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Most of us use freezers to store our food. Freezers are designed to keep food at a temperature significantly lower than room temperature (which is about 70 degrees F), but it’s still necessary to prevent freezer burn. This is why you should use freezer bags and not leave perishable foods in packaging or even cardboard boxes in the freezer if you want them to last longer. There are many different options for freezer bags, including disposable, reusable and specialty bags for specific purposes.

Here are the best freezer bags on the market today.

Editor’s Pick-Freezer Bags

Best Freezer Bags Reviews In 2023

1. Hefty Slider Freezer Storage Bags

Portion bulk foods for freezer storage, or package treats and leftovers for friends and family with gallon-size Hefty Slider Freezer Bags. The thicker plastic and extra-strong seal helps keep food fresh and protected from freezer burn. The patented MaxLock track and Clicks-Closed feature let you know when these BPA-free plastic freezer bags are securely closed.

Storage Bags

The stand-and-fill expandable bottom makes it easy to load food, craft supplies, or other household items into these storage bags. Large write-on labels let you identify and organize the contents of each of these slider bags in your fridge, freezer or closet. Take these Hefty freezer bags with you on the go, too! Keep clothes fresh and wrinkle-free in suitcases or protect camping supplies from the mess. Don’t forget; Hefty’s premium quality and super strength come with superior savings and a 100.


Up your smoothie game by chopping up ingredients and freezing them in easy-to-use single-serve portions. Freeze soups and stews for that homemade taste, now or later. Make your produce work! Freeze any fresh produce you might need more time to use.

2. Amazon Basics Freezer Gallon Bags, 90 Count

Amazon Basics Freezer Gallon Bags are premium-quality, leak-proof and durable. They have a stand and fill bases with double zipper closures that give you convenience when storing your food in the freezer while allowing you to stand the bag upright instead of arranging things on the bottom of your freezer. The pack contains 90 bags, each of a generous size enough to hold more than 1 gallon of food.

Organize Bulk Quantities

Amazon Basics Freezer Gallon Bags are a great way to store and organize bulk quantities of soup, chili, ice cream, or other perishables. These bags use a double-seal zip lock design to maintain freshness and eliminate freezer burn and spills. They are BPA-free and can be reused hundreds of times. This 90 pack will help you save money and time in the kitchen when it comes to freezing food for later.

Easily Store Frozen Ice Cream Treats

Amazon Fridges and Freezers are great for keeping your food fresh, but it can be hard to keep track of all your freezer items. Use this product to easily store frozen ice cream treats and more in the freezer. These freezer bags have a 3/4 inch thick seal and work with upright and chest freezers. When you need to order more, just ask Alexa or use the Amazon app on your phone or tablet.

3. SPLF BPA FREE Reusable Storage Bags

Reusable storage bags are the perfect eco-friendly choice for storing and preserving your favorite food. Made from BPA-free and nontoxic PEVA material, this set is safe for your family and the environment. It’s also designed with a tight seal that won’t leak when you close it, keeping your food fresh for longer.

Upgraded Double Closures

Eco-friendly, reusable, and durable. Upgraded double closures ensure an airtight, leakproof seal, perfect for storing and preserving food. Children can easily open and close the snack bags with an upgraded widened side and non-slip zipper design.

Durable, Lightweight Bag

SPLF reusable storage bags are ideal for home or on the go. These durable, lightweight bags can be used for lunch, foods, snacks, fruit, vegetable, sandwiches, pet food, travel, make-up, home and kitchen organization, and more.

4. Reusable Storage Bags

Welcome to go shopping on IDEA TECH. Our Brand is committed to providing customers with high-quality Home & Kitchen, Outdoor, Health & Household, Tools & Home Improvement et; we will try our best to satisfy our customers. These reusable storage bags are PVC-free, lead-free, chloride-free and BPA FRE and recyclable material. Four sizes meet your need, Gallon Bags, Quart Bags, Sandwich Bags, and Snack Bags.

American Family Use

According to relevant scientific reports, humans have produced 18.2 trillion pounds (about 8.26 billion tons) of plastics, but less than 9% of all the plastic has been recycled. The average American family use up to 2000 plastic bags per year. Plastic ends up in landfills where it can take hundreds of years to break down. And if the plastic doesn’t end up in a landfill, it could end up in the ocean, where it can cause pollution and marine animal deaths.

Food Storage Bags

SPLF (Simple Life) mission is to reduce the use of disposable plastic bags and provide people with safe, convenient, green, and reusable PEVA food storage bags; trying our best to save our planet; would you like to join in us?

5. Glad Trash & Food Storage Zipper Food Storage Freezer Bags

Glad food storage bags prevent food from being destroyed and dried with freezer burn. These bags have an Extra tight and wide closure, which locks in freshness easily and securely. The extra thick and durable plastic help to ward off freezer burn by preventing air from reaching the Food. These bags are BPA-free and microwaveable, so you can safely defrost your food in the microwave.

Refrigerator And The Perfect Size

Glad Bags are great for storing fruit, cheese, and meat in the refrigerator and the perfect size for storing tools, toys, travel toiletries, and many other smaller items. With the yellow and Blue, make a Green seal; you know when the bag is fully closed. Using Glad Bags gives extra protection for your food and your things.

High-quality Material

Glad freezer bags are an essential food storage solution. The high-quality material and double seal lock mean they can withstand freezing temperatures and remain leak-proof. Whether you’re storing homemade ice cream or leftovers, these freezer zip bags keep your food safely stored and ready to enjoy later.

6. 365 by Whole Foods Market

365 by Whole Foods Market products give you that dance-down-the-aisles feeling. Our huge range of choices with high-quality ingredients at prices you can get down with makes grocery shopping much more than tossing the basics in your cart. It’s the splurgiest way to save. Our Double Zipper Freezer Bags are the ideal way to freeze fresh foods, leftovers, extra cookies, bread, or any food items you want to keep on hand and conveniently thaw when they’re needed. Made from 100% Polyethylene, our bags never contain Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Phthalates, or Bisphenol-A (BPA).

Next-Level Necessities

Our basics are anything but. You won’t find hydrogenated oils or FD&C colors in our products — just quality staples with nothing to hide.

Body Care You Can Bank On

We’ve banned over 100 typically used ingredients from our body care products. Sayonara, benzalkonium chloride.

There’s an Organic for That

We’ve got organics and non-GMO products at prices that won’t burn a hole in your favorite pants. They’ll turn into boogie-on-aisle-six pants.

Awesomeness on Every Aisle

Whole grains, fair trade coffee, organic milk, frozen veggies, and so much more all flexing with our unmatched Whole Foods Market Quality Standards.

7. Ziploc Freezer Bags

Ziploc Freezer Bags are designed with a durable, leak-resistant seal that keeps food fresher longer, allowing you to get the most out of your freezer and refrigerator. The extra thick construction keeps your frozen food in place and provides the added benefit of making them easier to stack and store.

Smells Of Raw Meat

When it comes to storing food in the freezer, nothing beats our Ziploc Freezer Bags. Our Freezer-Safe Bags protect the foods in your freezer from freezer burn and keep the smells of raw meat or fish out of other dishes. And with items like sandwiches or leftovers, you can take them right out of the bag and into your lunch bag.

Write-on Label For Dating And Identifying

For freezing fruit, vegetables, meats, poultry, fish, baked goods, cooked foods, leftovers, and hard cheeses. Heavy-duty bag with Gripper Zipper. Write-on label for dating and identifying the contents. No. 00399: Size: Pint, Type: Heavy-Duty Double Zipper, Dimensions: 7” x 5”, Pkg Qty: 4 x 20 = 80

8. Nicole Home Collection Plastic Freezer Bags

Nicole Home Collection 2 Gallon Challah/Freezer Bags are a smart, convenient alternative to plastic wrap and zip lock bags. They are designed for all occasions, banquets, dinners, parties, and upscale catering services. The bags are perfect for holding pre-made meals, fruits, and vegetables.

Large Zip Seal Bags

The Nicole Home Collection 15-Pack of Large Zip Seal Bags are made from 100% BPA-free material and are transparent, keeping your groceries clean and dry. These freezer bags have a zip seal to lock in freshness, allowing you to store your food longer. They’re convenient for storing bulk items and can be used for anything from soups, stocks, and stews to meats, chicken, veggies, and more.

Space-saving Solution

Nicole Home Collection Plastic Freezer Bags are a space-saving solution that allows you to squeeze more in your fridge, freezer, and pantry. These bags are designed with a sturdy zipper for easy opening and closing, making your life easier. Perfect for storing food, organizing the refrigerator or pantry after cooking or cleaning, camping or picnics, traveling, and dorms & apartments.

9. SC Johnson Professional Freezer Bags

These SC Johnson Professional Freezer Bags are designed with a double zipper closure and manufactured to meet FDA requirements for food contact. They are perfect for storing frozen foods, like soups, leftovers and other prepared meals. The bags contain no BPA, phthalates, lead, or PVCs so they’re safe to use in the freezer over and over again.

freezer and Re-sealing

Keep food safe and organized in the kitchen with these handy freezer bags. With a double zipper closure, these bags are perfect for storing food in your freezer and re-sealing them for longer-lasting freshness. Use these freezer bags to make your life easier by organizing other items like toys, art supplies or tools in your garage or closet.

Made From Durable Plastic

Part of a complete lunch-packed solution, these reusable freezer bags provide a leak-proof storage solution for your homemade meal prep ingredients. Made from durable plastic and a unique Space+ technology that ensures maximum space to fill with more food, each freezer bag includes one ice pack to keep your food cold during transport and for longer than an ordinary freezer bag.

10. Ziploc Freezer Bags with New Grip ‘n Seal Technology

Ziploc® brand Freezer Bags helps provide unbeatable freezer protection from freezer burn with new Grip ‘n Seal technology. Our triple system seal features an extended tab, new, easy grip texture and a double zipper. The extended tab and new, easy-grip seal make it easier to open and close the bag, while the airtight double zipper ensures that each plastic freezer bag blocks out air, which means less wasted food and more money saved.

Durable And Long-lasting Plastic

Freeze your food with confidence and preserve the original flavor of your fish, chicken and vegetables. Ziploc freezer bags are specially designed to protect food from freezer burn and keep it fresh.

Technology Are Designed

Ziploc Freezer Bags with New Grip ‘n Seal Technology are designed with a Smart Zip Plus seal and easy open tabs for an air-tight and leak-free seal. They’re made of durable and long-lasting plastic, so you can trust them to stand up to the demands of your freezer – plus, they’re BPA-free.

Buying Guide: Best Freezer Bags


Because of this tough material, reusable freezer bags have grown in popularity in recent years. Additionally, they are dishwasher safe, don’t easily discolor, and are odor-resistant. Silicone can also be heated in a microwave or thawed in boiling water in the same container.

Reusable apparatus

Sandwich bags are less expensive than freezer bags because they are thinner. One reasonable reason for doing so is to reuse them wherever possible. The single-use bag is another environmentally unfriendly item. In the United States, over 4 million freezer bags are discarded annually. Since they are both washable and reusable frequently, PEVA and silicone are both appropriate for reusable freezer storage bags.


Disposable freezer bags come in a wide range of sizes, including quart, gallon, and 2-gallon sizes. These can be used to freeze and preserve vast amounts of food, including meat. Small sandwich bags that hold 25 ounces, small snack bags that hold 4 ounces, bigger one- and two-gallon bags, and more sizes are all available in reusable freezer bags.

Some freezer bags have an expandable bottom. These bags may stand upright and carry marinades or soups in addition.

Techniques for Closing

There are numerous ways to shut freezer bags. Ziploc’s zipper may be closed simply pressing it twice. When it is closed, colors identify the zipper. Hefty uses zip lock systems. When Ziploc bags are sealed, red and blue turn into purple. Their big tabs make them simple to open. Hefty experiences the confidence of a manually controlled zipper thanks to a Zipper-lock System. The leak-proof, pinch-lock reusable freezer bags are constructed of silicone and PEVA.


The ability of the bags to stack should be taken into account when selecting them for your freezer. Expandable-bottomed freezer bags could be more practical to store.


Are Ziploc freezer bags better?

Thickness is an important factor that distinguishes them. When storing food in the freezer, freezer bags are thicker and more durable than regular zip-top bags. Hence, freezer bags prevent or slow freezer burn while keeping food fresh for longer periods.

What bags prevent freezer burn?

Put it in a container or freezer bag after wrapping it with plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Plastic wrap, waxed paper, and aluminum foil should only be used in conjunction with a freezer bag or container. All of these are insufficient for preventing freezer burn on their own.

Are freezer bags bad for you?

Since they have no harmful chemicals, they are safe to store food in. Plastic bags with thick walls provide good protection against freezer burn because of their thick construction. Rather than purchasing more single-use bags, you can reuse the bags.

What can I use instead of plastic freezer bags?

A good substitute for plastic boxes is glass containers with screwcaps or sealable stainless steel containers. Packing material for frozen food should not be cardboard, paper, cloth, or cotton. You must accept freezer burn if you take shortcuts with the packaging.

How do I get rid of freezer burn?

A brine can hold meat together if it’s been subjected to freeze burn and has dried out because of it. As one of the most important things you can need in your pantry, salt is one of the best ways to mitigate moisture loss when cooking.


Freezer bags are really useful, and if you’re going to be using them often then it makes sense to invest in high-quality ones. The first thing to consider is the material that the bag is made of. A good material is BPA-free and food-safe, and it’s going to withstand any damage that would otherwise potentially expose your food to some sort of contamination. Furthermore, the closure on the bag should be well-thought out.

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