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Grommet machines are a must-have for any company that wants to stay up-to-date with industry trends. To start, you’ll need the right type of grommets and machine. We’ve compiled a list of the best grommet machines on the market today.

The post details what factors make one machine better than another and how they can be used in marketing campaigns. It then provides an overview of three different types of machines: manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic. Finally, it details why this blog is important: because marketers deserve to know everything there is to know about their work so they can perform at their best.

Here are the best grommet machine on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Grommet Machine

Best Grommetting Machines Reviews In 2022

1. 8MILELAKE 3 Die Hand Press Grommet Machine

This practical Grommet Machine is very essential equipment for Dress Makers, Arts & Crafts, Sign Shops & Manufacturers, etc. Used as punch machine, eyelet machine, snap fastener machine, rivet machine just install the die in suitable size. Made of cast iron, built to last Lever mechanism as simple to use as a stapler.

3 Mounting Holes

It can be mounted to a tabletop or just stand-alone Gets grommets to be set further into the material, not just along the Edge.

About 8milelake

8MILELAKE is a registered brand in the US. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality auto repair tools and accessories on the market. Our products have been sold all over the world and also own a good reputation. Don’t hesitate to buy from 8MILEKAKE, and you will enjoy our best quality and service.

2. QWORK – Hand Press Heavy Duty Eyelet Grommet Machine Punch

Grommet Machine can be used as a punch machine, eyelet machine, and rivet machine. It can help you to punch the grommets for Banners, Signs, Belts, Bags, Shoes, etc. Made of cast iron, it is durable and stable. Mounted to a tabletop or just stand alone. It gets grommets to be set further into the material, not just along the Edge. Press the Lever, which is simple to use as a stapler.

Rivet Machine

Grommet Machine can be used as a punch machine, eyelet machine, and rivet machine. It can help you to punch the grommets for Banners, Signs, Belts, Bags, Shoes, etc.

Quickly And Accurately Punching

This Hand Press Grommet Machine is designed to make your life easier by quickly and accurately punching holes in leather belts. This tool comes with three interchangeable dies sized to fit any project. The must-have craft tool of the season!

3. Hand Press Eyelet Grommet Machine

12 13/16″ x 8 11/16″ x 16 1/8″ Grommet machine features 3 set of dies and 900 sets of grommets for punching and setting buttonholes, studs, rivets, snaps, and eyelets, allowing grommets to be set into different materials such as canvas and leather Applicable to our grommet models YES0379/YES0380/YES0381/ YES0382/YES0383/YES0384, any inquiry is welcome

Interchangeable Dies & Grommets

3 Dies of #0 (1/4″, 6 mm), #2 (3/8″, 9.5 mm), #4 (1/2″, 12 mm) to meet different needs of making holes, you can easily change and use different molds. 900 grommets include 3 sizes (300 for each size) and are perfect for daily use

Compact Size

Compact size for saving workbench space and easy storing, the base for stable working and keeping the grommets and tools. Ideal for household use, small clothing studios, manual workshops, and other DIY usages

Easy Operation

Easy to operate, the extra-long handle for convenient pressing and labor-saving, soft sponge for a comfortable and anti-skid grip. Rolling wheels on the bottom of the base for moving easily.

4. DWIKE Hand Press Grommet Machine Kits 

The Hand Press Grommet Machine Kit is designed to punch holes in leather and other materials. It comes equipped with 3 molds of differing specifications, so you can use it to make grommets of various sizes. There are also 3 square steel punches that you can use to create round holes in leather. The kit comes with a total of 1500 silver and gold grommets, enough to meet your needs for any DIY projects you may have.

Aluminum material not easy to break

The material of the hand press machine is aluminum alloy, more robust and durable, not easy to break.Compared with the hand press made of pig iron, it is stronger.

Easy to use

Very easy to use, there is an instruction manual in our package, you will quickly learn how to use it

very suitable for punching holes in leather materials.

Need to bring your own hammer to punch holes,very suitable for punching holes in leather materials.

5. Hand Press Grommet Machine

A hand press grommet machine is an excellent tool for making curtains and fabric bags. What’s fantastic about this product is that it includes 900 pieces of high-quality silver, golden, and aluminum grommets in 3 different sizes. You can use these grommets for purses, bags, shoes, pillows, etc.

Designed To Produce Grommets

The hand press grommet machine is equipped with 3 molds of different specifications: size 0: 1/4 inch, size 2: 3/8 inch, and size 4: 1/2 inch. It is designed to produce grommets from 0.1 mm to 4 mm. The grommet-making depth can be adjusted according to the user’s requirements by simply turning the lever knob.

Buttonholes On Clothing

Hand press grommet machine is often used to make buttonholes on clothing, such as jeans buttons, clothes buttons, sleeve buttons, and so on. A hand press grommet machine is also commonly used to make lace holes in shoes. Hand press grommet machine is also widely used in daily life, such as holes in shower curtains, handbags, etc.

Buying Guide: Best Grommetting Machines

Die sets and grommets.

It is wise to get the perfect grommet machine for your specific operation as every grommet machine comes with different die sets. Depending on the machine, two or three sets of dies are available. Picks with more dies are more reliable. The grommet pieces also vary in number. It is possible to get machines with 10,000 pieces, as opposed to some with only 500-pieces; hence, choose what works best for you.

Handle for lever

Grasps are used for hand-operated or semi-automated machines, etc. A longer lever handle will make it easier to operate the machine. A large variety of handle lengths are available. Choose a piece with a long handle if you want to use low power. The pad should be soft and padded if you want a comfortable grip.


 Check the construction material on the machine if you want it to last for years. Metal should be used in the construction of a grommet machine. To extend its life, the powder coating should be rust-proof. It should also be lightweight and have a rolling base for portability.


A Grommet Machine from Amazon should be purchased at a reasonable price. Quality products and affordable prices are important to everyone. Comparing prices for laptops from different sellers on Amazon allows you to choose the most advantageous offer.


The brand of the Best Grommet Machine is also important when shopping on Amazon. Each seller sells a different brand, so understanding each is important to making the right choice. Apple, for instance, usually costs more than less popular brands since it is a high-quality product.


Purchasing a Grommet Machine should also take into account its functionality. Grommet machines’ function is usually determined by the specifications they have. As the specs become more sophisticated, functionality increases as well.


Amazon customers leave feedback regarding their experiences with various Best Grommet Machines. Every review is displayed directly on the product page. Reviews such as these will help you to determine whether you should buy the best grommet machine you are considering.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Grommet Machines work?

Grommets are rings made of hard materials embedded into holes in thick material. Materials such as carbon fiber composites and wood are used to construct buildings. Set them up by spacing grommets on both sides.

Metal, plastic, or elastic materials are used to make them. As a result, the pierced material is less likely to tear and scrape.

How Do Grommet Machines Work?

Imprint a pencil mark on the material where the grommet should be placed. Make a spot on scrap wood with the fabric.

Make a gap in the material by pounding a sled into an opening punch centered on the imprint.

Do You Need a Grommet Machine to Install Grommets?

Using the crease ripper, mark where the eyelet needs to be embedded. To do so, place the texture over the wood – not on its tied area. To do so, use the arrangement ripper’s pointed part to rip a gap into the texture. Make the gap bigger by working it around.

Through the eyelet that you created, force the hole. 


A grommet machine can be a good choice for your business if you want to save time and money. With the best grommet machines on the market, you can create custom grommets in just seconds without breaking a sweat! To find out more about these tools, check out our blog post today, which features reviews of the top models available.

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