Best Ice Makers In 2023

No matter if you’re drinking water, sodas, spirits, or cocktails, an ice maker is a must-have. The need for ice molds and bags of ice can be eliminated with a high-quality ice maker. Although this gadget is handy no matter what setting you’re in, if you’re someone who entertains, it’s sure to become a best friend.

Choosing the right ice maker for your home or bar boils down to three factors: how much space you have, the quality and type of ice you need, and how much you need at once. You may wish to choose either a powerful countertop option or something in the commercial range if your household uses a lot of ice. Make your machine portable if you host occasional small gatherings and plan to bring it to other events. Lastly, do you drink casually or do you mix up serious cocktails requiring clear, large ice cubes?

Check out our picks of the best ice makers based on your priorities and needs.

Editor’s Pick: Ice Makers

5 Best Ice Makers Reviews:

1. AGLUCKY Counter Top Ice Maker Machine

A lucky portable ice maker machine is the best compliment for your household which will bring you great convenience. It is simple, convenient and portable. This countertop ice maker fits space-saving on your countertop and has a modern style design that blends into any decor.

The ice cubes are as clear as crystal and have no unpleasant odor. Even it can produce up to 9 pounds of clear ice cubes within 24 hours. The compact size only requires small counter space and it’s easy to operate.

2. Frigidaire EFIC189-Silver Compact Ice Maker

Introducing the Frigidaire, EFIC189-Silver Compact Ice Maker! With a sleek design that offers stylish, contemporary appeal, this ice maker offers simple, quick, and convenient operation. The cover is equipped with a large see-through window which allows easy viewing of the ice basket, making it easy for you to monitor the filling process.

With the air outlet in the back of the unit, you can use the ice maker anywhere in your kitchen. The LED display will allow you to choose from two different cube sizes as well as see at a glance how much ice has been produced or used.

The SEE SCREEN™ accessory allows you to choose from 2 different cube sizes with just the push of a button! An LED display enables you to easily see at a glance how much ice has been produced or used.

3. Newair Counter Top Ice Maker Machine

Enjoy a hassle-free ice maker that produces over 2 pounds of ice each day to meet your needs. The NewAir N35B 700W countertop ice maker is a convenient way to have ice available for any occasion, from small get-togethers or everyday at-home use.

With an elegant, curved controller panel and the ability to produce 28 pounds of ice in a 24 hour period, the sleek and modern design of this ice maker will fit right into your home’s decor.

4. Magic Chef 27-Lb. Portable Red Countertop Ice Maker

Magic Chef’s countertop ice maker produces up to 27 lbs. Of ice, every 24 hours and is lightweight, portable and compact. It is the perfect solution for continual ice production as it holds up 1.5 lb. of ice at one time. Plus, it will conveniently produce ice in 2 sizes in as little as 7 minutes.

The translucent bucket serves as a handy storage bin and can be removed from the icemaker with ease when the storage bucket needs to be emptied. Our portable countertop ice maker is easy to use with its digital control panel that indicates when the storage bin needs to be emptied.

5. Dreamiracle Ice Maker Machine For Countertop

Dreamiracle ice maker machine for countertop is a new innovation of ice makers. It has a faster cooling speed and high quality with food-grade PP materials. This has a higher cooling efficiency than other models, large capacity and energy saving.

Dreamiracle ice maker provides its user more convenience in life with an efficient and fast cooling speed of 26g pebble ice cube in less than 10 minutes. And it is really easy to use for making crystal clear pure fresh water for everyone.

Buying Guide For The Best Ice Maker

You should consider these factors when buying an ice machine.


Models range from small to huge, and ice machines may be found in a wide variety of designs and sizes. Choose a size that is comfortable for you and does not put you out of your comfort zone.

An ice maker that can quickly and easily be transported to wherever you need it to go, such as one for parties or road trips, is your best bet.

The popularity of small under-counter best ice makers with enormous ice buckets, often the height of a mini-refrigerator, is rising. The height of an ice machine above the counter is about half that of an under-counter model. Toaster oven-sized ovens are a common size for this type of appliance.

It’s possible to make 9-12 cubes per batch in a matter of minutes using a standard portable ice machine at this time. In comparison to an under-counter ice machine, this size can serve 2-3 small beverages and is twice as quick, which is a major saving.

Therefore, in some instances, smaller machines may be more productive than larger ones. Smaller ice cubes can be kept colder longer due to the reduced air capacity of these machines.


If you need a lot of ice in a short time or want a steady supply, the speed that’s most important to you will depend on your needs.

You can get your party started early with several models that can create ice fast. However, if you do not have enough storage space, you should get ice machines that can keep ice cool for hours.

Ice Storage Capacity

It may be necessary to keep taking the ice away and storing it somewhere else if your machine can make a lot of ice but cannot hold much. You will not need to unload the ice maker to make more room if you have a big storage capacity ice maker.

Types of Ice Makers

A counter-top ice machine is similar to an under-counter model.

* Under-Counter Ice Makers

Under the counter, there is an ice maker that makes ice automatically. There is no limit to how much ice an under-counter icemaker may generate until the bins are full. In spite of their greater price tag, they have a larger output capacity than countertop machines.

In addition, the ice maker storage tanks are larger and can hold up to 30-500 pounds of ice cubes at a time. It is easier to maintain a steady supply of ice with these larger units.

Their increased size means that an ice-making cycle takes substantially more time to complete than it does for smaller machines. Because of their size, they’re extremely cumbersome to move. A dependable water supply is also required for all under-counter models in order for the system to work correctly.

This type of ice maker necessitates the services of a trained plumber be installed.

* Countertop Ice Machines

An ice maker on a countertop is popular for occasional use. Their portability makes them ideal for those living in small apartments. Their smaller size allows them to store less ice than under-counter models.

Water can be directly frozen without having to connect it to any drain or line. Keeping the ice-making process running requires filling the water reservoirs manually.

Cold ice maker storage bins are not included in most portable models. These units can produce ice cubes but not store them. The ice makers can also make fresh ice automatically when melted ice cubes melt.

You may have to purchase an under-counter ice maker with a built-in freezer if you want the ice to stay frozen for later use.

Ice Shape

  • Crescent ice: Soft drinks, blended drinks, and mixed drinks can all be made with it. A cube ice size is roughly half of a dice. This means it melts and cools faster. Because of this, drinks like whiskey and cocktails are less desirable.
  • Dice ice: Soft drinks and mixed drinks go well together. The smaller surface area of this type of ice allows it to melt slowly, so you won’t notice any drastic changes to the flavor of your drink.
  • Nugget ice: Soft drinks, blended cocktails, and fountain drinks can all be made with this machine. When you like chewing ice, it can satisfy you because it is easily broken down. The soft consistency makes it easy to melt and water down beverages quickly.

(If you want ice that will last, nugget ice machines are not the best option. However, they consume less electricity than other types, thereby reducing your electricity bill.)

  • Gourmet ice: Its elegant and crystal clear appearance makes it a popular ingredient in premium liquors and other upscale drinks. This ice melts slowly, so it can cool your beverages quite effectively.
  • Bullet-shaped ice: This ice tee is perfect for margaritas, blended drinks, and soft drinks. Because of the hollow center, it is able to melt more rapidly than other types of ice. This type of ice appears white or cloudy throughout, unlike most of the other types of ice.


A stunning nugget ice machine, like the NewAir Nugget Ice Maker, is a great option. In addition to being the fastest ice maker available, the NewAir is also the most energy-efficient, with a cycle time of just 5 minutes.

When it comes to ease of use and portability, a countertop Opal is a clear winner. This machine has a side tank that doubles the capacity of its main water reservoir, allowing you to use less water and minimize the frequency of refilling it, thereby reducing the amount of time you spend in the kitchen.

In addition, thanks to its Bluetooth capabilities and mobile app, you can monitor ice production from your phone.

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