5 Best Foil Kite Review and Buying Guide

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Kite foiling gives you an unequaled feeling of gliding over the water. The riding feel is quite different from regular kitesurfing. While almost any kite can be used to foil with, it’s worth taking a look at the differences in design, purpose, and flight characteristics before choosing the best foil kite for you. In this post, I will explain in more detail about kites for foiling and which one is the best suited for you.

Our best foil kites are these.

Editor’s Pick- Foil Kite

Best Foil Kite In 2022

1. Prism Synapse Dual-line Parafoil Kite

Prism Synapse Dual-line Parafoil Kite, 140
  • The Synapse 140 measures approximately 53"” x 20”, and packs down to 10” x 5” x 2. 5”
  • Includes everything you need to fly: 60’ x 80# polyester flying lines, winder, instructions, and storage bag
  • Learn 2-line basics with spins, dives, and figure 8’s, then hang on and wrestle with the wind when the breeze picks up
  • Dual-line kiting made easy, so you can carve up the sky wherever you go with instant setup and a compact, travel-ready package
  • With no frame parts to lose or break, it packs up small to fit in a backpack or glove compartment so you’re always ready to fly

Set yourself up for some extra adventure in the sun, with this prism dual-line parafoil kite. With no assembly required and super-fast set-up, so you can have your kite in the air in seconds. This is a high-performance and acrobatic parafoil style kite crafted with a high-quality polyester material that provides performance and durability. It’s a small bag size and easy to carry while traveling wherever you want. 

Let the fun begin! Prism Designs has 25 years in the flight industry and is committed to sharing the joy of kites with exquisitely designed, long-lasting products. To find out more about how this kite works, read our online guides or contact our experienced customer service team.

Parafoil Kite That’s Easy To Assemble

Start flying in minutes with this parafoil kite that’s easy to assemble, accurate on the wind window, and made for travel. In its own darted storage bag, it weighs only 9 ounces (with lines and winder); there’s a tightening handle so you can get a perfect pitch every time. And unlike other dual-line kite systems, Prism’s Synapse is completely pre-built and ready to fly.

Dual-line System

Prism Synapse is a sports kite with a dual-line system that makes it an exciting and easy way to learn 2-line flying. Prism Synapse Kite sizes range from 900 – to 3400 grams.

Ultra-soft Nylon Parachute

The Prism Synapse dual-line parafoil kite is a high-performance parafoil kite that’s easy to set up and easy to fly. It has no frame parts to lose or break, so it’s always ready when you are. With an ultra-soft nylon parachute that packs smaller than the leading brands, it’s the perfect companion for any day of kite flying fun.

2. Prism Kite Technology Tantrum 220 Dual-line Parafoil Kite

Prism Kite Technology Tantrum 220 Dual-line Parafoil Kite with Control Bar
  • Choose the 220 for stronger winds and quicker turns, or the 250 for heavier pilots and lighter winds.
  • Quench your thirst for adrenaline with a hard-pulling, two-line speed demon that’ll pull you down the beach when the wind comes up
  • Padded control bar and safety leash keep it safe and easy for beginners
  • Measures 86.5” x 30”, packs down to 28” x 7.25” x 2”
  • Includes everything you need to fly: 85’ x 150# low-stretch Dyneema flying lines, control bar with safety leash, and storage bag

Tantrum parafoils are a blast to fly! Whether you’re looking for a strong, stable trainer or just some good old-fashioned fun, these modern marvels of kite technology make it easy to start your new sport. Fast, light, and agile, they’ll teach you solid kite control skills as you glide across the sky.

Control Bar with Padding

Comfortable, secure grip thanks to the padded control bar. It makes fundamental control straightforward and won’t strain your wrists when the wind picks up, making it easier to master than wrist straps.

Construction Without a Frame

Spend less time putting things together and more time flying. Soft parafoils are forgiving to fly and easy to put up, with no stiff parts to assemble, lose, or damage. Simply unwind your lines and fly.

There are Two Sizes Available

Choose the 220 for speed and faster turns, or the 250 for heavier pilots and more pull in lighter winds.

3. FLEXIFOIL Power Kite

FLEXIFOIL Power Kite | Sting Stunt Kite | Adult and Older Kids 2.6m Quad Lines Trainer Parafoil | Best 4 Line Beach Summer Sport Trick Kites with Handles | Outside Kiting Activity | Easy to Fly 2.4m²
  • THREE MINS SETUP & 5 MINS TO LEARN | Easily stored under the front seat or in the boot of a car. Super-light and packs down small so fits neatly into a suitcase. Sounds too good to be true but it really only takes 5 minutes to learn and 15 minutes to master the kite
  • VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE | Expertly designed and fine-tuned to 2.4m2 with 18m flying lines, control handles, stylish carry-bag (60x20x15cm) and literally arrives 'ready-to-fly. Perfect recreational kite if you’re a new or seasoned kite flyer.
  • LIFETIME MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE | With 14978 already sold across 96 countries we changed from a 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee to a LIFETIME MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE
  • AGE 14+ | Adult supervision essential at all times | Start in lighter winds and progress to stronger winds
  • SIR RICHARD BRANSON | Flexifoil Kites were Sir Richard's choice of kites for 3 Successful Kiting World Records in 2012

Flexifoil is a highly trustworthy premium brand – the absolute market leader in superior quality power kites. For more than 36 years Flexifoil has been making high-quality, wind-powered toys that our customers are passionate about. 

There are several reasons why Flexifoil kites are very special: They are built with passion and pride in the UK by a group of dedicated, long-standing employees who truly believe that their kites can make you happy; They last longer because they’re made from only top quality materials and used to strict manufacturing standards, And they perform fantastically well in light winds as well as high winds!

 Power Kite

Kitesurfing specialist Flexifoil who produces high-end kite brands for both land and water sports have launched their first-ever Power Kite. The kicker is that it’s specifically designed to be easy to fly, and withstand a battering from beginners or even intermediate flyers, while still offering all the features of the big boys at an unbeatable price.

Guarantee An Impressive Result

Set sail this summer with your power kite. With its super-light, ultra-compact design, the FLEXIFOIL Power Kite packs down small so it can fit into any suitcase or handbag. It’s just what you need for a quick kitesurfing refresher course, or to guarantee an impressive result on a hot date.

Stability and Control

The kite can be flown in different winds while maintaining stability and control. By varying the wind speed in flight, you can learn to handle the kite under varying conditions. Our patented system is easy-to-use and lets you give clear commands to the kite.

4. 2.5m Dual Line Stunt Parafoil Kites Soft Stunt Kite

HENGDA KITE 2.5m Dual Line No Skeleton Soft Stunt Parafoil Power Kites 98-inch for Beach with Flying Tools
  • Easy to fly?carry and convenient to use
  • Designed with fashion pattern, it is beautiful and classic
  • Made of Polyester materials, it has high quality and fine workmanship
  • Perfect Trainer Kite Power to your children
  • It is suitable for flying level 3 wind,It flies steadily in the breeze

A Color Triangle Kite is a funny outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by all ages, 3D kite! It has great durability against the wind, made from poplar wood and colorful paper printed with the latest environmentally friendly technology. The eye-catching shape and fine workmanship allow the kite to stand out from the crowd. The reasonable price is also attractive for each clever consumer.

Stunt Kite is Solemn

Whether you want to climb up into the air beyond others or want to be well-coordinated in the gale, you can use it to fly freely. The image of this stunt kite is solemn and elegant, which matches the unique butterfly flying style.

Flutter and Roll in the Wind

This is a new stunt Kites, which can flutter and roll in the wind. It is built of high-quality rip-stop Polyester material, and its flying lines are made of super-tough Nylon fabric, with Thin yet tough braided. They have a solid yet very high strength-to-weight ratio.

Ultra-light Stunt Kite

With a body made of polyester canvas, the ultra-light stunt kite can be flown in strong winds. It is an ideal trainer kite to learn how to fly a parafoil kite with adjustable line length and a rotatable winder. The soft and large amount of tail area can handle powerful wind without flipping over.

5. Hengda kite New 1.4m Power Kite Outdoor Fun Toys Parafoil

Hengda Kite New 1.4 Meter Power Kite Outdoor Fun Toys Parafoil Parachute Dual Line Surfing Blue
  • Designed with fashion pattern, it is beautiful and classic
  • Made of Polyester materials, it has high quality and fine workmanship
  • From the kite capital of the world---Weifang
  • Level wind 3 can take off, lifelike, It flies steadily in the breeze
  • size:Length:1.4m/4.5ft

Hengda kite is made of durable material and fine workmanship, very soft and flexible, colorful and beautiful to attract young people who like sports. This item is very safe as it has ring shapes on the feet, which make it easy to ground. Made of high-class material, it is stable for flying in the sky; you can all send the kite up with one hand only when you fly this kite with a string. Moreover, you will not be bothered by wind when flying the kite thanks to its large sail. 

Ensure Stability, Durability, And Safety 

The Hengda kite New 1.4m Power Kite Outdoor Fun Toys Parafoil Parachute Dual Line Surfing Orange is made of polyester material and metal frame, which ensure stability, durability, and safety while enjoying windy windsurfing. Also, this kite has a line to pull back automatically when flying. East to fly, suitable for all ages, both adults and kids.


The Hengda kite not only flies high but generated a lot of fun to people. It is suitable for both adults and kids as well as easy-to-fly, hard to damage. Very popular with the crowd at summer seaside, beach and park. The size is 1.4m, it is also a good choice for beginners who want to learn kite flying easily.

Parachute Dual Line

Hengda kite New 1.4m Power Kite Outdoor Fun Toys Parafoil Parachute Dual Line Surfing Orange is your best choice if you like kites and want to have fun on the beach. It is made of polyester materials, has high quality and fine workmanship, and can be used for nearly 6months.

What Makes a Good Foil Kite?

Best Foil Kite

Consider the wind and your intended use of the kite. Will you foil wavered? Getting the lightest wind? Big air in a strong wind?

Choose the kite that best suits your needs. Notably, many of the same qualities that make a kite effective for wave riding also make it good for foiling.


When the lines are relaxed, a kite can drift downwind and stay in the air. Lines slack when riding toward the kite or downwind, which happens when wave riding or foiling. Drift is essential if you’re riding waves on a foil. When foiling, a kite that floats nicely is less likely to fall from the window.

Power on/off switch

A brief “throw” (bar moves up and down the lines) diminishes the kite’s power. It allows you to depower without having to bend forward or stretch your arms. It’s important to be able to easily switch the kite’s power on and off so you don’t get pulled off a wave.


Fast pivotal turning is essential for cutting downwind and riding waves on a foil board. You should be able to quickly turn and loop the kite in the air. The best turning kites have wide wingtips and middling aspect ratios.

Bridle complexity

These inflatable kites have simple front bridles with four points on either side of the leading edge. The bridles on most ram air kites are complicated. Without the rigidity of an inflatable, the Hyperlink has about 30 support points that connect the bridle to the kite.

The bridle must be checked frequently for bridle stretching when foiling with a ram air kite. Between bridle length inspections, the Ozone Hyperlink requires 60 hours.


In general, lighter kites are easier to relaunch in lighter wind, which is why ram air kites can usually relaunch with the least amount of wind, making them ideal for foiling. On the other hand, despite being the lightest of inflatables, ruthless kites might be more difficult to relaunch during light wind foiling.

The canopy may stick to the water surface or even go beneath while the kite is sitting on its leading edge. A single strut, on the other hand, lifts the canopy out of the water, allowing it to catch the wind and roll over for launching.

Jumping with Foils

In enough wind, you can foil with any kite, but a freeride kite will provide you with better and higher jumps than a specialist foil or surf kite. Kites made for surfing or very weak wind have built-in design trade-offs that reduce jumping capabilities.

Frequently Asking Question 

1. Is It Hard To Kite Foil?

When learning to kite foil, use your regular kite as you would on a twin tip because the wind is likely to reach 15 knots. As soon as you have the ability to do so, the choppy water will necessitate a longer mast.

2. How Much Wind Do You Need To Kite Foil?

Kite foiling may require at least 12-13 knots of wind if you use regular inflatable kites or are a beginner. Foiling in as little as 6 knots is doable with light-wind specialized kites and competent foiling skills.

3. What Is The Easiest Type Of Kite To Fly?

Single-line kites, such as delta, diamond, parafoil, sled, and novelty kite forms, are the easiest to fly. They are said to be the best for beginners to try.

4. How Do You Choose A Kite Foil?

The foil will be more forgiving if the surface area is larger than the profile thickness. However, the foil will quickly saturate due to the high speed. A smaller wing, on the other hand, will produce a faster foil, but it will be more difficult for beginners to use.

5. What Is Kite Foiling?

Kite foiling, also known as foil boarding, hydrofoil kiteboarding, and foil kitesurfing, isn’t nearly as difficult as it appears. It’s basically kiteboarding with a hydrofoil underneath the board. You can kite above the water’s surface thanks to the foil.


However, the choice really is yours. You just need to think about if the kite is right for you now, or in the future, and if so, which one suits you best. This way, it will be easy for you to find a new and interesting hobby to do in your spare time, as well as stay fit with a foil kite.

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