Top 10 Best Flex Nib Fountain Pen Review

Over centuries, fountain pens have not lost their appeal. Artists, calligraphers, and master writers use fountain pens to date. The popularity of flex nib fountain pens is on the rise too. People love flexes nib fountain pens because they give a lot of different characters and expressions in writing. You can change the width of your letters simply by adding more pressure. But not all flex nibs are created equally. Follow our list to find out the best flex nib fountain pen that works perfectly for you. 

Flex nib pens like little flex have a spongy feel. They’ll give you fewer line variations. On the other hand, you will get more line variations with fountain pens that flex more. Apart from the nib and its flexibility, you have to consider the price of your pen. If you are a beginner, you do not want to invest a lot of money. You can look into the nib if you are that picky. 

With a matte black look, Forest Fountain Pen is our top pick. It has a classic look and offers three nib options. The weight of this pen is measured very carefully. Check out our list of other fountain pens that you can consider.

Our Favorite Best Flex Nib Fountain Pen

Comparison Table

NameInk colorNumber of piecesMetal TypePoint Type
Matte Black Forest Fountain Pen Extra Fine NibBlack1MetalFine
Waterman Graduate Allure Fountain PenBlue1MetalMedium
Pilot Varsity Disposable Fountain Pens Blue6PlasticMedium
BEILUNER Luxury Fountain Pen SetBlack1Stainless steelMedium
Amazon Basics Refillable Fountain PenBlack1MetalMedium
Scriveiner Silver Chrome Fountain Pen Black, Blue1BrassMedium
Wordsworth & Black Fountain Pen Set  Black, blue 1MetalMedium
Dryden Designs Fountain PenMulticolor1Stainless SteelMedium
Picasso 903 Sweden Flower King Fountain PenBlack1Stainless steelFine
Waterman Expert Fountain PenBlue1Stainless SteelMedium

Top 10 Best Flex Nib Fountain Pen Reviews- 2022

1. Matte Black Forest Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib

If you are searching for a birthday present, don’t worry about it; just buy a Matte Black Forest Fountain Pen, which offers you an elegant cute metal box, and present it to the birthday buddy. Honestly, it is too perfect the best flex nib fountain pen.

Its’ classic design and metal color attract everyone and satisfy its’ users with an exceptional writing experience. It must be recommended as a super flex fountain pen; please apply once!


Unique design

The pen is designed with a unique; Black PVD Coated stainless nib to provide a fantastic writing experience. The pen’s body is aesthetically designed for artful writing and balanced well for exceptional use. It is the best pen for signature. You will just love this pen for sure.

Balanced writing instrument

Despite illustrating such a royal design, the metal and the pen’s weight are calculated and suitable enough for use and carry. You will have a comfortable and long writing journey.

8 Gorgeous Colors

The pen offers different colors like Black, Blue, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Mustard Yellow, Pink, Purple, and Silver, to express a sophisticated and modern style with comfort. At the same time, these colors represent your possession of taste and personality to your friends and colleagues.

An amazing pen case

A Cute and amazing metal case is provided with a pen that gives a nice present vibe. You can undoubtedly choose this pen as a lovely gift for your loved ones.


  • Flawless and exceptional writing experience.
  • Smooth as silk.
  • Easy to use and carry.
  • The pen is very durable and scratch resistant.
  • Reasonable in price.


  • Measurable nib.

2. Waterman Graduate Allure Fountain Pen

If you are obsessed with blue, then the Waterman Graduate Allure Fountain Pen is the best choice for you. It seems like you won’t feel blue until the pen is with you.

The extraordinary blue lacquer with the blue metallic design of the pen, including blue ink, will just mesmerize you with its’ blue beauty. It will be the perfect definition of a blue lover like you. 


Consistent writing

The durable engraved nib lets the users have consistent, skip free, soothing, and fine writing. It can be ensured that the pen won’t disappoint you in any way.

Attractive design and material

The pen is made of metal consisting of the clip and ring made of stainless steel, including the shiny chrome. The nib is also made of stainless steel. The whole design and the material are amazing to blow up your mind.

Matte shade

No, it is not talking about the ink color. It talks about the coverage of the pen. The pen is covered with a tasteful blue lacquer matte in the shade. This shade adds extra attractiveness to the pen.


The pen includes an attached cartridge refillable with short and long waterman ink and is also balanced with the standard waterman plunger. The pen is just comfortable for the students or the professionals and is presented in a wonderful gift box.


  • Gorgeous and Modern pen.
  • Includes sophisticated colors of barrels.
  • Erasable blue ink.
  • Effortless writing on rough and cheap coated paper.
  • Smooth delivery.


  • Terrible ink flow.

3. Pilot Varsity Disposable Fountain Pens

You are looking for a suitable pen by which you can take your casual class notes nicely; then Pilot Varsity Disposable Fountain Pens are the best solution for you.

These pens are disposable and very suitable to use. The nice casual design attracts the varsity students like you.


A nice combined package

The set includes 6 pens. You will just be amazed to see the combination of 3 black pens and 3 blue pens within a single packet.

Unique fountain pen

The pen is unique in its’ material and element. The ink includes an advanced liquid and a unique soothing nib to ensure a smooth writing experience.

Visible ink supplies

You can easily see the amount of ink to calculate how much ink is left how long you can continue with the particular pen. The visible ink supplier provides you with such a facility.


  • Modern flex nib pen.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Writes very well.
  • Standard nib provides smooth delivery.
  • Does not leak.


  • The dry ink gets too scratchy.

4. BEILUNER Luxury Fountain Pen Set

Are you looking for a fountain pen that you can use for every occasion? Then BEILUNER Luxury Fountain Pen is the right option for you.

Using this pen will have a controlled, effortless, and elegant writing experience. The ink flows very smoothly to get you interruption free writing.



This stainless steel fountain with SCHMIDT ink feeding to soaks ink easily to get you a mess free writing. The medium point with gorgeous design treats you with exact, precise, comfortable, and exceptional writing for every occasion.

Ink capacity

The pen includes a highly qualified 24K gold plated Medium Nib that offers an amazing writing experience and a consistent ink flow. These pens have a larger ink capacity. The regular converter holds about 0.5ml of ink, and the Schmidt converter holds about 0.85ml of ink, which allows you for long periods of use after filling once. It saves your time.


The pen is thoughtfully constructed and perfectly weighted so that both the left-hand and right-hand writers can easily use it. The best material with matched lid and the medium point lets you have a non-stop ink flow for perfect writing.

Gift case

These pens are nice as gifts. The gorgeous and artfully crafted gift case with 6 black ink cartridges makes the pen lavish to use and watch. You can easily afford the pen as a token of gift to your loved ones.


  • The pen includes an ink refill converter..
  • Hermetically sealed and non-deformable
  • Longer and lengthy writing.
  • Effortless pen strokes.
  • Perfectly weighted for comfortable use.


  • A little bit slippery.

5. Amazon Basics Refillable Fountain Pen

If you are looking for a pen with a comfortable holding system, then AmazonBasics Refillable Fountain Pen is the best cheap fountain pen for you.

Due to the metal barrel and metal clip in its’ formation, the pen is comfortable to hold, and you can easily attach it with a notebook or pocket.


Writing Service

This fountain pen is very smooth to apply, and the premium feel with its metal item makes the writing luxurious and amazing.

Ink quality

Ink is highly water and dye based and also refillable. You will have a flexible flow of ink and the pen with 1 cartridge and 2 refillers. You won’t get stopped in the middle of your task.

Medium Nib

The nib is medium in size that enables the user to create clear, bold, and fine lines. You can make your document super visible and praise worthy.

Gift case

You will have an excellent black plastic case with a pen that may give it the cute gifting sort of vibe. You can choose this nice hand gadget as a token of gift and can impress your beloved.


  • Reasonable price.
  • Includes standard converters.
  • Constructed with solid metal.
  • Ink creates bold lines.
  • Attractive design.


  • The grip is a little bit narrow.

6. Scriveiner Silver Chrome Fountain Pen

Are you looking for a stunning executive pen? , then go and buy Scriveiner Silver Chrome Fountain Pen and get a classy image.

The pen itself is amazing with its 24k gold finish and Schmidt 18K Gilded Nib, and you will be just in love with its sophisticated outlook.


Super experience in writing

The pen includes a medium Schmidt 18K Gilded Nib that enables the user to get beautiful and effortless writing on any type of paper. If you are fascinated with calligraphy, just purchase this nice calligraphy fountain pen.

Easy to hold

The Schmidt ink makes the pen super smooth to apply. This luxury pen is perfectly designed, weighted, and balanced to provide you with the fullest comfort while applying it. If you have to write every day, you will love to use it. It is very easy to hold.

Attractive Outfit

The silver coated design with 24 k gold finishing gives the pen an elegant look. You will be just blown up by its design and can carry this in any kind of environment, like in an office room at a coffee shop. The outlook is just fantastic; whoever looks at this will be fascinated by its outlook.

Presentation Gift Box

The pen is nicely packed under two spare cartridges. You can present this pen set to your loved ones on any occasion. The pen can be used in any task, whether in an office or at a party. You can easily bring out the pen and introduce people with your smart image.


  • A calligraphy fountain pen.
  • Two nice colors, black and blue.
  • Smooth writing experience.
  • Well-constructed body and nib.
  • Easily affordable.


  • It becomes leaky by time.

7. Wordsworth & Black Fountain Pen Set

Are you searching for something suitable for calligraphy? ThenWordsworth & Black Fountain Pen Set is the right pen for you.

You can carry this pen set with you wherever you go and get the amazing writing service to enchanting your writing experience.



The pen is carefully handcrafted, and hand tested. The quality is amazing. You will just love to get this pen in your hand for lifetime use.

Fine lines

The innovative nib from Germany provides a steady, smooth, and leakage free flow. Even the cap cover is very nice. You will get a skip free writing experience to spontaneously put your imagination on paper. It is a perfect pen for calligraphy.

Aesthetic and facilitative design

This luxurious pen includes an ink converter, 3x blue ink cartridges, 3x black ink cartridges, a premium leather pen case, and a deluxe gift box that has added present elegant vibes in it. It is your choice whether you will use this amazing pen or present it to someone.

Non Toxic ink 

The ink is skin friendly and smudges free. Without smudging, you will have a nonstop writing experience, even on your hands, desk, or paper.


  • Smooth and sleek.
  • Ergonomic design to put your energy on.
  • Free ink cartridges to keep the writing on the right path.
  • Free ink converter to refill ink.
  • An amazing writing tool for both left handers and right handers.


  • It is a little bit heavy.

8. Dryden Designs Fountain Pen

You are a very callous user; most of the time, your pens get damaged because you do not know how to maintain all these and don’t get any kind of instruction. If it is the situation, then Dryden Designs Fountain Pen is the best solution.

The pen provides you a complimentary guide regarding the maintenance of the pens to make the bonding between you and the pen long lasting.



If you use Dryden designs fountain pen, you will get the opportunity to evident the Blue metallic bodied modern design of the pen. The stainless body of the pen is perfectly crafted and sturdy to be a perfect suit for your listing and journaling. So get an elegant journey!

Suitable for daily use

The pen is portable to carry everywhere, providing a smooth, consistent, and fine lining. Your lines will always slide across the pages to get visible as notes on the other side of your page. You can easily use this pen every day.


The pen is an all-rounder within its design, use, and facilities. The elegant blue metallic body, including the piston converter, makes the pen versatile with its appearance and use. You can even fill up the pen with separate ink to have a non-stop service from the pen.

Balanced design

The medium nib makes the delivery precise, and the perfect metallic body makes the pen comfortable to hold.  It also offers multicolor shades. It provides a balanced service to make your writing loss lasting.


  • Perfect for journaling and calligraphy.
  • Nice pen for both the left handers and right handers.
  • High quality ink converter.
  • Easy to hold- hand assembled.
  • Suitable as gifts


  • Sometimes the ink interrupts in the middle of writing.

9. Picasso 903 Sweden Flower King Fountain Pen

Are you tired of searching for a suitable black ink pen? Don’t worry; now it is time to relax. Picasso 903 Sweden Flower King Fountain Pen has come to solve your problem.

The nice black outfit with nice bold black ink makes your writing expressive and beautiful. You will just be happy to have it.



The grip of Picasso is highly thin and is sealed better. It serves you with smooth delivery even if having a larger nib. It is well constructed to deliver the user comfortable use.


The pen is nicely balanced with its weight. You will find it as easy as you are holding silk or cotton. You will just love this pen.


The cap is of the pushing type, so it is easy to apply, and you just don’t have to be worried about losing it and damaging the ink.

Full package

The packet includes 1 set of Picasso pens with a box and a converter. You can only use bottled ink. So it saves your time in many ways. At least, it does not create hassles for searching for suitable ink.


  • Fine tip.
  • Creates solid and thin lines.
  • Attractive flow of ink.
  • Lighter weight
  • Affordable


  • Ink gets washed in mild soap.

10. Waterman Expert Fountain Pen

Do you want to propose to your beloved something different? Then present her a golden color Waterman Expert Fountain Pen with a cute ring; she will be yours for sure.

The pen is here to enchant you with the black and golden combination and its’ generous cigar shape with a nice central ring. You and your beloved will just get impressed by its appearance.


Poetic Design

It is thrilling to use this pen; It is the finest in any way, poetry, movement, or designing. The nib is streamlined and is ready to provide you with smooth delivery on paper with bold lines and fluid curves. 


The design of the pen is elegant and royal. The high gloss black glazy finishing with flourishing golden trim offers a nice hand gadget to an aristocrat. The nib is golden, and the silver tone just looks amazing.


The pen includes ink refill so that you can never get stopped in your task. It is very easy to refill the nib with ink. You will get a hybrid party using this pen.

Flawless writing

Using this pen, you will have fun; the nib is smooth and glossy to get you a non-stop writing experience. Daily writers like journalists or other document writers are recommended to buy this pen. The nib provides an authentic writing experience to get ideal personal expressions.


  • Available in black and blue color.
  • Provides a nice pen case.
  • Nice and solid with a nice reasonable price.
  • Portable pen
  • Includes standard converter.


  • The cap is not tight, sometimes the ink leaks and creates a messy situation.

Best Flex Nib Fountain Pen Buying Guide

best flex nib fountain pen

Some people buy fountain pens to create art or to write. Some collect them as a hobby. In both cases, choosing a flex nib fountain pen can be tricky. A lot of you ask for tips. So, here’s my guide for buying a flex nib fountain pen. It will be helpful for beginners who will buy their first flex nib fountain pen. 

Decide Why You Need a Flex Nib Fountain Pen

Firstly, you must know why you need a flex nib fountain pen. There are tons of fountain pens in the market. But you want a flex nib fountain pen when you add different line variations in your writings and add strokes in your drawings. No fountain pens offer better line variation than a flex nib fountain pen. 

Set Your Budget 

We should discuss your budget as it is a crucial decision in buying the best flex nib fountain pen. Some pens are below $50 and above $500. But, you should set a budget that you is within your range. If you are a beginner exploring your hobby and your skill, you should go for a cheaper pen that’s low on budget but offers everything you ask of it. But if you are a collector, go for any price range. There is no budget for a hobby. 

Check the Nib 

You have to be careful about the nib you choose. Remember, you’re not buying a pen; you are purchasing its flex nib. There are many flex nib fountain pens in the market. Don’t go for names. Go for one that serves your purpose. A lot of small-name fountain pens work amazingly. So, check the nib and see how much flexibility it offers. 

Look Matters 

You would want to select a flex nib fountain pen that suits your style. There are many modern and vintage pens available in the market. First, you have to decide whether you want the latest flex nib fountain pen or a vintage one. Many vintage pens are cheaper than modern ones. So, be sure of whether you want an elegant-looking fountain pen or a wildcard one. 

Pen with Legacy 

You might want a pen that has its legacy and its collectible value. The heritage of a fountain pen is always important to people. Whether you are an artist or a collector, the collectible value of your fountain pen is always very precious to you. 

How to Write With a Flex Nib Fountain Pen?

Let’s assume you have an un-inked and brand-new flex nib fountain pen. I will show you the process of how you can start with your pen. 

Clean Your Pen 

The first step is to check for testing ink or manufacturing oils in the nib and the feed. Ink flow is very crucial for flex nib pens. They require a high flow of ink. You have to clean your pen’s nib and the feed before starting. Use normal water to clean them. Dry them with a towel or let the air do its work. 

Fill-up the Ink

Next, you have to fill up your pen with ink. A wet flow ink is ideal for the first time filling your flex nib pen because oversaturated inks may dry up soon, and you won’t get a smooth writing experience. In a flex nib pen, you need more ink than standard nibs. So, fill up your pen to the fullest. 

Select a Flex Nib Friendly Paper 

Not all the papers are flex nib friendly. You have to find one that goes well with your flex nib pen. Ink flows at a higher rate when you flex the time. It can bleed through or go out of the line on thin cheap papers.  

Keep the Angle & Pressure Right 

Holding your pen at a 45-degree angle on the paper will give you optimal flex. If it’s higher, you won’t get enough flex. If it’s lower, the feed will hit the paper. Apply pressure when you pull the nib on the downstroke. Never roll your hand while putting pressure. 

Practice your Way Through 

Start by practicing simple and basic movements. Flex nibs will generally survive but do not flex too much. Everything has a point of no return. 

How to Clean Fountain Pen Nib?

Like everything else, fountain pens need regular maintenance. More specifically, you have to clean the nib section to get a smooth writing experience. The ink cannot flow smoothly because Ink dries out easily and blocks nibs. You have to clean it before changing the ink.

You have to clean your fountain pen nib once every seven or eight weeks. But if you feel any trouble writing with your pen, clean it immediately. Follow these processes to clean it:

  • Firstly, remove the nib from the pen and keep hold of the grip. If there is any cartage or converter, bring it out too. Wrap its open end with a cling film or any other wrapper if you want to preserve the ink. Once finished cleaning, remove the wrapper and replace it with the pen again. 
  • Next, hold the nib by its grip section and take it under cold running water for a few seconds. Remember, you have to keep it downwards. You can use room temperature water but never use hot water. Hot water might damage your nib. You can use a syringe for more precious flow. 
  • Now, take some clean water in a beaker or a mug and place your nib into it. You have to make sure that the nib is completely drowning in water. Change the water when it becomes completely saturated with ink color. Replicate this process several times until the water remains clean for about an hour.  
  • Finally, bring the nib out of the water and place it on something soft and absorbing. You can use a kitchen towel or soft clothes to do it. Keep it there for a couple of days. Change the towel or clothes if the ink saturates it completely. Once it’s thoroughly dry, it’s time to put your pen together. 


What is a Flexible Fountain Pen Nib?

A flexible nib or a flex nib is a fountain pen nib type that can create a lot of different line variations. It allows you to change the width of your letters by putting more pressure on the pen. There are many types of flex nibs available. The most flexible ones are known as ‘wet noodles.’ 

How Do You Use a Flex Nib Dip Pen?

Flex nibs are available for dip pens as well. To use a dip pen, you must select your flex nib dip pen, acrylic ink, and the right paper. Dip your pen nib into the ink very well. Then shake off the excess ink from the nib and start writing on paper. 

How Do You Adjust Fountain Pen Nibs?

Most of the fountain pens come adjusted. You can start writing right out of the box. But if it is not the case, you can manually adjust the nip. Use a magnifying glass to see if the tines are aligned correctly. If the tines are not touching each other, work them back and forth to adjust your nib. 

How Do I Know if My Flex is Nib?

Identifying a flex nib is not that hard. If you can’t spot a flex nib with your first sight, you can look for some features a flex nib usually has. Most flex nibs have thin tines and thin undersides. Nibs are often made of 14k gold. If you find these features in your nib, there is a chance your nib is a flex one. 

How Can I Make My Pen Write Smoothly?

You can make your pen write smoothly every time by cleaning it regularly. You have to keep the nib and the feed clean. Use fresh water to clean it. You can sometimes use vinegar to clean your nib. If it is scratchy, smoothen it with smoothing tools.  

Final Words

People are writing with fountain pens for a long time. Nowadays, it is an acquired test. Flex nib fountain pens are a delicate choice. It gives you the freedom to write and create designs as you wish. You can go from a thinner line to broader lines by putting pressure on your pen. But choosing the right pen is the challenge. With lots of options available on the market, it is hard to find the best flex nib fountain pen. But I hope you are no longer in doubt. You have our list of best flex nib fountain pen. Now you can choose your pen quite easily. So, get your pen and start writing.

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