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Kids love gummy candies. Adults do, too; it’s just that they’re more likely to hide them in their desk drawer and forget about them until years later when they discover a dusty bag of Sour Patch Kids or Swedish Fish. What makes these little pieces of candy so delicious? They’re bouncy, sweet with the perfect amount of sourness, and come in different shapes like bears, worms, fruit slices- you name it.

If you know someone who loves these treats as much as we do here at Tootsie Roll Industries, this blog post is for you! We want to share our top 10 best gummy candy picks for anyone on your holiday shopping list.

Here are the best gummy candy available on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Gummy Candy

Best Gummy Candy Reviews In 2023

1. Black Forest Gummy Bears Candy

Based on a traditional German recipe, these Black Forest Gummy Bears are made with real fruit juice and have a softer texture than regular gummy bears. They’re gluten-free, fat-free & have no artificial flavors or colors, so they’re the perfect little pick-me-up. Plus, as with all our products, we use environmentally friendly packaging using recycled paperboard and plastic instead of styrofoam or plastic bags.

Hard-to-resist Black Forest Gummies

You know ’em, love ’em, now get your hands on some hard-to-resist Black Forest gummies. Each little gummy is as delicious as the last, made with real fruit juice, fat-free, gluten-free, and available in organic options. Black Forest Gummies are made with carefully selected ingredients to give you the fruity flavor and soft, juicy texture you crave.

Delicious Gummy Snacks

Since the beginning, we’ve been determined to make delicious gummy snacks using an extra thoughtful approach. Today, our classic and organic treats give you a delicious way to snack with premium ingredients, passion, and a touch of love packed into each bite.

2. Efrutti Planet Gummi 

Efrutti Planet Gummi Candy is the perfect combination of sweet and sour gummies. These fruity-flavored snacks are individually wrapped in bite-size portions for on-the-go snacking.

Candy Assortment Is Filled

Craving a tasty treat? Planet Gummy Candy Assortment is filled with flavors that are out of this world! Get your fill of tropical fruits and candy floss with the yummy gummies in this assortment. Lightly sweetened and perfect for sharing, this pack is an out-of-this-world treat.

Fruit Candy With A Gel-filled Center

Planet Gummi is a soft, chewy gummi fruit candy with a gel-filled center that’s just bursting with fruity flavor. Kids can enjoy one of these candies at snack time or as part of a party treat bag.

3. Raindrops – Gummy Candy Large Sushi Bento Box 

A fun novelty candy bento box full of sushi-shaped pieces, all arranged delightfully on a tray. Perfect for any occasion, this bento box will have you dreaming of Japan without the plane trip.

Set Features Fruity

Raindrops Candy Sushi is a fun way to indulge your sweet tooth. This set features fruity, sour, and licorice flavors, giving a delightful surprise when you try each “roll.” These candy sushi rolls are cute and designed for kids and adults. This set makes a fun addition to the world of sushi; try the candy and then see how the real rolls taste.

Sushi Bento Box Is A Great Novelty

Raindrops Gummy Candy Large Sushi Bento Box is a great novelty candy that tastes great and is super fun to eat! This box includes a variety of gummies in the shapes and sizes of your favorite sushi rolls. Perfect for the sushi lover or anyone who wants something sweet, fruity, and sour!

4. Nerds Gummy Clusters 2lb, Bulk Gummy Candy Pack

Nerds candy has never been so good! Our gummy cluster selection brings you the best variety of mouth-watering and eyes popping gummy candies with a distinctive sour flavor. Never boring, always exciting, our clumps of fruity colors are great for all ages. Our bulk 2lb bag is the ultimate way to enjoy Nerds without breaking your bank or teeth!

Clusters Are Bite-sized

This candy is perfect for your next party to give out to guests! The gummy clusters are bite-sized poppable snacks that will take your taste buds by surprise with a delightful combination of a chewy, soft interior and a tangy and crusty exterior. This 2lb bag will last a while, or you can make different flavors at different times.

Clusters Is Made With A Delicious

Each of these gummy clusters is made with a delicious, fruity flavor you’ll love. With various flavors, such as strawberry, grape, and lemonade, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the combination of aromas and tastes from every bite.

5. E Frutti Bakery Shoppe Bag Gummy Candy

Our new Bakery Shoppe MEGA MIX is the perfect companion for your parties, special events, and more! This bag contains various best-selling gummi candy products such as efrutti Cheesecake, Cupcakes, Donuts, Orange Soda, and Strawberries.

Candies Is Sure To Keep You Smiling

Grab the whole box at once! This delicious mix of Gummy Candies is sure to keep you smiling. Each package includes a delicious mix of cheesecake, donuts, strawberries and floats, orange cupcakes, whoopie pies, and more!

Bakery Shoppe Gummies

Positively perfect for the baker, our Bakery Shoppe gummies come in a rainbow of bright colors and baked-good shapes. Their chewy texture adds a burst of fruity, colorful fun to any dessert dish. Kids and adults alike will enjoy this beautiful collection.

6. German Haribo Gummy Candy Bulk sets – 88 Pack

Enjoy the taste fetish Europeans love in this variety pack of Haribo gummy candy. Haribo candy is a great way to bring back memories of childhood and relive the fun times with an authentic combination of flavors. This bulk box set includes 88 Haribo candies and makes a great gift idea for holidays or birthdays.

German Haribo Gummy Candy

Haribo gummy candy comes in various shapes, and our German Haribo Gummy Candy Bulk sets are no exception! Each package includes 88 individually wrapped mini packs in a wide range of flavors. You can try all your favorites or mix and match to find new ones.

Haribo Gummy Candy Bag

Enjoy a tasty snack anytime and anywhere with our Haribo Gummy Candy bag. Featuring 15 different flavors, this mixed candy contains more than 80 pieces of candy in a single bag. Our gummy candies come in mini bite-size pieces and are perfect for sharing with family, friends, and colleagues.

7. eFrutti Planet Gummi 

Take your taste buds on a wonderful adventure with the eFrutti Planet Gummi Candy. This retro-inspired pack contains four (4) 2.6 oz of delicious and tremendously viral Planet Gummi Candy. Perfect for those who want to beef up their candy stash with a sweet surprise, bring it along the next time the kids host a sleepover party or bring it on a picnic with family and friends!

Planet-like Metallic Starbursts

Planet Gummi Candy is a soft, chewy candy with four flavors: Strawberry, Grape, Fruit Punch, and Watermelon. This product is a creative concept of planet-like metallic starbursts that burst into fruity flavor when you pop them.

Earth With Fruity Flavors

It’s a gummi that mashes up the earth with fruity flavors. There are gummies on every planet, and each has a delicious juicy center filled with sour candy. Mmm.

8. Fruit Slice Candy – Assorted Fruit Slice Wedges Gummy Candy

These apple, pineapple, and orange-flavored gummies are a fun and filling treat that feature all the flavor of fresh fruit. They’re coated in a layer of sugar, so they look as good as they taste. Perfect for giving away or munching on in the middle of class.

Favorite Desser

Pour a few into a baggie to take with you, or use them to keep the candy dish at home full. Ferrara fruit slices also make a unique topping for cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and other baked creations. The cute little colorful cherries can be used to decorate brownies and pies or as decoration on top of your favorite dessert. Fruit slices are sure to delight every member of the family.

Different Shapes And Colors

Not only are these fruity, but they’re also great for learning! Whether your kids want to count and stack them up to work on their numbers or sort and match the different shapes and colors, they’re sure to love working with these fruits. You’ll have a lot of happy customers on your hands at work when you bring these in to share.

Buying Guide: Best Gummy Candy 

Candies For Gummies

Candy chewy candies are considered to be one of the most satisfying sweets that have ever existed. The serving size for some brands is in double digits! Almost too tough to chew, yet resilient enough to satisfy the desire for chewing! With so many options, how can you choose one? What’s the best one for you?

The best guideline may be your personal preference. It’s not hard to find gummy bears since they’ve been around longer. Consider buying organic gummies in prepackaged portions, or you can buy worms or spiders for Halloween treats. A person searching for unusual creatures, such as worms and spiders, will have to dig deeper.

Squeezing and stretching gummy candies before eating them is a lot of fun for kids, although food shouldn’t be played with. Maintaining clean hands is essential.


If you look at all available options before buying something so subjective as gummy candies, you will be able to determine which candy is right for you. We have compiled all your options under one section so that you can make an informed decision.


There are many different shapes of gummy candies, so you can’t always find bears or worms. Gummy candies come in all shapes and sizes, from cubes to flowers. Aside from soda bottles and burgers, other objects in this picture include gumdrops, rings, a bat, a skull, rats, and eyeballs. Do not be afraid to look closer because you will find many interesting things if you just look harder.


Gummy candies are treasures to behold, thanks to their small size. It would be perfect if you had just one (or half a dozen) morsels. A few individuals, however, seem to be obsessed with jumbo-sized objects. Then you should be careful not to bite into the four-inch thick rat because the sensation will be quite different (unsettling?). A game featuring giant snakes, thick worms, or oversize bears might be a good fit for someone looking for a challenge they can sink their teeth into.


In reality, the flavors are limited. A few of the fruity originals often featured by manufacturers are orange, strawberry, lemon, and raspberry. Although more flavors are possible, finding them can be challenging.

Shades of Color

Blue sharks and purple bears are some of the colors available. However, you should keep in mind that there are gummy bears in colors. The color of one may not match the flavor of another, such as a green bear with strawberry flavoring.


The quality of additives varies. The parents don’t particularly like sweeteners and dyes added to foods. There are organic forms of gummy candy. It is possible to find sugar-free, fruit-juice-based candies and vitamins-enriched and caffeinated gummy candies. To get that, you will probably need to pay much more. Avoid confusing vitamins with candy because they are not the same thing. Make sure you or your child are cautious regarding the amount of product consumed.

Although you cannot or do not eat sugar, you don’t have to miss out. For gummy candies, there are also sugar-free options.


To get the most out of parties, bring a large bag. However, we can’t resist sweets like these if most of us are like us. This means that your purchases should not exceed five or four ounces.

Prepackaged portions of sweets can be added to children’s lunches as a small treat. Additionally, you will feel less guilty if you don’t eat the whole bag when you have access to these packages.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Gummy Candy Is Made Up Of What Ingredients?

Gelatin, sugar, and corn syrup are the basic ingredients in gummy candies, but many others are depending on the manufacturer. As well as being flavored and colored, the gummy candy also looks and tastes great.

What Flavors Are Available For Gummy Bears?

The flavors of gummy candies vary depending on the manufacturer. The six bears are in the following colors: strawberry (green), cherry (red), orange (orange), pineapple (clear), and lemon (yellow).

There Are No Soft Gummies In My Bag?

Gelatin determines how firm or soft a gummy is. Water evaporates from candies, causing them to become hard. You can make them soft again by submerging them in warm (but not hot) water. You can stack or store gummies in an open bag once they are soft. When they’re cooking, they will not stick together if they are set on a cooling rack.


Best gummy candy is the best because they never melt and have a nice texture. I want to eat them all day! These little gems should do the trick if you’ve been looking for that perfect treat. They come in every flavor, so there is something out there for everyone! Make sure you get your hands on some of these before summer ends, or it’s back to just eating apples again…I don’t know about you, but my teeth can only handle so many fruits at once.

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