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Perms have made a comeback in the hair world, so if you are one of those of us whose lives revolve around trying out new trends, this is going to be right up your alley. Perms have been part of the beauty scene since the 1930s, and they have now made their way back into our personal grooming plans with all of their glory.

If you’ve never gotten a perm before or have not had one in the last decade, yes, we will say that they do look very different now than they did in the 1980s — mainly because they are less damaging! While perms are traditionally done at salons, you can get the same results using an at-home perm kit. Before we take a look at some of the best home perm kits on the market, let’s go over what things to consider when buying one.

Here are the best home perm kit on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Home Perm Kit

Best Home Perm Kit Reviews In 2023

1.Ogilvie Salon Styles Home Perm for Normal Hair with Extra Body

Formula provides gentle, effective salon results at home! Trust the haircare experts at Ogilvie for a complete conditioning formula that helps safeguard your hair from dryness and frizz while ensuring lasting shine and curls. The B4 Pre-Perm Conditioner gently prepares your hair for a natural-looking perm. Restorative after-perm conditioners help balance your hair’s moisture level for silkier hair and manageable curls that last.

Specific Instructions

This is a very thorough tutorial on how to use the home perm kit, specific instructions such as how long each product should stay in place, how much per kit is needed, and step by step information on HOW to actually be able to do the process. The author takes time to really break things down and explain what each different product does, this is an excellent post for anyone who has never done their own home perm or for anyone who wants encouragement about taking on their first perming project.

Long Lasting Results

Ogilvie Essentials Salon Style perm can be used on normal to coarse hair, giving long lasting results that last up to three months. Customers love the results and it is made in the USA using natural ingredients and contains no harmful chemicals. It can be used on all hair types but it is especially good on African American or Afro-Caribbean hair.

2. Ogilvie Precisely Right Perm: for Color-Treated Thin or Delicate Hair

Improved, Auto-Timing, Heat-Activated Conditioning Formula for Faster Results! Now a gentler, more effective formula that turns up the heat on your curls and waves for a just-from-the-salon look.  Let the warm, heat-activated waving lotion treat and condition your hair as it gives you long-lasting curls and waves.  Built-in conditioners in every step ensure shine and soft results in less time, even for hard-to-wave hair.  The Ogilvie Worry-Free, Auto-Timing formula helps.

Permanent And Continuous Treatment

Ogilvie Precisely Right Perm, the only hair perm you’ll ever need. The second step in our precision care system, this formulation provides a permanent and continuous treatment of your color-treated hair. Your hair will be left silky soft, shiny and smooth with natural body and bounce.

Delicate Hair Offers A Unique

OGILVIE Precisely Right Perm for Color-Treated Thin or Delicate Hair offers a unique, precise and effective perm system that’s best suited for hair with color, or even grey roots. It works to condition, add volume and body to fine or frizzy hair and boosts shine by lifting the cuticle layer of your hair, so you can achieve those big bouncy curls you crave.

3. One ‘n Only Shiny Silver Perm with Argan Oil for Gray Hair

One ‘n Only Shiny Silver Perm uses the natural benefits of argan oil and controlled processing through natural body heat. Made for use on normal, tinted, and highlighted hair, it will help you get the natural bouncy curls you’re looking for, without over-processing on normal hair types.

Ingredient Found In Moroccan Oil

This unique formula contains Argan Oil, a botanical ingredient found in Moroccan oil. Argan Oil is one of the highest sources of vitamin E in nature, providing cell-protecting benefits and nourishing the hair. Even if you leave the lotion on longer than the recommended time, your hair will still be left silky smooth from the Shine Silver Perm.

Silver Perm For Gray Hair

Achieve beautiful blonde hair with this shiny silver perm for gray hair. Developed especially for older, naturally gray hair, the peroxide combines with argan oil to provide light conditioning and flexibility while you sleep. Stop-action formula allows for controlled, gentle, and deep processing through natural body heat, while our unique mixture of moisturizers and color technology work in harmony to create a natural shine that lasts up to 6 weeks longer than traditional perms.

4. Zotos Quantum Classic Body Acid Perm

The Quantum Classic Body Perm allows you to create tighter curl formation for a flawless finish without the frizz. Create salon quality curls with the expertise of a professional stylist, who understands your hair and how to use their products.

Art Perm Uses A Neutralizer

The Zotos Quantum Classic Body Acid Perm is an innovative process that completely transforms your hair. This state-of-the-art perm uses a neutralizer that infuses Argan Oil from Morocco, which will leave your hair feeling weightless and shiny. You’ll have frizz-free curls with fullness and bounce.

High Percentage Of Active Ingredients

Quantum Firms is an alkaline perm with a very high percentage of active ingredients, allowing for the most efficient and quick results. Quantum Firms’ patented formula combines multiple high-performance ingredients that produce a firm & voluminous curl with long lasting lift. With its pH neutral composition, Quantum Firms will help minimize damage from color processing or relaxers by minimizing the effect on keratin structure.

5. Fast Perm Lash Lift Kit Eyelash Perm Kit Perm & etting Lotion

This is a lift kit for your eyelashes that builds volume, length and framing your eyes. It is specifically designed sachets to carry out each step well, making it easy for application by yourself.

Custom And Instant Curling

Fast Perm is the only lash lift kit we recommend for a simple, custom and instant curling with a friendly price. Formulated with natural ingredients, this lash-lifting solution contains no parabens, phthalates, or silicone products that can potentially damage your lashes and even cause skin irritation.

Achieve Dramatic Looks

Follow the instruction manual, only several steps to create more curly lashes. Our Lash Lift Kit features a lash perm lotion, lash mascara and natural white powder to help you achieve dramatic looks in seconds! Our lash curl enhancer lotion is formulated with high quality and non-irritating ingredients that are hypoallergenic and safe for use on sensitive skin.

6. Zotos Texture EFX Normal & Resistant Perm

The Zotos Texture EFX Normal & Resistant Perm is a no ammonia, peroxide free perm that creates a soft, natural and healthy looking curl. Texture EFX utilizes an innovative chemical system enriched with Amino Acids that act as high performance interlinker between the hair cuticle and the natural keratin inside the fibre. This ensures a more perfect bond which results in less damage to the hair shaft and superior resilience to breakage.

Especially Created

Normal or resistant hair, we have your new ‘do covered. This range is especially created for those looking for a soft or natural finish. Zotos Texture Ex Foam lets you customize the amount of volume in your hair with a light-weight feel.

Moisture And Heat

This is a specific dry hair type fro which we add more moisture and heat. We use our system of heat and humidity to create curls, waves and volume. This can be done on its own or in combination with other processes that we offer.

7. Ogilvie Precisely Right Perm Treatment, Pack of 3

The Ogilvie Precisely Right Perm Treatment creates a silky and shiny effect on the hair with a smooth and classy style. The powerful formula helps to keep your hair looking fresh and healthy, maintaining perfect curls between 2 to 6 months. It is easy to use and apply at home with minimal damage, as it does not contain any peroxide. This pack contains 3 treatments for long lasting results.

Unique Formulation Of Collagen

Precisely Right hair styling products are infused with our unique formulation of collagen, ceramides and peptides. These well-known building blocks to beautiful skin are used to build hair resilience and strength, infuse essential nutrients and hydration that help enhance the luster of your own natural curls.

8. Ogilvie Home Perm The Original Normal Hair With Extra Body

OGILVIE Home Perm The Original Normal Hair With Extra Body – For ages, people have wanted to do something about their hair. And now you can: the OGILVIE Home Perm The Original Normal Hair With Extra Body is here! This great kit allows you to get beautiful, natural looking waves in minutes; no one will know you didn’t go to a salon! There are so many reasons why this product is worth your while: It’s fast and easy to use; it leaves your hair soft, shiny and manageable; and most importantly it’s guaranteed effective! So don’t wait – order today.

Chemical Waves In The Hair

Ogilvie Home Perm The Original Normal Hair With Extra Body is a unique setting lotion that simplifies chemical application and enhances the effect of chemical waves in the hair. This product works best on normal hair, but it can be used on both dry and damp hair on average density. It uses Coralline Technology to transform ordinary chemical waves into more effective and longer lasting curls.

9. One ‘n Only Low-Ammonia Texturizing Perm

Give your tresses a new lease on life with our ‘n Only Low-Ammonia Texturizing Perm. Fade resistant and gentle enough to use every four weeks, this luxurious formula uses our highest quality Argan Oil to provide superior damage restoration and nourishment. And high quality Argan Oil contains essential vitamins & nutrients, encouraging beneficial hair follicle growth and healthier hair.

Perm Uses The Natural Benefits

One ‘n Only Low-Ammonia Texturizing Perm uses the natural benefits of argan oil and controlled processing through natural body heat. Made for use on normal, tinted, and highlighted hair, it will help you get the natural bouncy curls you’re looking for, without over-processing on normal hair types.

Problems Of Harsh Chemicals

This perm gives you soft natural curls and waves without the problems of harsh chemicals or tight spirals. The low volumizing formula allows for controlled, gentle, and deep processing, allowing for soft body waves to more defined, natural looking curls.

10. Ogilvie Precisely Right Salon Conditioning Perm For Hard To Wave

Now – a gentler, more effective formula that turns up the heat on your curls and waves for a just-from-the-salon look. Let the warm, heat-activated waving lotion treat and condition your hair as it gives you long-lasting curls and waves. Built-in conditioners in every step ensure shine and soft results in less time.

Helps Prevent Over-processing.

The Ogilvie Worry-Free, Auto-Timing formula helps prevent over-processing. Contains the following salon products: Heat Activator, Waving Lotion with Fresh Scent, Instant Creme Neutralizer, large salon end-papers, now with drip guard, step-by-step instructions. Ogilivie Precisely Right Professional Conditioning Perm is appropriate for all hair types. However, it is not recommended for hair that is highlighted, frosted, bleached, or previously straightened with relaxers containing lye or guanidine carbonate.

Creating Long-lasting Waves

OGILVIE HOME PERM EXTRA BODY 1 is the perfect two-step solution for creating long-lasting waves and soft curls. The conditioning formula conditions your hair from within, helping prevent damage and breakage caused by heat styling tools. For all types of fine to medium hair, this 100% pure botanical formula contains a unique moisturising complex for added shine and healthy-looking locks.

How to Choose The Best Home Perm Kit Before Purchasing

These days, it’s fairly easy to find perm kits, but that doesn’t mean you should pick the first one you see. Consider the length of your hair, the suitability of the solution, and any other accessories. Just because you’re excited shouldn’t cause you to hurry. Make sure you buy the ideal kit so that your curls are strong and last a long time.

Hair Size

Short hair can easily be permed at home since there are fewer supplies required in the beginning. Long hair, on the other hand, will demand larger rods, more wraps, and more lotion and neutralizer. Different sizes of DIY perm kits are available. To avoid having only half a head of curls, make sure the kit you buy can give your hair a full perm coverage. Don’t mistakenly think that if your hair is below your shoulders in length that you need a home perm kit. If you’re still unsure about which perm rods to purchase, consult our Ultimate Guide for guidance.

Permanent Fixes

It is possible to alter the structure of your hair with a waving lotion. It loosens the links that control your natural hair pattern, allowing them to move and take on the shape of the perm rods of your choice. Applying perm solutions can be challenging. You must take into account the active ingredient and the kind of your hair when purchasing one because they have pH values that are either acidic or alkaline.

Active Component

Alkaline ammonium thioglycolate is the most often found component in perm solutions. Alkaline waves are referred described as “cold waves” since they don’t require heat to function. However, this alkaline component is highly potent due to its pH range of 9.0 to 9.6. This chemical produces perms that stay longer than others. However, if they are not applied to relatively stronger hair types, cold perms can be harmful. A waving lotion is an acidic solution if it contains glyceryl monothioglycolate. It is less harmful, but it needs heat to activate. This is due to the fact that its pH range, which is 4.5 to 7.0, is more similar to that of natural hair, which is about 5.0.

Type of Hair

Try getting a cold perm if you’ve never colored, bleached, or given your hair any other chemical treatments. Your hair’s natural oils may be momentarily removed by perm chemicals, leaving your strands more brittle and fragile. Make sure you’re working with coarse or process-resistant hair if you’re going to be utilizing reasonably harsh chemicals, like ammonium thioglycolate. In comparison to their alkaline cousins, acidic solutions are kinder. They are therefore ideal for fine, delicate, or damaged hair. They might not offer you a curl that is as solid as one created by an alkaline lotion, but they can nevertheless assist you in creating lovely relaxed waves or looser curls if you like.

Neutralizing Agent

Your natural hair can shape-shift into lovely new curls with a perm solution, and they will stay that way with a neutralizing solution. Sodium perborate, sodium bromate, or hydrogen peroxide are frequently found in neutralizers. Depending on the waving lotion they are used with, they might have a pH of 2.5 to 7. You won’t receive a neutralizer from a perm kit that is incompatible with the waving solution you have selected. However, it’s a good idea to be aware of their composition so you can stay away from them if you have any known chemical allergies.

Perm Kit’s Components

If you’ve never tried perming your hair at home, you might need to buy the necessary equipment and supplies first. Some of them could already be at home, but finding and preparing them might be a chore. A perm-waving lotion, a neutralizing solution, and some wrapping paper make up a basic perm kit. Combs, clips, drip guards, additional wraps, gloves, and a timer are additional items you will require. You can always purchase for these products separately, but to save time, I advise getting a kit that contains the most, if not all, of these items. If you already own some of them, it won’t hurt to have a few extras.


Are home-based perms secure? Definitely, yes! Simply put, outcomes can and might differ. Therefore, instead of immediately dousing your hair with the kit’s solutions, it is preferable to test them on a lock first. You’re on the correct track if you experience no scalp irritability. Once you’ve determined that the kit’s components work with your hair, feel free to utilize them, but always remember to follow the directions. Hair damage could result from deviating from them.

Frequently Asked Question

Are Home Perms Any Good?

Home perms are much easier to manage than they used to be, and the new chemicals are much less dangerous. A home perm will save you a significant amount of money over a salon perm. However, if you want to benefit from the newest techniques and ideas, a salon perm is your best choice.

What Is The Best Home Perm For Fine Hair?

Acid perms are the best option for very fine or thin hair without lots of volume. These gentler formulas won’t damage fragile hair like harsher alkaline perms and still give you long-lasting curls and body.

Why Won’t My Hair Hold A Perm?

If your stylist used a perm lotion that is too weak for your hair, you’ll probably find that the curls will not be able to hold or last for many months. If you go to Ricky, you don’t have to worry as he’s currently using the most advanced low-damage perm lotion Advante.


There are tons of beauty products on the market right now that are designed to bring out your best curls. The trick is figuring out which one will do the trick for your situation. Whether you’re looking for a product to deal with limp, lackluster hair or something to bring back life into your curls, there are all-natural products available now that can help you achieve whatever kind of curl transformation you’re looking for.

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