Best Fire Pit Chairs

When it comes to making your backyard an inviting place, a fire pit is hard to top as an indoor-outdoor living centerpiece. It’s no wonder people love them so much. Whether you’re lighting a fire to keep warm on a cool night or enjoying shmoozing by the fire with friends, fire pits bring the heat. And while the appeal of a backyard fire pit is obvious, the pit itself isn’t always so cut-and-dried (pun intended). Fire pits come in all shapes and sizes; they feature a variety of designs and styles; and are constructed in different ways. To get the most out of your backyard entertaining area, having the best fire pit for you is critical.

Best Fire Pit Chairs Reviews

1. BALI OUTDOORS Gas Firepit Chairs Outdoor Wicker Patio Dining Set

Special FeatureGas fireoit table chairs dining sets patio furniture chairs outdoor chair Wicker Patio
Product Dimensions24.8″D x 22.8″W x 33.46″H

Daily maintenance knowledge of rattan furniture:

1. Daily maintenance is very simple, you can use a vacuum cleaner to suck it again, or use a feather duster to remove the floating dust from the inside out, and then wipe it with a damp cloth or soft cloth.

2. To remove stains in case of distress, use toothpaste or 30% cleaning diluent to wipe it off. Do not directly contact the surface with chemicals such as acids and alkalis.

3. Please do not touch the surface with sharp instruments, or paint the surface of rattan products with ink or a colored pen.

4. If you need to move furniture, please move it away from the ground to avoid dragging your floor.

Weather Resistant

Featuring a long-lasting woven finish, this style is not only incredibly durable but also provides a versatile appearance. The handcrafted details of this material allow this piece to blend seamlessly with your outdoor decor.

The perfect partner for a gas fire pit

Keep everything you need for an afternoon in the sun within arm’s reach with the help of a stylish and convenient side table. Our accent side table features gorgeous wicker weaving and a sturdy frame to enhance the way you utilize your outdoor space.

Easy to clean

When it’s dirty, just wipe it with a damp rag and it will be fine. These rattan chairs can withstand different weather, which is perfect for any outdoor and indoor use.

2. OVIOS Patio Furniture Set 7 PCS Outdoor Wicker Rocking Swivel Chairs Sectional Sofa Set

ColorDenim Blue-grey
Item Weight202 Pounds
Assembly RequiredYes

Over ten years of furniture production, ovios have advanced technology and unique design concept. We are dedicated to providing high quality and beautiful pieces for you. Ensuring your comfortable and fashionable outdoor life is our top priority.

Outdoor Furniture Set with 30 Inch Gas Fire Pit

The patio furniture set is elegant and the spacious seating space is wide and sturdy. It transforms the touch of life into a meticulous taste, which is in line with the human scale. Comfortable, luxurious atmosphere, elegant and romantic, thick sponge cushion, giving people strong lumbar support. For green life, our outdoor furniture set is really a good choice for you.

Hand-woven synthetic wicker

This set of furniture uses high-quality wicker, which makes the thickened wicker for a more aesthetic look. Its unique weaving process also adds an artistic sense to this set of sofas. The high-quality wicker can bring people a comfortable living experience.

Weather Proof Cushions

Enhance the look and feel of any patio seating area inside or outside your home. The effect of pictures was under the sunshine. If you look indoors, there may be some chromatic aberration. If you have high requirements about the color, please do not order.

Hight elasticity cotton

Comfortable and soft high elasticity thick cotton core.

Broad handrails

The spacious armrest makes the set cozy but modern and no need to worry about the wicker falling off when they are used after a long time.

Sloping backrest

The inclined backrest conforms to ergonomics, making you more comfortable.

Simple & Quick Assembly

These sets of furniture are easy to assemble. You could save about 50 minutes to assemble them than usual so that you can enjoy and experience them with just a few simple steps.

Classic stainless steel burner

50,000 BTU Stainless Steel Burner.

Free Fire pit cover*1

Protect the firepit from dust and potential damage.

3. Highwood Hamilton Made in the USA Adirondack Chair

Product Dimensions36.4″D x 29.4″W x 33.9″H
Recommended Uses For ProductRelaxing

Welcome to highwood. Welcome to relaxation. Any outdoor sanctuary can be made into a serene one with the right seating. This Adirondack chair is the perfect option that balances comfort and style to create the perfect chair for spending time outdoors. The classic, laid-back styling is crafted from high-grade poly lumber creating a breezy, relaxed look. This versatile chair features a reclining option that allows you to adjust the angle of the chair back, making it easier to sit back and relax!

The chair also folds down for easy storage and transportation. The proprietary Highwood high-grade poly lumber used in this product offers the most realistic look of natural wood WITHOUT the headaches of maintaining or replacing every few seasons. This product has been load-tested, per ASTM F1858-98 (2008) standard for outdoor reclining plastic furniture, and has a 400-pound weight capacity.

Some assembly is required (see assembly guide) and assembled chair dimensions are 29″W x 34″H x 36″D (33lbs). For the easiest assembly, we recommend using a cordless screwdriver/drill or multi-bit handle for the enclosed Torx bit.

4. YEFU Adirondack Chair Plastic Weather Resistant

Finish TypePolished
Product Dimensions34.6″D x 20.3″W x 36.6″H
  • HIPS: High Impact Polystyrene. The composite material, which increases the impact resistance and color stability on the advantages of PS material and is not easy to deform, is a comprehensive upgrade of PS material.
  • PS: Polystyrene (poly lumber), looks and feels like real wood. It is little affected by the weather. Low maintenance, recyclable. Its service life is 10 times that of wood and is more durable.
  • HDPE: Polyethylene (poly lumber), feels waxy, has high static electricity, not look like wood. So heavy, and elastic but it may be deformed over time. Low maintenance and more durable than wood.
  • Wood: Natural, poor stability, annual maintenance, not durable, easy to peel and crack.

Material characteristics:

High Impact Polystyrene composite material, through the improvement of PS, the sunlight resistance, color firmness, and impact resistance are upgraded.

5. POLYWOOD AD420GY Modern Adirondack Chair

Product Dimensions32″D x 29″W x 34″H
ColorSlate Grey

With a comfortable contoured seat and waterfall front, the POLYWOOD Modern Adirondack Chair (AD420) offers a modern take on a traditional classic. Made in Syracuse, Indiana from durable, POLYWOOD lumber, the Modern Adirondack Chair will not rot, peel, or splinter like natural wood, and requires only minimal maintenance for years of stain-resistant outdoor use.

POLYWOOD lumber is infused with UV protectant coloring throughout, so there’s no exterior finish to wear away: simply wash with soapy water and a soft bristle brush to maintain the appearance of painted natural wood. A 20-year residential protects against splintering, peeling, chipping, rotting, and cracking. The Modern Adirondack Chair weighs only 34 lbs, and measures 29. 25×34, 68×32. 13 inches with seat dimensions of 20. 5×17. 37×13. 68 inches.

About this Product

Laze the day away in the Modern Adirondack Chair, complete with a comfortably contoured seat and waterfall front. With a modern back style and sleek leg profile, this contemporary Adirondack is the perfect blend of style and comfort that will complement any outdoor space.

Durable Construction

Each piece of POLYWOOD furniture is constructed of genuine POLYWOOD lumber and built to withstand a range of climates including hot sun, snowy winters, freezing rain, salt spray, and strong coastal winds.

Made From Recycled Plastic

Approximately 30,000 milk jugs are recycled per hour to create POLYWOOD all-weather lumber. After your furniture is constructed, any scrap lumber pieces from manufacturing are sent back to the POLYWOOD recycling plant to be made back into lumber.

Waterfall Front

Curved waterfall front detail adds style and extra comfort on the backs of your knees.

Modern Back

A contemporary take on the traditional Adirondack chair, our modern back styles feature straight lines and sleek profiles without sacrificing comfort.

Built to Last

Genuine POLYWOOD lumber is extremely durable and built to last — it’s resistant to stains and corrosive substances, and isn’t prone to splinter, crack, chip, peel, or rot.

All-Weather Material

Our all-weather material is built to withstand all four seasons and a range of climates including hot sun, snowy winters, salt spray, and heavy winds.

Fade-Resistant Color

UV inhibitors and stabilizers protect our lumber from harmful environmental degradation and, along with light stable pigments, run continuously throughout the material.

Easy to Clean

Genuine POLYWOOD lumber cleans easily with soap and water and requires no painting, staining, or waterproofing.

Does my new fire pit chair need to be assembled?

Many chairs do need to be assembled. The good news is that most chairs are not complicated to put together. Generally, within less than 30 minutes we would estimate that most chairs would be able to be assembled.

Can you buy a fire pit and chairs together?

Yes, there are fire pits with chair sets available. An example is this GDF Studio 5-piece set. You often can find some good deals on buying a set compared to buying the chairs and fire pit individually.

What is the benefit of chairs over built in seating?

Built-in seating is permanent. In other words, it does not allow the person sitting to adjust their seat to the heat of the fire. A moveable chair allows the individual to move closer or farther away from the fire pit as needed.

What things should I consider when buying fire pit chairs?

Consider the number of chairs needed for your space and their comfort level before buying. There is nothing worse than going to a fire pit gathering with a lack of adequate seating or uncomfortable chairs. Additionally, you should have ample places for family or guests to set their drinks or plates. This may mean buying a few side tables and/or making sure your chairs have beverage holders.

Should I finish my fire pit chairs if they are unfinished when purchased?

We recommend it, especially if you plan on leaving the chairs out in harsh conditions. Finishing will help maintain the color and provide a layer of protection. Read what the manufacturer recommends for a sealant and/or stain before finishing your chair.

What are the sizes of the Chairs?

The chairs are of different sizes and types. You can find the sizes and other information about the chairs in the product information and specifications.

Do the Chairs come assembled?

Some of the chairs come assembled, some do not, and some do not need assembling at all. Assembling products like chairs are not much of a task, though sometimes it could take time if instructions are provided, you will find it very easy.

Do the chairs need to be covered?

Though some of the chairs mentioned above are resistant to outdoor elements, covering them when not in use is not a bad idea. Additional protection and maintenance can improve the life span of your outdoor chair, and covering them is one of doing so.

Are the chairs waterproof?

A product being waterproof means that water cannot penetrate such a product. There is a difference between being water-resistant and being waterproof. Most of the chairs contained in the list are water-resistant, and some are waterproof since water cannot penetrate them.

How long should the chairs last?

There is no stated life span that tells how long the chairs will last. But, these chairs are of high quality and very durable, it is possible for your chair to last very long, it is all about how you use it and how it is handled.

Do the chairs get hot by the heat from the fire pit?

The heat from your fire pit won’t get your chairs hot. The distance from the fire pit will stop that from happening. Even chairs made with metal frames won’t get hot by heat from your fire pit.

How big should the seating area be around a fire pit?

First and foremost you need to decide on the size of your pit. After this, you’ll be able to accurately calculate how much room you have to play with for your seating area.

If you don’t have your fire pit yet then you can use chalk to mark where it will be and use this as a guide.

The key thing to keep in mind is that fire pits are supposed to be enjoyed from all angles, meaning that it should be comfortable to sit facing it from any angle.

Keep in mind that some people prefer to be closer to the pit, or further away from it. Bearing this in mind, try to allow enough room between the chairs and the pit to accommodate this, as well as behind the chairs. Also, try to leave enough room for people to walk between chairs without having to squeeze.

As a rule of thumb, Landscaping Network recommends leaving about 7 feet around the outer edges of the pit, which would allow enough room for foot traffic and furniture. As Landscaping Network says, it’s better to have too much room than too little!

Will I need to assemble my chair myself?

A lot of chairs do come requiring assembly. However more often than not the reason for this is because manufacturers recommend staining or varnishing your chair first. This will help keep it durable and resistant to the effects of the weather or insects.

Fortunately, the vast majority of seats are then very easy to put together yourself and can be done in just 10-20 minutes.

Can you buy fire pits and seats together?

You can from certain outlets if they have deals on them, but not many brands sell them as sets.

If I’m honest, I wouldn’t recommend buying a set as quite often you find that either one of the components will be of poorer quality than the other. I suggest getting your fire pit first and then assessing how much room you have for your seats, and what style you want, before buying your chairs.

Why should I pick a chair over built-in seats?

It might be a personal preference, but I’ve never really liked built-in chairs in the garden or on the patio. One of the joys of sitting outside is being able to move around, and a built-in seat obviously doesn’t offer this.

Built-in seating options don’t allow you to adjust your height, nor do they allow you to move closer to the fire. Similarly, you won’t be able to move closer to (or further from) someone.


In the end, we were able to figure out exactly what it is that consumers prefer in a fire pit chair. While this doesn’t mean that there are fewer options for shoppers, it does allow those of you with specific preferences the opportunity to find what you’re looking for. Whether it’s the portability or durability that appeals most to you, or maybe you’re hunting for a solid look at an attractive price point, now you know where to look.

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