Best Floor Lamps for Reading- Comfortable for Eyes

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When you read avidly, or you lie on your stomach all day, your eyes will tire. To protect your eyes, let’s take a look at some of the best floor lamps for reading.

We are concerned about your reading style because reading keeps your brain muscles in shape. Low light reading or lying down may cause burning, watery eyes and worsen your vision since straining the eye muscles directly affects your vision.

We have compiled the best Amazon products to keep your eyes healthy. This way, you won’t feel overwhelmed by the number of brands and products available.

With these floor lamps, you will not only make your interior more beautiful, but you will also be able to relax and not feel tired.

6 Best Floor Lamps for Reading Reviews

Brightness and color temperature are important factors in choosing the best floor lamps. Listed in this article you can find the perfect ones for your room to complement its decor.

1. Brightech Litespan LED Bright Reading and Craft Floor Lamp

Brightech Litespan - Bright LED Floor Lamp for Crafts and Reading, Estheticians' Light for Lash Extensions, Adjustable Gooseneck Standing Lamp for Living Room, Bedroom and Office - Natural Wood

I was immediately struck by the lamp’s ugly appearance. My mind has changed, so please consider my viewpoint.

Our review of the best LED reading lamps includes one of the best. The gooseneck compensates for the cool temperature light that it produces. By moving the light, you can adjust its angle.

Additionally, the bulb doesn’t get too hot so that a colorful cloth can be draped over it for a cozy atmosphere.

To avoid the original black color, I suggest you do not select it. Consider something warmer and more fun.

It can also be used for advanced tasks like editing, designing, and crafting.

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2. Brightech Leaf – Adjustable Pharmacy LED Floor Lamp

Brightech Leaf LED Floor lamp, Pharmacy LED Floor Lamp for Living Rooms & Offices, Adjustable Standing Lamp for Bedroom Reading, Tall Lamp for Sewing & Craftwork - Antique Brass/Gold

It’s an eye-candy to look at. Golden lamps are instantly more appealing when placed inside any room interior for their sophisticated and beautiful appearance. Light can be focused wherever it is needed, thanks to the flexible neck. This reading device could read fine book prints, read newspaper articles, do puzzles, etc.

Dimming modes are available in three intensities, and the lamp can be scaled at three levels of brightness. A 100-watt incandescent bulb is comparable in brightness. The eyes would feel relieved and less stressed as they age.

Well-constructed body. Despite its simplicity and ease of use, users have reported the setup process to be straightforward. With its slender design, this lamp can fit comfortably into a corner of any room.

Even in the lowest brightness setting, the light is very directional. If you prefer minimalist lamps that produce decent lighting, this is the lamp for you. A three-year warranty is also offered by the brand.

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3. Aaron Tall Standing Floor Lamp

Aaron Mid Century Modern Tree Floor Lamp Standing 64' Tall Aged Brass Gold Adjustable 3-Light Dome Shade Decor for Living Room Reading House Bedroom Office - 360 Lighting

Design-wise, the lamp is stunning. Thanks must be given to the spectacular design of the leaf lights. The light shines perfectly into every corner, providing 360-degree coverage for the most comfortable reading experience.

Flexible and sturdy, these lamp heads can be adjusted in a variety of angles. It’s a steady package. There is no thin or cheap plastic used to make this. The instructions are straightforward to follow. There seems to be a lot of satisfaction among the users. 

Any room it is kept in will be radiated with beauty thanks to its elegant metal finish. This makes the price seem higher than it really is. If you bounce a soccer ball into it, it will not topple over. You can’t get anything better for the price.

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4. LEPOWER Wood Tripod Floor Lamp

LEPOWER Wood Tripod Floor Lamp, Mid Century Standing Lamp, Modern Design Studying Light for Living Room, Bedroom, Study Room and Office, Flaxen Lamp Shade with E26 Lamp Base

This LEPOWER Wood Tripod allows you to have a good quality ambient floor lamp at an affordable price. Due to its sturdy legs and lightweight base, this tripod produces an impressively wide base that remains stable and stable, although it is lightweight. 

The testers preferred the wood finish due to its rustic appeal. Despite its wide stance, the sofa is easily tucked underneath your couch due to its wide stance. In addition to controlling it with your foot, this lamp can pair with smart home technology.

This appealing aesthetic is further enhanced by the use of a light opaque drum shade. Unless you sit right next to this lamp, you will have difficulty reading with this lamp on. It softens bright light, so you cannot read well unless you are right next to it. 

The price is good and it has a great look so that I would recommend it.

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5. CO-Z Modern Arc Floor Lamp

VONLUCE Bright LED Floor Lamp with 5 Lights, Modern Dimmable Task Standing Light Fixture with Stable Marble Base for Living Room Office, Contemporary Touch Arch Pole Lamp with Five Adjustable Heads

Featuring a thin stand and a curved neck, this modern piece is a classic. The floor lamp may be used whenever there is not enough room for one. This lamp provides the perfect reading light behind a bed, couch, or chair. You can choose from brushed nickel and other finishes.

Complement it with rooms featuring contemporary or modern design. These reading chair floor lamps have a 12 inch diameter lamp base and weigh 14 lbs. The risk of falling isn’t a concern. In terms of height, the lamp ranges between 61 inches and 70 inches.

Moreover, the height of the lamp shades consists of 9.8 inches, and the Co-Z base width varies between 25 and 38 inches. The table’s base is made of marble. The power cord extends five feet. An LED bulb with a 9W power supply guarantees 20,000 hours of service.

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6. Kenley Natural Daylight Floor Lamp

Kenley Natural Daylight Floor Lamp - Tall Reading Task Craft Light - 27W Full Spectrum White Bright Sunlight Standing Torchiere for Living Room Bedroom or Office - Adjustable Gooseneck Arm - Dark Wood

This design of floor lamps is undeniably popular. Grey, dark wood, and black are your choices. The lamp has a modern look and is lightweight, making it suitable for any décor. There is a height of 63 inches and a cable length of 69 inches on the lamp.

This lamp’s sturdy base prevents it from tipping over. The base is made of metal. Kenley’s 27W CFL bulbs last 8,000 hours and are energy-efficient. Lighting angles can be adjusted to any desired degree.

This reading lamp has an adjustable neck that can direct the light to meet your needs best. The Kenley lamp provides six times as much light as daylight at 6400K. There is great color accuracy and good detail in the picture.

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Buying Guide for the Best Floor Lamps for Reading

This is the best-reviewed and most popular reading lamp out of these. Here is a fair assessment of each based on the reviews and performances.

The type of lamp and its design, the lifespan of the battery, and the varying color temperatures should all be considered when choosing one. Here are the crucial factors you should consider before investing your hard-earned money.

LED Color

Most lamps have three general illumination colors: warm daylight, cool white light, and yellow-orange light. Color tones will be changed throughout the day depending on the time of day. Reading under a warm light might be a good idea before you go to bed.

Use a soft, blueish-white color tone instead if you plan on using it at night. The blue light you are exposed to during the day also interferes with your sleep cycle. You could also buy a blue light filter for a lamp that offers a variety of changing options.


An ideal reading light should have a lumen of between 1600 and 5000K. A warm light lamp with lumens under 2700K is good for your eyes. People who are early birds or night owls will benefit from this. They also increase your melanin production. 

If you use cool white light too much, you may suffer eye damage. Furthermore, these conditions may cause cataracts.

Light Intensity

During the middle of a chapter, you don’t want to be yelled at or distracted by someone speaking loudly.

Thus, you should purchase a lamp with several brightness settings to be dimmed when necessary without making the other half uncomfortable. Flickering or glaring lights are also unacceptable.

There are many dimming options available, such as Brightech Sky LED, Brightech Litespan, and Ebest. It is possible to turn them into nightlights whenever necessary. When you use these, the light will be bright and consistent.

Battery life 

AAA batteries are generally rechargeable, or they can be replaced. 

We recommend to anyone who is an insatiable bookworm the rechargeable battery option or the plain lamp. A lamp from Ebest will not let you down. The lamp can be charged via USB easily and conveniently.

Warranty Period

Warranty periods should be as long as possible. In advertisements, most brands make dubious claims and overhype their products. Therefore, you should choose lamps with long warranty periods like the Brightech Leaf LED or Brightech Sky LED.

Lamp Design

There are many types of lamps available today. Your furniture will be enhanced beautifully by the Aaron tree light lamp, for instance. Brightech Halo Split also stands out for its awesome design and excellent performance.

The design of a lamp plays an important role in providing adequate illumination. A quality lamp should be able to provide clear and nonobtrusive illumination. If you choose a two-page spread, it can take up to two hours to complete.

What Types of Floor Lamps are the Best for Reading?

Home and office reading floor lamps are common. Considering the décor aside, which reading light is the most effective? These are the best kinds.

Classic: Most people use task lights. It can be used as a reading, study, and working lamp, all with adjustable neck and brightness.

Arching: Having overhead lighting can provide a clearer view when reading books, magazines, and newspapers. A sofa and a reading chair can be placed behind or beside it.

Tree: Having multiple heads means that you can read twice as long, tripled, and even further. The possibility of missing any illumination space is ruled out. Furthermore, it allows two people to read simultaneously.

A torchière floor lamp is a good example of an upward light that cannot do the job well when reading something.


Given the information above, choosing the right floor lamp for your home can be pretty challenging. As a result, you have a wide range of choices. Take proper steps, however, to pick one that suits your preferences.

It is beneficial to use floor lamps. They provide comfort, decor, and ambiance in many ways. Our article does our best to provide you with the most effective options. Choosing a floor lamp is a task that can be completed by following the points mentioned in the buyer’s guide.

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