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best id badge holder

Whether you are a working professional or a student, you sure- deal with many plastic cards every day. It can be your id card, credit card, or driving license; we all will agree to one thing, plastic cards have made our lives much easy. What do you need to protect these cards? An ID badge holder, of course. In this article, I will show you the best badge holders available in the market, as well as features you should look for while you buy one. 

ID badge holders keep your badges or ID cards safe and presentable. So you should invest in a good one. Most of the ID badge holders are made from plastics. But there are different types and models of them. Look for the casing, size, strap, and orientation when you go to buy one. Finally, purchase one that covers all your needs. 

With all the superior features, I suggest Specialist ID Vertical Top Load Badge Holder be the best id badge holder in the market. It is made of hard plastic and can hold three cards. It comes with a quick-release metal clip and a key ring. If you are looking for something similar, it can be a great choice.

Our Favorite Best ID Badge Holder

Comparison Table 

Specialist ID Vertical Top Load Card Badge HolderPolycarbonate PlasticBlackTop-Load
QREEL – 2 Pack – Retractable ID Badge HolderABSBlackReel
Teskyer Leather ID Badge HolderPU LeatherRose GoldTop-Load
KEYLION 10 Pack ID card Badge HolderVinyl PVCTransparentResealable Top-load
Specialist ID Ultimate Military Armband ID Badge HolderNylonBlackAdjustable Elastic Band
Specialist ID Sidekick Retractable ID Badge HolderPolycarbonate PlasticBlackReel + Top-load
KEY-BAK MID6 Retractable ID Badge HolderPolycarbonateBlackReel

Top 7 Best ID Badge Holder- Buying Guide

1. Specialist ID Vertical Top Load Card Badge Holder

This one is probably the coolest and the best ID badge holder from Specialist ID; the ID badge holder is perfect for working individuals who work in various organizations and need to swipe their cards constantly. It allows you to hold 3- cards at the same time. 

This cardholder allows you to easily remove your cards when you need them to swipe or tap in any checkpoints. Just push up the hidden thump notch from the back of the cardholder, and your ID card will come out. 


High-Quality Material 

Specialist ID has used high-quality rigid polycarbonate plastic to make this ID badge holder. It is hard and provides heavy-duty safety for your cards. It’s vertically oriented and has a Lanyard designed neck strap. 

A Clear Front 

You will see through your photo ID cards easily with a clear and visible front. Its dual thumb lever at the back can slide up your RFID cards or chip cards for swipe at access points and checkpoints. 

Lanyard Neck Cord 

It comes with a quick-release Lanyard neck cord and a detachable key chain with a metal clip. The cardholder carries your cards and your keys quite comfortably. 

Independent Control 

This cardholder offers independent controls for the front and the back cards. You can load them from the top, and they will stay there safe and secured. 


  • Has easy-sliding latches for card retrieval 
  •  Has- a protective cover 
  • The front card can be scanned and swiped without removing it. 
  • Comfortably- sits around your neck. 
  • No chance of wear and tear 


  • The long lanyard can be a problem for some people.

2. QREEL – 2 Pack – Retractable ID Badge Holder

If you are a fan of round-shaped retractable badge holders, then it can be a great deal for you. This two-pack multiple id badge holder from Qreel offers both durability and style. They have used high-quality ABS material to make this badge holder. 

It can be the best choice for Teachers, Doctors, and other professionals. If you are a working professional, you will feel comfortable and confident using it. 


Stylish Look

This round badge holder is very professional and stylish, and it comes with a 360-degree spinning alligator pinch clip. This extendable badge holder can be an excellent choice for professional teams. 

ABS Body 

The card is- made of ABS. It is a very high-quality plastic that is hard and corrosion-free. It has metal clips that will not become rusty and last a long time. 

Rotating Clip 

It comes with a rotating clip that can reduce friction when you pull the badge holder from up, down, or sides. You can easily attach your badge holder to any spot using this rotating clip.  

Extendable Cord 

The cord in this cardholder is extendable, and you can stretch it up to 24 inches. Its round reel has a perfect size as well. 


  • A swivel clip makes it comfortable to use. 
  • Lightweight and grippy.  
  • The extendable cord is quite durable. 
  • Two badge holders- in one pack. 
  • Cord reels far enough. 


  • The swivel can flip the card sometimes and hide its front side.

3. Teskyer Leather ID Badge Holder

This PU leather badge holder is handmade by experienced craftsmen. It is one of the stylish id badge holders you have seen so far. Simple yet versatile, you will surely fall in love with this one. Teskyer has not compromised with quality and style even though it is not that expensive. 

The ID cardholder has two slots -a clear front window and a rear card slot. You can keep varieties of cards in its chambers. 


PU Leather 

It is- made of premium PU synthetic leather. It feels very soft on the hands and looks very premium. With this quality, you can expect it to last a long time. This synthetic leather is not at all harmful for people and the environment. 

Stylish Look

This ID badge holder is all about style and has beautiful hand stitches all over it. The tiny stitches look very smooth and trim and make the badge holder look more attractive. The flat double edge cover also enhances its beauty and durability. 

High-Quality Lock Catch 

It has a high-quality stainless still lock catch which- can make sure your badge holder does not break away from its strap. 

Detachable Lanyard 

The badge holder has a detachable lanyard. You can remove it and put your badge holder in your wallet or pockets quite easily. 


  • Offers- 30 days no reason return.  
  • Can -use it as a wallet. 
  •  Strong and sturdy, 
  • Looks very fancy. 


  • Lanyard’s color does not match with the card holder’s one.

4. KEYLION 10 Pack ID card Badge Holder

Imagine you get a 10- pack of heavy-duty badge holders for the price of one! Would you believe it? Well, you should. Keylion brings you a combo of 10 ID card badge holders that- are crystal clear on both sides. These cardholders are larger than others and can hold up to 5 different cards. 

Because of the PVC material, they do not look flimsy at all.  Rather, they are flat and good-looking. Its waterproof resealable zip will protect your cards from extreme conditions. 


High-Quality PVC Material  

These Keylion card holders are- made from corrosion-free durable PVC materials, and their single-layer thickness is thicker than that of others; the cardholders are soft, smooth and you cannot break them so simply. 

Transparent on Both Sides 

Crustal clear cardholders are transparent on both sides, and you do not have to remove your cards from the holder while scanning or swiping- in checkpoints or gates. 

Waterproof Card Holder

With resealable and high-quality zips, these cards are waterproof and dustproof- these zips will keep your cards dry and clean. Most importantly, you can open and close the zip quite comfortably. 

Large Space 

These cardholders are slightly larger than others- more room size is available there and, you can put several cards in it quite easily. 


  • No need for card removal- while checking. 
  • Holds as many as 5- cards
  • Thickness is more than other cardholders. 
  • Excellent lock feature. 


  • Do not have any lanyard.

5. Specialist ID Military Armband ID Badge Holders

It is another great id badge holder from the Specialist ID brand. If you are looking for a heavy-duty tactical id badge holder, it can be a pretty good choice for you; you should go for it if you are a motorcyclist or a skier.  

It is made of superior materials and used by the military and other security forces, and it is sturdy and comfortable at the same time. Let us see what more does it offer. 


Heavy Duty Nylon 

The id badge holder is- made of heavy-duty military-grade nylon, and they make sure this badge holder will last a long time. 

Easy Adjustments 

No matter- your arm size, you can easily adjust this id badge holder according to them, and they will comfortably sit on your arms. 


As we already know, it is made- of heavy-duty military-grade nylon construction and has a strong hook and loop closure so you can easily adjust it with your arms; most importantly, it is- made in the USA. So, you should not have any doubt about its quality.    

Best for Certain People 

This id badge holder is hand-free and suitable for certain professionals; it is designed especially for the military. You can easily show your badges from the front; These are also a good fit for bikers. 


  • Very comfortable to wear. 
  • Sturdy construction material 
  • Can hold cards of multiple sizes. 
  • A strong loop closer keeps it adjusted. 


  • Not water and sweat-proof.

6. Specialist ID Sidekick Retractable ID Badge Holder

It is yet another great product from Specialist ID- this top load three cards badge holder with a retractable badge reel is something to look at; this combo is- paired with the best badge reel and the best badge holder. They both are- made from heavy-duty materials. 

The cardholder can hold three vertical credit card size cards. The badge reel is retractable and very lightweight. This all-in-one combo will serve all the purposes you expect from an id badge holder. 


Heavy Duty but Lightweight 

This combo is- made of heavy-duty materials; a heavy-duty polycarbonate reel is pretty hard and sturdy; So, there is no question it will last very long.  

Strong Retraction 

The cardholder has a strong spring retraction, and the reel comes with a lifetime service policy from the manufacturer. Its 24 inches Kevlar cord is enough lengthwise and durable. 

Cards & Keys 

The top-load id badge holder can hold up to 3 vertical credit-card size id badges- one card will be on the front, and the other two will be on the back. It also has a key holder that can hold 3- 4 keys together.   

Placement Option

With a sidekick reel, you can place it in your belt loop securely and will be able to hold all your cards & keys and bring them out as needed without any hassle. 


  • No-Twist design does not allow it to spin around. 
  • Can- hold up to 4 Oz without sliding down. 
  • Independent front and back lever for card removal 
  • The cord is thick and durable. 
  • Thick and durable plastic card loop 


  • It can squeak while walking.

7. KEY-BAK MID6 Retractable ID Badge Holder

You might not know, but Key-Bak makes retractable reels for Specialist ID badge holders. It is a well-known name in the id badge manufacturing industry. This retractable reel id badge holder is a high-quality product from Key-Bak.  

It has 36 inches retractable long cord and a steel carabiner. Key-Bak uses polycarbonate to make this badge holder, and because it has a very strong metal carabiner, it is safe to say it is a pretty good metal id badge holder.  


Strong Retraction Force 

This reel id badge holder has a strong retraction force, and it can hold up to 6 oz of load; 36- inches cord is made from DuPont Kevlar fibers and can reach far and, it is more than enough. 

Superior Spring 

The retractable reel has a superior quality spring, and it is 1.75 inches in diameter- providing excellent performance. 

Superior Build Material 

Key-Bak uses high-quality polycarbonate to make this id badge holder, and the carabiner is -made of strong- metal. The card loop is- made from thick plastic, and, because of the high-quality build materials, this id badge holder is very durable. 

Great after Sales Service 

Key-Bak has a commendable after-sales policy; you will get a 1- year limited warranty and a lifetime service policy when you buy this card. 


  • The swivel belt clip holds it perfectly
  • The retractable cord can endure one million-plus pull 
  • Feels solid in hand. 
  • Sturdy retract mechanism 
  • The carabiner is removable. 


  • The carabiner is a bit too long.

Best ID Badge Holder Buying Guide 

id card holder wear

Now that you know about the best id badge holder available on the market, it is time for you to select the right one for you. There are some considerations for buying an id badge holder. But with tons of options, you might get confused. Do not worry. I will show you how to buy the perfect id badge holder. 

First, we have to understand what functionalities an ID badge holder offers. They: 

  • Securely hold your id badges
  • Make it easy for you to display them 
  • Protect your id badges from water and dust
  • Allow easy spot on 

Now, the question arrives, how you actually can choose the right id badge holder. Consider these following factors while choosing your id badge holder:

Usage of your ID Badge Holder

You use an ID card holder to hold your badges, give them protection and show them when necessary. But, it has some other usages too. You can quickly show- your credentials with an ID badge holder. You can identify an employee easily and fast with it. Additionally, you can also use them for swiping or scanning your ID cards. So, determine why you are going to use it before buying one.  

Time of Use

Whether or not you intend to use an ID card is an important factor while buying one. Sometimes when you go to a seminar or a workshop: you might have to wear an ID badge. But in this case, you will wear it for one or two days. So, do not go for an expensive ID cardholder. But if you need an ID badge holder that you will use every day, you definitely should invest in a good one. 

Orientation of Your ID Badge Holder

Your ID badge can be vertical or horizontal. Buy an ID badge holder according to your badge’s type. If your badge is a vertical one, then buy a vertical holder; but if your batch is horizontal, you know what you should do. 

Color and Material

The color of your ID cardholder and the materials used can also be a factor. You might have color and material preferences. So select one that represents your interest. Again, different colors can represent different levels of access. So, select one accordingly so that security personnel can identify you easily and fast. 


Price is another prime factor. Select an ID badge holder that is within your budget. I suggest you buy a good quality badge holder, but that should not be beyond your reach. 

How to Wear an ID Badge

ID badges are your identification at work and in other places. If you work in an organization, you might need to wear an ID badge. Students also might have to wear them. Some organizations make their employees keep wearing badges all the time during work. You might have to show your id badge while entering your office. It also says your level of access in your office premises. 

You can wear ID badges with style. They do not have to be boring and typical. There are some great ways you can wear your badge. You will look bold and confident. Here I will show you how to wear ID badges with style. 

Buy a Good ID Badge Holder

The first step is to buy a good-looking id badge holder that will look stylish when you wear it. Buy it according to your badge type. Do not go for cheap ones if you intend to use them- every day. Consider its comfort, capacity, and convenience while choosing one. 

Hide the Lanyard

Lanyards often look cheap and flimsy. Besides, they have your organization’s name and logo on them. A lanyard can create a visual distraction in your outfit. But you can hide them. Use a thin lanyard or a thin metal chain instead of your regular lanyard. It will put all the focus on your outfit. 

Use Single Color Lanyard

You can use a single colored lanyard matching your outfit color. It will blend your badge holder’s strap with your overall outfit. 

Use Retractable Reel Badge Holders

Reel badge holders do not have lanyards. You can clip them to your shirt’s pocket to look smart. If your reel badge holder has a sidekick carabiner, you can set it in your belt’s loop. It will look smart- in both ways. 


What Is the Thing Called That Holds Your Badge?

An ID badge holder holds and protects your badges. You can also use them to show your identification easily. There are different types of ID badge holders. Top load ID badge holder is one of them. A strap called a lanyard holds this type of badge holder. You have to wear them on your neck. 

Where Do You Attach an Id Badge?

Different types of id badges are- attached in different ways. It is your badge holder that determines where you will put it. If you have a top-load id badge holder, you can hang it on your neck using a lanyard. You can also attach your badges to your shirt’s pocket, belts, or your belt’s loop.  

How Do I Keep My Id Badge From Flipping?

Sometimes your ID badge can flip unnecessarily, which is pretty annoying, to be honest. When it does, you have to put it forward-facing every time, and it can be frustrating. But there are ways to avoid it. You will find strap clips and pins to keep your ID badge forward-facing all the time. You can also buy No-Twist Reel badge holders to solve this issue. 

How Do You Wear a Clip on Your Id Badge?

Some ID badge holders have strap clips. They are the easiest way you attach an ID badge holder with you. You can clip it on your shirt’s pocket or your shirt collar. Clipping on your shirt pocket is the smartest- way to wear a badge. 

What Can I Use Instead of a Lanyard?

Lanyards are probably the most common way to wear an ID badge. But there are other options too. Many of you might not like lanyards hanging around your neck. You can use a Reel ID badge holder instead. They are small and do not have any straps. You can clip it on your shirt’s pocket or attach it to your belt’s loop.  

How Do You Wear a Retractable Badge Holder?

You can attach your retractable badge holders to your belt or belt’s loop. You can retract your badge from there when you have to scan or swipe your badges. It is very convenient to use.


The ID badge holder is an- everyday tool for us. Whether you are a student or work for an organization, you must carry an identification card. An ID badge holder keeps your identification cards safe. They also make it visible and easy to present your ID cards when necessary. You can also put your credit cards and driving license in these badge holders. So you must buy the perfect one. I am sure after reading my article now you know everything about ID badge holders. I’m confident that now you will select the best id badge holder for you. Good luck! 

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