5 Best Incontinence Pads Reviews

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Finding the right incontinence pad can be a daunting process, especially if you’re not familiar with the types of products available. The reason so many people are looking for the best incontinence pads is that as we age, whether it be our own aging or that of a loved one, incontinence can become an issue that requires us to provide protection and care. With so many different options available today, this may seem overwhelming for those seeing incontinence for the first time. But there are ways to make your selection process easier.

Best Incontinence Pads Reviews:

1. Abena Abri-Form Premium Incontinence Briefs

Abena Abri-Form Premium Incontinence Briefs, Level 4, (Small To Extra Large Sizes) Large, 12 Count

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Age Range (Description)Adult
Target AudienceUnisex-Adults

Abena has a reputation for making the highest quality and the most absorbent incontinence products in the world. The Abri-Form Premium Line is the newest completely breathable, cloth-backed version by Abena. It has been released with different absorption capacities based on four levels: Level 1 thru Level 4.

Did you also know that the Abri-Form Premium Adult Brief Line has been awarded the Nordic Swan Eco-Label? This means that you not only get an ultra premium product but the product is certified free of dangerous chemicals and all known allergens, as well as being the most eco-friendly adult disposable brief on the market. There are no phthalates, organotins (Mbt, Dbt, Tbt), heavy metals, Cl (chlorine), HCHO (formaldehyde), colophonium, Azo-pigments, Pvc, substances known as harmful to health or the environment, and any compounds listed on the Svhc (reach Article 33) – a European Union List of Substances of Very High Concern.

In addition, Abri-Form Briefs are certified free of all known allergens or substances classified as locally irritating, sensitizing, carcinogenic, or mutagenic. The diapers are approximately 80% biodegradable and 99% compostable; all wood pulp is derived from sustainable tree farms, the manufacturer has released a Life Cycle Assessment proving a reduced amount of emissions and almost no waste. To help minimize impacts on the environment and our health, Abena, the manufacturer of Abri-Form, has voluntarily elected to undergo strict, rigorous environmental inspections of their products.

The setting of criteria is based on an assessment of impacts during the whole life-cycle – all the way from raw material to production, consumption and waste. This means all raw material suppliers, business partners, distributors, and subsidiaries must embrace these principals and actively take them on board in daily business practice. This listing contains the Abri-Form (L4) Premium Brief. The Premium Brief Line is designed to provide the very best comfort and security. Genuinely breathable material ensures that the skin is protected to the highest possible standard.

This is a Large breathable, cloth-backed product with an Absorption Level 4 (formerly X-Plus Air Plus and the most absorbent line by Abena). It absorbs up to 4000ml. The Large size fits 39″ to 59″ waist/hips. Each bag contains 12 units.


  • Abri-Form Premium L4, formerly called large X-plus air plus
  • Large, fits 39″ to 59″ waist/hip; absorbs 4000ml
  • Breathable

2. Medline Heavy Absorbency 36″ x 36″ Quilted Bed Pad

Medline Heavy Absorbency 36' x 36' Quilted Bed Pads, Large Disposable Underpads, 50 Per Case, Fluff and Polymer Core, Great Protection for Beds, Furniture, Surfaces

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Medline Disposable Polymer Underpads feature a polymer and fluff core that provides heavy absorbency. Large 36 x 36 size makes this disposable underpad versatile for a variety of uses, from a bed pad to a puppy pee pad. Polypropylene backing helps keep underpad in place and prevents leakage.

Soft Quilted Top Sheet

Disposable underpad with a soft diamond quilted top sheet is gentle on sensitive skin.

Large Underpad

36 x 36 inch underpad is large enough for a variety of uses – bed pad, furniture or floor protector, puppy pad, and much more!

Heavy Absorbency

The fluff and polymer core absorbs fluid and quickly locks away odor, and the leak-resistant backsheet protects surfaces.

Ships in Discreet Packaging

Conveniently ships 50 underpads per case.


  • Heavy duty absorbency – Medline’s 36 x 36 inch disposable underpads for adults feature a heavy absorbency core to provide incontinence protection for beds, furniture and floors
  • Soft quilted top sheet – Disposable bed liner with a soft diamond quilted top sheet is gentle on sensitive skin
  • Core absorbs fluid and locks away odor – The fluff and polymer absorbent core absorbs fluid and quickly locks away odor
  • Large 36 x 36 inch size – The extra large size of this chux makes it great for use as a bed pad, furniture protector or puppy pee pad
  • Conveniently packaged 50 per case – These chucks are pre-folded and can easily fit in a bag for on the go convenience.

3. TENA Intimates Overnight Absorbency IncontinenceBladder Control Pad

TENA Intimates Overnight Absorbency Incontinence Bladder Control Pad with Lie Down Protection for Women, 84 Count (3 Packs of 28)

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Size28 Count (Pack of 3)
Recommended Uses For ProductAdult Diapers
Age Range (Description)Adult

TENA Intimates Overnight Incontinence Pads with lie down protection are 100% breathable to help protect your sensitive, intimate skin. Designed for overnight use with triple protection against leaks, odor, and wetness. As opposed to period pads, these absorbent urine pads protect against heavy leaks to help keep you dry and protected day and night. Overnight Bladder Pads are also perfect for women experiencing postpartum incontinence.

 It’s easy! Some FSA programs let you use an FSA debit card at checkout in store to pay for eligible expenses like TENA liners, pads, underwear, and briefs. Other programs require you to submit their employer specific reimbursement form. For these purchases and when you buy directly from our website, TENA.us, pay for your products, keep the receipt and then complete & submit a reimbursement form. The reimbursement form is usually available when you login into your online FSA account,. Detailed instructions are usually included with the form. Your program will process your request promptly and reimburse you either through direct deposit into your bank account or send you a check.


  • NOW 100% BREATHABLE: helps protect your sensitive, intimate skin
  • OUR OVERNIGHT Pads ARE Soft AND Gentle On YOUR SKIN: top sheet of our Tena Overnight Pad absorbs liquid quickly to help keep you dry
  • WORRY Free NIGHTS: designed for nighttime usage
  • SUPER ABSORBENT CORE: for continuous heavy bladder leakage, whether standing up or lying down

4. Attends Premier Briefs with Dry Lock Containment Core for Adult Incontinence Care

Attends Premier Briefs with Dry Lock Containment Core for Adult Incontinence Care Unisex, Medium, 14 Count

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The Attends Premier range of products was designed to help you or those you care for manage heavy to severe urinary and/or fecal incontinence. Because Attends uses some of the softest and most absorbent materials available, Attends Premier will help you feel confident that you or your loved ones are protected during the day or night. The high-rise, full-fit protection and ultra-plush design results in a product that fits comfortably in all the right areas. So go on the trip, walk on the beach, Have dinner with your friends and family, don’t let a leaks stop you from being with the ones you love. Trust in Attends Premier to protect you during the moments that matter most.


  • Size: Medium
  • Absorbancy: Heavy
  • Topsheet Material: Nonwoven Cloth-Like Topsheet
  • 100% Breathability helps improve comfort and helps promote healthy skin.

5. Poise Overnight Incontinence Pads for Women

Poise Overnight Incontinence Pads for Women, Ultimate Absorbency, 48 Count (2 packs of 24) (Packaging May Vary)

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With trusted 3-in-1 protection for dryness, comfort and odor control, Poise Women’s Overnight Incontinence Pads absorb urine instantly keeping you protected from bladder leaks at nighttime. To ensure you have both the comfort and coverage you need, Poise’s most absorbent pad has a 75% wider back* for extra coverage while lying down.

Poise pads provide up to 12 hours of protection and are available in multiple absorbencies and lengths for your unique protection – light (ideal for bursts, regular length: 9.4”, long length: 11.0”), moderate (ideal for surges, regular length: 10.6”, long length: 12.2”), maximum (ideal for streams, regular length: 12.2”, long length: 14.1”), ultimate (ideal for gushes, regular length: 14.1”, long length: 15.9”) and overnight (ideal for gushes, 15.9”).

Pads are individually wrapped to easily and discreetly slip into a purse or bag. Poise adult incontinence products always ship in a discreet box and are HSA/FSA-eligible in the U.S.*vs. Poise Ultimate Pads in regular length


  • Poise overnight incontinence pads for women absorbs instantly for worry-free nighttime protection for dryness, comfort and odor control
  • Poise overnight incontinence pads for women absorbs instantly for worry-free nighttime protection for dryness, comfort and odor control
  • Dryness: Poise’s most absorbent pad has a 75% wider back* for extra coverage while lying down, designed specifically for bladder leakage; 10X drier than the leading period pad – ideal for incontinence or as a maternity or postpartum pad
  • Comfort: unscented and soft on skin with soft ContourFit Design that comfortably fits your body and helps prevent bunching and leaks while sleeping
  • Comfort: unscented and soft on skin with soft ContourFit Design that comfortably fits your body and helps prevent bunching and leaks while sleeping
  • 48 (2 packs of 24) pads; Overnight pad in long length is 15.94”; Poise incontinence products always ship in a discreet box; HSA/FSA-eligible in the U.S.; Packaging may vary from images shown.

How Do Incontinence Pads Work?

Incontinence pads work by drawing moisture away from your skin. They’re the most popular choice to absorb urine or stool “leaks.”

As technology develops, incontinence pads are increasingly being customized by need. Some users prefer to use lighter options, whereas others require a more heavy-duty pad.

Most pads include an “acquisition layer” to allow leaks to enter the core of the material, where it can be safely stored. Odor prevention is another benefit that’s often on offer.

But before you buy a pad, here are a few key features to consider:

  • Can it soak up leaks?
  • Is it comfortable to wear?
  • Does it keep the skin dry?
  • Is it easily worn under normal clothing?
  • Does it contain odors?

If you want to see how an incontinence pad absorbs liquid, you can check out this short demonstration video:

What Is an Incontinence Pad?

How Often Do They Need to Be Changed?

The advice on this will depend on the frequency and severity of your incontinence. Most pads are efficient for 3-4 hours, so the general guideline is to change them 4-6 times a day. 

This may seem like a lot to go through in one day, but it’s vital to stay dry for maximum comfort. Always err on the side of caution and make sure to change before a pad becomes too wet.

Incontinence Pads vs. Menstrual Pads

Should you ever use a menstrual pad in place of an incontinence pad? The short answer is “no.”

As the National Association for Continence tells us, there are three main reasons why menstrual pads should never be used for managing incontinence:

  1. Different type of absorbencyMenstrual and sanitary pads are only designed to contain the menstrual flow. Urine flow—which is more rapid and produces a larger amount of fluid—requires the use of an incontinence pad.
  2. Lack of odor controlMenstrual pads don’t hold in the odors associated with leaked urine or stool like an incontinence pad does.
  3. Reduced skin protectionIncontinence pads ensure that the acid content in urine is neutralized, a feature menstrual pads don’t provide

Can Incontinence Pads Cause Itching?

Yes. Improper use of incontinence pads can sometimes lead to painful symptoms such as itching. The itching is often a result of exposure to bacteria that’s found within urine and stool.

High levels of ammonia can increase the skin’s pH level and lead to skin erosion over time. There is a condition called incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD), which occurs when your skin’s protective layer is damaged. The upper thighs and genital regions are particularly vulnerable areas among incontinence sufferers.

Make sure to keep a lookout for symptoms of IAD such as itching, burning, red patches, lesions, and pain.

Regular pad changes are advised to minimize the risks of incontinence pads causing itching. Also, avoid thick ointments and try not to use abrasive soaps or washcloths when cleaning.

Can Incontinence Pads Cause UTI or Yeast Infections?

There’s no doubt that urinary tract infections (UTIs) and yeast infections can be very uncomfortable to deal with. If you wear incontinence pads, proper maintenance is essential to reduce the chance of getting an infection.

Incontinence is known to be a possible cause of yeast infections, which typically involve red, itchy, and swollen skin. 

Absorbent pad users in nursing homes are known to be more at risk of developing UTIs. However, no correlation has been established between the number of pads used per day and an increased risk of UTIs.

How to Choose the Most Suitable Incontinence Pads?

Finding incontinence pads is easy enough nowadays, but choosing the right type of pad can be more difficult to figure out.

Although 9% of North Americans and 9.9% of Europeans experience urinary incontinence, the severity of symptoms differs from person to person. In this section, we’ll show you a few pad options based on specific health needs.

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What Are the Most Absorbent Pads?

All incontinence pads should provide a level of absorbency. 

“But how much absorbency do I actually need?”

This is the question many incontinence sufferers aren’t sure about.

Pads with words such as “extra” or “maximum” in the product title tend to have greater absorbance. Make sure to double-check the absorbance rating, though.

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