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Since civilizations have utilized incense for thousands of years, it is one of the oldest trade routes. Before the fall of religion, incense was used, notably in nations like China and Japan. During this time, burning incense was thought to be a path to heaven. Incense has a lengthy history of evolution for various uses, from communicating with deities to bringing the aroma of heaven to Earth.

To help you choose the best cone incense, we tried them all.

How To Choose The Right Incense Cone

Under certain circumstances, the correct incense can improve the mood and ambiance in your home. “Incense was once a type of tree resin used to make a wonderful perfume when burned,” claims Kate Lauter, co-founder of Feng Sway. In modern times, “incense” describes a range of scents burned to fill a space with the comforting aromas of dried flowers and spices. These smells are frequently produced to evoke a particular memory or to act as the foundation for a special ceremony.

It has been shown that smells can lift people’s spirits and evoke memories and emotions. The founder and creative director of Candle Company, Kristen Pumphrey, claims that incense “provides instant aroma and mood for your location.” The creator claims that the smell is made up of a combination of smoke and aroma. Read on if you want to burn some at home but are unsure which kind is best for you. Here are some tips from experts on things to consider when buying incense, from the best ingredients to the distinction between cones and sticks.

Use Natural Products Wherever Possible.

When so many kinds of incense are available, it can be challenging to distinguish between the excellent and the bad. Musharraf Chowdhury, CEO of Incense Pro, thinks it would be difficult to get high-quality incense. The greatest elements for creating smells are typically considered to be pure resin, essential oils, dried botanicals, and herbs.

Rownak Salam, the proprietor of Incense Route in downtown Los Angeles, asserts that utilizing premium, natural incense is healthier for your whole health and your nose. She notes that some mass-produced, inexpensive incense has a wood-pulp basis nearly as dense as particle board. Heavy incense can trigger allergic responses and headaches when mixed with synthetic scents.

Learn About The Various Incense Types

In addition to sticks and cones, you can also buy incense made of paper, coils, and rope. You can also burn uncooked materials on a charcoal disc with a beveled base, allowing air to pass through the charcoal disc easily. The length of their duration, she says, is their key difference. “Cones only last roughly half as long as sticks, which are preferable for covering big areas.

If you don’t have an incense burner, you can burn your sticks in a plant pot with an old candle and some wax on the bottom. Sticks are quite easy to use. Other non-combustible fundamental elements, according to Pumphrey, include sage and palo santo incense. A charcoal disk can be used to burn any raw materials, including resin pieces, plants in loose form, or herbs that have been powdered.

Look At The Negative Effects Of Smog.

In Pumphrey’s opinion, finding out how much smoke you can handle is the best approach to reduce the number of incense possibilities. She says that when sticks burn for longer than charcoal discs, they emit more smoke. Using charcoal discs with an open window is my practice.

My morning habit of preference is burning paper incense because it burns for about five minutes at a time. Cones are a healthy snack choice in between meals. Chowdhury advises against purchasing incense with a bamboo core if you like a whiter, cleaner smoke. She cautions that the fragrance may have a smokey smell due to the bamboo core.

Select A Scent That Has A Particularly Strong Emotional Resonance For You.

Lauter advises using a self-reflective process while selecting an incense scent for your home. “You could begin by asking yourself, “Where have I been? ” What fragrance conjures up happy memories for you? “Did your maternal grandma or mother have a favorite scent?” She declares. Considering scents and aroma combinations.

Nothing could go wrong. There are other factors to consider, says Michelle Zara Evans, Vice President of Merchandising and Buying at Bespoke Post. She mentions that vetiver and lavender are two great possibilities for a bedroom. Consider a well-known perfume as an illustration.

Even though everyone has different tastes in incense scents, there are a few that everyone agrees on, claims Chowdhury. The relaxing effects of lavender and peppermint, as well as woody scents like sandalwood and myrrh, are some of the most sought-after for their meditative, healing, and mood-enhancing properties.

According to Chowdhury, it’s an earthy, natural alternative to incense that aromatherapists prefer. She describes the aroma of this “pure incense” as fruity and spicy. According to one researcher, “It’s calming and it’s been found to boost the immune system.”

Editor’s Pick-Incense Cones

Best Incense Cones Reviews In 2023

1. HEM pack of 12 assorted incense cones

This all-powerful combo pack is specially designed to meet all your occasion needs. Right from repelling negativity, and inducing concentration to imbibe positivity and focus – this pack has something for every mood of yours. Beat the challenge of being able to buy a new fragrance when a new occasion shows up with this all-in-one set of 12 assorted fragrances, Incense Cones.


Combine this powerful combo fragrant incense pack from HEM Incense with our beautiful sesame wood coffin incense cone burner, which is ideal for gifting for any occasion. The inlaid brass gives it an elegant touch.

A fragrance for every occasion

Beat the challenge of rushing to the shop for a new fragrance for every occasion. This box of 12 assorted fragrances meets every occasion need you could have.


Incense cones should ideally be used on the incense cone stand. Even after the incense has burned out, the stand may be hot for a while hence it is recommended to wait for the stand to cool before cleaning out

2. Hem 12 Assorted Boxes of Incense Cones

HEM is world famous for its traditional incense made from selected woods, resins, florals, and fine essential oils all blended skillfully with expert care and love. Their most widely known Precious line of incense comes in various floral, exotic wood, and traditional resin fragrances.

Flowers And Essential Oils

Incense Cones, traditionally hand rolled in India according to ancient traditions with pure and natural ingredients, including herbs, wood gums, Honey, Resins, Flowers and essential oils, is famous for its fine quality and superior performance. It can be used for aromatherapy, Yoga, Meditation, Healing, Soothing, Prayer and Romance.

A Positive Atmosphere Aids

The aroma spreads in the air and heals the mind, body, and soul. Also, scents from incense Cones and cones help to relax, reduce mental worries, and speed up concentration. A positive atmosphere aids in reducing depression and headaches. Majorly, aromatic incense Cones are preferred to perform religious ceremonies and meditation, and will make your environment aromatic and pleasant.

The incense Cones are of standard size and can conveniently fit in any incense holder. Include lighting of incense Cones in your routine to bring positive vibes and a relaxing atmosphere to your home or office.

3. Nag Champa Satya Sai Baba Temple Incense Cones Carton

Nag champa cones variety pack: 12 unique scents of incense cones from satya sai baba. Set includes 1 box of each: golden sandalwood, 60’s patchouli, English lavender, Arabian jasmine, good luck, attract money, divine temple, egyptian musk, dragon’s magik, love spell, fresh rose. And dragon’s blood scented incense cones. Authentic satya incense: made by hand in the Satya sai baba factory Bangalore (bng), india using the traditional incense rolling method. All natural scent: each cone is made from natural Himalayan herbs and spices that give nag champa incense, the distinctly floral scent passed down through generations.

Golden Sandalwood

This scent box contains 12 incense cones from Satya Sai Baba’s temple. Each of these scents is the perfect blend of fragrant oils, resins and gums to create a strong yet pleasant aroma that fills your home with all the good vibes. The Incense Box includes Golden Sandalwood, 60’s Patchouli, English Lavender, Arabian Jasmine, Good Luck, Attract Money, Divine Temple, Egyptian Musk, Dragon’s Magik, Love Spell, Fresh Rose and Dragon’s Blood.

Traditional Incense

Nag Champa Satya Sai Baba Temple Incense Cones are hand rolled using the traditional incense rolling method developed by Satya Sai Baba. These cones are made in the Satya Sai Baba factory Bangalore (BNG), India from the finest, unadulterated materials making them the purest in scent and quality.

4. Jembrana Incense Cones- Mix 6 Scents

Jembrana Incense Cones from Bali, Indonesia. Locally handcrafted and dipped with exotic scents representing the natural elements found on the island – 6 scents (Lotus, Gardenia, Sandalwood, Healing Spirit, Mindfulness, Floral Goddess – 6 packs of 10 Cones (60 cones/box). Jembrana Incense cones are made in Jembrana district – a rural area situated in the western coastal part of Bali. It is named after the Sanskrit word Jimbra-Wana which means a forest and according to the local folklore, it is inhabited by the mythical figure Naga Raja. This dragon king gives the area has its mystical charm. The burning of incense in religious ceremonies continued with both Hinduism and Buddhism.

Exotic Island Of Bali

Jembrana incense cones offer a unique blend of six scents representing the exotic island of Bali, Indonesia. Each incense is hand-crafted from natural ingredients, including herbs and spices representative of aromas found on the island. These 6 different scents represent an object that is part of the Balinese culture, such as wood and herbs or spices found in their cuisine.

Local Balinese People

Jembrana Incense Cones are made in Bali by the local Balinese people who have been handcrafting their traditional incense cones for generations. Your perfect companion for relaxation, meditation, yoga and aromatherapy, these natural incense cones make your space smell wonderful!

5. ARO VATIKA Backflow Natural Masala

Beautify your room with the serene visuals of backflow fountains while enjoying the beautiful ever-lasting fragrance of Arovatika’s Backflow Natural Incense Cones. These Incense Cones are traditionally hand-rolled in India per the ancient traditions with pure and natural ingredients and essential oils famous for their exceptional quality and superior performance. The incense cones come in 12 different fragrances to give an experience of pure bliss.

 Incense Cones from India 

using traditional techniques. We use production methods to give you the best aromatic experience. We are strong opposers of animal right violaters and so do not test on animals.

Natural Incense cones for backflow burners,

 worshipping, wedding events, Spa, reiki, aromatherapy, Meditation, Yoga, Sensual Therapy, Positivity, Relaxation etc. Our Incense cones give you inner peace and relaxation.

6. 80 Pcs Backflow Incense Cones

These beautiful handmade incense cones are made from pollen and cedar wood powder. The incense cones burns for about 15-25 minutes each, releasing a wonderful aroma as it burns down. Each box contains 8 different varieties of scents, including Sandalwood, Rose, Green Tea, Lavender, Osmanthus, Jasmine Ocean, Apple.

Burning Incense

Burning incense is an ancient tradition with a history of thousands of years. With burning incense, you not only fill the atmosphere with scented smoke but also help purifies the air and relieve stress, meditation, and improves sleep quality. 80 pcs incense cones in packs.

Backflow Incense Cones

Create an amazing atmosphere in your room by burning these 80 Pcs Backflow Incense Cones. The incense cones can last about 8-10 minutes with a long-lasting effect, allowing you to create a wonderful atmosphere in your room. Place it in the reflux or waterfall incense burner, and you can see the beautiful smoke slowly flowing down like a waterfall.

7. NAQSH Handrolled Incense Cones Scented

HAND-ROLLED IN INDIA- NAQSH Incense is ceremonial incense that is hand-rolled in India to draw out negativity and bring a sense of peace and confidence. Relax and enjoy as you feel your mood elevate.

MADE USING BEST INGREDIENTS- NAQSH Natural Incense Cone is made using the pure ingredients- best botanicals, essential oils, and resins – no synthetic fragrances or fragrance oils.

A TIMELESS GIFT- This pack of Naqsh Hand-rolled Natural Incense Cones is the perfect option for gifting to your loved ones on any occasion. It is sure to make them feel rejuvenated.

All in one prayer plus home fragrance pack

Assorted Incense Dhoop Cone Set have a fragrance for every home need and prayer type. Whether it is a meditation session or an intense prayer meet, or even a gathering of friends and relatives, this fragrance set has something that you can use in each occasion.


Dhoop cones should ideally be with a proper dhoop cone stand and away from sources of fire or inflammable objects. There are many types of dhoop cone stands available and using these with the right dhoop stand for your home is always recommended.

Ideal for a fragrant home

Dhoop has been used in India by people of various cultures for a long time. Lighting dhoops has been known to leave rooms fragrant for a while after the dhoop cone has actually exhausted. Dhoop cones help fight bad odors thus complementing your efforts in keeping the house looking and smelling good.

8. Kingrol 500 Pieces Backflow Incense Cones

Our incense cones are designed to create a beautiful, soothing backflow effect. The incense is lit at the top, but a small hole causes the smoke to cool, streams down the incense burner, and causes the smoke flow effect. When you light the waterfall burners, the smoke cascades down the carved waterfall-like liquid, creating evocative steam of incense, perfect for stress reduction, meditation, yoga, and spiritual celebration.

long-lasting effect

Create an amazing atmosphere in your room by burning these 80 Pcs Backflow Incense Cones. The incense cones can last about 8-10 minutes with a long-lasting effect, allowing you to create a wonderful atmosphere in your room. Place it in the reflux or waterfall incense burner, and you can see the beautiful smoke slowly flowing down like a waterfall.

high-quality bamboo

The Kingrol backflow incense cones are designed to create the beautiful and soothing backflow effect you have been missing in your incense burning experience. Made of high-quality bamboo charcoal, they look and smell great while providing 360-degree coverage. The cones are specially sized to fit most popular brands’ burners, measure 0.6″Diam.x 1″H, and are suitable for all backflow incense burners.

9. Incense Cones, Assorted Scented Incense Cones

Enjoy the delightful, earthy fragrance of your favorite incense cones with this subtle collection of scents. Conveniently packaged in an elegant and reusable gift box, each set includes four bags of 15 assorted cones to last you throughout the year. Weighing less than a pound total, it’s easy to pack these cones in your luggage or backpack and take them along wherever you go!

Home Fragrance Product

Incense Cones are a blend of natural ingredients and fragrances and used as home fragrance products, which is suitable for home fragrance, Yoga, relaxing. And the burning time of each incense cone is about 5 minutes. These incense cones comes with 5 assorted scents: Sandalwood, Lavender, Rose Petals, Patchouli, and Jasmine.

Practicing Yoga And Meditation

The incense cones gift set combines 8 scented incense cones with 2 holders and are perfect for home use. Incense cones may be used whilst practicing yoga and meditation, the incense cones smells help with relaxation and focus. An ideal way to ease yourself into the ritual of burning incense is with a starter kit.

10. 450 pcs Incense Cones for Waterfall

Burning incense is an ancient tradition believed to dispel disasters and provide refuge. Today, incense is loved by more and more people, it will flow naturally like a waterfall when it is lit, and the natural and fresh fragrance will fill the space, giving people a visual and olfactory enjoyment.

Handmade with natural flavors

Its raw materials are derived from natural scented wood and are handcrafted.

Relax and decompress

Watching the fragrance mist flow down like a waterfall and the fragrance fills the air will make you feel relaxed and happy.

How To Choose The Best Incense Cones Before Purchasing

You might be asking why incense cones and sticks are still produced, given that they have been used for thousands of years. Some people prefer backflow incense cones to standard ones for various reasons.

Attracting the Eyes

Backflow incense cones were created due to their attractive appearance. Whether it is referred to be a waterfall or a thick mist, it has the same impact on a person. Because of how appealing it looks, many people pay attention to this smoke drifting downward. It’s a wonderful enhancement to your home’s design.

Continually Exists For A Longer Time

The aroma is stronger due to the substantial cloud of cool smoke that backflow incense cones emit. Compared to standard incense sticks or cones, these gorgeous things’ aroma lingers a lot longer.

Relaxing Impact

There are several strategies to reduce stress and anxiety. Another one of these methods is visualization. The easiest method to visualize a peaceful place in your head is to utilize your imagination.

Incense cones and backflow burners can create a soothing visual environment. You can enjoy a few moments of peace watching a delicate cloud of smoke fall. You’ll be able to unwind visually and aurally because of the streaming incense cones.

The Mayo Clinic advises using relaxation techniques to lower blood pressure, enhance mood and sleep quality, control emotions, and increase self-confidence.

Frequently Asked Question

Are Cone incense better?

Even though Incense cones may look bigger than incense sticks, they burn faster. A full-length Chinese incense stick measuring 21cm/8.25” long and 1.5-2mm/ 1/16” in thickness will burn in 40-70 minutes, depending on the ingredients used.

What are luxury incense cones?

OTPHLX1C. PHOOL Luxury Incense Cones brings home a story of change. It saves the river Ganges, transfand orms the lives of marginalized women who roll the incense by hand. Made by using Sacred Temple Flowers, Bark Wood, Essential oil and carefully crafted.

How often should you burn incense?

If you have a well-ventilated home, you should use two or three incense sticks or cones daily. Any more than that may cause a lot of smoke and make you uncomfortable. If you’re burning incense in a closed room and have pets or kids at home, ensure the incense stick is far from their reach.

What is the most popular incense?

HEM incense has been sold for over two decades, but these six have proven to be the most popular, outselling the competition. You will receive 20 stick tubes of scents, including Dragon’s Blood, Frankincense & Myrrh, Patchouli, Precious Lavender, First Rain, and White Sage.

Can burning incense be harmful?

Some studies have found that burning incense indoors increases the levels of chemicals called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which have been linked to cancer. This makes sense – burning any sort of organic material, whether tobacco leaves, coal, or an incense stick – produces PAHs.


These incense cones come in various scents, but their objective remains the same. They want to create an incense experience that doesn’t overtake the senses. If you enjoy incense and don’t want your guests to be overwhelmed every time they step into your home, this is probably the type of cone that you should look for.

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