Some of these apps are free while others need a certain subscription fee. After downloading the apps, install them by following the steps carefully. Update them when needed.
  • If you want to make the iPad an extension device, then connect it with your computer. You can either do it using a USB cable or Bluetooth connectivity. 

How to Make a Drawing Pen for iPad? 

If your iPad doesn’t include a stylus and you are short on cash to get an Apple Pencil, then make one at home easily. All you will need is a pen, foil paper, cotton buds, tapes, and some water. 

Preparing the pen:

  • First, take out the ink part of the pen. Use a metal surface pen, since it will conduct electricity. Cut the cotton bud into one-third to put that portion in the empty pen.
  • Place the cotton bud on the nib of the pen. Keep the cotton part exposed only, and tape it on the pen to secure it in place. Make sure the tip is placed tightly and remains fixed.

Using the Foil Paper:

  • Cut out the foil paper according to the size of the pen. Now wrap it around the pen and tape it firmly. 
  • After you are sure that the pen is properly wrapped and the cotton tip is fixed, your stylus is ready for use.
  • Finally, put the DIY stylus in water to moisten the tip. Remove any excess water. Now use your stylus on the iPad to draw. This happens due to electricity conducted by water. 
  • Never let excess water drip on the iPad. Always keep this stylus clean so that it works smoothly on the screen.


What Generation iPad Can You Draw On?

Naturally, the latest generation iPad is the best to work with for anything, because it will be more upgraded with different accessibilities. But you can start from the 2nd generation to around 8th generation iPads for drawing. All of them will perform well with the Apple Pencil compatible with them to give flawless art. 

What Is the Best iPad for Drawing With a Pencil?

Any Apple iPad is great for drawing using the Apple pencil. It all depends on the compatibility of the pencil. You will find that the iPad comes with the Apple pencil. The latest models of the iPad, like the 2020 or 2021 versions are the best for your art. Sometimes, you can also purchase the Apple Pencil separately by checking the generation.

Is an iPad Worth It for Drawing?

An iPad resembles paper in electronic form with its size and functions. You will get a nice digital platform for various types of artwork that also allows editing options. Besides, they support an Apple Pencil to mimic a real pencil. Even though a drawing pad is designed for a digital art platform, iPads are working equally excellently.

Do Professional Artists Use iPad Pro?

The iPad Pro has a larger screen and powerful processors and battery to work effectively as a light pad. It is designed for various functions on a digital platform. So, using adequate tools and apps, this device can easily bring all the art materials for flawless digital art. So, an iPad Pro remains a great device for professional artists. 

Is 128GB Enough for an iPad Pro Artist?

128GB storage falls on the medium range capacity to store items. Even though you will have larger options, it is safe to say that this size is sufficient to store a lot of files and apps. Using this capacity, different media files are easily stored, and an artist can keep their work safely, regardless of the size and number. 


Finally, we are hopeful that our article on the best iPads for drawing would come useful. Whether you are a beginner or a professional artist, you still need the best digital platform. Apple has been making some of the top-quality devices for creative content, and our list here mentions the most-liked ones. Although they are all worth your investment, by checking the guidelines, decide on the one best suited to your needs.

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