Best Gate Latch-A Complete Guide

Choosing the best gate latch is difficult, mainly because the term “best” is subjective. For some people, “best” means cheap; for others, “best” means long-lasting. Many of you will also want your latch to be attractive, or it should match the rest of your fence. Below are a few features to consider when looking for the best gate latch.

Here are the best gate latch on the market.

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Best Gate Latch Reviews In 2023

1. Self-Locking Gate Latch Heavy Duty Post Mount Automatic Gravity Lever Wood/PVC Fence Gate 

Heavy Duty Post Mount Automatic Gravity Lever Wood/PVC Fence Gate Self-Locking Gate Latch is a high-security latch for your fence, door or gate; it will fit all standard 4″ x 4″ posts. Hankins lawn gate latch fences lock is for inward and outward swinging wood or metal doors. Its thick steel construction uses gravity locking to provide true safety for dogs, pets, and babies, by preventing predators from getting into your garden.

This heavy-duty automatic gate latch with all fasteners and an optional mounting plate is easy to install and fully lockable with any standard-size padlock. Great for any wooden gate or door, this self-closing latch meets pool code. Mounting screws are included in this gate hardware. As a professional manufacturer of gate latches, we provide high-quality products; please contact us if you have any questions.

This gate latch kit is specially designed to replace your old, less-durable gate latch. It is a high-quality product and includes all the parts and accessories needed for easy installation. Once you purchase this automatic gravity wall mount gate latch, you will be assured of a good quality lock that will keep your pet safe from getting out.

2. HILL MASTER Upgrade Self-Locking Gate Latch for Wooden Fence Heavy Duty

Easy to install and operate, the HILL MASTER Upgrade Self-Latching Gate Latch is a must-have for your garden or farm gate. The durable steel construction is coated in a durable black powder finish with zinc plating, which ensures it will last season after season. It also features a self-latching fingertip release and can be operated with a cord string or wire.

This Hillmaster Automatic Gate Latch is used to automatically close the gate. It is easy to install, durable and reliable. The Heavy-duty Automatic Gate Latch apply the 2020 upgrade new 1.26″(3cm) durable and longer screw to help fix the latch more deep and firm; classical black can match any backyard decor, enjoy the project of DIY and protect your garden.

This self-locking latch can be used for many purposes. It is a perfect tool for wood gates and wooden fences and it can also be installed in aluminium alloy doors or metal gates. This is an easy-to-install lock with just two screws, which you can use on the garden, vegetable farm, orchard and backyard. If you have a wooden pet house, animal pen or chicken coop door this will make the perfect addition to your home.

3. 5.5″ Fence Gate Latch Barn Door Flip Hardware Farm Lock Heavy Duty Wrought Iron

This heavy-duty gate latch is perfect for outside or barn use. It has a powder-coated protective finish that is weather-resistant and rust-resistant. The gate latch by Hand-welded, the surface exclusive powder-coated protective finish gate latch with iron screws.Unparalleled quality and durability.

The fence gate latch is a simple yet very effective way to secure your home. You can use it as barn door hardware or a fence gate lock. It will help keep strangers from entering your house and ensure that pets or toddlers cannot accidentally open the door and leave without you knowing. The hinge side of this door lock snaps into place, so there are no load-bearing screws in need of mounting hardware.

This one-piece wrought iron barn door flip latch will allow you to close your sliding barn doors from the left or right. Our fence gate flip latch works great for interior & exterior applications; it lends all styles of home/Barn Door/Farm/Garden/Yard, from rustic to vintage to Steampunk.

4. Heavy Duty Self-Locking Gate Latch – Post Mount Automatic Gravity Lever Gate Latch

Gate Latch offers simple security for inward and outward swinging gates and doors, mounting screws included. A strike can be mounted either on the gate or the post and used as a left or right-hand application.

This sturdy, reliable gate latch is made with heavy-duty materials to ensure years of lasting performance. This self-latching gate latch offers simple security for inward and outward swinging gates and doors. Easy for right or left-hand use, this latch comes pre-installed on an 80″ long strap that can easily be installed to the post or wall, holding the gate closed until you push in the lever with your foot or hand to open it, so you can easily drive through without having to go back and forth over the latch.

This heavy-duty gate latch is made of strong-thickness steel. Black powder coating treatment ensures long-term use and prevents corrosion or rust. Features a self-latching fingertip release and latches automatically. This gate latch is easy to install and great for all, including sliding, hinged, and swing gates.

5. Richelieu Hardware 301FBR 4 13/16-inch (123 mm) Automatic Gate Latch, Black

The Richelieu Hardware 301FBR automatic gate latch is made of solid cast iron and features a sturdy construction that ensures reliability. The universal design allows for easy and simple installation, while the all-inclusive mounting hardware simplifies your door’s installation process.

This Richelieu Hardware automatic gate latch works on gates and doors that swing one way only. This self-latching latch is meant for right-handed or left-handed applications and is a great alternative to mortise locks. The stainless steel finish of the piece ensures that it holds up well over time, even in outdoor conditions.

The Richelieu Hardware 301FBR 4 13/16-inch (123 mm) Gates Latch is a great solution for both residential and commercial applications. This gate latch is made of stainless steel, for long-lasting durability even in harsh weather environments. It has an easy installation guide to ensure anyone can install this gate latch without any hassle.

6. SANKINS Thumb Gate Latch Hardware for Wooden Fence

Heavy Duty

SANKINS Thumb Gate Latch Hardware for Wooden Fence, Heavy Duty is the most popular and best quality thumb latch on Amazon. This installation is difficult for beginners; please read the instructions and images carefully. The heavy-duty self-closing thumb latch, made of thick steel with an anti-rust black powder coat finish and zinc-plated corrosion resistance, features a self-latching fingertip release.

The self-locking thumb latch is used for inward and outward swinging gates to increase security. It works in any season and any weather is durable and sturdiness. The mechanism automatically allows the gate to be locked by simply pushing it closed. Secure your wooden fence with this sturdy metal latch hardware for residential or commercial applications.

SANKINS Thumb Gate Latch Hardware for Wooden Fence Heavy Duty. Made from high quality steel, it is sturdy and durable. This thumb gate latch kit includes a set of mounting screws and detailed installation instructions drawings so installation is quick and easy. Designed to latch in or out swinging gates and doors up to 3 inch thick, this gate latch can be locked by moving the latch bar for extra security.

How To Choose The Best Gate Latch Before Purchasing

It’s simple to shop for a gate latch if you’ve done your research. The following is a compilation of the pertinent information you need to know to assist you. The following are some of the most crucial considerations you should make while looking for the best gate latch for your fenced-in yard.

Different Gate Latches

The goal of all gate latches, which come in a variety of designs and operate in various ways, is to keep the gate closed and secure. Here is a list of the most typical types:

Thumb latches have a convenient handle design with a push button that may be operated with the thumb. Usually, the handle is mounted on the gate’s outswing side. If they do, they often do so using a key, much like a regular doorknob.

Although ring and lever gate latches are somewhat dated, they can be a beautiful addition to a country garden. Lever latches with a ring attached to the end have this design. The other side of the lever lifts as the user lifts and twists the ring, dislodging the catch that holds it in place. Rarely do these gate latches lock.

A latch that resembles a bolt is pushed into a catch to make a bolt latch work. These gate latches are widely used and simple to padlock.

Models with fingertip releases include post-mounted latches that either use a spring or gravity to open and close; finger release latches capture the pin and secure it so the gate closes. To release the pin, push the top of the catch open. There are variants with key-controlled tumblers in addition to the more conventional models that lock with a padlock.


There are various types of materials for gate locks. The most popular type of gate latch is made of powder-coated steel, which is inexpensive yet comparatively weather-resistant. Additionally, materials like zinc-plated steel or iron are typically used in chain-link fence gates. Bronze or stainless steel, which both withstand corrosion better than steel or iron, may be used as upgraded hardware choices.

Different materials are used for reasons other than weather resistance. The gate lock, the hinges, and the screws used to mount them are among the hardware sets that many customers opt for because they like the way it looks.

Shape and Type of Gate Frames

There are many different sizes and shapes for fences and the gates that keep them closed. For instance, a certain latch style might be better suited for tall fences, whereas a different latch style might work better for low fences. Additionally, some garden gates are made of wood with flat surfaces and right angles. In contrast, spherical metal pipes are used to construct chain-link fences. You must select the proper latch for your gate because the hardware for one won’t work for the other.

A few gates are two swinging doors connecting in the middle, so keep that in mind. These gates’ hardware must have a mechanism for latching the two parts together.


If security is an issue, think about purchasing a gate latch with a lock or at the very least a way to attach a padlock.

The simplest designs (which are frequently bolt-style) feature an eyelet through which a padlock can be slid to secure the bolt. In more sophisticated designs, combination locks that users can input a code to unlock the gate from the outside may be built-in. Keyed tumblers, like those in typical locksets, may be found in some other variants.

Remember that a fence’s height accounts for most of its security potential. Therefore, the most technologically advanced model may not always be the ideal gate latch for your fence.

Simple Installation

Choosing the right model may depend partly on which gate locks are simpler to install than others. Bolt locks, for instance, are frequently fairly simple to install: Simply install the catch that receives the bolt on the gate, close the gate, and attach the bolt housing to the post-edge of the gate. This typically requires six screws.

Other designs, including latches with built-in combination locks or thumb-activated latches, call for drilling through the gate in order to properly align the hardware on both sides of the fence. The installation method is more difficult, however the majority of these kits come with templates to use.


A fence, made of wood, metal, or PVC, will probably budge a little when the seasons and temperature change. A gate will also likely sag a little with time. Because of this, the ideal gate latch for a given application may include some degree of flexibility.

As a gate age, certain gate locks that allow for vertical and horizontal adjustments might be helpful. For instance, users can lower the latch by loosening a few set screws as the gate sags and the pin drops, rather than removing the entire hardware set from the post and drilling new holes.

Frequently Asked Question

How do you open a gate from both sides?

Thumb latches are typically double-sided for in-swinging gates, meaning they can open and close from either side of the gate. Mounted on the street side of the gate typically is a decorative plate with a thumb depressor. Push the thumb and the latch arm on the inside lifts, allowing the gate to open.

What is the proper height for a gate latch?

Handles pulls, latches, locks, and other operable parts on doors and gates shall comply with 309.4. Operable parts of such hardware shall be 34 inches (865 mm) minimum and 48 inches (1220 mm) maximum above the finish floor or ground.

How do you lock a gate without a lock?

Fork. In a pinch, a simple fork can be used to temporarily lock a door that inwardly opens. To secure the door, bend the tines of the fork so that the tips of the tines fit into the door latch and the rest of the fork can comfortably remain in the gap between the door and the doorframe when the door is closed.


While gate latches help keep intruders out of your home, there are also many additional benefits to using one. For example, you can lock your gate when you aren’t around so that children and pets won’t be able to leave the yard or wander into the street. Some models feature deadbolts that allow you to lock your gate from the outside, ensuring maximum security at all times. Furthermore, if your latch breaks or malfunctions, a replacement model is readily available at most hardware stores.

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