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We’re on the side of the road with a gas can and no way to get it open. This article will outline some of my favorite solutions for opening a stubborn spout! One solution is using a knife or screwdriver to pry off the cap. If you don’t have either available, you can use your keys – they’ll usually do the trick if they’re sturdy enough. Finally, another helpful tool is an adjustable wrench with a pliers head and a wire cutter.

Here are the best gas can spout solutions.

Editor’s pick-Gas Can Spout Solution

Best Gas Can Spout Solution Reviews In 2023

1. EZ-POUR Replacement Spout

The EZ-POUR Replacement Spout and Vent Kit is the perfect set of replacement parts for your old can. It provides a better flow than your old spout and allows you to easily refill your equipment with no spills.

Water Jug Spout

EZ-Pour Replacement Spout is the perfect replacement spout for your EZ-Pour Water Jug Spout. It features a flame arrester and secondary base cap, so you’re sure of a spill-free experience when pouring water from an EZ-Pour jug. So if you need a new spout or want to stock up on replacement spouts for your canning supplies, trust this EZ-Pour Replacement Spout.

New Spout

EZ-POUR replacement spout allows you to update your trusty old cans with a new spout. With dependable construction and easy-to-understand parts and instructions, you won’t have to update your EZ-POUR spout anytime soon. This can be used on cans and water jugs of all varieties.

2. EZ-POUR B06WRRXG1X Gas Can Spout Replacement

The EZ-POUR Gas Can Spout Replacement is made with an extra-dense material to ensure that it won’t go brittle and crack when exposed to cold temperatures. This single spout is designed to ensure a fast flow, letting you spend less time in the cold and more time using fuel.

Black Base Cap

The black base cap comes with your spout kit and has a fine thread, which makes it suitable for the following cans: Blitz (gas, kerosene, and diesel), Briggs & Stratton (early models), Essence, Gott, and Rubbermaid.

Yellow Base Cap

The yellow base cap comes with your spout kit and has a coarse thread, which makes it suitable for the following cans: Blitz, Briggs & Stratton (later models), Eagle, Igloo, Midwest Can (gas, water, diesel), Scepter, and Stancan (metal)

Gray Base Cap

The gray base cap must be acquired separately from your spout kit and has a coarse thread, which makes it suitable for the following cans: Briggs & Stratton (later models), Midwest Can (metal jerry can), Stancan, Tee Pee, and Wedco.

3. A+ Gas Can Spout Kit

The 5-pack A+ Gas Can Spout Kit is the solution every gas can owner has sought. A special design allows it to fit all Midwest, Scepter, Press, and pour gas cans. The super flexible long spout allows you to fill your fuel without making a mess or stressing out from bending over. Simply attach it to your gas can and filler up! You will get 3 long and 2 expandable spouts with this kit.

Strong And Sturdy

This Gas Can Spout Kit is useful for all of your gas cans. The spout is made of strong and sturdy HDPE plastic, lasting many years. The 3 long spout comes with 2 extendable extensions so you can reach deep into any gas container.

Spout Kit Expands

This A+ Gas Can Spout Kit is designed to help you get the best fit for your gas cans. No more leaks when pouring because this spout kit expands up to 11.4 inches, so no matter how full your can is, you can fill in without spilling a drop.

4. A+ Universal Gas Can Spout Replacement Kit

A+ Universal Gas Can Spout Replacement Kit is made of high-strength ABS plastic, which is bendable and durable. Easier to pour gas into the tank simply and easily.

Spill Gas

Are you sick of spilling gas all over yourself when pouring a gas can? This Flexible Pour Nozzle with Gasket, When you pour the liquid, you will never spill gas all over yourself and your equipment again; save fuel simultaneously. With our Flexible Universal Replacement Kit, you can replace your old gas can spout in just minutes.

All Sizes Of Spouts

A+ Universal Gas Can Spout Replacement Kit is designed to replace all sizes of spouts; replacement parts are included to fit most gas cans on the market. It replaces damaged and worn-out spouts to save your fuel, money, and time.

5. Gas Can Spout Replacement, Gas Can Nozzle

Suitable for most 1/2/5/10 gallon oil cans, We provide 12 threaded collar caps, 6 Coarse threads & 6 Fine Threads. As shown in the picture, The internal thread size is 1-3/4–1.7in; it can only be used for gas tanks with a tank mouth size of 1.75in. Please measure your oil tank mouth size before purchasing.

Bend Freely

These gas can nozzle replacement parts are made of high-quality HDPE materials; In use, you can bend freely without breaking. Thicker and widened rubber gaskets, Can better fit the bottle cap and Prevent liquid leakage when refueling.

Spout Tube

As shown in the figure, the screw cap of the gas con spout cap is hexagonal)The spout tube and the spout cap are threaded, and the spout cap has a rubber sealing ring inside. Tighten the spout cap after use. There will be no oil overflow even when transportation or the tank is down.

6. Gas Can Spout Replacement Improved Design Flexible Pour Nozzle Kit

This fuel tank spout kit is a direct replacement for most spouts on the market and works with all 10mm flex nozzles. The spout is durable ABS plastic and features an improved gasket that helps prevent leaks. This kit is suitable for fuel storage tanks on motorbikes, ATVs, scooters, go-karts, and gas-powered equipment.


Upgrade your existing gas can with this kit. Replacement spouts are made of UV-resistant reinforced plastic with flexible nozzles so you can pour without spills. Our new and improved design is built to last longer than the original, with a 25% stronger hinge and two extra locking points for added durability.

High-quality Polycarbonate Material

This filler nozzle is made of high-quality polycarbonate material, which is convenient and durable. The flexible design allows you to quickly and easily fill your gas, oil, or water without spilling. Besides, the push-in vent cap makes it safer and faster to empty gas/water.

7. Gas Can Spout Replacement Gas Can Spout 

Gas can spout replacement and vent kit for most 1/2/5/10 gallon gas cans and kettles; its highly compatible feature allows you to use different gases without changing nozzle types.

Complete Package

Gas can spout replacement kit includes a complete package of 3 nozzles, 3 nozzle threaded caps, 3 coarse threaded bases, 3 fine threaded bases, 1 drill bit, 6 replacement vent caps, leak-proof o-ring gasket.

Polyethylene Material

High-quality high-density polyethylene material, free bending, lightweight, environmentally friendly, easy to carry, not easy to break, longer life, and more durable.

8. Universal Gas Can Spout Replacement

This kit includes 8 rings for different gas can treads, 4 gas can vent caps, 4 no spill gas can cause nozzle stoppers, and 4 gaskets. Fits all-size gas cans and most well-known brands, including older style cans.

Replace The Clunky

These easy-pour gas can spouts are made to replace the clunky no-spill spouts that are often difficult to use. Use on gas cans like Blitz, Chilton, Scepter, Sure can, Ameri Can, Midwest, and more.

Extra Thick Gaskets

 Made from high-quality, high-grade plastic, extra thick gaskets, coarse and fine thread base rings, and nozzle tips, these are leakproof when handled or transported.


What To Consider When Choosing The Best Gas Can Spout Solution


Hard plastic spouts maintain their shape as they are rigid. You may be able to use a simple tap on cans from 2009 or earlier, but in most cases, they have a separate ventilation passage. The EPA also banned self-ventilating cans. Fuel cannot properly pour without a vent. It is, therefore, necessary to include one in the spout’s design.

Non-spill cans also have spouts that must be depressed if fuel flows through them. These spouts come in various valve types, and you should consider this when shopping.


These days, fuel containers do not come with flexible spouts. According to CARB regulations, adjustable spouts and fuel containers can’t be sold, so buying them separately is necessary. However, they offer several advantages even though they don’t provide ventilation.

A rigid spout may not be able to reach a fuel reservoir that is difficult to reach. Although a flexible spout is more controllable than a funnel, a funnel provides a quick fix. In cases where the risk of spilling fuel onto heat sources or the ground exists, any level of control is superior.


Systems for transferring power to fuel are becoming more popular. The fact that they take the place of a “spout” is worth mentioning even though they aren’t a “spout.” Several benefits can be derived from these systems. This means you do not have to hold the container while adding fuel.

But spill-proof cans can be awkward and clumsy. Fuel is also usually poured slowly, more often than not.

These systems will work around these problems for people who struggle to hold up a fuel can. The most surprising thing is how much more expensive they are than any other form of fuel spout.


Following that, you should consider the product’s dimensions. Your car must be able to hold what you are buying. Whether you are setting out on a road trip or need to store something there in the future, you will need to put many things in your vehicle. For this reason, it is important to limit the fuel’s space usage.


In addition to the product’s material, you should consider its durability and safety. To avoid headaches, you should select a can made from quality materials that last a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gas Can’t Be Driven Within The Car?

With gas in the vehicle, in most cases, it is not safe to drive. Even the smallest leak can produce fumes in a spout or in a gas line. Once it reaches a certain concentration, this causes a fire risk, which is why it is safer not to drive with a filled gas can. 

Do Gas Can Spouts Work All Over The World?

It is almost always universally compatible with the spout but not the cap that completes the seal between it and the gas can. You can easily slide the spout into place if you reuse the cap. Nevertheless, you’ll have to check that the spout fits snugly over the hardware and that the cap has not been damaged. 

Which Are The Best Places To Store My Gas Container?

Gas containers should be stored in a cool, dark place because they are flammable. You don’t want your catalytic converter to bump into your gas can, so find a place where there won’t be much impact. 


The best gas can spout solution for you will depend on your car’s needs and what type of fuel it requires. We’ve included a list below that we hope will help you find the perfect one for you! What is the best gas can spout solution? You may wonder what kind to buy after reading all these blogs about them.

To make things easier, here’s a quick rundown of some popular types with pros and cons to consider when making your decision. There are many different kinds, so it would come down to preference or need (like if they mostly use diesel).

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