Top 10 Best Inkjet Printer Paper Reviews

Do you know quality printouts are a result of the right paper? True. However, you must have the best inkjet printer paper if you use an inkjet printer. This is for fine prints. Finding the right inkjet printer paper can be a daunting task. But, intensive research can be helpful if you need the right printer paper.

Remember, the market is flooded with all sorts of printer papers engineered for various uses. Check out our review; we’ve analyzed the top 10 inkjet printer papers you can consider. Also, you can go through the considerations to make a sound decision.

Still, through online platforms, you can read more on business color printer reviews to have an idea of the right paper for color printing.

Our Top Pick:

Important Features to Consider When Purchasing the Best Inkjet Printer Paper

Product Description
Hp Printer Paper | 8.5 x 11 Paper-Office20Weight: 15 pounds
Sheets: 1500
Brightness: 92
Hammermill Printer PaperWeight: 6 pounds
Paper Finish: Smooth
Color: White
Sheet size: 8.5×11
Hp Printer paper, BrightWhite24Weight: 30 pounds
Sheets: 2500
Paper finish: Ultra smooth
Brightness: 100
Whiteness: 165
Printworks Matte Photo PaperPaper Finish: Matte
Sheet size: 8.5×11
Sheet count: 80
Brightness: 97
HP Printer Paper-Premium24Weight: 6 pounds
Paper Finish: Smooth
Sheet size: 8.5 x 11
Brightness: 100
Epson Premium Presentation PaperWeight: 600 grams
Paper Finish: Matte
Sheet size: 8.5 x 11 inch
Brightness: 103
HP Glossy Advanced Photo Paper for InkjetWeight: 1.69 pounds
Paper Finish: Glossy
Sheet Size: 8.5 x 11 inch
Color: White
Sheet Count: 50
iGage Weatherproof PaperWeight: 1.1 pounds
Paper finish: Coated
Sheet Size: 8.5×11 inches
Sheet Count: 50
HP Premium Plus Photo PaperPaper Finish: Soft gloss
Sheet Size: 8.5x 11 inch
Weight: 2 pounds
Color: White
Kodak Ultra Premium Photo PaperWeight: 0.02 pounds
Paper Finish: High gloss
Sheet size: 4 x 6 inch

Leading 10 Top Best Inkjet Printer Paper Reviews

1. Hp Printer Paper-Office20

HP Printer Paper | 8.5 x 11 Paper | Office 20 lb | 3 Ream Case - 1500 Sheets | 92 Bright | Made in USA - FSC Certified | 112090C

The hp Printer Paper is dependable in most of the printers. You can consider this paper for unique prints if you have an inkjet printer. It is an 8.5 x 11 paper. Still, you can use it on laser printers or copier machines. 

Get this acid-free paper to avoid yellowing with time. The ever-pleasing appearance is something you can love. The ColorLok feature helps to brighten your prints, enables bolder blacks, and ensures fast drying. The USA government-certified this product through FSC. Get this paper for your office and even home use.

Key Features

  • Acid-free Paper: This printer paper doesn’t go yellow with time. Thus, you can enjoy long-lasting appealing prints. You can also have an outstanding archival collection.
  • ColorLok Technology: If you want clear and sharp images, this is the best inkjet printer paper. This technology is for fast drying, clear prints, and bolder blacks.
  • Source of This Paper: You can trust this paper because it is from renewable forest resources. This forest in North America got 0% deforestation.
  • Quality: HP printer paper is of high quality. You should never doubt if you are printing using your inkjet printer.
  • Usability: You can use this super quality paper for office daily prints. It is a reliable product and also dependable for volumes of tasks. Again, you can use it to print black and white.


  • Super quality
  • You can use it to print large volumes
  • It is a certified product
  • It’s an Acid-free paper
  • ColorLok technology


  • Sometimes, it can beat up during shipping

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2. Hammermill Printer Paper

Hammermill Printer Paper, Premium Inkjet & Laser Paper 24 Lb, 8.5 x 11 - 1 Ream (500 Sheets) - 97 Bright, Made in the USA, 166140R

Apart from using this paper on your inkjet printer, you can apply it to your laser machine. Hammermill printer papers can be used for two-sided printing, saving paper and time. Because of its weight of 24 pounds, jamming is significantly cut as the inkjet rollers grips well. 

Further, its brightness is at 97 with a blue-white shade. Due to this, sharp and clear images will be the result. The ColorLok technology is for color prints brighter at 30% and 60% for black. This paper dries at 3x- achieving unbeatable results for your reports, memos, flyers, etc. We’ve tested this copy paper, and it can be perfect for both home and office use.

Key Features

  • Quality: Hammermill printer paper is a superior product that you can use for double-sided printing. You see how economical it is to have one. Its brightness is at 97 with a blue-white shade. With such brightness, you are sure of sharp images.
  • Originality: It is a product certified by Forest Stewardship Council in the USA. This means it is from renewable resources.
  • ColorLok Technology: You know, this is what contributes to the 30% color brightness and 60% for black. These papers also dry 3x faster. Enjoy superior prints.
  • Multi-purpose Paper: Ideal for printing-This is a copier paper you can use on all your office machines. The results are professional when printing flyers, newsletters, labels, memos, reports, and many more.
  • Acid-free Paper: Have quality, ever-lasting images with this paper. It doesn’t experience any kind of yellowing as it is acid-free.


  • It’s an acid-free paper
  • It can be used for two-sided printing
  • Sharp and clear prints
  • It’s a multi-purpose paper
  • It’s from renewable resources


  • It is not cheap for everyone

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3. Hp Printer Paper, BrightWhite24

HP Printer Paper | 8.5 x 11 Paper | BrightWhite 24 lb | 5 Ream Case - 2500 Sheets |100 Bright |Made in USA - FSC Certified | 203000C

If you are looking for perfect papers for your inkjet printer, consider this brightWhite24. It is an uncoated paper with excellent performance when used on printing and copying equipment. Also, it’s a global product for everyday copies and super prints. 

Moreover, this 24 lb product is at 100 for brightness, and whiteness is at 165. Hp printer paper is for boldness and bright colors because of the ColorLok Technology. Indeed, an explicit and super print guarantee makes it the best overall printer paper for inkjet printers.

Key Features

  • ColorLok Technology: Definitely, everybody needs bolder black, sharp images and fast drying. Then, this is the best paper for inkjet printer.
  • Certifications: You should not worry about using this printer paper. It is certified by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and it has satisfied Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED).
  • Quality: This product is of super quality from renewable forest resources. It is thick with a brightness of 100 and a whiteness of 165.
  • Originality: It is from the USA. Of manor concern, 0% deforestation has been achievable from renewable forest resources.


  • Full-color presentation
  • It’s a quality and smooth paper
  • Best for two-sided prints
  • It’s very bright (100)
  • Its uncoated paper


  • The packaging sometimes deforms the papers

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4. Printworks Matte Photo Paper

Printworks Matte Photo Paper for Inkjet Printers, Printable on Both Sides, 6.5 mil, 8.5 x 11 inches, 80 Sheets (00426-6)

Printworks Matter Photo paper is the right product for inkjet printers. It is highly compatible and easy to use. Again, this is because of the inbuilt color technology for detailing- resulting in artistic images. This technology ensures your paper dries fast. 

In addition, It comes with the best weight to absorb ink perfectly. As the name suggests, this paper is the right product when printing photos. It is such an affordable and reliable paper. You can consider this paper for high-volume prints.

Key Features

  • Function: Purchase this printer paper for your office flyers, presentations, crafts, memos, and many more
  • Compatibility: It is highly compatible with inkjet printers because of the color technology. This is for the finest and clear images.
  • Printworks Matte Photo Printer Allows two-side Printing: This is the right product for two-sided printing. You will not use lots of paper with this, hence more savings.
  • Quality: When using this paper, you can be sure of the quality and sharp prints. The sacrificing color is for quality and sharp prints
  • Size: A pack comes with 80 sheets. You see, you can use this for volumes of work.


  • Best for quality prints
  • Color technology
  • It can be used for two-sided printing
  • Highly compatible with inkjet printers
  • The brightness is at 97


  • It is not compatible with laser printers

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5. HP Printer Paper-Premium24

HP Printer Paper | 8.5 x 11 Paper | Premium 24 lb | 1 Ream - 500 Sheets | 100 Bright | Made in USA - FSC Certified | 112400R

Grab this premium paper for your inkjet printer. It’s uncoated and can be used with all sorts of HP hardware for printing. The full representation assures quality, consistency, and unmatched prints. 

Check this 24 lb with a brightness of 100 and 164 whiteness. It is a super-smooth inkjet printer paper for appealing color printing. The ColorLok Technology is for bolder black and bright colors for great results.

Key Features

  • ColorLok Technology: Enjoy vivid colored images by use of this paper. It is best for border blacks and ensures fast drying.
  • Acid-free Paper: HP Printer Paper-Premium24 is a product that prevents yellowing. And because of this, you can have long-lasting images.
  • Color Printing: This 24 pounds paper has a brightness of 100 and 163-whiteness. The smooth surface is for full-color coverage.
  • HP Technology: All HP papers are celebrated for premium performance. Be sure of satisfaction with this sort of paper.
  • Originality: Be confident with this HP paper. They are from renewable forest resources. And because of this kind of production, there is 0% deforestation.


  • ColorLok technology
  • It’s an acid-free paper
  • Color printing
  • HP technology
  • High brightness of 100


  • It is a bit expensive for some people

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6. Epson Premium Presentation Paper

Epson Premium Presentation Paper MATTE (8.5x11 Inches, Double-sided, 50 Sheets) (S041568),Bright White

Get this standard product to print brochures, greetings, photographic images, and many more. Its images never fade for like 72 years. It works with all sorts of inkjet printers for photographic images. It is an 8.5 x 11 sheet with an opacity of 93%. 

Further, it is a two-sided printing paper with an ISO brightness of 103. It is the best inkjet paper transfer paper for quality printouts. This 47 lb paper weighs 9.7 mils. That’s how you will get sturdy prints-easy to hold.

Key Features

  • Compatibility: If you have an inkjet printer, this is the right paper to use for good functionality
  • Two sided-printing: Epson Premium Presentation paper is the best when it comes to double-side printing. Sure, you will not use so much printer paper, saving money and time.
  • Brightness: When printing images, obvious you need clear ones. You will gain much satisfaction as this paper has a brightness of 103. Have your outstanding printouts!
  • Quality: You can never doubt the quality of this paper. It is heavy and coated for solid prints and a smooth finish. The printouts can last for 72 years.


  • Smooth and quality prints
  • Excellent brightness of 103
  • Best for double-sided printing
  • Perfect for inkjet printers
  • Long-lasting printouts


  • Some people didn’t like it

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7. HP Glossy Advanced Photo Paper for Inkjet

HP Advanced Photo Paper, Glossy, 8.5x11 in, 50 sheets (Q7853A)

HP Glossy Advanced Photo Paper works perfectly with inkjet printers. The printout is ever fade-resistant with bright colors and an appealing finish. Depend on this best glossy paper for quality and sturdy wall memories for an inkjet printer. 

The variety of this paper from different forests offered by HP is unmatched. These papers are thick hence can absorb ink quickly, not forgetting they are fast to dry. We would recommend this transparency paper to anyone printing wedding cards, labels, memos, and flyers for an inkjet printer. FSC has certified this paper from renewable resources.

Key Features

  • Quality: These papers are from renewable resources, so the quality is good. The thickness is super for sturdy and quality images.
  • Certification: Worry not when using these papers as FSC authorizes it. For sure renewable resources contribute to 0% deforestation.
  • Fade-resistant: Purchase this best glossy paper for inkjet printer for long-lasting images. The results can survive for many years without fading.
  • Glossy finish: All you think is classy and super prints with a bright finish when looking for the best inkjet printer paper. Choose this paper for images with a glossy finish.
  • Usage– You can use it for a beautiful photo collection, scrapbook, and printing other kinds of documents


  • Color printing
  • Glossy printouts
  • Thick enough to absorb ink fast
  • It’s a certified paper
  • Fast drying


  • It is a challenge to write anything on the reverse side because of the watermark

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8. iGage Weatherproof Paper

iGage Weatherproof Paper 8.5'x11' - 50 Sheets

Do you need paper for your inkjet printer that can absorb ink at any time? iGage Weatherproof should be your top pick as it is coated with ink absorption capabilities. It doesn’t matter if you use a permanent marker, ink pen, or highlighter; this paper is suitable for printing. 

The indelible output results from the ink bolding tightly with the film. Still, you can consider using a gas-charged space pen on this paper to write anything you want. This paper doesn’t peal so fast because of its waterproof surface. 

It is the best base for signs, banners, maps, medical charts, and many more. You can use this inkjet paper in a laser printer comfortably.

Key Features

  • Waterproof Surface: Such a surface is water-resistant. The ink absorption rate is reasonable despite the situation. However, you can use this paper while underwater or during outdoor activities.
  • Quality: Check out this single-layered, coated printer paper. The thickness is suitable for printing quality images. It is hard for this paper to peal out after some time.
  • Output: When using this paper, you can note the images from far. They are rich in color and can be defined.
  • How it Works: The good thing is, it’s a paper that you can use with permanent markers, ink pens, and highlighters.
  • Double-side Printing: Save paper and money as you can print on both sides using iGage waterproof printer paper.


  • One can print both sides
  • It’s of high quality
  • Colorful images
  • Waterproof surface


  • It doesn’t work with pencil lead and some types of ink

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9. HP Premium Plus Photo Paper

HP Premium Plus Photo Paper, Satin, 8.5x11 in, 50 sheets (CR667A)

If you own an inkjet printer at home, have HP Premium Plus, Photo Paper. Why? It tops in super quality photos with a fantastic finish. Its thickness is for premium sturdy photos. 

In addition, it is smudge and water-resistant to be best for marine and outdoor. Also, its FSC certification shows fulfillment on forest authorities. The paper weighs 11.5 mils with 50 sheets in a unit.

Key Features

  • Quality: This product is made of wood from authorized forest management. The thickness is on point for vivid photos that you can hold.
  • Water-resistant: Water-resistant papers are suitable for ink absorption. With this paper, you will not stress when around water or during camping.
  • Usage: You can use these papers to frame images, gift other people, and display photos for future memories.
  • Certification: HP Premium Plus Paper is certified by FSC. It shows good forest sustainability due to renewable resources.
  • Glossy Finish: Consider this best glossy paper for inkjet printer if you need images with a bright shiny finish


  • Water-resistant surface
  • Clear images
  • It’s a quality product
  • It is certified
  • Glossy finish


  • Issue when feeding the papers after some time

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10. Kodak Ultra Premium Photo Paper

Kodak Ultra Premium Photo Paper for inkjet printers, Gloss Finish, 10.7 mil thickness, 20 sheets, 4” x 6” (8777757),White

If you were keen, you could remember the Kodak label on your grandparent’s photos. This is a long-time inkjet printer paper you can consider printing your graduation cards, wedding invitations, or family photos. The glossy finish is the choice for professional images.

 Kodak Ultra Premium Photo Paper absorbs ink within minutes without smearing it all over. These papers come in different sizes, so you must be sure of your printer size.

Key Features

  • Fast-drying: It is one of the papers that take minutes to absorb ink. So expect instant drying—no smearing or smudging.
  • Compatibility: You can have this paper using an inkjet printer. It works with all sorts of inkjet printers for clear and sturdy images.
  • Capabilities: You can check out this paper for photos memories. It has been in the market for the longest time; it can serve its purpose.
  • Quality: Anyone who has ever used Kodak paper can testify to its high quality. It’s thick for better absorption of ink when using an inkjet printer.


  • Highly compatible with all inkjet printers
  • It’s a quality paper
  • It’s thick enough for ink absorption
  • Results to great output
  • Dries fast


  • Ideal for printing small photos

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Inkjet Printer Papers-Considerations to Picking The Best

Buying Guide to Best Inkjet Printer Paper

You must be keen when choosing one because of the different inkjet printer papers. Sure, you need a ream of paper that can work perfectly with your inkjet printer. Having information about printer papers can guide you to the right one while saving some money with a guarantee of quality prints.

With the below guide, you will get ideas on the best inkjet printer paper for your device. Let’s get to the considerations.


When buying a printer paper, you must be mulling about bright outputs. Brightness is how light may interact with your preferred printer paper. It is measured on a scale of 0-100. With a scale of 90 and above, you can be sure of the sharpest prints. XEROX features on the papers show how bright it can be.

Paper Size

Depending on the size of your inkjet printer, you must have the right paper size. Printer papers come in different sizes, so have a paper that you can accommodate in your printer. You need to be realistic on paper to meet your expectations.


The paper shade is what determines the tone of a paper. There are different types of shades that you can choose from. Like paint got different shades, you must have printer paper with a good shade for a perfect printout. A piece reflects more when it is bright.

Weight of the Paper

The heft and thickness determine the weight of a printer paper. It is measured in grams per square meter (GSM). It is good to consider a printer paper with a standard weight for daily office prints. You know a light printer paper can frustrate at times after display on the wall as it can curl or cinch up. 

Also, the lighter ones can’t absorb ink well for inkjet printers. Remember, the heavy ones are more expensive. So, you have the light ones for daily printouts as they are affordable. But remember, all you need is the best sticker paper for inkjet printers to avoid time wastage and inconvenience.

Type of Paper

When shopping for printer paper, you’ll learn of the many types. Printer papers differ on brightness and weight. After all, it is good to pick the best overall printer paper for an inkjet printer if you are using an inkjet printer.


Having an inkjet printer requires you to buy the most recommendable papers. Though it can be a challenge, your determination will lead you to the right decision. Having intensive information on printer papers can save you money and time.

Decidedly, it is good to check on business color printer reviews on the internet to add more knowledge on a color presentation using the most suitable paper. When buying your best inkjet printer paper, you must consider the paper’s brightness, shade, and weight. It doesn’t matter if you purchase it for office or home use. Decide according to your needs.

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