Top 5 Best ID Scanner – Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best id scanner for your business? If your answer is yes, you are in the right place- an id scanner is a device that can instantly and reliably check and gather personal information from your customers’ and users’ id cards. It can show personal data like name, unique, identification number, age, address, etc. You will be able to detect fake ids with this device. An id scanner is your constant companion if your business requires scanning ids from customers, clients, and users.

But choosing the best id scanner for your business can be a challenge if you don’t know much about them; lots of scanners are available on the market- it can be a hectic job to select the right one from them. Different id scanners provide different functionality- some scanners only scan fake ids, some scanners detect age, and some do both. You have to choose the one best for your needs.

With all its features, I recommend IDVisor Smart V2 ID Scanner as the best one available in the market. It can detect fake ids and calculate ages automatically; it has a large screen and battery. This mobile-like handheld rugged id scanner is a great deal for you.

Top Picks: 5 Best ID Scanner

Comparison Table 

NameOperating SystemScreen SizeBattery Capacity
IDVisor Smart V2 ID ScannerAndroid4 inches4000 mAh
Duplex Medical Insurance Card and ID card ScannerWindowsNo screenAAA Batteries
IDWare 9000+ ID & Passport ScannerAndroid 9.05.5 inches4600 mAh
Fujitsu fi-65F Mini Flatbed ScannerWindowsNo screenNo battery
Gemalto UV Duplex ID ScannerNo OSNo screenNo battery

Top 5 Best ID Scanner- Buying Guide

1. IDVisor Smart V2 ID Scanner

This IDVisor Smart V2 ID scanner is probably the best out there; it has a mobile-like rugged body and can scan passports and IDs from all 50 American states and Canadian provinces. These android-based ID scanners from Tokenwork can scan military IDs, driving licenses, and age verifications. 

With its 4 inches capacitive touchscreen, this ID scanner is ideal for nightclubs, bars, member clubs, and other businesses- let’s see what this scanner has to offer. 


A Big Screen 

It comes with a 4 inches capacitive touch screen that is bright and clear- you can easily see the screen in sunlight. It has a large screen; you can easily read from it. 

A Big Battery 

The ID scanner features a 4000 mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery that runs continuously for more than 12 hours and can scan about 2500 IDs with a full charge. It can give 350+ hours of standby time. 

Waterproof Body

This ID scanner has an IPS56 rating meaning it is water and dust-resistant and will protect your scanners against water splashing, rainwater, snow, and dust. 

Smart Features

IDVisor has all the smart- features an ID card should have; it has 4G connectivity. It can identify clients and tag them as VIP/Banned. 


  • It’s lightweight and easy to hold. 
  • It offers free software updates. 
  • This is fast and can scan 1 ID per second. 
  • It has GPS installed in it for easy spotting. 
  • It looks like a rugged smartphone. 


  • Do not scan permanent resident cards.

2. Duplex Medical Insurance Card and ID card Scanner

It is one of the cheapest id scanner machines available out there. Please do not get fooled by its lower price as it gives good results. It runs on Windows and is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, and VS. As the name suggests, it can scan ID cards and Medical Insurance. 

This self-powered scanner is compatible with many scanning apps and healthcare & medical management databases. You can select between one side and two side scanning. 


Four Independent Rollers 

This ID scanner has four individually powered rollers that allow the smooth feeding of ID cards into the scanner. The heavy-duty scanner can scan thick cards too. 

Two Side Scanning 

You can use this card in a simplex mode for one side-scanning or a duplex mode for two-sided scanning. This unique feature makes sure you scan both the top and bottom sides of a document.  

Windows Platform 

It uses the Windows platform to scan ID cards. Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, and Vista works. A USB port connects these ID card scanners to a Windows platform. 

Scan-ID LITE Software 

Scan-ID LITE is a card management software. It enables this ID card to scan and create a database very effectively. You can scan and store data in a database, which can be found easily. 


  • It can scan both sides of a document at once.
  • This is small in size and takes very little space.
  • It can store card data like images and PDFs. 
  • It can scan thick laminated cards. 


  • It does not work on MAC.

3. IDWare 9000+ ID & Passport Scanner

This electronic touch ID scanner from IDWare is an ideal id card scanner device for hotels, bars, casinos, schools, medical offices, and whatnot! This android based id scanner can scan guest IDs at the entry point. The guest management database creates and stores individual information to a great extent.  

It can check for fake IDs and verify age across the USA and Canada. You can classify guests into different categories with this front desk machine. 


System Features

This android based ID scanner features Android 9.0. It has a Qualcomm octa-core processor that offers 2.0 GHz performance. It comes with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB of ROM. 

Large Screen 

It comes with a large 5.5 inches multi-touch capacitive screen. Its frame size is 1440×720 pixels. With this large screen, you can easily read information from your scanner. It’s pretty bright in the daylight too.  

Battery Size 

With a 4600mAh battery, you already know this device will run for a long time after a full charge. It gives 2 hours of continuous scanning with a full charge. There is a doc charger with this scanner that offers quick charging. 

Guest Management Feature 

It has an automated and secure guest management feature and can collect and store guest information and keep them under different categories. 


  • Comes with a 1-year free subscription to VeriScan Cloud
  • Get a free plastic screen protector with it. 
  • Has a strap on its back for comfortable holding. 
  • Simple and fast interface. 
  • Cloud security is approved by the FBI.  


  • Does not capture and store images of scanned documents.

4. Fujitsu fi-65F Mini Flatbed Scanner

Fujitsu is a well-known brand all over the world- it is famous for its photo documentation devices. This flatbed scanner provides innovative solutions to business owners and improves business operations. The windows-based ID scanner is inexpensive, but it scans fast and easily.  

This front desk scanner can scan passports, receipts, cards, and many more small documents. Let’s see some of its features. 


Operating System 

The device uses windows as its operating system. It runs on Windows 7, 8, and 10. Its user interface is pretty easy and simple. 

One Button Scanning 

You have to press one button to scan any documents. It connects with a USB port, making it a very good portable id scanner that you can use in a retail shop, front offices, receptions, and many other places. 

PaperStream Clickscan Software 

It comes with the PaperStream Clickscan software that allows the scanner to scan. This software also makes scanning an easy job.   

1 Second per Scan 

This small but effective device can scan 1 document per second, which is a big deal, to be honest. The interesting part is it can scan various documents at 300 dpi. 


  • It can rotate and crop scanned documents before saving. 
  • Easy one-button scanning. 
  • Portable-small in size and lightweight.  
  • It can separate documents with barcode and patch code serials. 


  • It can only scan one side at a time.

5. Gemalto UV Duplex ID Scanner

This round-shaped little ID card scanner from Gemalto can be an excellent choice for you. It uses UV rays to scan IDs. With this machine, you can scan both the upper and bottom sides of a document at once. It can be a great bar id scanner. Apart from that, you can use this scanner at schools, financial institutions, hospitals, hotels, and many other places. 

Let’s look at some of its features and see what else this tiny device has to offer. 


Both Side Scanning 

The most amazing thing about this id scanner is it uses multiple sources of UV lights to simultaneously scan both sides of an id card or driving license. 

UV Scanner 

It uses UV lights to scan documents. The UV lights come from LED light sources. Most importantly, it has multiple LED light sources for fast and easy scanning. 

High-Quality Scanner 

This is a small but very high-quality ID card scanner. It can validate and authenticate documents at the same time. It is specially designed for duplex scanning. 

Places you can Use It. 

These UV ID card scanners are specially designed to use in Banks, Financial Institutions, Bars, Schools, Restaurants, Hospitals, Hotels, Retail Shops, and many more places.   


  • You can insert any side of an ID card into this scanner. 
  • This scanner automatically ejects the card after scanning. 
  • It is a plug-and-play device. 
  • It can save 6 different photos of a single id using VeriScan software. 


  • It does not have a screen.

Buying Guide for Best ID Scanner

id scanner check id real or fake

Your business needs an id scanner- realizing it is one thing, but selecting the best one is the real challenge. An id card is an absolute necessity if you own a convenience store, a liquor store, or a bar. But if you fail to choose the right one, you might have to pay some price because there are so many legal and other aspects of these businesses. 

ID scanners come in different types and variations. Some only scan for fake ids, some calculate ages only, and some scanners scan both id, age, and many more. Again, some scanners are portable, and some need to be kept somewhere. 

Now that you know which the best id scanners are, your next challenge is to select the best from the bests. I’m making it easy for you. Follow my guide, and you will know what to look for while buying an id scanner. 

The Place Where You Will Use It

First, you have to decide where you will use these ID scanners. If you use it in a grocery store or a supermarket, you will have a scanner that offers a variety of scanning. If you use it in a nightclub or bar, you’ll need a portable one. My point is to determine where you will use your ID card scanners and select one that fits your needs. 

Ease of Use

You have to consider your ID scanner’s ease of use. A portable ID scanner is always easy to use. You should choose a portable scanner if others need checks. If the ID card has a complex user interface, it will be hard for you or your employee to understand it. You will need more time for scanning. So, choose one with an easy UI. 

Storage Size 

Storage size is always a big deal for ID scanners; the bigger the storage, the more data. With big-size storage- store more information you might need later, so always go for big storage size. 

Screen Size

A big screen id scanner is always helpful as you can easily read the information and alerts from the big screen; thus, you should select a scanner that has a big screen. 

Your Budget 

Budget is another necessary aspect of buying an id scanner. An expensive scanner is- of course, better, but you have to look at your budget too. It would be best if you stayed within your budget.

How to Scan ID Cards? 

There are a lot of ID card scanners available in the market. You can use these scanners to scan ID cards, driving licenses, credit cards, and many other devices. These scanners mainly use two mechanisms: magnetic stripes and barcodes. Nowadays, the use of magnetic stripes has decreased. Barcodes are now getting popular. 

There are many android and Ios apps for scanning. You can use these apps to scan ID cards too. It is wise to use dedicated ID card scanners for accurate results. Some smartphones use a magnetic signal to read information from an ID card or Driving license; others use their camera to take pictures of an ID card and authenticate it with a database. 

Different types of ID cards are available out there. They use various technologies and processes to scan IDs. They perform other tasks too. Some of them verify and authenticate ID cards and detect fake ones and, some of them verify ages. And then many ID card scanners do both. 

ID card scanners use different ways to scan IDs. Some scanners use UV lights to scan documents. You have to insert an ID card to scan- it. Some use radio frequency to scan IDs. You have to take ID cards in front of these devices to scan them. Some scanners are flatbeds. To scans- an ID with a scanner- take an ID and hold it near the scanners or insert it- whatever the device requires. Then, wait while scanning completes; you can read information from its screen. Most ID scanners store and sort information too.

ID cards are used in Bars, Liquor shops, Casinos, Hospitals, Schools, Restaurants, and so many other places where age and identity confirmation is required. To scan documents, you need a fast scanner.

How Do ID Scanners Work?

If your business requires identity confirmation and age verification, you must need an ID card scanner. It can scan your clients’, visitors’, or customers’ id cards; authenticate and verifiers their identity and age. These scanners are used to detect fake identities and underage customers. They can collect and store your clients’ information and sort them into different categories. 

When you need ID card scanners for your business, it is wise for you to know how they work. Well, different ID scanners work in different ways. Some use magnetic stripes to detect ID cards and others use barcodes. These are the two main methods ID card scanners generally use. ID scanners can scan Unique Identification cards, Passports, Driving Licenses, Credit Cards, and many other types of cards.  

Barcodes are machine-readable codes found on the backside of an ID card. These are parallel line patterns that you have to swipe in a scanner to scan. Magnetic stripes are also located- at the back of a card. To scan a magnetic stripe and read its information, you have to swipe into the slot of your scanner.

Most ID Card Scanners Work in the Following Way: 

  • You have to turn your scanner on. 
  • Then swipe an ID card through the magnetic stripe or barcode reader. 
  • Now you can see and compare the card information on the screen of your ID scanner. 
  • You will see an alarm if the ID card is fake or underage. 
  • Scanner saves card information to its database for future reference. 

There are other ways ID card scanners might scan and store information. Some of them are: 

  • Image scanning. 
  • Chip reading and Printing Data 
  • Through Authentications. 


Are All ID Scanners the Same?

All ID cards are not the same; they are of different makes and different types. Different ID cards serve other purposes. There are many models of them. Some are portable, and you can carry them anywhere you want. Some of them are countertops. It can be a magnetic stripe reader, a barcode reader, or both. They come in different sizes, screen types, and battery sizes.

How Much is an ID Scanner?

ID card scanners come at different price points. The price depends on the types, builds, and other features like screen size, battery size, storage capacity, etc. Magnetic stripes id scanners are less pricey than barcode scanners. They can cost about $300-$400. But its usages is decreasing day by day. Because in many places, magnetic stripes are no longer used to make ids. On the other hand, a barcode scanner can cost you somewhere between $700 and $1300. 

Do Fake IDs Pass Scanners?

The sole purpose of ID card scanners is to scan ids and detect fake ones. Simple- scanners can detect fake- IDs. These scanners use barcodes or magnetic stripes to detect fake IDs, but forgers are becoming smarter with time. They are crafting fake ids with original barcodes and magnetic stripes. It has become difficult for simple id scanners to detect fake ones. You need more sophisticated modern scanners for better results. 

What Kind of ID Scanners Do Bars Use?

Bars generally use portable ID cards. They can carry them to every corner of the bar. They use barcode id scanners or magnetic stripes id scanners, or both. With this, they can scan varieties of ID cards. Some bars have portable ID scanners and countertop ID scanners for quick scanning. 

Can You Scan an ID with your Phone?

The answer is yes. You can scan an ID card with your smartphone. There are a lot of id card scanning apps available on android phones and iPhones. You can use any of these apps to scan an id. To scan an ID with your phone, open the scanners app and place your id card near the phone. The phone will automatically detect information from the ID card. 

How Do I Scan an ID with My iPhone?

There are many iOS ID card scanners apps available on the Apple store. You can install it and use it to scan ids on your iPhone. Firstly, install an app that looks best for you to scan ids from your iPhone. Then open the app and scan your id card with it. Apps can use your phone camera to scan your id cards. You can scans both sides of your ids with these apps.  

Final Words 

An ID card scanner is an important tool for many businesses. If you have a business where you have to authenticate and verify your customers and clients, you must need an ID card scanner. So you need to know about them. When you have the necessary knowledge, you can make the right decision. I hope after reading my article- you have learned a great deal about ID card scanners. You have come to know about the best ID scanner available in the market. Now you can choose one that fits best for your business. Invest in a good ID card scanner. It will make your business profitable and hassle-free in so many ways. 

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