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A fireproof document bag can help you retain a copy of important documents like birth certificates, bank statements and other personal records, so you have them if they’re destroyed. Various types of fireproof document bags are available, but some are better than others. The following is a list of the best fireproof document bags on the market today.

Here are the best fireproof money bag available on the market.

How Fireproof Are Fireproof Bags?

Most bags feature a lining that helps maintain the internal temperature to protect your documents from heat damage. It’s common to see two temperature ranges: one for the bag’s ability to tolerate exterior temperatures and one for preserving internal temperatures. Exterior heat resistance ranges from 1000 to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, keeping the inside temperature between 125 and 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Independent research groups like the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and Intertek put products through rigorous testing before they reach the market (ETL). They’re rated for fire safety and water resistance, and both are considered. You may be assured of high-quality products that have passed testing with the UL or ETL seals. If a fire breaks out on your property, you’ll need water to put it out, so these bags should also be water-resistant.

Editor’s Pick-Fireproof Money Bag

Best Fireproof Money Bag Reviews In 2023

1. UNDUN Fireproof Document Bags,13.4”x 9.4” Waterproof and Fireproof Money Bag

UNDUN’s silicone-coated fibreglass bags provide a viable, cost-efficient fireproof alternative to a full aluminium-lined safe. Our fibreglass document bags may be the best choice for those with limited space or seeking an accessible container solution. Certainly if fit and budget are a concern, there is little to match the convenience of our silicone-coated fibreglass bags. Whatever your needs are, we think that UNDUN provides a viable solution and hope we’ve helped to shed some light on the benefits of our products and appreciate your taking the time to learn more about us from this article.

Featuring An A4 Size Pocket

Fireproof Document Bags are designed with no-itchy silicone coated fibreglass fabric! Withstanding temperatures as high as 1832℉ (about 1000℃) and featuring an A4 size pocket that offers enough storage space, you can put many valuables in it, such as documents, cash, passports, licenses, and certificates, coins, letters, , precious photos, marriage certificate etc. With a fireproof zipper closure and portable handing trap,it is convenient for you to carry a fireproof safe bag to the office, home or business.

Superior Silicone Fibreglass Material

Do you worry about what happens in case of fire? Our fireproof document bag can protect your valuables from the fire’s damage. It is made with superior silicone fibreglass material that can withstand up to 1832°F. The added protection of the Fire Resistant Money Bag ensures that your valuables are fully protected, giving you peace of mind.

2. ROLOWAY Small Fireproof Bag

This fireproof safe bag is impossible to break into, thanks to the stainless steel-reinforced fibres that make up the centre of the bag. It’s not significantly heavier than a standard bag, either, at 0.5 pounds. This is a cool option for smaller stuff if you’re not looking to store large valuables or cash in this safe.

Portable Size for Small Valuables

Our Small Fireproof Bags are SPECIFICALLY designed to stow your passport, cash, letters, precious photos, jewellery, keys, cards and more. The FIREPROOF and WATER RESISTANT materials enable our fireproof envelope to survive fire and perform reliably in ALL weather conditions.

Perfectly Fit Jumbo ROLOWAYs

Our other JUMBO size fireproof bag: (15 x 12 x 5 inches & 17 x 12 x 5.8 inches) has earned GREAT REPUTATION for protecting customers’ big-size valuables. These 2 PORTABLE Fireproof Money Bags perfectly fit our JUMBO ROLOWAYs and offer the MOST COMPLETE protection TOGETHER in the market.

3. Upgraded Two Pockets Fireproof Document Bag

The bag has an excellent design and is made of superior materials. It is roomy, and light, and the straps make it easy to carry around. The size is great for toting extra items like a travel pillow or blanket. Personally, I use it to transport my laptop, tablet, backpack (if I’m travelling), and other office items when I go on vacation.

Top Quality Fireproof Material

The zippers, seams, body material, and every small detail you worry about complies with UL 94V-0 standard for SAFETY TEST, and the flammability is up to 2000°F.

Professional Waterproof Design

Double secure closure with professional Waterproof Zipper and Hook & Loop Closure to ensure excellent water protection. All to keep your valuables 360° SAFE.

Portable Handing Strap

Super easy to carry and use anytime, anywhere. Perfect for business travel, office, home use and emergency preparation.

4. Fireproof Document Bag Pouch Size

Safely store your important documents, papers and money in this fireproof bag. It is made with a special film that can withstand fire and keep the water out. This fireproof bag also has a neutral smell, allowing it to be used anywhere in hotel rooms, home offices, and college dorms. For added protection, keep all important documents such as passports and birth certificates in water or waterproof safe for short-term storage.

Bags With Zippers

 An average house fire ranges between 1500°F to 1800°F. These fire-safe money bags with zippers ensure your essential papers are protected whilst you evacuate. Keep cash safe with a fireproof money bag.

Create Fire-safe Money

 Don’t settle for a fireproof money bag pouch that could jeopardize your important documents. We’ve done our research and consulting professionals to create fire-safe money pouches for cash that are unmatched.

5. JUNDUN Fireproof Money Bag

A fireproof money bag is designed with no-itchy silicone coated fibreglass fabric! Withstanding temperatures as high as 1832℉ (about 1000℃) and featuring an A5 size pocket that offers safe storing space, you can put many valuables in it, such as passports, licenses, certificates, coins, cash, letters, precious photos, marriage certificates etc. With a fireproof zipper closure and portable handing trap, it is convenient for you to carry fashional handbags to the office, home or business.

Fireproof And Water Resistant

Do you worry about what happens in case of fire ? Our fireproof document bag can protect your valuables from damage. It is made with superior quality silicone fibreglass material that can withstand up to 1832°F. The added protection of the Fireproof Cash Bag ensures that your valuables are fully protected, giving you peace of mind.

Convenient Storage Capacity

A fireproof safe pouch can store cash, credit cards, passports, licenses, hospital records, bank books, and even small jewellery; it can be stored anywhere. The fireproof bag is very flexible and folded. You can carry it on the go easily.


How To Choose The Best Fireproof Money Bag Before Purchasing

The better fireproof document bags have two or more layers of silicone-treated fibreglass for further heat resistance. Aluminium foil liners can also be seen in some. The bag’s contents will not be safe if placed in a burning building. Consider a fireproof safe designed to withstand flames for one or two hours if you need complete fire protection.

Rating for Fire Resistantness

Despite the lack of government rules on testing fireproof document bags, producers employ materials that have been proven to withstand fire. Check if it can handle temperatures between 1,000 and 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit to evaluate its fireproof level.

As a global safety certification company, Underwriter’s Laboratories has tested and validated fire and melting resistance materials. Although not all bags will have this rating, it does not imply that the bag will be completely impervious to flames.

Compartments and Size

It’s possible to find fireproof document bags ranging from the size of an envelope with a single compartment all the way up to the size of a briefcase with many pockets and compartments. A tiny bag can be tucked inside a bigger one for additional protection when purchasing fireproof document bags.

Ability To Withstand Both Heat And Water

For two reasons, manufacturers often advertise their fireproof bags as waterproof or water-resistant. Once that seal has been made, it’s important to ensure it’s tight enough to prevent heat from escaping and water from getting in. However, the bag is likely to get doused with water hoses if it’s in a burning house or car trunk; therefore, it’s a good idea to have some water protection for the stored documents in the bag.

Style of Locking and Closing

Document bags made of fire-resistant materials often include a zipper or a Velcro-like fastening. In some cases, a bag’s fire resistance is increased by having more than one form of closure, such as an internal zipper and an additional Velcro-type closure.

Objects That Are Being Kept

A fireproof document bag can be used to hold property documents, birth certificates, paper money, passports, and notes with written passwords to online accounts, among other things. Other valuables, including jewels, vintage photos, or even digital thumb drives, can be added to some large bags.

Frequently Asked Question

Do Fireproof Money Bags Work?

Fireproof bags are primarily designed to protect the contents from flames rather than heat. Although they will provide some protection, surviving for around 30 minutes to two hours in a fire burning at 1,500℉, even the best fireproof bags are little more than fire-resistant.

Will Money Burn In A Fireproof Safe?

Put it in a fireproof safe. Cash is made from paper and will burn if exposed to fire. Therefore if you are going to put it in a safe, be sure the safe is fireproof. Many companies sell safes strictly for storing cash, which is called cash safes. These safes protect the cash from fire if a fire occurs in your home.

How Long Does A Fireproof Bag Last?

How long do fireproof bags last in a fire? The National Fire Protection Association has a standard that requires fireproof bags to be exposed to temperatures over 1700 degrees for at least 30 minutes. You can also expose the bag to temperatures as high as 2700 degrees for two hours if needed.

Are Fireproof Bags Waterproof?

Made of premium fire retardant fibreglass and silicone coated layer exterior, fireproof up to 2000℉. Featured with high-quality silicone coated and strong zipper makes it waterproof. Combining a Fireproof bag and a safe box together is the best solution. Three different sizes can hold most valuables and documents.

How Much Money Can You Put In A Bank Without Questions?

Under the Bank Secrecy Act, banks and other financial institutions must report cash deposits greater than $10,000. But since many criminals are aware of that requirement, banks are also supposed to report any suspicious transactions, including deposits below $10,000.


We hope that you found this guide to be incredibly useful. No one wants their home or place of business to go up in flames, so spend your money on a fireproof money bag and protect yourself. You’ll want to be sure that the bag you choose is heat resistant and durable, with a decent storage capacity. Remember that fibreglass will protect your valuables for limited periods. If you want to stay safe from the dangers of fire, take our advice and ensure you have a fireproof bag.

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