Best Ink Pads For Fingerprints – Buying Guide

It is possible to identify people based on their specific biometric data with biometric identification. Fingerprint recognition is one of these biometric identification techniques, and it is also the most common in the world. Thus, select the best ink pads for fingerprints to record the finger pattern accurately.

When searching for specialty ink pads for fingerprinting, you want to ensure the product follows some criteria. With a range of fingerprint ink pads in store, you’ll be able to find a product that may or may not meet your high standards. These ink pads are helpful in several environments. This includes banks, check cashing sites, and other businesses that need to keep track of fingerprints in their records. Ink pads are also helpful at police stations for booking and other identification purposes.

Choosing the right ink pad can mean separating splotchy artwork and a tidy display on various projects, such as scrapbooks and clothing tags. This ink pad has a hard porous plastic finish and a rugged surface. These fingerprint ink pads are healthy and non-toxic for skin because they are inkless and leave a crisp, clear impression with minimal ink residue on fingers. They accurately record the complex patterns with exceptional legibility, resulting in a method you can rely on for several years.

If you’re stamping important documents or putting fingerprints on them, any of the ink pads we’ve checked will not let you down. We chose them based on important characteristics such as color depth, style, protection, pad size, etc.

Our Favourite Best Ink Pads For Fingerprints

Top 5 Best Ink Pads For Fingerprints- Buying Guide

1. Szsrcywd 20pcs Craft Ink Pad

This is a color ink pad for fingerprints and contains 20 art ink pads. It’s an excellent choice for fingerprinting projects on children’s scrapbooks, cards, and other similar artwork.

One of our favorites is the vast, vibrant color set of these craft ink pads, including red, black, and orange mainstays. Each one is about 1.57*1.57inch/4*4cm in size. However, it has plenty of surface area for smaller stamp projects and fingerprinting. This ink pad is one of the best water colorings because of the vast color range and dye base.

The Best Ink Pads For Fingerprints – for crafts are simple to use. Until pressing down on the Pad and stamping on a piece of paper, moisten them with 5 tiny drops of water. It gets extra points for being waterproof, making it ideal for use in the classroom or on the kitchen counter. Or from the luxury of the best office chair under $300 in the office.

Key Features

Usage Scope: You can also use finger painting ink pads on notepads, journals, and posters in addition to fabric, wood, paper, and cards. It’s ideal for DIY art projects (Thanksgiving cards), painting (a baby shower guest tree), and wedding decor.

Best for Kids: The 20-color ink pad allows children to let their imaginations run wild while making a fantastic finger painting.

Color: There are 20 colors in this craft ink. Yellow, Orange, Red, Light Pink, Pink, Light Purple, Purple, Dark Purple, Silver, Rose, Light Blue, Blue, Royal Blue, Brown, Gold, and so on are some of the bright colors available.

Size: There are 20 boxes in a carton with a diameter of 1.57 inches (4.57 centimeters) and measures 1.57 by 1.57 inches (4.57 centimeters). Rubber stamp ink pads came in a small box that made it easy to store all the pads.

Easy to Clean: The ink in this craft ink is high-quality, odorless, and water-soluble, which makes it safe and easy to wash with warm water and soap. It is easy to wash the hands, ears, and limbs without leaving behind residue.


  • It’s water-resistant and dries quickly.
  • There are several colors to choose from, and the printing is crisp.
  • Excellent for children.


  • Most stamps may be too small.
  • If not applied correctly, the result will be blotchy.
  • Re-inking is not possible.

2. Thumbprint Ink Pad

The clear imprint is specially designed for a perfect fingerprint. Governments and private industry use these pads worldwide for employee background checks, law enforcement, elections, notaries, and employee applications.

Any climate is suitable for the Qp Tpad fingerprint. They are never dry. Inking Pad with a compact round shape allows you to use your stamp without error for a long time. The ink pads come in two different shades of black.

This ink pad is non-toxic Ink and can be easily wiped out. There’s a new feature when it comes to Huella Dactilar. Thus, you can stick it anywhere with the adhesive sticker on the bottom! This product benefits banks, check cashing, school identification, employee background checks, law enforcement, elections, notaries, and employee applications.

Thumbprint pads are a low-cost and straightforward way to increase security and prevent check and identity fraud. The fingerprint pad adheres to surfaces almost instantly using non-toxic, fast-drying, non-smearing, permanent ink. Using a damp paper towel, soap, water, or ink remover towels, you can easily remove the ink from your fingers.

Key features

Excellent Quality: This ink pad for thumb impression is an oil-based ink fingerprint stamp pad. It is perfect for bank seal or election, portable and clear.

Clear Print: apart from being clear print, it’s easy to wipe out.

Quality Ink Pad: It is possible to imprint 1500 on each Pad. Immediately drying the fingerprint will not fade it. This seal is good for sealing important documents.

Used for Any Climate: The stamp pads can be used in any Environment. They are never dry. For A Long Time, your stamp can be used without error.


  • It keeps a clear mark.
  • This ink pad can be used in any climate.
  • It is of excellent quality
  • Easy to clean


  • Limited color selection

3. Outus Professional Finger Ink Pad

A Thumbprint ink pad is a fingerprint ink pad used for identification and protection ID. This round, competent finger ink pad is known for its quick-drying and erasable feature. It is an ink pad with plain black impressions with a size of 1.8 x 1.6 x 0.44 inch/ 4.5 x 4 x 1.1 cm (LWH)

If you are looking for maximum security, then this is one of the best ink pads for fingerprints to settle for. Therefore, this thumbprint ink pad is ideal for office workers and business owners who want a fast and low-cost way to increase security and prevent check and identity fraud.

Apart from offering you maximum security, this ink pad also provides you a clear impression and is never messy as well. It has a reputation for producing clean, clear, and consistent impressions. With the thumb ink pad, you do not have to worry about messy fingerprint ink stains, which you can get with other fingerprint ink pads. It is easy to use, quick to dry, and erasable. These qualities allow business owners and office workers to provide clear and detailed instructions for quick execution, convenience, and practicality.

Key Features

Compact in size: Each ink pad is compact in size, measuring approximately 4.5 x 4 x 1.1 cm/ 1.8 x 1.6 x 0.44 inch (LWH), simple and fragile, making it easy to carry around.

Water-Resistant: Thumbprint ink pad has a special waterproof ink that will provide you with a long-lasting inking result that will not fade, making it a valuable office tool.

Ideal for the Workplace: Our thumbprint ink pad is ideal for office employees and business owners looking for a quick and low-cost way to increase security and prevent check and identity fraud.

Clear Impression: this thumbprint ink pad can make clean, clear, and consistent impressions, allowing big businesses and office workers to give clear and thorough instructions for fast execution.

Dries Quickly: Easily erasable and quick-drying thumb ink pad. As it is simple to use, making it easy to clean it after use, you do not need to worry about the messy mess associated with using other fingerprint ink pads that can leave your fingers stained for days on end.


  • Its a quality type of ink pad
  • It is a waterproof ink pad
  • Easy to clean
  • Cost effect and convenience


  • It only has one color to choose from.

4. Juvale Mini Black Ink Pads for Fingerprints

Thumbprint pads are a low-cost and straightforward Inking Pad with a Compact Round Shape. This set includes 6 black ink pads. They help in increasing security and prevent check and identity fraud. Featuring fast-drying, permanent, non-smearing ink, the fingerprint pad is non-toxic, safe, and non-toxic. It is something that your fingertips can easily remove.

This ink pad for the fingerprint is an oil-based type of ink fingerprint stamp pad. It is recommended for Bank seal or election. The thumbprint ink pad is black in color, portable, and clear. Besides, it is of excellent quality at a reasonable price.

This fingerprint printing pad produces clean, uniform imprints. The consumer will have simple, detailed instructions for fast execution and making it easy and realistic. The thumb ink pad is simple to use. Moreover, the ink pad is quick to dry and easy to clean. Additionally, this fingerprint ink pad isn’t messy like other ink pads that stain your fingers. To clean, you can rub your fingers together to remove the Ink or use a damp paper towel with soap and water or an ink remover towel.

Key Features

Clear Imprints: this is a clear imprint that is wipeable Ink in your finger. The ink pad is non-toxic Ink.

Adhesive Sticker: the impregnated fingerprints have a new feature! It can stick anywhere with the adhesive sticker on the bottom of the Pad!

Best Used at: Banks, check cashing, school identification, employee background checks, law enforcement, elections, notaries, and employment applications benefit from this product.

Suitable for Any Climate: The Fingerprint can be used in any environment. They are never dry. For a long time, the stamp can be used flawlessly.


  • Suitable for any climate
  • It is easy to use
  • This ink pad is quick-drying
  • It is easy to clean your fingers


  • Available in one color only.

5. Lee Specially Formulated Rub-Off Ink Fingerprint Pad

The lee Inkless fingerprint pad is a special rub-off ink pad for black fingerprints and comes in three packs. There is no need to run out of ink with this ink pad, as the inkless formula never dries. If lids are left open, the specially-made Pad will not dry out since it is inkless.

You can leave clear and clean impressions with this Lee inkless fingerprint pad. Thus the Pad leaves a clean, crisp imprint on any paper that never stains and dries quickly. Moreover, the product is non-toxic and won’t stain your skin or clothes. Therefore, this fingerprint pad makes fingerprinting easy, clear, and mess-free.

The non-toxic solution dries quickly on paper, preventing streaks and stains, and easily rubs off fingertips for hassle-free application. Lee fingerprint pad can produce over 1,000 fingerprints and comes in an airtight container to prevent drying out, making it ideal for high-volume operations.

Key Features

Easy to Clean: The Fingerprint Pad comes with specially formulated rub-off Ink that cleanly wipes away on fingers.

Quality: Extra protection is provided, preventing check and identity fraud. Besides, it produces 1000 unmistakable and crips fingerprints.

The Adhesive at the Bottom: this feature gives the ink pad the ability to stick anywhere as it has a bond at the bottom.

Inkless: lee ink pad is made of specially formulated rubbed in Ink. Thus it’s non-toxic, but above all, the formula leaves your fingerprints unmarked.  


  • It leaves a clean, crisp imprint that never stains and dries fast on any paper.
  • It comes off without wash.
  • Up to 1,000 impressions per Pad are reliable deliver.
  • The specially made Pad is inkless and won’t dry out, even if the lids are left open.
  • It’s also non-toxic and won’t stain your skin.


  • Has only one color to choose from.

Best Ink Pads For Fingerprints Buying guide

Best Ink Pads For Fingerprints

It may not be challenging to choose the Best Ink Pads For Fingerprints. If you like or require a specific color or design, purchase it. But it’s much more than that. As a result, we’ll explain how to choose an ink pad and what aspects to consider.

Size of the Pad

The size of your ink pad matters when you are looking for the best ink pad to settle on. Look for a minimum of 3′′ by 5′′ dimensions for more significant tasks like scrapbooking and wedding invitations. Smaller stamp pads in the 3′′ by 2′′ range should suffice for fingerprint and child-friendly applications.

Larger stamp heads can accept larger ink pads that store more Ink. Some people want larger ink pads for larger projects, such as stamping personal scrapbooks or invitations, and others want smaller ink pads for smaller projects. Ink pads with a diameter of fewer than 32 inches are suitable for minor tasks such as fingerprint stamping and children’s crafts.


The safety of the ink pad is one of the most crucial things to consider. Some inks contain acidic and poisonous elements, which are, of course, detrimental to humans.

You must keep an eye on the safety of ink pads, especially if you are purchasing them for your children’s scrapbooking and creating. Non-toxic and non-acidic inks will not hurt small children, even if they put their hands in their mouths on purpose.


Ink pads are available in a variety of colors to pick from. You can select the single-color ink pad that you need for your project. Colorful ink pad bundles are available for children. As you plan to buy, make sure the ink color has a high transferability, is rich and pigmented, so you can produce an even and crisp-looking stamp every time without having to re-stamp.

Fast Drying

Nobody wants to wait minutes for the Ink to dry before moving on to the next stamp. The Ink can ruin the entire job if it isn’t properly dried. As a result, a quick-drying ink pad might help you save time and money on your project. Look for ink pads that dry quickly, as well as matte and glossy paper.

How do You Use Fingerprint Ink Pads?

Taking fingerprints for criminal investigations necessitates the use of precise methods. A smear or bare patch can invalidate computer analysis or obscure the details required to match suspects. If you have any questions concerning a unique case, look up the guidelines for your agency or the agency to whom you’ll be sending the prints. However, the steps below will help you get the best fingerprints.

Set up Your Fingerprint Card

Fingerprint cards can be printed from free web photos. You can try the one which the FBI and other government agencies utilize in the United States. To keep the card from slipping, place it on a specific stand or weigh it down with a heavy object.

If you’re taking fingerprints for a legal reason, you’ll need to find a fingerprint card that you’re allowed to use.

Choose Your Fingerprint Method

Fingerprinting can be done using a variety of approaches. The following are some of the most common:

Inkpad: For fingerprinting, look for a specific “porelon pad.” No need to prepare this ink pad before using it.

Dab printer’s ink or fingerprint ink onto a glass or metal plate and secure it in place. With a rubber ink roller, roll out the Ink until it is thin and even.

Inkless Pad: There are special pads that won’t stain your fingers. Check the instructions to see if any additional preparation is required.

A fingerprint scanner is an electrical gadget that reads your fingerprints. Check the instructions and confirm that your agency has approved the device; the process is not described here.

Clean Your Hands

Wash and dry the hands to remove any dirt that can hide the fingerprints of your subject. Check for lint from the towel on the hands and ask him to brush it off if there is any. You can use soap and water. However, the next best alternative is rubbing alcohol. Before he washes his hands, have the person sign the card. The Ink should be blue or black.

Take Your Subject Hands

The subject does not complete the fingerprint card on his own. As the person in charge of fingerprinting, you will perform it for him. Tuck unused fingers under your hand and hold the base of the subject’s thumb. Hold the subject’s finger slightly below the nail tip and at the third joint with your other hand.

Maintain a level wrist with the hand. If possible, place the fingerprint station at the same height as the subject’s arm.

If the subject appears to be “assisting,” ask them to look away; the fingerprint will be more visible if you are the only one handling the hand.

Roll the Right Thumb Over the Ink

The goal is to ink the thumb from the top of the Pad to the first joint, which is 14 inches (6mm). Place the Ink on the side of the thumb closest to the forefinger, just against the nail. Continue rolling the thumb past the thumbprint until it reaches the opposing nail.

The direction can be remembered as “awkward to comfortable” – try it out, and you’ll see what I mean.

Roll the Thumb Over the Fingerprint Pad

Locate the section of the card designated for the right thumb. Roll the inked thumb over the card in the same direction as before. Roll at a slow and steady speed, using just light pressure. Smudges can be caused by changing the speed or pressure. Only roll once, not back and forth.

To avoid smearing, lift the thumb straight up when finished.

Repeat the Same Process for the Other Fingers

Turn your palms up after putting your hands together with the backs facing you. As per the ” awkward to comfy ” rule, this is the direction in which your fingers should spin, as per the “awkward to comfy” rule. Apart from that, the procedure is identical to the thumb. Record the right hand’s fingerprints, then the left thumb, and finally the fingers on the left hand.

If you’re using an inking plate, you’ll have to re-roll the Ink before each finger. You might wind up with an image of two overlapping prints if you don’t.

Check that each fingerprint is in the correct box on the card, that the imprint goes from nail edge to nail edge, and that the impression extends down to 14 inches (6mm) below the first joint.

Allow the subject to remove the Ink from the right hand before moving on to their left.

What Kind of Ink is Used for Fingerprinting?

When looking for specialist ink pads for fingerprinting, you want to make sure the product fits specific criteria. These fingerprint ink pads are safe and non-toxic for skin because they are inkless and leave a crisp, clear imprint with minimal ink residue on fingertips.

Standard Fingerprint Card (FD-249 and FD-258)—Ink records fingerprint images on traditional fingerprint cards.

Also, what is the purpose of inkless fingerprint pads? Fingerprinting System that is genuinely inkless. A clear, specially prepared chemical solution rises to the Pad’s surface, providing the exact number of fingerprints every time. Inkless work just as ink pads. Such ink pads and coated labels work together to leave black fingerprints on documents, cheques, and forms in an instant.

How do You Get Fingerprints Without an Ink Pad, You Might Wonder?

Ink Pad Made at Home Combine equal parts water and liquid tempera craft paint in a mixing bowl. To combine the two, thoroughly stir them together. To absorb the colored water, dip a dry sponge into the mixture and squeeze it to drain the excess. The sponge should be damp but not leaking.

Is it Possible to Remove Fingerprints?

Yes, unless there is some remarkable science that I am unaware of. Wiping down practically any surface will at the very least smear any hidden fingerprints. Wiping down practically any surface will at the very least smear any hidden fingerprints. At best, recovering and identifying the prints will be challenging.

How do You Make a Fingerprint Stamp Pad?

First and foremost, prepare your ink pad box. Choose a 32-5 inch box with a top and a shallow depth. For the base, use a somewhat dense sponge. An overly thick sponge will absorb all of the Ink, and the stamp head will require more pressure to get Ink. If you don’t have a sponge, you can use baby wipes instead.

Measure out the sponge by the box’s dimensions, ensuring the depth is accurate. Using a scissor/blade, cut the sponge equally.

Place the sponge inside the box, making sure that no corners protrude. Fold and layer the baby wipes until the container is filled, leaving no empty edges.

Finally, you can pour some paint from your home that you have lying around. You can also utilize printer ink that hasn’t been used in a while. Please don’t skimp on the paint, and generously cover the sponge until it is no longer soaked.

In just a few minutes, you’ll have your DIY ink pad. Continue working on your project with your stamp head. Also, after each use, make sure the box is airtight.


Can I Use a Stamp Pad for Pingerprints?

Yes, these ink pads are helpful in various places, including banks, check-cashing establishments, and other organizations that need to keep track of fingerprints in their records. They’re also handy at police stations when ink pads are necessary for booking and other identification purposes.

Stamping and scrapbooking projects often use dye ink. Because it penetrates, it is highly beneficial because many colors are waterproof and dry out quickly once transferred to paper. This is the polar opposite of pigment ink, thick and mayonnaise-textured, and takes longer to dry.

What are the Three Most Common Fingerprint Patterns?

Loops, whorls, and arches are the three forms of friction ridge patterns. Each has its own set of variations based on the shape and relationship of the ridges: Prints that recurve back on themselves to form a loop shape are known as loops.

How Can I Get Fingerprints at Home Without an Ink Pad?

A glue pad can be used in place of an ink pad. This will cause an adhesive glue to adhere to the stamp, which you may then stamp in the desired location. Please select the desired powder pigment and immediately sprinkle it on the stamped glue to get the color.

What Households Can You Use to Get Fingerprints?

A soft paintbrush or cosmetic brush, cocoa powder, and transparent adhesive tape (such as “sticky tape,” “magic tape,” or “scotch tape”) are all good options.

Before you try to detect fingerprints on your safe, you need to start practicing. Thus, put your fingerprints on something simple, like a flat piece of glass, and then look for them.

To leave prints on the glass, clean it first and then contact it a couple of times with your fingertips. Then lightly dust the prints with cocoa powder. Fingerprints leave small amounts of oil behind, and the cocoa powder will adhere to the oils left behind. Now comes the tricky part: delicately brush all excess chocolate off the fingerprint with the paintbrush or cosmetics brush.

You only want to keep the cocoa attached to the oil; no extra cocoa should be left behind. But don’t brush too hard, or part of the oil will be brushed off, erasing or blurring the impression. You’ll probably have to play around with it a little to figure out how hard to brush the correct amount. (It’s also a little easier if you use natural fingerprint powder.)

Final Verdict

So there you have it: the top five Best Ink Pads For Fingerprints. Even though the list was not long, we went beyond the top five! Because this is what they’ve been doing for years, the businesses we’ve chosen are adaptable when it comes to manufacturing ink pads.

We looked at pad size, design, color selection, and safety while deciding which ink pad to buy. The size of the Pad is crucial. The larger the Pad, the more Ink it can retain and the longer it can be used. Our preferred pads also use felt, which, when used correctly, evenly spreads Ink across a stamp’s head without any missed locations (assuming perfect technique).

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