Top 10 Best HP Envy Printer Reviews

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Although we would like to live in a paperless world, that dream is still far away from reality. The truth is that we need printed docs more than soft copies because they offer better physical presentations. With this realization, many people prefer keeping most of their files in printed form and have invested in the best HP Envy printer.  According to them, these printers are the best in performance, reliability, and affordability.

But much as we can confirm the above, we would like to caution these aren’t built equal. Consequently, you will need to make a lot of comparisons before deciding what’s suitable for your needs. We know it can be time-consuming to do all the comparison work, and that is why we stepped in. We aim to help you pick the best printer easily. So below, we present you with the top 10 best HP Envy printers for the money.

Our Top Pick:

Most Essential Factors to Check When Buying The Best HP Envy Printer

Product NameDescription
HP ENVY Photo 7855 Weight: 16.72 pd· 
Dimension: 17.87 x 7.6 x 19.33 inches·
Connectivity: USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet
HP ENVY Photo 7155 Weight: 14Pd
Output: Color
Dimension: 17.87 x 6.34 x 16.14 inches
HP Envy Pro 6455 Weight: 13.58Pd
Dimension: 17.03 x 14.21 x 7.64 inches
Printer Output: Color
HP Envy Photo 6255 Dimensions: 17.87x 6.34×16.14
Weight: 14 pounds
Connectivity Technology: Dual band Wi-Fi and USB
HP Envy Pro 6055 Sheet Size: 4×6, and 8.5 to 11
Printer Output: Color
Compatible Devices: laptops, PCs and smartphones
HP ENVY 6075 Dimensions: 17.03 x 14.21 x 5.2 inches
Weight: 11.51 Pd
Output: Color
HP Envy Pro 6475 Weight: 13.58 pounds
Dimension: 17.03 x 14.21 x 7.64
Network Connectivity: USB and WiFi
HP ENVY Photo 7855 Dimension: 17.87 x 7.6 x 19.33 inches
Weight: 19.27 Pd
Connectivity: USB
HP ENVY Photo 7858 Dimension: 17.87 x 19.33 x 7.6 inches
Weight: 16.72 pounds
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB
HP Envy 6055 Dimension: 20.14×17.03×5.2
Weight: 13.92
Sheet Size: 4 x 6, 8.5 to 11

Leading 10 Best HP Envy Printer Reviews  

1. HP ENVY Photo 7855

HP ENVY Photo 7855 All in One Photo Printer with Wireless Printing, HP Instant Ink ready, Works with Alexa (K7R96A)

We open our list with the HP ENVY Photo 7835. We observed that most users love the model due to its reliability and convenience in performance, ease of use, and versatility.

Similar to some other ‘giant’ devices in the world of printing, the HP envy photo printer offers all the features you’d expect in a modern-day printer. For example, Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to print directly from any device on your network without using a regular data cable.

In addition, the device is economical in that it can print on either side of the page. This is important because it saves on paper costs and your overall expenses.


Color Touch Monitor-Plus Voice Command – with these features, the manufacturer has ensured no one will struggle using their device.

Both Wired and Wireless Capabilities – Its versatility in network connectivity is another factor. If you don’t like the inconvenience of using Ethernet and USB cables, then you enjoy the wireless (Wi-Fi) connectivity.

Instant Ink Program – The manufacturer understands how you feel when out of ink while you least expect. For that purpose, they introduced the instant ink delivery program, which ensures you get supplies before running out.

Auto Duplexing – The device can print on either side of printing paper, meaning you’ll save a lot.


  • Weight: 16.72 pd
  • Dimension: 17.87 x 7.6 x 19.33 inches
  • Connectivity: USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet


  • Easy to use with voice command and touch function
  • Versatile connectivity
  • Saves on printing papers


  • Affordability can be a concern to some

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2. HP ENVY Photo 7155

HP ENVY Photo 7155 All-in-One Photo Printer with Wireless Printing, HP Instant Ink, Works with Alexa (K7G93A)

If you are looking for an HP envy wireless printer that prints amazing photos and runs smoothly without heating or producing noise, the above device is one of the best picks. A machine is a handy tool for photo enthusiasts who love creating and sharing photos with friends or social media. This is so due to the included HP smart printing app.

Next is that the device ensures users will never lose their work by saving files on an SD card.

Additionally, the best printer, HP envy, is supposedly one of the best in terms of affordability. That’s true because it comes with up to four months of free inks in the box. Over that long, you won’t incur a lot of your printing costs, which will boost your business growth.

Finally, the machine is free from defects as guaranteed by the 1-year user warranty.


Noise Cancellation – The machine has noise cancellation features to ensure you don’t disrupt those around you. It’s, therefore, an excellent peak for places where silence matters most, e.g., hospitals.

User Manual (PDF) – You should never experience a hard time using this device as you can always draw illustrations from the guide included in the package

Wireless Connectivity – Say no to the inconveniences caused by data and Ethernet cables. Enjoy printing from any place within your workplace.

HP Smart App – don’t struggle to manage your printer. Instead, download and install the HP intelligent printing app. Once done, enjoy managing all the aspects of the machine from one place.


  • Weight: 14Pd    
  • Output: Color
  • Dimension: 17.87 x 6.34 x 16.14 inches


  • No overheating
  • Energy efficient
  • No noise


  • It can jam when the workload is large

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3. HP Envy Pro 6455

HP ENVY Pro 6455 Wireless All-in-One Printer, Mobile Print, Scan & Copy, Auto Document Feeder, HP Instant Ink ready, Works with Alexa (5SE45A)

According to experts, the most important thing to consider when choosing the latest HP envy printer is what it can do for you. You should begin by asking yourself, can the machine in question sort my needs? If your answer is yes, then go for it. However, if you aren’t convinced, leave it.

And go for the above machine. It’s a beast device that has been designed to suit all your needs so that you don’t have to spend on extra devices. With it, you can accomplish tasks such as printing, scanning, faxing, and coping.

You will love it that it comes fitted with self-healing Wi-Fi meaning you’ll never struggle to get connected to a network. The seal healing features ensure it troubleshoots all the connectivity issues to be always online.

Besides, it comes with top-notch security features meant to ensure your work is always safe from spying or any form of cybercrime.

Finally, it also comes with a warranty duration of up to 12 months and a reliable 24/7 help desk.


Auto Document Feeder – Unlike other machines, this one will save you valuable time by ensuring papers are always fed into the unit as needed.

Multifunctional – The machine eliminates the need to purchase separate devices because it’s an all-in-one device.

Wireless – If you want to enjoy printing from whatever the place you are, then you can comfortably do so that to wireless Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity features

HP Instant Ink – The device operates to sense when the ink levels are going below the mark.


  • Weight: 13.58Pd
  • Dimension: 17.03 x 14.21 x 7.64 inches
  • Printer output: Color


  • No running out of ink
  • Wireless
  • It also supports wired connection


  • Warranty can mislead

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4. HP Envy Photo 6255

HP ENVY Photo 6255 Wireless All-in-One Printer, Works with Alexa (K7G18A)

This HP Envy Photo 6255 has been designed with both professional and beginner’s thoughts in mind. And to prove it, the machine comes easy to use with a 2.2″ mono touchscreen that makes it a user-friendly device. What the screen does is that it lets you understand everything with the aid of a visual display. So all you have to do is follow the onscreen prompts, and you are good to go.

If the onscreen prompts don’t help, you can always benefit from their user guide manual or even contact the customer care desk for help.

Something else with this best-rated HP envy printer is its ability to print on a wide range of papers. For instance, it can print on legal letters, 5×7, 4×6, 8×10, 4×5, and no.10 envelopes.

And similar to some other HP envy series printers on this list, the machine also comes versatile, meaning it can scan, print, and copy documents.

Finally, it arrives with a 1-year user guarantee. Therefore you are free to air your complaints about replacement or repair at no extra costs


1-year Warranty and 24/7 Support – When you buy this device, you are given a warranty period within which you can make claims for anything you want replaced or repaired.

2.2″ Mono Touchscreen – This display unit lets you manage all the machine’s aspects from one place.

125 Sheets Input Capacity ensures you don’t waste too much time feeding paper onto the machine.

Versatile Functionality – The device will print, scan and copy documents for you


  • Dimensions: 17.87x 6.34×16.14
  • Weight: 14 pounds
  • Connectivity technology: Dual-band WiFi and USB


  • Versatile
  • User guide manual included
  • Good for both wired and wireless connection


  • Some users had issues contacting the customer helpline

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5. HP Envy Pro 6055

HP ENVY 6055 Wireless All-in-One Printer, Mobile Print, Scan & Copy, HP Instant Ink ready, Works with Alexa (5SE16A)

The above HP envy all-in-one printer is meant for people who want to cut down their printing costs by almost a half. Suppose you don’t know how this machine helps save costs, then let’s tell you.

First thing first, it comes with 2 months of FREE ink but on the condition that you must subscribe to their HP instant ink program.

After you exhaust the 2 months of free ink, your ink plan will shoot to as low as $2.99 per month. This is quite affordable compared to other brands.

Moreover, the device can be shared among users. For example, if you are in a family where someone else would want to use the device, you can comfortably do so using the HP smart app. This implies you don’t have to buy several devices simply because you have multiple users.

Finally, it’s also an all-in-one device that can print, scan and copy documents.


HP Instant Ink Program is meant to ensure that you never run out of printing ink. It also provides you save on the same.

Wireless and Wired Connection – The best printer, HP envy, offers both connectivity options so that you are never out of options. If you choose wireless, then there’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. If you prefer wired, then there’s a USB port.

Auto Duplexing will save on the cost of your printing papers as it can print on either side.

HP Smart App is meant to help you seamlessly understand and control the device.


  • Sheet size: 4×6, and 8.5 to 11
  • Printer output: Color
  • Compatible devices: laptops, PCs, and smartphones


  • All in one device
  • 2 months of free ink
  • HP smart app for ease of use


  • It can overheat if used continuously for huge tasks

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6. HP ENVY 6075

HP 8Qq97a#B1h Envy 6075 All-in-One Printer, Includes 2 Years of Ink Delivered

We all want to invest in something powerful, durable, and affordable. After all, what would be the essence of investing in anything other than that?

The maker of the above best rated HP envy printer seems to comprehend this, so they have invested a lot of technology in their machine.

It uses superior technology to deliver crisp, clear quality texts and durable, weatherproof photos. As a result, you can bank on it mainly if you are producing posts that will be exposed to weather vagaries. E.g., campaign or advertising posts.

Moreover, the best HP envy printer for home use comes compact and lightweight so that it is easy to move and can fit perfectly in your available space.

Also, it eliminates the need to rely on data cables thanks to wireless connectivity options (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth)

Finally, it arrives with all the accessories included so that you don’t have to incur extra charges for buying them.


2 Years of Free Ink is the best money-saving machine for any business. The two years of free ink ensures you won’t need to incur on the same any soon.

Remote Printing – Enjoy printing on the go from wherever you are located. You don’t have to be at your working desk to command the machine.

All in One Printer – no need to buy extra devices when you have this because it can print, scan and copy docs

Sharable Device – the good thing about this machine is that many people can use it at once. This means no need to purchase extra devices at your home or business office.


  • Dimensions: 17.03 x 14.21 x 5.2 inches
  • Weight: 11.51 Pd
  • Output: Color


  • Sharable
  • Environmental friendly
  • 2 years of ink saves you a lot


  • Shipping can be delayed

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7. HP Envy Pro 6475

HP 8Qq86a#B1h Envy Pro 6475 All-in-One Printer, Includes 2 Years of Ink Delivered

Whereas most people buying the best printer HP envy tend to think that it’s only the price that matters, the truth is there are other factors such as speed, ease of use, reliability, and versatility. In the real sense, these factors determine whether you are making a worthy investment.

And being honest, they are the key reasons we suggested the above model to you.

With its impressive speed of up to 10 ppm (b) and 7 ppm (c), you can be sure that your work won’t pile as much (unless you have a considerable workload)

On top of that, it also has self-healing Wi-Fi, meaning any networking issues are automatically resolved. Consequently, you stay online throughout.

Still, you will like its 100 paper input capacity in the same device. It reduces the time intervals between reloading papers.

Finally, it has a recommended monthly print volume of 100 – 400 pages. This is quite enough if it’s for home purposes and not businesses.


Self-healing Dual-band Wi-Fi – you will never have issues connecting your printer to the internet. This is because it connects automatically without your intervention.

Automatic Docs Feeder – this feature is meant to ensure users will not waste a lot of their useful time feeding printing papers onto the tray.

Compact and Lightweight – the best HP envy inkjet printer comes compact so that it can fit in your available space. And it comes lightweight for easy portability.

Setup Guide – you don’t have to guess how to fix and operate the device as you have a guide


  • Weight: 13.58 pounds
  • Dimension: 17.03 x 14.21 x 7.64
  • Network connectivity: USB and WiFi


  • ADF saves time
  • 1-year warranty
  • Every ready customer support


  • The customer help desk can be reluctant at times

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8. HP ENVY Photo 7855

HP ENVY Photo 7855 All In One Photo Printer with Wireless Printing, Instant Ink Ready (K7R96A) (Renewed)

Have you ever used a printer that jams easily, produces noise, and overheats? Supposing your straightforward answer is yes, we understand the frustration you experienced.

So to ensure you never come across such an experience anymore, we searched for the best HP envy printer for home use that prints silently and smoothly.

You will enjoy using it anywhere, anytime, and for any project as it comes versatile.

Those who used it in the past were amazed by many things, including its ability to print directly from SD cards.

Others we happy that it works on both sides of the page – meaning it’s economical in terms of paper usage


Voice Recognition – unlike some other printer brands, the above HP Envy printer allows you to command it using the voice recognition feature. You can easily work with Amazon Alexa and Google voice with this feature.

The HP App – similar to other machines highlighted on this list, our best HP envy color printer here comes with a smart HP printing app that lets you manage everything from one place. You can print from a social profile, iCloud, etc.

Touch Screen Display – With this feature, you don’t need to be a pro to operate the printer. All you need to do is switch it on and follow all the onscreen prompts that appear.

Reliable Support – Don’t face hard times alone. Instead, reach their competent customer help desk, and all your problems will be sorted out promptly.


  • Dimension: 17.87 x 7.6 x 19.33 inches
  • Weight: 19.27 Pd
  • Connectivity: USB


  • Competent customer services
  • Great value for money
  • Cheap and quick shipping


  • The shipping cost is in your pocket

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9. HP ENVY Photo 7858

HP ENVY Photo 7858 All-in-One Inkjet Photo Printer with Mobile Printing K7S08A (Renewed)

One of the key things you should always focus on when shopping for a good printer is the size of the space you have.

If your working area isn’t too large, you’ll need to avoid congestion by purchasing compact printers like the above.

The next thing to keep in mind is its portability. It would be best to think about this since you might require moving it from place to place. The HP Company had this understanding in mind, and that’s why they made their machine lightweight.

In addition to considering the factors mentioned above, you also need to think about why you need the machine or what it can do for you. In regards to this, the above best HP envy inkjet printer is meant to help you accomplish several tasks such as scanning, printing, faxing, and copying.

Finally, it also has a guarantee of 12 months. So if anything goes astray, you are free to ask for a replacement or repair


Compact and Lightweight – this saves on your available space and helps in carrying the device from one point to the other

Printing Speed – The machine has an incredible printing speed that ensures you finish projects faster. With it, you get the first page in less than 18 seconds

90-day Limited Warranty – The manufacturer wants to instill confidence in you as you make your purchase. To do so, they have extended up to 3 months of the guarantee

Wi-Fi Enabled – the machine works wirelessly so that you don’t have to worry about the inconveniences caused by tangling data cables


  • Dimension: 17.87 x 19.33 x 7.6 inches
  • Weight: 16.72 pounds
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB


  • Wireless connectivity
  • Fast printing speed
  • Reliable warranty


  • The warranty terms and conditions can be nagging

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10. HP Envy 6055

HP Envy 6055 Wireless All-in-One Printer | Mobile Print, Scan & Copy (5SE16A) (Renewed)

Although the above is a refurbished machine, it has been tested, inspected, and approved in 3rd party state of art labs.

We chose it because it’s almost similar to other machines highlighted in our list but slightly distinctions. For example, it is very portable and compact, meaning it won’t be hard to handle.

In addition to the above, the best HP envy color printer boasts versatile network connectivity. As such, you can connect it via USB, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

And similar to other top models, it boasts versatile functionality. You can get prints, scans, fax, and a copier from it.


Versatile Connectivity – you can choose between wireless (BT and Wi-Fi) and wired connection (USB)

Auto Duplexing – It will print on either side of the page.

Ink Delivery – get ink to your doorstep even before depleting what you have.

HP Smart App lets you print remotely from social profiles or Google drive, Dropbox iCloud, etc.


  • Dimension: 20.14×17.03×5.2
  • Weight: 13.92
  • Sheet size 4 x 6, 8.5 to 11


  • Great value for money
  • Reliable speed
  • Comes with a reliable warranty


  • You beat its original cost plus delivery cost

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Best HP Envy Printer Buying Guide

Buying Guide to Best HP Envy Printer

When shopping for the best HP Envy printer, chances of going wrong are high. This is true because many printers claim to be the best – which may be true, but not for all your projects. So how do you know what’s to buy and what to avoid? Well, you can take the following consideration and get to know.

1. The cost

The number one factor to think about when buying anything is its costs.

Can you afford it without borrowing debts? If you think yes, you can go on and purchase the best HP envy inkjet printer.

2. Functionality

Ask yourself whether the machine in question can handle your desired tasks.

Is it multifunctional? These are the best machines as they save on the cost you’d incur in buying separate devices.

3. Features

What are the features present in the devices you are buying? Ask yourself this question before buying. Otherwise, you might end up spending on a device that’s not suitable for your tasks.

4. Printing Quality

Of course, you want the best HP envy color printer that delivers outstanding quality. So when buying, make sure you check on things such as the machine resolution, as this will tell you what to expect.

5. Speed

The most important of all is the speed. How faster can the machine get work done?

As a rule of thumb, you want a machine that delivers will not keep you waiting for too long. Such a machine can cause congestion at the workplace and is not a good choice.

6. Warranty

You should also ask yourself what would happen if the best HP envy printer for home use you are about to buy doesn’t deliver as praised.

If you care about that, then go for a machine that has a reliable warranty

7. Compatibility

How compatible is the device in question? Can it work with all your devices? If your answer is yes, then go for it

8. Connectivity

What are the network connectivity options for your best-rated HP envy printer? A good one should support both wired and wireless connections to choose some degrees.


Finding the best HP Envy printer can be a demanding task, particularly for newbies who don’t know how to navigate the buying process. It’s, however, easier now that we’ve shed some light. What’s now left is to make a viable decision on what is best for you.

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