6 Best Incontinence Pads For Heavy Leakage in 2022

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There are many reasons that one could experience incontinence, and many types of pads or products exist to treat it. Those experiencing the discomfort of heavy leakage can find relief by investing in the best incontinence pads for heavy leakage. Mothers with young babies might be tempted to use diaper-like pads on a regular basis rather than being out of the house with a load in their pants, but in order to protect themselves from unnecessary added exposure to extra bacteria, they need to invest in adult pads.

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Best Incontinence Pads For Heavy Leakage Reviews:

1. Always Discreet Extra Heavy Long Incontinence Pads

Always Discreet Extra Heavy Long Incontinence Pads, Up to 100% Leak-Free Protection,White 45 Count

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Size45 Count (pack of 1)
BrandAlways Discreet
Item FormPads
Unit Count45 Count

Bladder leaks shouldn’t hold you back. Always Discreet Incontinence Pads give you secure protection you can barely feel. Designed to fit your body and your life, improved core for better protection and comfort*, so you can walk with poise and not worry about leaks. If sneezing or laughing causes bladder leaks, Always Discreet Extra Heavy Pads offer protection. *vs. previous Always Discreet.

How do I find my Always Discreet fit?

Finding the right fit is essential in avoiding bladder leaks. Always Discreet uses an easy sizing chart based on absorbency level. The more filled-in droplets, the higher the absorbency level.

Can I work out with bladder leaks?

Absolutely. Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles can help reduce bladder leaks. Always Discreet features LeakGuards that let you exercise with confidence without having to worry about bladder leaks.

Can’t I just use a menstrual pad?

Period products would not work as effectively for bladder leaks, since they are designed to pull in thicker menstrual fluid down into the pad. Always Discreet bladder leaks products are more porous to allow thinner bladder fluid to be absorbed quickly and distributed throughout the pad.

How can I feel more confident despite my bladder leaks?

Remember, you are not alone in this. One in three women experiences bladder leaks. Always Discreet helps you feel more in control with unbeatable, discreet protection.


  • Formerly named Always Discreet Incontinence Pads Ultimate Overnight, Long Length
  • HeavyLeak Bladder Protection for both day and night, even for the heaviest overactive bladder leaks
  • Secure protection in an incontinence pad without all the bulk
  • RapidDry core turns liquid to gel to lock away bladder leaks and odors in seconds
  • Double LeakGuards help keep wetness away from edges. Lightly scented to help neutralize odors.

2. TENA Intimates Maximum Absorbency Incontinence/Bladder Control Pad for Women

TENA Intimates Maximum Absorbency Incontinence/Bladder Control Pad for Women, Regular Length, 56 Count

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Size56 Count (Pack of 1)
Recommended Uses For ProductAdult Diapers
Age Range (Description)Adult

Tena Intimates Maximum Regular Incontinence Pads are now 100% breathable to help protect your sensitive, intimate skin when experiencing bladder leakage. These pads are designed with triple protection against bladder leaks, odor, and wetness for heavy stress or surge bladder leakage. As opposed to period pads, these absorbent urine pads protect against heavy leaks to help keep you dry and protected throughout your day. Maximum Regular pads are also perfect for women experiencing postpartum incontinence.

TENA Intimates Maximum Incontinence Pads

Stay protected from surge incontinence and heavy, unexpected leaks with TENA Intimates Maximum Incontinence Pads. Featuring unique ProSkin Technology with a 3D top sheet that wicks liquid into the core, these heavy pads help protect your skin and keep you intimately fresh and clean. TENA Triple Protection offers leak, odor, and moisture protection, so you can feel fresh, dry, and confident in everything you do.

ProSkin Technology – For Your Skin’s Natural Protection

ProSkin Technology includes a soft top layer and exclusive 3D technology to quickly wick fluid away, helping to maintain your skin’s natural protection. The best way to help prevent skin damage due to incontinence is to keep the skin dry, and our patented ProSkin Technology minimizes the potential for your skin to get overhydrated, which breaks down your natural layer of protection. Thanks to ProSkin Technology, TENA Intimates helps to maintain your skin’s natural protection.

Maximum Leak Protection for Women

Heavy leaks can happen anywhere and at any time, whether you’re out with family, stuck in traffic, or in a meeting at work. Protect yourself from urine leakage with TENA Intimates incontinence pads. TENA Intimates Maximum Incontinence Pads are specially designed to protect against heavy bladder leaks and urine surges, so you can be sure that you’ll stay dry in any situation.

Wicks Away Liquid to Protect Your Skin

These maximum pads feature ProSkin Technology for your skin’s natural protection. A unique, soft top sheet with 3D technology quickly draws away liquid into the pad’s pliable core, helping to keep you dry if you experience heavy bladder leaks.

Comfortable and Secure Design

Because heavy urine leaks and surges can make it difficult to sit through a movie or walk through the park, TENA Intimates pads are designed to help you enjoy your everyday activities worry-free. Soft foam side barriers create a secure and comfortable fit and help protect from leakage even in cases of surge incontinence. Each pad has adhesive strips for added security and is individually wrapped for discretion.


  • 100% BREATHABLE: helps protect your sensitive, intimate skin
  • GYNECOLOGIST TESTED: TENA Intimates pads do not cause skin irritation
  • TRIPLE PROTECTION: protects against bladder leaks, urine odor, and wetness
  • SUPER ABSORBENT CORE: protects continuous heavy bladder leakage

3. Prevail Proven | Long Incontinence Bladder Control Pads

Prevail Proven | Long Incontinence Bladder Control Pads | Maximum Absorbency | 39 Count (Pack of 4)

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Prevail features the Dri-Fit system which promotes skin health and helps reduce skin discomfort through a unique combination of cotton-enhanced* and synthetic fibers, which help to lock in 20% more wetness** than other leading brands. Designed especially for women, Prevail Bladder Control Pads deliver maximum bladder leakage protection and are body contoured for a comfortable and discreet fit with a full-length adhesive strip.

Each product is constructed with a discreet core technology that allows for thinner, highly-absorbent material that enables the user to move more freely and confidently. Combined with a super absorbent polymer for dual protection, Odor Guard technology is proven to reduce the total amount of odor-causing ammonia formed during and after use. Moisture is quickly locked in upon contact for added leakage protection while the soft outer fabric provides additional all-day comfort. Long pads measure 13 inches long and are individually wrapped for your convenience.

Each Prevail incontinence product features a proprietary Quick Wick layer of material with MaxSoft Technology that provides advanced softness with rapid liquid absorption for optimal product performance. Prevail adult care products are manufactured in Pennsylvania with attention to quality, safety, sustainability, and responsible sourcing practices by First Quality, a family-owned company. First Quality is a leader in developing premium quality products.

In addition to our collection of adult care products, we also offer lines of baby products, feminine care, paper products, and bottled water. -*• Seal of Cotton and cotton enhanced TM are trademarks of Cotton Incorporated. The topsheet of this product contains minimum of 15% cotton. **Based on the retention capacity of the leading bladder control pads brands.


  • DISCREET COMFORT: These 100% breathable pads are designed for discreet comfort, dryness, protection, & odor control. 100% breathable, they allow air to circulate & heat to escape for maximum comfort.
  • DRY & ODOR FREE: A discreet MaxSorb Gel core locks in wetness & keeps you 10X drier than maxi pads, & Omni-Odor Guard neutralizes odors instantly. They’re ideal for use during the day or overnight. AIRMAX layer
  • RELIABLE & DISCREET BLADDER LEAKAGE PRODUCTS: We offer discreet & comfortable protection with underwear, pads, briefs, bed pads, & belted shields for adult incontinence & post-partum bladder leakage.
  • COMFORT & INNOVATION: We spent decades working with users & healthcare professionals to develop adult diapers & incontinence underwear that offer discreet comfort & absorbency & support skin health.
  • TRY OUR QUALITY: Prevail is a leader in advancing new technologies for greater protection, comfort, skin health & wellness. Our commitment to quality & innovation is evident in every product we make.

4. Always Discreet Incontinence Pads for Women

Always Discreet Incontinence Pads for Women, Maximum Absorbency, Long Length,(117 Total Count),39 Count (Pack of 3) (Packaging May Vary)

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Size39 Count (Pack of 3)
BrandAlways Discreet
Item FormLiner
Unit Count117 Count

Finally, your sensitive bladder can feel like no big deal – and that’s a really big deal! Whether you’re relaxing at home or out with friends, the last thing you want to think about is your sensitive bladder. That’s why we designed our innovative incontinence products to be the perfect combination of form, function, and femininity. Always Discreet Maximum Long Pads provide incredible bladder protection with unbelievable thinness.

Perfect for those times when you need secure protection, these pads were made with you in mind. Designed to be up to 40% thinner than the leading brand for incredible comfort and confidence, Always Discreet Pads provide 2X the absorbency than most women need. Always Discreet Pads feature full length Dual LeakGuards that help prevent leaks where they happen most–at the legs.

They also have exclusive OdorLock technology to neutralize urine odors instantly and continuously. Always Discreet pads come packaged in an easy-open re-sealable wrapper for discreet incontinence pad disposal. With Always Discreet Maximum Long Pads, you can stop constantly worrying and get back to enjoying the little things again! *based on average US consumer usage.


  • lways Discreet pads – absorb 4X more than period sanitary pads of similar size
  • Absorbent incontinence pads for women that always ship discreetly
  • Experience incredible bladder protection in a surprisingly thin incontinence pad
  • RapidDry core turns liquid to gel to help lock away bladder leaks and odors in seconds.Lightly-scented with exclusive OdorLock Technology to neutralize odors, getting you through the day with poise
  • Double LeakGuards keep wetness away from the edges for secure protection

5. Poise Period & Bladder Leakage Pad for Women

Always Discreet Incontinence Pads for Women, Maximum Absorbency, Long Length,(117 Total Count),39 Count (Pack of 3) (Packaging May Vary)

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Size18 Count (Pack of 3)
Item FormPad
Unit Count54 Count

One by Poise is the dual use ultra thin feminine pad you’ve been waiting for! Featuring a 2-in-1 absorbent core designed specifically to lock away period flow and bladder leaks. This is your all-in-one pad with the all-in-one protection you deserve. Perfect for women who need a menstrual pad and a bladder control pad. One by Poise Pads for women stays 10X drier* and provides odor control so you can feel dry, fresh, and comfortable every day of the month.

Great for use as a postpartum pad or maternity pad. The 2-in-1 quick absorbing pad has a unique Dual Leakblock System with stay-in-place wings and leak block sides, providing you protection from all your leaks, all in one convenient pad. One by Poise Pads for Women are HSA/FSA-eligible in the U.S. Pads always ship in a discreet box, directly to your door. Packaging may be from the images shown.*for bladder leaks vs leading period pad.


  • NEW One by Poise ultra thin feminine pads with wings: featuring a 2-in-1 absorbent core designed specifically to lock away period flow AND bladder leaks in one convenient; discreet; comfortable pad
  • Women’s pad absorbs instantly; staying 10X drier* and provides odor control so you can feel dry; fresh and comfortable every day of the month
  • Unique 2-in-1 pad for women keeps you protected from all your leaks; all in one menstrual & bladder control pad; thanks to the Dual Leakblock System with stay-in-place-wings and leakblock sides
  • Great for postpartum/maternity use and every day freshness; HSA/FSA-eligible in the U.S.
  • 54 (3 packs of 18) ultra thin heavy pads with wings; One by Poise Pads for Women are made without fragrances; Always ships in a discreet box; Packaging may vary from images shown

6. Always Discreet Boutique Incontinence & Postpartum Incontinence Pads for Women

Always Discreet Boutique Incontinence Pads, Extra Heavy Absorbency, Long Length, Total 40 Count

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Size40 Count (Pack of 1)
BrandAlways Discreet
Item FormPad
Unit Count40 Count

With Always Discreet boutique incontinence pads, bladder leaks don’t get in the way of feeling your best. Discover incredible bladder leak protection that feels like your favorite underwear, thanks to its fabric-like material. A hidden core turns liquid to gel and locks away wetness, so you feel fresh and secure no matter what. Always Discreet boutique lets you walk with poise and makes bladder leaks no big deal.

Super soft

You will love the softness of Always Discreet Boutique. With their fabric-like feel, these pads feel more like your favorite underwear and blend beautifully under your clothes.

“No-feel” comfort

A bulky incontinence pad can disrupt your entire day. Always Discreet Boutique is made to fit discreetly, so you can wear what you want.

Comfortably protected

You’re most comfortable when you’re confident in your bladder protection. With Always Discreet Boutique, you don’t have to worry, thanks to a layered core that instantly turns liquid into gel, absorbing wetness and odors.


  • Always Discreet Boutique offers incredible protection with a fabric-like feel
  • Made differently – Turns liquid to gel and locks it away
  • Flexible and discreet design for a smooth fit under clothes
  • Helps stop leaks at the edges
  • Number one combination of protection and softness within the Always Discreet range. Always Discreet Boutique Heavy Absorbency Pads are ideal for heavy leaks.

What to Look for in Incontinence Pads


There are a series of pads and briefs designed with different levels of absorption, depending on the severity of your bladder issues. For those who can’t make it to the bathroom in time, feel more urges, and suffer more leakages, look for more absorbent pads or briefs. These may be a bit larger but will help retain the full amount of leakage.

Daytime vs. Nighttime Protection

People tend to prefer lighter coverage for the daytime and more absorbent options for the night. When it comes to nighttime protection, bed pads are a great option to allow you peace of mind while sleeping without worrying about soiling your sheets.

Disposable vs. Reusable

Whether you’re interested in pads, liners, diapers, or underwear, there are options that can either be washed and re-worn or disposed of after a single use. Bed pads can be either washable or disposable, and depending on the frequency of your flow, you may want to opt for a washable option. When it comes to wearable protection, take into consideration how often you will need to use your incontinence products and the time of day you need them most. This will help guide you to the best option for your condition.

Types of pads

Bladder control pads come in various absorbency levels, sizes, and shapes, so you can find the right type of pad for your needs. There are options for all genders, ages, and sizes. There are other ways to keep your bladder control issues under control besides just wearing bladder control pads, including taking bladder control supplements.


Can Incontinence Pads Cause Itching?

Yes. Improper use of incontinence pads can sometimes lead to painful symptoms such as itching. The itching is often a result of exposure to bacteria that are found in urine and stool.

High levels of ammonia can increase the skin’s pH level and lead to skin erosion over time. There is a condition called incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD), which occurs when your skin’s protective layer is damaged. The upper thighs and genital regions are particularly vulnerable areas among incontinence sufferers.

Make sure to keep a lookout for symptoms of IAD such as itching, burning, red patches, lesions, and pain.

Regular pad changes are advised to minimize the risks of incontinence pads causing itching. Also, avoid thick ointments and try not to use abrasive soaps or washcloths when cleaning.

Can Incontinence Pads Cause UTI or Yeast Infections?

There’s no doubt that urinary tract infections (UTIs) and yeast infections can be very uncomfortable to deal with. If you wear incontinence pads, proper maintenance is essential to reduce the chance of getting an infection.

Incontinence is known to be a possible cause of yeast infections, which typically involve red, itchy, and swollen skin. 

Absorbent pad users in nursing homes are known to be more at risk of developing UTIs. However, no correlation has been established between the number of pads used per day and an increased risk of UTIs.

How to Choose the Most Suitable Incontinence Pads?

Finding incontinence pads is easy enough nowadays, but choosing the right type of pad can be more difficult to figure out.

Although Americans experience urinary incontinence, the severity of symptoms differs from person to person. In this section, we’ll show you a few pad options based on specific health needs.

Final Word

Thank you for reading this article, it is our hope that the information provided will help you in making a decision about your best incontinence pads for heavy leakage needs. If you have any questions or need more information on any of the products we have reviewed, please feel free to leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible with the additional information you are looking for.

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