Best Gas Pole Saw [Updated]

If you have a tree that’s grown too tall and is impossible to trim by ladder, the best gas pole saw can come in handy. These gas-operated, telescopic power tools are designed with chainsaws at their core. They are telescopic in design so you can extend them out to reach high branches while trimming trees. You can use them on a variety of different plants and trees, but they’re especially useful for pruning overgrown bushes, hedges, and shrubs.

Best Gas Pole Saw Reviews

1. PROYAMA 90-180 Degree 42.7cc Head Adjustable Pole

Gas Powered Pole Saw, Engine Displacement 42.7cc, Starter Type Recoil, Bar Length 12 In., Handle Type Straight, Fuel Capacity 0.8L. This is the most powerful telescoping pruner. The professional grade 42.7cc has improved power, torque, and cutting performance over previous models. The redesigned engine mounts, drive shafts, and couplers provide reduced vibration levels.

1 x 42.7cc powerful engine 
1 x 43 inch extension pole
1 x pole saw 
1 x professional OREGON Bar & OREGON Chain
1 x vibration reduction shoulder harness
1 x 1L mixing bottle
1 x handle
1 x ear defenders 
1 x glasses
1 x carry bag
1 x tool kit 
1 x instruction

2. MAXTRA Pole Saw Gas Powdered

The 2022 Upgraded Version has enhanced the screws on the chain cover. It will be stronger, and will not fall off in use.For the convenience of users, we have added some identifiers on the saw. This will make it easier to use and operate!

  • 42.7cc Engine—–Powerful & Stable
  • 43 inch extension pole —– Reach to 16 FT
  • Specially Provide Carry Bag—–Easy to Carry & Store
  • Enhanced Chan Cover —-Safer & Stronger
  • 10 inch Cutting Bar—More Efficient

10 inch Cutting Bar

10-inch cutting bar can increase the cutting capacity, it can trim thicker branches. And can help us finish the more tough tasks efficiently and quickly!

ore Attachements Avaliable

Maxtra pole saw can be converted to different trimming tools. Such as hedge trimmer, brush cutter, and string trimmer.

Carry Bag

We specially provide a carry bag. So, you can store and carry the saw easily!

Reach to 16FT High

Pole saw can be adjusted from 8.2 to 11.4 FT. With the user’s Height in consideration, which can cut branches 16 FT high

Quick Release Connector

Quick release connector, makes the extension pole connect and remove easily!

More Secure

Maxtra Extension Pole saw can adjust the length from 8.2 to 11.4 ft, you can safely cut down the branches 16 ft high on the ground, rather than balance precariously on a ladder

3. Pole Saw, Powerful Gas Pole Chainsaw

Power SourceAc/dc
Horsepower1100 Watts
Item Weight22 Pounds

This gas pole saw can be widely used in cutting wood, trimming, logging, and pruning gardens or orchards without a ladder! And you don’t worry about a mess of wire and battery during working.

Engine displacement: 42.7cc
Max engine power: 1100W
N.W. 16.5 LBsGross Weight 21 lbs
Package Dimension 72 x 12x 12 inch
Cutting length 10 Inch
Bore x Stroke 1.38 x 1.34inch
Chain Guide Bar 10″, 3/8″ pitch, 043″ gauge
Engine type 2 cycle, air cooled
Ignition Flywheel magneto CDI system
Starting Recoil starter
Spark plug TORCH BM6A
Stopping method Slide Switch
Max engine speed: 7500 r/min
Idling engine speed 3000 r/min
Fuel tank capacity 500ml
Fuel type Unleaded 93+RON
Fuel mix 30 (fuel) : 1 (two-stroke oil)
Sound level Pressure: 91 dB(A), Power : 106 dB(A)

Lightweight & Security

The diameter of the pole is 26mm, and the thickness of the pole is about 2 mm. so, the pole saw is both lightweight and secure. you can handle the saw effortlessly!

Powerful Engine

A powerful 42.7cc 2-cycle engine assures the pole saw can cut the woods about 10 inches easily, and the cordless pole saw allow you to walk around without worrying about the distance and battery!

Carry Bag

Comes with a carry bag! You can carry and store pole saw easily. It helps to put all parts. So, need to worry about nowhere to put the saw or being soiled by the dust. it’s really useful to keep all parts together and clean!

Long Reach Pole Saw

This pole saw can easily reach 13-16.5 ft, so you can trim the tree without climbing on the tree or ladder!

Gas Powered

This Gas Powered pole saw provides stronger power, it can help you save time and energy in working

Shoulder Strap

The specially designed shoulder strap can help you reduce the Vibration and fatigue when you are working

Anti-Slip Hand Bar

Anti-Slip &Anti- rotation hand bar designed for stable use, you can control the saw easily when you cut the high branches

4. MAXTRA 90-180 Degree Head Adjustable Pole Chainsaw

Blade MaterialHigh Speed Steel
Power SourceGasoline Powered
Special FeatureBrushless
Product Dimensions65″L x 12″W x 12″H

Long Reach Chainsaw up to 15FT

Pole saw can be adjusted from 8.2 to 11.4 FT. With the user’s Height in consideration, it can cut branches 15 ft high

Chain Sharpener

We specially provide a chain sharpener. So, you can sharpen the chain by yourself. Don’t need to pay extra money to sharpen the chain

10-inch Cutting Bar

A 10-inch cutting bar can increase the cutting capacity, it can trim branches about 10 inches. And can help us finish the tougher tasks efficiently and quickly!

Carry Bag

Comes with a carry bag! You can carry and store pole saw easily. It helps to put all parts. So, don’t need to worry about anywhere to put the saw or being soiled by the dust

Spare Parts Available Without Extra Charge

If you need spare parts, please feel free to tell us via email, we will arrange the replacement for you within 2 working days without extra charging in 1 year

24 Hours service!

If you have any problem with the product, just tell us directly! Our support team will get back to you within 24 hours! Do not worry that you will never get any help from sellers! We will always be there for you!

42.7cc Engine

Powerful 42.7cc 2-cycle engine with QuickStart technology to make pull starts easy. It’s easy to operate and makes your work effortless and secure.

5. 26CC 2 Cycle 4 in 1 Multi Tool with Grass Trimmer Attachment

Power SourceGas Powered
Item Weight29 Pounds
Assembly RequiredYes
Product Dimensions11.5″L x 11″W

The MFT26 4 in 1 Multi Purpose Tool is powered by a 26cc 2 cycle gas full crank shaft engine. The full crank shaft design reduces emissions, increases fuel efficiency, and provides longer life. The starter is designed to pull easily and start quickly. Included in the kit are 4 professional grade attachments. The link-on quick connection allows you to easily convert the tool into a grass trimmer, hedge trimmer, brush cutter or pole saw.

This versatility lets you complete almost all of your lawn care tasks throughout the year with just one tool. Eliminate the need for four different garden tools and save storage space in your home. Engine transmission is supported by aluminum support which greatly reduces vibration. Pole saw attachment articulates allowing you to make multiple cuts from different angles. The hedge trimmer attachment is made of high grade steel and rotates to multiple positions allowing you to trim bushes from all angles.

Designed for Optimal Performance

Our outdoor power equipment tools are designed to maximize fuel efficiency while performing at an optimal level.

Rigorously Tested

Sunseeker tools are rigorously tested to ensure performance and durability. Our tools won’t let you down.

All the accessories you’ll need

Sunseeker has a full range of accessories, from harnesses to pole saw attachments, to keep your yard looking trim and clean.

What to Look for in the Best Gas Pole Saw?

Why not read that other article (best pole saws) I mentioned if you want to know what kind of features to look for in the best gas pole saw? I’m going to concentrate instead on the kinds of phrases you might see on product listings for gas pole saws because I don’t want to repeat the same information twice.

Terminology for Gas Pole Saws

Some of the terms you’ll run into when looking for the best gas pole saw can be confusing. What does the 2 cycles actually mean? What the heck is CC? To help you understand what each term means and how it relates to these products, I’ll go over a few of their common features in this section.

Two-Cycle Saw

The term “2-cycle”—also known as “2-stroke”—in the description of your gas pole saw engine refers to the quantity of piston strokes necessary to complete the combustion cycle. Generally speaking, 4-cycle engines are more powerful and efficient than 2-cycle engines.

Do you need to worry about this technical information, then? Actually, no. Nowadays, 4-cycle engines are more common in automobiles, but 2-cycle engines are more common in gardening tools, so don’t worry.


“cc” will appear right after a number when you see it. Consider the /span listed below; it has a 28cc engine, as opposed to the 42.7cc engine in the MAXTRA Gas Pole Saw. To keep things straightforward, engine capacity is expressed in cc or cylinder capacity; higher numbers indicate greater potential energy.

Though some are still being produced with a capacity in the mid-600s, most cars will typically have a capacity of over 1,000cc. Your gas pole saw, however, will have a much lower value. However, higher is always more powerful, which is probably why the /span was at the top of our list.

Chain and Bar

This one is straightforward and most likely a little more obvious. Often made of tough steel, the bar, also known as the guide bar, is used. The metal that the chain is wrapped around makes up the majority of the saw head. When your gas pole saw is in use, its curved design directs the chain. Before using a pole saw, seek professional advice if you have any doubts at all because some pole saws won’t have the chain installed and it’s not always simple to assemble it safely yourself.

Teeth and Links

The chain on your pole saw might not be the same as the chain on another pole saw. The chain’s links can differ from one model to the next. Cutter teeth, which come in left- or right-handed varieties, are one kind of link. They are the creatures that will gnaw through your wood.

Drive links are another option; they run inside the guide bar’s groove. This guarantee that the engine’s power reaches your chain, propelling it around the bar with enough force to sever the wood.

Guard links are another option; they’re not a standard part of every pole chain saw. The likelihood of your gas pole saw snagging on tiny vines, branches, and other debris is decreased because they are placed in front of the cutter links. Although they are not always included on saws, they are useful to have if you’re working with smaller trees that have a lot of small limbs.


The gas pole saw is the most versatile choice for homeowners. It allows for more effective cutting on a wider range of branches and trees, making it the best choice for consumers. It is generally more affordable than options that compete with it, as well as is easier to use. The advantages outnumber the disadvantages when it comes to owning a gas pole saw, so invest in this type if you have a lot of tree-cutting or branch-cutting projects ahead of you.

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