Best Hand Held Cb Radio-A Complete Guide

CB radios have been popular for a long time because they are useful. They allow truckers to communicate with one another, which is often necessary for safety. They also help vehicles get through the most jammed traffic and travel in the worst weather conditions. It is a great tool for letting someone know you are stuck or broken down.

Here are the best handheld cb radio on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Hand Held Cb Radio

Best Hand Held Cb Radio Reviews In 2023

1. Cobra HHRT50 Road Trip Cb Radio

A compact, simple design mobile radio designed for use in the Citizens Band (CB) Radio Service with Mag Mount. The Citizens Band delivers the convenience of a handheld CB radio with the security of knowing you have the longest range possible so you can always stay in touch. It has access to 10 National Weather Channels for the latest weather information in a portable or mobile design.

Charging Of Rechargeable

The recharging jack allows charging of rechargeable NiMH AA batteries in the unit with an AC wall charger (not included) or from the 12V port in your vehicle. The speaker/microphone jack allows use of a combination speaker/microphone accessory (not included).

Bends Without Breaking

High-efficiency flexible antenna provides long range and bends without breaking. DC power cord with charge tip included for in-vehicle use. Plugs into vehicle’s cigarette lighter. The Omni-directional microphone allows voice to be picked up from multiple directions.

2. Uniden PRO401HH Professional Series 40 Channel Handheld CB Radio

The Uniden PRO401HH delivers the convenience of a handheld CB radio with the security of knowing you have the longest range possible, so you can always stay in touch. The high-power setting means you can extend your range when needed, while the low-power setting makes it easier to conserve battery life, making it perfect for use while on the go or when power resources are limited.

40 CB Channels

The Uniden PRO501HH includes the CB features you need every day. 40 CB channels let you tune in to the action channels or break away to do your own thing.

NOAA Weather Alerts

NOAA Weather keeps you informed when severe weather threatens. And, the Dual Watch feature lets you talk on one channel, while keeping an ear on another channel you are interested in.

Uniden is the Name in CB Radios

Use High power to punch out the strongest signal or low power to preserve those batteries. Remember, Uniden is the name in CB radios.

3. President Randy FCC Handheld or Mobile CB Radio

President’s newest addition to the family of Handheld or Mobile CB radios is their new President FCC Handheld Radio. Featuring a 7 Color LCD, Key Beep, Roger Beep, Key Lock, Dual Watch, Monitor mode and Alert functions, this radio is more than just a fabulous talking device on the highway. Add in emergency channels and you have a rugged radio that will take care of you when an emergency happens.

Multiple Alphanumeric Characters

This mobile radio offers an impressive 7-color LCD with multiple alphanumeric characters to identify channels and other important functions. ASC Automatic Squelch Control reduces background noise and provides clear audio communications, while VOX is perfect for hands-free driving. Weather channels help you keep in touch with what’s happening around the country.

Handheld Or Mobile Cb Radio

President Randy is the perfect choice for your next handheld or mobile CB radio. The easy-to-read LCD shows you vital information at a glance, making it easy to make quick decisions during emergencies. The built-in CTCSS tone squelch helps filter out unwanted chatter, so you can focus on what’s important.

4. Yaesu Original FT-65 FT-65R 144/440

The Yaesu FT-65R is a rugged, lightweight, and compact VHF/UHF handheld transceiver that offers up to 5W of output power along with lower power settings of 2.5W and 0.5W. The Yaesu FT-65R boasts an IP54 rating along with MIL-810-C, D, and E. The big front internal speaker provides 1 full watt of powerful, crisp, and clear audio output, which is a joy to your ears, especially for noisy environments.

Programmable Quick Recall

The FT-65R features a newly designed large white background LED display that is vibrant and highly visible, even in the toughest conditions. The front panel also features 4 user programmable quick recall keys. Vox operation is available with the optional SSM-512B earpiece.

Li-ion Battery Pack Capable

The FT65R is supplied with a 1950mAh Li-Ion battery pack capable of over 9 hours of operation. An optional 2500mAh Li-Ion provides over 11.5 hours of operating time. The FT-65R is also supplied with a 2.5-hour Rapid Charger to get you back on the air in a hurry! In the box with the Yaesu FT-65R, you will find an antenna, 7.4V 1950 mAh Li-Ion Battery (SBR-25LI), and a rapid charger (SBH-22), AC Adapter (SAD-20B), Belt Clip (SHB-18), Operating Manual and Warranty Card.

5. Uniden PRO501TK Pro-Series 40-Channel Portable Handheld CB Radio

The antenna installation kit for the Uniden PRO501TK Pro-Series Portable handheld CB radio. This is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to extend the range of their radio system without a professional installation. The kit includes everything you need to install an antenna safely on your vehicle, including an ultra-strong magnet to hold it in place so you don’t have to worry about it falling off during your travels.

Install An Antenna Safely

The Uniden PRO501TK is the perfect portable CB for any trucker, marine operator, and outdoor enthusiast. Its 40 channels are crystal clear thanks to Uniden’s patented Super Strong Quad Shielding System, which uses multiple shielding layers to reduce cross modulation and radiation interference.

Perfect Choice For Any Homeowner

The Uniden PRO501TK 40 Channel CB Radio is the perfect choice for any homeowner looking to expand the range of their communication in and around the house, office or job site. The PRO501TK can also be used with the included flexible rubber antenna and rechargeable batteries for portable use.

How To Choose The Best Hand Held Cb Radio When Purchasing

Use a CB radio to communicate. It can be used for communication when out on a hike, while hunting, while engaging in off-road sports, etc.

The purchase will determine your distance from the conversation partner(s). The broadcast range of the portable CB radio should be increased when the distance between two people communicating increases.

This should serve as your go-to maxim at all times. Typically, you won’t need a long-range CB radio for communication within a hunting or construction site. The antenna is frequently the most important component in determining the CB radio range.

The range increases with antenna length. Choose CB radios that can accommodate an extra antenna.

Channel Scanner, Auto

Typically, CB radios have 40 channels. Manually going through each one might rapidly become inconvenient. Therefore, you must choose a handheld CB radio that can easily and automatically browse across all channels to look for activity.

The radio will turn off when a voice is picked up by such automatic scanning. Given that they must concentrate on the road, truckers will find this function to be especially useful. Accidents can be avoided by using automated channel scanning.

Emergency Channels are Easily Accessible.

The best CB radios for truckers, hikers, or avid hikers are those that make emergency channels accessible with ease. Some emergency channels among the 40 channels come with CB radios. These include the emeegrn3yc channel 9, the information channel 19, and the NOAA weather channels.

An excellent CB radio should have access to these channels and the ability to jump there right away. Getting weather and traffic updates might sometimes save your life.

Limits Noise Automatically

CB radios’ Automatic Noise Limiter (ANL), which blocks out background noise and other interference, aids in hearing transmissions.

It’s important to remember that not all CB radios will have an automatic noise limiter. You should attempt to get one that includes ANL because this function is essential.

Squelch Management

Squelch control technology is yet another element you should search for in any portable CB radio. By eliminating noise, this function enables you to send forth clean transmissions.

It is crucial because, in an emergency, people should be able to hear you when you make a call. People can offer assistance if they can’t comprehend you.

A Backlit Screen

There is a display screen on all CB radios, whether portable or mobile. The screen will display notifications, the date, the station you are listening to, etc.

A larger backlit display is more appropriate when visibility is a concern due to bad weather. A backlit display also enables optimum visibility during the day and the night.

Larger font sizes on a larger screen make the text easier to read.

Duration of Battery in Portable CB Radio

In a life-or-death scenario, the battery life of your handheld CB radio might be quite important. Make sure the battery life on the handheld CB radio is long. You should aim for a usage time of between 10 and 12 hours.

Additionally, choose devices with rechargeable batteries. They might cost a little bit more when you buy them, but over time, because you won’t need to change the batteries as frequently, the entire cost will go down.

An additional advantage is having a spare battery pack if you choose a certain model.

Compatible Accessories

Choose brands and models that are compatible with accessories instead of others. Accessories could include anything from additional speakers to headphones to microphones to antennas.

For instance, an extra antenna can considerably extend the range of your handheld CB radio.

Sincerity be told, you might not locate every one of the aforementioned attributes in a single model. That does not imply that you should throw it away right away. It will also work if you can increase the radio’s functionality with accessories.

Frequently Asked Question

Are handheld CB radios any good?

The compact and rugged Cobra HH50WXST handheld CB radio features 40 channels, including 10 NOAA weather channels, making it good for an emergency weather radio. Many features make this one of the best handheld CB radios today.

What is the range of a handheld CB radio?

If you’re using a portable CB radio while walking around the shopping mall, your range may be as little as 100 yards. You can expect about a one-mile range if you use portable units for communication between two vehicles.

What is the longest range handheld CB?

The Uniden PRO401HH delivers the convenience of a handheld CB radio with the security of knowing you have the longest range possible, so you can always stay in touch. Features a low-power setting to conserve battery life and a high-power setting so you can extend your range When needed.

What does Dynamike do on a CB radio?

This control amplifies your voice to make you sound louder. It is like a built-in power mike. Normally you would have this control turned up. If you are using a power mike and experience squealing or distortion, try turning down the Dynamike.

Do truckers still use CB radios in 2022?

Even with modern technology, most truckers still have a CB radio in their truck. Although most truckers still own and maintain a CB radio in their cab, they certainly don’t use them like they once did. Speed limits, speed-governed trucks and new technologies answer many tasks the radios were once used for.


As you would expect, the CB radio market is extensive, with a range of devices available from thousands of brands. This article has presented some of the best choices for consumers. One thing that is difficult with newer items is that anyone really recommending it will be offering their own opinion. However, as with all purchases, if you can try before you buy, then we recommend that you do so to really nail down your preferred handheld CB radio and ensure it does what you want it to do.

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