Best Handheld Vacuum For Pet Hair

If you’re looking for that perfect compact vacuum to help you keep your home pet hair-free, then you’re in the right place! The expert team at PetHairPatrol knows everything about cleaning after pets. Our test team did some extensive research and put the most popular handheld vacuums through vigorous TESTING in real pet homes. Using the products in real-life situations verified that not all handheld vacuums are capable of removing pet hair. Luckily, however, there are a few that are up to the job.

Handheld Vacuum For Pet Hair: Comparison Table

Top 8 Best Handheld Vacuum For Pet Hair Reviews

1. Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner By Portutif

This Cordless Handheld Vacuum is a great addition to any cleaning toolbox. With 25-30 minutes of runtime, this product provides you with enough power to complete most of your cleaning jobs. Its compact size, combined with the fact that it doesn’t require a cord, makes it very easy to store and transport around the house or car. The small dust bin means that this vacuum can be emptied out regularly to keep it clean and running smoothly.

Large Caliber

The large-caliber mouth can help you directly and quickly absorbs large particles like food crumbs. You can quickly clean the dust easily.

Brush Nozzle

The brush nozzle can easily help you clean up the trash on the surface of the fabric, such as cleaning pet hair, cigarette ashes, food on the sofa, carpet, etc.

Crevice Nozzle

To help you get rid of the trash in tight spaces, such as gaps of the sofa and fabric tucks, helps you clean your furniture thoroughly.

Special Rubber Design

To prevent dust or liquid from falling out of the suction port, the Portutif handheld vac is specially designed with a rubber baffle near the suction port. Allows you to clean easily and effectively at one time without any worries.

78dB Low Noise

With the sound-absorbing sponge design, the Cordless Handheld Vacuum cleaner lowers the noise to 78dB, it makes a perfect balance between strong suction and noise. It can prevent babies and the elderly or pets from being disturbed while vacuuming.

washable Hepa Filter

The hand-held vacuum cleaner is equipped with a detachable, washable and reusable HEPA filter. It is more durable than the traditional filter.

Large Battery Capacity

Portutif portable handheld vacuum with 3*2200mAh high capacity Lithium battery and this rechargeable handheld vacuum can be fully charged in about 3-4 hours, after full charge, It can continuously work for 25-30 minutes.

Upgraded Super Motor

Handheld vacuum cordless has a super powerful motor, which helps the vacuum cleaner to achieve 8Kpa Powerful suction. So the hand vacuum can easily clean daily dust, sand, hair, cat litter, paper debris, drive-thru crumbs, soil stones, etc.

Large Dust Container

The handheld vacuum capacity for dust containers is up to 400ml. It is large enough to store more dust and also easy to clean.

2. BLACK+DECKER dustbuster AdvancedClean Cordless Handheld Vacuum

The BLACK+DECKER dustbuster AdvancedClean cordless handheld vacuum is ideal for cleaning messes of all sizes in your home. The cyclonic action and lithium-ion battery that support its powerful suction make it possible for this lightweight hand vacuum to pick up even the tiniest particles with ease.

This is also possible thanks to the vacuum’s strong suction. You have incredible control over how you vacuum and where you do it thanks to the slim nozzle’s ability to rotate through 180 degrees. While the flip-up brush is ideal for dusting and cleaning surfaces such as upholstery, the pull-out crevice tool offers an extra-long reach that makes it possible to access confined areas as well as high spaces.

Additionally, the dirt bowl is translucent, so you can actually see how much dirt is in it. This makes it simple to determine when it is time to empty it.

Rotating Nozzle

Spins 180° for cleaning in tight corners and cramped spaces.

Bagless Design

A translucent dirt bowl makes it easy to view and empty debris.


For effortless maneuvering and handling.

3. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lithium Ion Cordless Hand Vacuum

This pet hair eraser handheld cordless vacuum is a powerful, lightweight machine designed to assist in your cleaning tasks. Light and maneuverable, it’s ideal for cleaning things like upholstery, stairs, and car seats.

The motorized brush tool and the crevice tool are all included in the set of specialized pet tools. Using a motorized brush tool and a 14V lithium-ion battery, remove additional embedded dirt and pet hair from the surface.

The pet hair eraser handheld cordless vacuum has a large dirt bin that is simple to empty and three levels of filtration, both of which contribute to the ease with which pet hair can be removed.

Motorized Brush

Removes embedded dirt and pet hair.

Upholstery Tool

Cleans soft surfaces and furniture while the tool attracts pet hair.

Crevice Tool

Cleans hard-to-reach areas and tight spaces.

14V Lithium-Ion Battery

Provides extended run time.

Large, Easy-to-Empty Dirt Bin

Holds more dirt and makes emptying dirt and debris easy.

Triple Level Filtration

Helps improve cleaning performance.

4. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum is designed specifically for the purpose of picking up pet hair around the house. It has a flexible rubber contour nozzle that works very well to remove dirt and pet hair from stairs and upholstery.

The purchase of this product helps animals in need. Bissell is pleased to lend its support to the Bissell Pet Foundation and the efforts that the organization makes to rescue stray and abandoned animals.

When you purchase a product from us, we are contributing to the protection of animals as well! We are proud to design products that help eliminate messes, odors, and the inability of pets to find homes for themselves.

Product Features & Attachments

Easy to use for quick fixes and everyday messes Vacuum cleaner that has strong suction and is portable and can be used without a cord. A cordless 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner that can be used with pets! Captures pet dander and other debris along the edges, in corners, and in tight spaces without any extra hardware or software. Made to quickly get rid of pet hair and other dry messes.

Powerful suction makes it easy to clean. The best cordless hand vacuum for people with pets, with a lot of suction power and convenience features You can use it as a handheld vacuum. Hand vacuum that you can take apart The wipes on the pet hair nozzle of the hand vacuum, which can be taken off, is made of a material that attracts pet hair. Comes with both flexible and hard nozzles.

It has a crevice tool built in and a flexible contour nozzle for cleaning up pet hair. The On/Off Brush Roll Lint Strip for Drawing Adapter for hose Nozzle for Pet Hair Stand for Wall or Tabletop Charging Folding Handle for Convenient Storage in Two Positions Folding handle makes it easy to store in a small space. a hose and something with a big opening Lamp that charges with LEDs.

5. Shark CH951 Cordless Handheld Vacuum UltraCyclone Pet Pro Plus

The Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro+ is a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner with a motor that is designed to last for a long time and provide powerful suction. Enjoy incredible power and performance with a motorized self-cleaning Pet Power Brush that eliminates hair wrap on the brush roll, a lithium-ion battery, a no-mess CleanTouch dirt ejector, washable filter, an XL dust cup, and more, all while only weighing 2.8 pounds.

Other features include an LED light for visibility under furniture or in dark areas and a dual flex hose for easy reach of difficult spots. The dock is a separate accessory that is not included with the main purchase.

Ultra-Powerful Suction

Two ultra-powerful cyclonic air streams for incredible suction and long-lasting filter and motor life.

CleanTouch Dirt Eject

Easily empty the dust cup without ever touching the mess.

Lithium-ion Power

Lithium-ion battery technology ensures reliable power and performance.

Take It Anywhere

Its compact size and great battery life make it easy to bring Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro+ everywhere messes occur.


Easy to handle and ultra-maneuverable, the Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro is ideal for cleaning your home, office, boat, or car.

Self-Cleaning Pet Power Brush

An innovative brushroll removes hair wrap as it cleans for a powerful pet vacuum experience.

6. BLACK+DECKER Furbuster Handheld Vacuum for Pets

The BLACK+DECKER® Furbuster Handheld Vacuum is cordless, lightweight and easy to operate, making it perfect for cleaning up your home. This pet hair tool is easy to use with a one-touch empty dust bin which makes emptying hassle-free.

The 20V dustbuster AdvancedClean+ cordless pet hand vacuum includes an XL 750ml dust bin combined with longer battery life totaling more than 145 percent more runtime than previous models; these features make this wand vacuum perfect for cleaning up after your pets. Boost power with the touch of a button when your job requires more suction so you can tackle any mess in your home.

Strong Suction

Up to 4x more suction power delivers a complete, thorough clean.


Two speeds plus POWERBOOST for an added burst of cleaning power with the push of a button.

Extra-Long Crevice Tool

Lets you easily and effectively clean hard-to-reach places like between couch cushions or on top of shelves.

125% Longer Runtime

20V MAX* lithium ion battery boosts runtime by up to 145% for extended use.

7. Shark Rocket Corded Ultra-Light Hand Vacuum

The Shark Rocket Hand Vac is an ultra-lightweight and convenient vacuum cleaner, weighing less than 4 pounds. It includes a dust cup that is simple to empty, as well as the TruePet Motorized Brush. This allows you to perform thorough cleaning with just the palm of your hand. With an extension cord that is 15 feet long, you can clean an entire room without having to stop and start again.

TruePet Motorized Brush Accessory

This accessory picks up pet hair, and loose debris and powerfully deep cleans surfaces. Great for stairs, car interiors and furniture.

Easy to Empty Dust Cup

Hold the dust cup over the trash and press the bottom door release button on the front to empty.

Washable Filters

Zero maintenance costs. The filters are washable and reusable.

8. Belife Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Stick Vacuum

The Belife BVC-V11 is the ideal product for cleaning in a way that is both efficient and effective. It is strong enough to eliminate dust that has been buried deep, and it makes short work of large debris. The brushless motor is capable of producing 380W of power for thorough cleaning.

The Belife BVC-V11 works best on the carpet, hard floors, beds, pillows, rugs, automobiles and pets; sofas; desks; stairs; drawers; cabinets; windows; curtains; bookshelves and other surfaces as well.

Built-in independent motor ground brush

Clean the house easily and effortlessly. Can quickly deal with all kinds of dust, hair, paper and so on

2 Charging methods & Long-lasting Battery

The rechargeable battery 2600mAh, which can last for a long time for better cleaning, Wood floor vacuum cleaner has two charging modes. The convenient wall mount can hold the vacuum and battery charging, or direct charge the battery

LED headlights illuminate dark corners

The brush head is 180° adjustable, and equipped with a probe lamp, which can clearly illuminate every corner you want to go, not letting go of the dust in the dark

Say goodbye to dust inhalation

There is no need to squat down and open the cup with both hands. When standing, place the cup at 90° vertical to the ground and gently pull the pull ring with one hand to open the cup.

Washable filter

Take off the filter and HEPA, wash it and then dry it before using it again. If it is not cleaned for a long time, the suction will be damaged.

Buying Guide to Handheld Vacuums For Pet Hair

Best Handheld Vacuum For Pet Hair

What Are Handheld Vacuums For Pet Hair?

Attachments for Handheld vacuums for pet hair are often compact and light. They’re designed to get rid of pet hair from carpets and other surfaces. They are superior to upright vacuums for cleaning specific areas and completing quick cleaning sessions. Cleaning up after pets is simple with a corded or cordless handheld vacuum.

Handheld Vacuums For Pet Hair vs Other Vacuum Cleaners

If you’re looking for a pet hair vacuum or a Handheld vacuum cleaner for pets, you’ll likely find that they’re lighter, smaller, and come with a choice of attachments designed to clean up after dogs and cats. These vacuum cleaners, as the name implies, are designed specifically for cleaning up after pets such as dogs and cats.

As long as the machine is in good working order, it can clean a wide range of surfaces, including carpets and furniture. Most of these vacuums have rubber bristles that do not tangle hair. Standard stick vacuums may not be as effective in areas where pet vacuums require special attachments such as rollers and nozzles. Pet vacuums, for example, may remove long and dense hair loss from carpets. Robot vacuums designed for long hair, on the other hand, can accomplish the job.

The best pet Handheld vacuums are also simple to use and designed with pet owners in mind. These vacuums are lighter and easier to transport than other types of vacuums. Handheld models typically include tool attachments and grips on motorized tool attachments that are designed to make cleaning more pleasant.

With cyclonic suction, you can clean mid-pile carpets, rugs, and upholstered surfaces with handheld vacuums and portable steam cleaners that are safe to use around dogs. Even if you simply have thin carpeting, you should consider purchasing a high-pile carpet robot vacuum cleaner. Furthermore, the best small handheld dog versions can be bagged or bagless, and they can be powered by an electrical outlet or batteries. In general, this is how vacuum cleaners function.

How Handheld Vacuums For Pet Hair Work

An electric motor operates an air pump, which draws in the air in handheld and portable pet vacuums. The cleaning head, nozzle, crevice tool, or any other specialized tool can create suction. When all of the dust, dirt and other particles have been filtered and removed, they are placed in the machine’s dirt canister or bag. Most HEPA vacuums that are suitable for dogs also contain a HEPA filter in the air vent. This approach is effective for removing minute and medium-sized particles such as pet dander, dust mites, and their droppings.

Most standup vacuums and shop vacs do not have wall plugs and have extensive power cords. In their handheld forms, they instead employ rechargeable batteries and cordless technologies.

When vacuuming, the best vacuum cleaners for pet-friendly homes feature attachments designed to remove pet lint, hair, and fur. These attachments aid in the cleaning of cords and the conservation of suction force. Some models include motorized attachments, while others include specific tools, such as an integrated crevice tool, for cleaning tight spots and other difficult-to-reach areas. If you want your RV to be as clean as a motorhome, invest in one of the best RV vacuums.

Why Should You Buy a New Handheld Vacuum For Pet Hair?

If you have a lot of pet hair and find it difficult to clean up after them, invest in a more comfortable, easier-to-use, compact, and ergonomic vacuum cleaner. Pet owners can save a lot of time and money by cleaning up pet waste with handheld vacuums or portable wet-dry vacuums. You may also use these portable vacuums to remove lint from carpets and upholstered furniture on a regular basis.

If you frequently have to clean tight corners or hard-to-reach areas because of your pet, you should consider purchasing a portable, corded, or cordless vacuum for dogs. Moving a larger upright vacuum up and down stairs and to higher floors is more difficult. Pet messes may be cleaned up using current portable vacuums that have considerable suction power and dust collection space. Models that can clear up liquid spills are also more portable and lighter than standard vacuums.

Newer portable vacuums for dogs include superior filtration systems, stronger suction, and more attachments than their predecessors. As a result, they are better at performing more challenging cleaning tasks than large upright versions. Some contemporary cordless vacuum cleaners may feature rechargeable batteries that last longer and have more power, allowing them to suction as effectively as a comparable-sized corded device.

Are Handheld Vacuums For Pet Hair Worth Buying?

Frequently Shedding Cats or Dogs

If your pets shed frequently, you may be looking for a more simple way to clean and eliminate lint. You can rapidly remove hair and fur from your favorite furniture with a handheld pet vacuum and an upholstery tool.

New Pets

If you obtain a new pet, make sure you have the necessary cleaning gear to keep up with the cleaning requirements that come with it. You can save time by not having to roll your clothes in lint and reduce the amount of dirt and lint in your home by utilizing a nice, lightweight handheld vacuum built for dogs.

Pet Allergies

For folks who are allergic to their dogs, the appropriate vacuum can make a tremendous impact. If your dog or cat is causing allergy complaints, you should consider purchasing a new portable vacuum with HEPA filters and a much larger dust cup.

Cleaning Upstairs Areas

When there are multiple levels and carpeted stairs, a portable vacuum may be preferable over an upright vacuum. If your stairs are carpeted and you have pets, you might consider purchasing a well-designed portable vacuum cleaner. This will greatly simplify stairwell cleaning.

Why Handheld Vacuums For Pet Hair May Not Be for You

Using an Upright or Stick Vacuum

The most recent upright vacuum cleaners offer strong suction and a variety of attachments that can be used to clean hard-to-reach areas. If you have stairs in your home, however, you should use a reliable, hand-held carpet cleaner designed for stairs. A portable pet hair vacuum or a handheld cordless stick vacuum cleaner may also work better than a standard vacuum cleaner if you need to vacuum outside or in your car.

Concerns About Indoor Air and Dust

You may be mistaken if you believe that increasing the frequency with which you vacuum pet hair and fur may increase allergies and particles in the air. Using a vacuum with true HEPA filtration on both the inlet and exit sides of the machine can assist enhance indoor air quality.

How Long Do Handheld Vacuums For Pet Hair Last?

The estimated life of a handheld vacuum varies greatly depending on the model. According to recent EPA research, certain models may last as long as a standard corded upright vacuum, which typically lasts between 6 and 8 years. Other handheld and portable vacuum cleaners may have a limited amount of battery life.

The majority of lithium-ion batteries in use today have been charged 1500 to 2000 times. The temperature, the quantity of power consumed, and the rate at which the battery is charged all have an impact on this range. The optimal temperature range for storing strong batteries, according to experts, is between 20 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. They also advise against charging batteries in extremely hot environments because the rate of capacity loss may be accelerated.

Your vacuum cleaners will last longer if you empty and maintain them on a regular basis. If you use canister filters frequently, you should replace them every six months. If your vacuum has a washable filter, clean it according to the directions in the owner’s manual or product specifications.

If the filters are blocked or the dust canisters or bags are full, some vacuums may not be able to pick up as much dust. Filters that are unclean or clogged can cause the flow of air to slow, causing the temperature to rise.

How to Choose Handheld Vacuums For Pet Hair

When looking for the best handheld vacuum to clean up after your pet, there are several factors to consider. Consider how many and what types of pets you have, the types of floors and surfaces you need to clean, and whether you want to use a handheld pet vacuum in your car or other areas where there may not be power outlets. Aside from that, consider the kind of floors and surfaces you will be cleaning.

Best Handheld Vacuums For Pet Hair Key Factors

1. What Kind of Pets Do You Have?

The type of pets you have and the type of hair or fur they have may assist you to choose the ideal pet vacuum for your needs. Long-haired pets, such as cats and dogs, may require vacuums with attachments and brush heads that can detangle hair.

2. Do You Have Allergies?

If you are sensitive to animals, you will require a vacuum that can pick up pet hair and other trash while also filtering out allergens in the air. To improve indoor air quality, genuine HEPA filters can be utilized to remove allergens from exhaust air and canister air.

3. Do You Also Need To Vacuum The Car?

As a pet owner, you may want to invest in a cordless vacuum that you can use around your pets as well as to clean the inside of your car and remove lint and dust. Because they offer high suction and long-lasting batteries, today’s cordless pet vacuums are ideal for most cleaning jobs with pets.

4. What Floor Type Do You Need to Clean?

The finest vacuum for your pet may also be determined by the type of flooring you have and how frequently you need to clean various surfaces. Some types, for example, operate best on mid-pile carpets, while others work well on a variety of surfaces, including ceramic tile, grout, and hardwood flooring. Some models can be created with either surface.

Frequently Asked Question

What Types Of Floors Can You Use A Handheld Vacuum On?

Handheld vacuum cleaners are available for both high- and medium-pile carpets, as well as a variety of cleaning heads and attachments that come with some models.

Can A Handheld Vacuum Pick Up Cat Hair From The Couch?

You can remove cat hair from couches and other furniture with the correct portable vacuum and a little know-how. It’s possible that the upholstery material necessitates the use of a vacuum with an upholstery tool.

How Long Is The Battery Life On A Cordless Stick Vacuum?

There are numerous types of cordless vacuum cleaners, each with its own level of power and battery life. When used regularly, the lithium-ion battery pack of a cordless vacuum lasts between 20 and 30 minutes at maximum power and up to an hour at reduced suction power levels. Brushes and other motorized attachments may reduce battery life even further.

What Should You Look For In A Handheld Pet Hair Vacuum?

Consider the type of pet you have and the type of surface you need to clean. If you have cat litter or other difficult problems, you may need to use a handheld vacuum with very strong suction or one with pet hair rollers.

What’s The Best Pet Hair Vacuum For Cars?

If you want to clean your car with a handheld pet vacuum, consider one that is both compact and light. If you wish to clean your automobile, a cordless version may be more convenient.


In conclusion, it can certainly be hard to find the best handheld vacuum for pet hair. However, with what has been presented in this article you will have no problem finding a great machine that will provide you with many years of cleaning enjoyment. Whether it’s for a dog, cat, or other pet, having a high-quality vacuum cleaner will go a long way.

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