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An insole is a shoe product that provides comfort for the user. It covers the shoe’s inner part and protects against shocks, injury, or pain from walking or running. They can also be used in shoes that do not have a removable footbed and can replace. Both men and women use insoles for various reasons.

Here are the best height insoles available on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Height Insoles

Best Height Insoles Reviews In 2023

1. Height Increase Insoles Air Taller Cushion Shoes Insoles

Are you tired of feeling limited by something completely out of your control? Your height, perhaps? Well, thankfully, we have your solution, and it’s an easy one: These Insoles. Our premium quality elevator Insoles instantly give you an increase in the height of up 9cm (3.54 inches). Slip on any of your shoes with adjustable inserts and immediately feel an increase in height and confidence. You may be wondering, though: who exactly uses Height Increasing Inserts or Elevator Shoes? Should I be embarrassed? The simple answer is absolutely NOT!

Completely Invisible

Since the support build-up is inside the shoe, these extra added extra inches are completely invisible. Nobody will ever suspect you’re wearing height-increasing Insoles. And, with a purchase of inexpensive Insoles, you’ll be joining an elite group of men and women who are already reaping the confidence-boosting benefits of Rising Insoles, including police officers, bouncers, musicians, and teachers, lawyers, celebrities, real estate agents and everyone in between.

Height Increase

These Insoles are truly for anyone and everyone with a need for a height increase. Did you know that 90 per cent of company chief executives are above average height? It’s a simple fact: in our society, height matters. With our elevator Inserts, you’ll feel more attractive, authoritative, confident, and simply happier. If a happier, more confident you is in order, you’ve come to the right place. Together, let’s eliminate your height insecurities and give you that extra confidence boost with Our Insoles height-increasing Insoles.

Taller Stature

We’re sure you’ve noticed this in your everyday life, but there are a lot of perks to being a taller man or woman. Don’t you agree? We see it time and time again: men and women of a taller stature receive all these benefits, while shorter men and women are left with no solutions for increasing their height.

2. 6FT Original Invisible Height Increase Insole

6FT CLUB’s Height Increase Insoles instantly boost your height from the ground up. Made of durable material, our discreet heel inserts effortlessly provide you with height and confidence when you slide them in. Maximize your style and confidence by standing taller in your favourite shoes without wearing obvious-looking elevator shoes for on-the-go, on-demand and discreet customized height.

Welcome To The Club

At 6ft Club, we deliver unique quality products that will give you a boost in height, increasing your confidence and positively changing the world’s perception. We can’t eliminate height bias, but we can help you capitalize on it. Now you, too can enjoy the benefits of being taller.

Enjoy a Versatile 3-Layer Design

Take advantage of our three-layer versatile design to accommodate various shoes. Enjoy a height boost of 1.35 inches (3.4 cm), 1.85 inches (4.7 cm), or 2.35 inches (6 cm) in your favourite hi-tops or boots. Walk confidently without worrying about your lifts sliding around.

Where Quality and Comfort Meet Optimal Height

Manufactured with high-quality materials, 6ft Club’s increase height insoles are comfortable, durable, and lightweight. Enjoy the perfect balance between firmness and height with an emphasis on comfort.

3. Mendez Premium Height Increase Insole

Increase your comfort levels and improve your overall posture with Mendez Premium Height Increase Insole. Our height insoles deliver a premium, ergonomically designed solution to correcting bad posture and increasing height.

Crafted With Dual-density

The Mendez Premium Height Increase Insole is crafted with dual-density foam that provides the ultra-soft cushioning needed for all-day comfort and a strong yet flexible foundation to maintain stability and insole height. The insoles are designed to be stacked as you grow accustomed to your new height.

Height Increase Insoles Is Designed

Each pair of Mendez Premium Height Increase Insoles is designed to fit into your shoes and give you a small height boost. They are made with premium materials and come in a wide range of sizes to accommodate anyone.

4. Premium Shoe Lifts for Men

The insoles are discreet and lightweight, fitting into your existing shoes. They are a great way of adding extra height to your stature without being obvious.

Premium Heel Lifts

Get rid of those aching heels and painful bunions with our premium heel lifts for men. With a cooling gel technology, our honeycombs design massages the heel and provide superior shock absorption, while the cupped heel helps centre your heels for comfort.

Most Close-toed Shoe

These shoe lift inserts can be worn with different styles of men’s or women’s shoes, such as tennis shoes, dress shoes, or any kind of boots. These can be worn with most close-toed shoes. It has a sticky bottom to grip the inside of the shoe and keep your insole in place. They also have arch support built into them, which is really important because you will often feel more pressure on your ankles.

5. Ailaka Gel Height Increase Insoles

The Alaska Gel Height Increase Insoles are the secret to your increased height. Available in three optional heights, the insoles fit discreetly into the front of your shoes and are invisible to the naked eye; nobody would ever know the secret of your increased height. Perfect for different occasions or photo opportunities, like meeting new friends or potential love interests, attending a wedding or shopping with friends.

Shock Absorption

The Alaska Gel Height Increase Insoles offer stability and shock absorption on feet. The soft honeycomb texture GEL layer and stable TPE material are crafted to fully absorb shock on feet with every step. Additional high-elastic gel ball under the heel effectively reduces stress on the heel. More lightweight and durable while providing enough support to your heel.

Ailaka Gel Height Increase

Enjoy a fabulous and comfortable feeling with Ailaka Gel Height Increase Shoes Insoles. The odour-free breathable fabric can wick away moisture and keeps your feet fresh all day. The honeycomb bottom with stickiness prevents insoles from slipping inside your shoes, even with intense workouts or fast pace walks. The U shape heel cup helps maintain stability and position the heel naturally to make your heel more comfortable.

How To Choose The Best Height Insoles Before Purchasing


The quality of the materials determines the durability and friendliness of the skin. You’ll feel better if you get a softer one. High-quality insoles last for a long time.


It is important to select an insole that fits snugly into your shoes. For it to be comfy, this is required. Cutting some of the insoles allows for an easy fit. Alternatively, you can select an insole worn with any pair of shoes.

Number of Layers

The sort of insole you need depends on your height and the height you wish to reach. If you want to gain a significant amount of height, you should look for a shoe with multiple layers.


The cost of a product is determined by its quality. Because of the poor quality of the materials, a cheap one will not survive long. You can, however, always locate a reasonable one for your requirements. Furthermore, you’ll have to pay a premium if you want the best.

Frequently Aske Question

Do Height Insoles Actually Work?

Though we don’t recommend using them for demanding physical activity, they are perfectly safe for walking and standing. Height-lifting shoe insoles can improve posture and provide relief to tight hips. If you are short in stature, you may also have lower back pain because of a shorter Achilles tendon than average.

How Much Height Can You Gain From Insoles?

Elevator insoles offer as little as half an inch in height (which you could probably get already by buying some well-made orthotic insoles) to shoe lifts offer up to five inches.

Do Shoe Lifts Damage Your Feet?

The studies by Chia and Bonanno and their respective coworkers illustrate that a heel lift has detrimental effects on relieving plantar heel pain by increasing pressure on the calcaneus and reducing contact of the shoe or insole under the arch of the foot.

Final Verdict

You can find your best choice based on the insoles we reviewed above. A high-quality height-increasing insole will help you feel comfortable in your day-to-day activities and allow you to walk easily and safely. Always consider the comfort level and choose one that meets your expectations.

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