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Best GoPro Selfie Stick Reviews

If you’ve ever owned a GoPro, you know that it can be difficult to capture photos at the right angles sometimes. Many of us have been there, and there are solutions to this issue that are right underneath your nose. Have you ever considered getting a GoPro selfie stick? A selfie stick can help you take photos at all kinds of angles that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. In this article, we are going to look at 10 selfie sticks that are compatible with GoPros, analyze them, and decide which GoPro selfie stick we believe to be the best. If you have a GoPro, you’re in for a treat. Let’s begin!

Selfie Stick for Gopro: Top Picks

Best Gopro Selfie Stick- Buying Guide

We had a passion for what we were doing while researching each and every selfie stick you will find in this article. After we analyzed all of their pros and cons, we compared them against each other to see which one was the best. The parameters we used to judge them were their unique features, durability, and overall value.

GoPro 3-Way Grip, Arm, Tripod


The GoPro 3-way grip, arm tripod is not your average selfie stick. On the most basic level, a GoPro selfie stick simply extends; and that’s about it. This stick, however, has 3 different functions that make using your GoPro an absolute blast. You can use it as a camera grip, an extendable arm, and even a tripod. The tripod is especially neat because it folds up inside the stick’s handle when not in use. Some would say this is the multi-tool of all multi-tools when it comes to GoPro selfie stick use. It turns your GoPro into a lot more than just a camera.

SANDMARC Pole – Black Edition


The SANDMARC Pole is a very traditional GoPro selfie stick, capable of extending out to 40″ and swivels 360 degrees. At the bottom of the pole is a safety strap that you can wrap around your wrist just in case you accidentally drop the stick. Imagine climbing Mt. Everest, trying to take a selfie of yourself, and then dropping it off the edge of the mountain. All we are saying here is that the strap comes in handy. Also, if you own a GoPro remote, you can easily attach it to the stick and control your camera from a distance. Pretty cool, huh?

SANDMARC Pole – Metal Edition: 15-50


The black and metal editions of the SANDMARC Pole are so similar that it is extremely difficult to tell them apart; however, with careful observation, you will see that there is one major difference that makes all the difference–the locks. The metal edition of the SANDMARC Pole features a metal lock to hold your GoPro in place, which is an upgrade to the black version. It’s a minor difference, but the metal lock on the metal edition is much stronger than the one on the black edition. If you are concerned for your GoPro’s safety, the metal edition will give you more peace of mind.

Matone Bluetooth Selfie Stick with Tripod Stand


This Matone bluetooth selfie stick is somewhat of a hybrid of sticks we looked at previously. It can extend, act as a tripod, and it comes with a bluetooth controller for your GoPro. It’s a GoPro selfie stick that comes with a lot in the package, giving you a variety of options when working with your camera. And, who doesn’t love options? The Bluetooth controller combined with the tripod is especially fun to play with, as it allows you to take photos of yourself or anyone else you’re with remotely. Who knows? With this kit, maybe you can become a professional photographer one day.

Selfie Stick, Professional 10-in-1 Monopod Kit


The one thing we want to emphasize about this GoPro selfie stick is that it is ridiculously long: capable of reaching up to 47.” It actually has 4 clamps on the stick, which require you to open them up, extend the stick, and then close the clamps in order to make it longer. Besides being so long, it is also able to hold many devices, including GoPros (are we too obvious?), phones, and even digital cameras. With this stick, you can channel your creativity and choose the device you want to use. The power is yours.

Zecti Selfie Stick for Gopro Extendable Handheld Monopod


Zecti stuck with simplicity and functionality when they designed their GoPro selfie stick. It has all the basic capabilities you would want, such as the ability to extend and the ability to work as a monopod. The handle itself operates as a video stabilizer, ensuring that all the videos you shoot to come back looking crisp and free of jarring movements. It’s never fun when you think you’ve captured some great video only to find out that it is blurry and difficult to watch. With this stick, you won’t see your hard-earned footage go to waste.

Fotopro 28″ Selfie Stick Tripod with Bluetooth Remote Clicker


This GoPro selfie stick is actually very similar to the Zecti stick with its ability to extend and work as a tripod. One big difference is the fact that the Fotopro stick comes with a bluetooth button that lets you snap photos from a distance. One thing of note, though, is that this is a very small stick, weighing in at only 28.” This is somewhat offset due to the bluetooth functionality, but you won’t be able to take photos from as high up as some other selfie sticks would allow you. And though that may be the case, not everyone cares about extending their GoPro up to the sun to take pictures.

Vicdozia 19” Waterproof Hand Grip Adjustable Extension Selfie Stick


Not every GoPro selfie stick has to come embellished with all sorts of gimmicky features. That was the hypothesis Vicdozia proposed when releasing their 19″ waterproof hand grip selfie stick. As you may have already noted, 19″ is not very long; but length is not the defining factor of this stick. This one is waterproof, rustproof, and designed for those who want to experiment with their camera while in the water. Those with a waterproof GoPro will have lots of fun in the sun taking pictures and videos with this one.

Selfie Stick Extendable Tripod with Built in Stand Kickstand and Wireless Remote 


Because the Foneso selfie stick works with so many different devices, it is highly adaptable. It works with GoPros, phones, and other digital cameras, but we mainly wanted to focus on how selfie sticks that work with GoPros fare. Sure, it is a 6-in-1 stick, but some of the features it has only applied to other devices. For example, it comes with a camera lens that you can attach to your phone. Or, it comes with a mount so that you can mount digital cameras. This is all great, but these features do not relate to how the selfie stick works with GoPros.

As far as GoPros go, this stick can do many of the tricks that other sticks do. For example, it works as a monopod, can extend, and has a bluetooth button you can use to snap photos from afar. The most relevant part about this GoPro selfie stick is that it can extend 32.67.” If you were to choose between this selfie stick or others that are similar, the extension length of each would be the most important factor in deciding among them.

Smatree X1 Aluminium Foldable Multi-functional Pole/Monopod


Using the Smatree GoPro is as if Inspector Gadget took his arm off and used it as a selfie stick. It is very similar to the GoPro 3 Way, the first selfie stick we reviewed, in that there are many ways the stick can bend and turn. There are three pivoting points on the stick, with a GoPro mount that pivots. Stylistically, it looks amazing and is a lot of fun to mess around with.

Because there are so many pivots on the stick, you can bend it into lots of different positions that will help you make some interesting shots. For example, you can bend it to a 45 degree angle and hang it on a tree or trellis. There are lots of possibilities with this GoPro selfie stick; but if you are looking for a long stick, you may not appreciate that this one is only 19.3″ long.

Product FAQ

1. What Is a GoPro Selfie Stick?

A GoPro selfie stick is a stick you can attach your GoPro to in order to extend your reach with it. It allows you to reach places you otherwise would not be able to. Some sticks come with advanced features such as Bluetooth remotes or the ability to transform into a tripod or monopod.

2. How Do Selfie Sticks Work?

Selfie sticks are usually telescopic and able to extend to different lengths. You can fasten your GoPro to the end of one and enjoy taking pictures or videos from different angles. For example, if you decide you want to catch angles from high in the sky, you can reach much higher than you would naturally be able to.

3. Do I Need a Selfie Stick?

Do you own a GoPro? Do you enjoy capturing footage from odd or unreachable angles? If you said “yes,” then you would love having a GoPro selfie stick.

The Verdict

We looked at a lot of GoPro selfie sticks in this article, and the decision has been tough. A lot of them have the same features but come in different lengths. It wasn’t easy, but after careful consideration, we think we have found a winner. There was one that stood out to us and revived our faith in the essence of the selfie stick and what it is meant to do. It caught our attention in a way that no other selfie stick has caught it before.

The Matone bluetooth selfie stick has just about everything you would want in a selfie stick, and we believe it is superior to the others we put on this list. It extends to a decent length, it can become a tripod, the GoPro mount can swivel, and it comes with a detachable bluetooth remote that can be used on or off the stick. We feel that these are the essentials and more; and while other sticks offer these same perks, the Matone does it best. The icing on the cake is that the GoPro selfie stick looks so sleek. In our opinion, the Matone bluetooth selfie stick deserves a 4.5/5.

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