Top 5 Best Fetal Heart Monitor Reviews

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Fetal heart monitoring is the tracking of your baby’s heart rate and rhythm during labor and delivery. There are two ways to monitor a fetus. An external ultrasound measurement checks for fetal movement and contraction patterns, then a doppler device placed on the woman’s abdomen or a stool outfitted with electrodes measures the heart activity by listening to the fetal heartbeat. The caregiver also may use an electronic system where the measurements are transferred directly to a monitor.

Our 5 Favorite Fetal Heart Monitor

Best Fetal Heart Monitor In 2022

1. Doppler Fetal Monitor

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Doppler Fetal Monitor Fetal monitoring is essential for the comfort and safety of you and your baby. The HDC-501D Doppler FOBT Medical Ultrasound Fetal Monitor from AwakeBaby makes it easy to keep tabs on your baby’s heart rate, from wherever you are in the room. A lightweight, shoulder-strap device that’s small enough to fit into a backpack or purse, the monitor can even clip onto a belt for easy transport during pregnancy. Equipped with 12 pre-set modes, touch controls, and an intuitive LCD screen, this fetal monitor gives you continuous access to vital information about your baby.


  • LCD digital screen, Backlight LED screen, the digital display baby heart rate is more clearer.
  • Zero radiation,safe to use, After strict testing, the electric field and magnetic field radiation are zero.
  • Variety of audio output options, Headphones listening, avoid external noise interference,Or amplified playback,share the baby’s heartbeat rhythm with family and friends.
  • Doppler device is all you need for the simplest and most efficient way to listen and record your baby‚Äôs heartbeat,and development.
  • Battery status indicator and Auto shut off feature,No operation automatically turn down within 60S.

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2. FitinPet Fetal Heartbeat Monitor Doppler Fetal Monitor

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Baby’s heartbeat can be heard as early as 16-18 days after conception. Fetal Heartbeat Monitor Doppler Fetal Monitor is designed to detect fetal heartbeat, and identify fetal gender with a high degree of accuracy. It is an ideal tool for pregnancy examination and gender selection. The monitor is simple to use, easy to carry and saves time for any expectant mothers.It also can be used for babysitting and childcare as a tracking device.Fitinpet will provide you with pleasant shopping experience in the world of both Medicine and Health care products,


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to use at home,Simple one hand operation.
  • It is a wonderful gift for all expectant mothers in the world
  • Fast shipping from USA.
  • Convenient measurement, low power, high performance
  • This is a handheld device that can be used at home or outdoors

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3. FitinPet Fetal Heartbeat Monitor Doppler Fetal Monitor

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Easily measure the fetal heartbeat without going to the hospital with our Fetal Heartbeat Monitor Doppler Fetal Monitor. Our product is easy to use, and its measurements are accurate, convenient and safe. Our product is small and lightweight, so pregnant women can monitor their babies at home during pregnancy.


  • Easy to use
  • The product adopts new technology and high-tech chip implantation. Measurements are accurate and easy to use.
  • Our products are small and lightweight. Suitable for pregnant mothers to use at home during pregnancy, safe and efficient.
  • The probe uses a piezoelectric ceramic chip, which can accurately detect readings and avoid other noisy sounds.
  • Our products are fully functional, the volume can be adjusted at will, there are two ways of earphone broadcasting and external broadcasting, you can choose at will.
  • Good after-sales service, if you encounter any problems during the use of this product, please contact us in time.

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4. Baby Heartbeat Monitor Pregnancy

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This early heart beat scan product is ultra-sensitive, with high precision and reliability. The product is very suitable for housewife, students and so on. The demonstration video makes it clearer to use in details. Ultrasound scanning provides information on the baby’s size and position during pregnancy ,and can help the parents to keep a healthy pregnancy!


  • Fast shipping from USA
  • Easy to use at home,Simple one hand operation.
  • Waterproof probe, high sensitivity of the probe, and the host and the probe are designed separately, which makes it easier to find the position.
  • High quality LED display screen can enable clear readings for viewing convenience, the signal strength display function allows the users to find measurement points easily and directly.
  • Built-in clear speaker with volume control and earphone port available for listening quietly; Automatic shut off function after 1-minute preserves batteries.

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5. US Shipping Portable Fetal Heartbeat Monitor

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Enjoy the sound of your baby’s heartbeat anytime, anywhere. The USB card reader can record the beat on your computer, plug a stereo earphone or cable into the jack and listen to the sound on a desktop devices. Touching this item would be better than other gifts in many pregnancy stages. Special Offer with Free shipping to US + Paypal Payment.


  • Easy USE1
  • Hear your little one‚Äôs cute little movements inside your belly during pregnancy. Suitable to start using 12-14 weeks.
  • Perfect gift for the expecting Mom and Dad. Connect with Your Baby Anywhere: You can hear to your baby’s sounds whether you are going for a walk or working in the office.
  • The Compact & Portable Design makes it easy to carry. Bring it with you anywhere! The monitor has an ON/OFF Switch, Volume Control, Digital Display and Built-in Speaker.
  • The Digital display allows you to get a precise reading of the baby and is Noninvasive.
  • Made from high quality materials and We offer 60 days money-back guarantee and 24 months return policy, Fast delivery from US warehouse.

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Types of Fetal Heart Monitors

Fetal Heart Monitor

Doctors can use two types of fetal heart monitors: external and internal. The following sections will look at these in more detail.

External Devices

A Doppler ultrasound device is an external monitor that uses sound waves to detect a fetus’s heartbeat. To check the heartbeat, a doctor places an ultrasound probe against a person’s abdomen.

If a doctor wants to monitor the fetal heart rate continuously during labor, they can strap the probe to the person’s abdomen. This will record the fetus’s heartbeat pattern and alert the doctor to any changes that could indicate distress.

People can also use handheld versions of Doppler ultrasound devices at home. However, these devices only measure the speed of the fetal heart rate. The FDATrusted Source recommends only seeking heart monitoring from qualified healthcare professionals when there is a medical need.

Internal Devices

Doctors can fit an internal heart monitor once the amniotic sac breaks. This can happen naturally at the beginning of labor or artificially through a procedure that a healthcare professional carries out. As a result, doctors tend to use this type of monitor when a person is already in labor and if an external monitor is not providing a clear reading.

To fit the monitor, a healthcare professional will insert a catheter containing a thin wire through the cervix and place an electrode on the fetus’s head. If the doctor also wants to measure the pressure within the uterus, they may also insert a catheter that measures uterine pressure.

The fetus’s movements do not affect this type of monitor. This makes internal monitor readings more accurate.


If a person does not want to use a Doppler machine, they can use a fetoscope instead. A fetoscope is similar to a stethoscope, but it is a slightly different shape. It can detect a baby’s heartbeat at 20 weeks trusted Source.

One benefit of using a fetoscope over a Doppler machine is that it is not an ultrasonic device, so it does not carry the same potential risks. However, like with a Doppler machine, a person should not panic if they do not hear a heartbeat, as long as they feel the baby moving.

What Happens After Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring?

You do not need any special care after external fetal heart monitoring. You may go back to your normal diet and activity unless your healthcare provider tells you otherwise.

After internal fetal heart rate monitoring, your healthcare provider will check your baby’s scalp for infection, bruising, or a cut. The provider will clean the site with an antiseptic.

Your healthcare provider may give you other instructions, based on your situation.

What Happens During Fetal Heart Monitoring?

You may have fetal heart rate monitoring in your healthcare provider’s office or as part of a hospital stay. The way the test is done may vary depending on your condition and your healthcare provider’s practices.

Generally, fetal heart rate monitoring follows this process:

Which Baby Heartbeat Monitor Will you Choose?

Our list provides 4 of the top heartbeat monitors currently available. However, we recommend you thoroughly research heartbeat monitors to ensure you find one that suits your needs and budget!

Finally, while heartbeat monitors can provide comfort and reassurance for parents, ensure that at any time you have concerns or worries about your baby your first point of contact is with your healthcare professional.

Frequently Asking Question

What Do Fetal Heart Monitors Do?

Fetal heart monitors¬†measure the rate and rhythm of a fetus’s heart. Doctors may recommend fetal heart rate monitoring during late pregnancy or labor to monitor the fetus’s health. The monitors that doctors use can measure heart rate, heart rate variability, accelerations, and decelerations.

Are Home Fetal Heart Monitors Safe?

‚ÄúFetal Dopplers are safe when used and interpreted by a health care provider, such as a nurse, midwife, or physician,‚ÄĚ Chanchani says. ‚ÄúThey provide real-time information about whether the heart rate of a baby is normal.¬†The risk of using fetal Dopplers at home is not in the technology.

How Early Can a Home Doppler Detect a Heartbeat?

How early will an at-home fetal doppler work? While some brands claim that their fetal dopplers can detect heartbeats from¬†9 weeks into the pregnancy, others claim they only work from around week 16. Some companies even state that their dopplers should only be used in the third trimester ‚ÄĒ that is, from week 28 onward.

Are Baby Heart Monitors Worth It?

Although ultrasounds are non-invasive and very low-risk, and there has been no evidence of harm from using fetal Doppler devices (which send sound waves through your skin to confirm fetal sound or movement),¬†the at-home variety hasn’t been shown to provide any medical benefit.

Is Heart Rate Monitor Necessary?

Heart rate monitors are by no means an essential tool for fitness or even competition. “A heart rate monitor isn’t necessary for anyone,” says running coach Matt Fitzgerald, author of The New Rules of Marathon and Half-Marathon Nutrition.


Healthcare professionals use fetal heart monitors to check a fetus’s wellbeing and movements. They can also be used to check the health of individuals experiencing certain symptoms, such as bleeding. Some people may use them at home to track the development of their unborn children. However, they are not available over the counter and should only be used after a discussion with a doctor or midwife. These devices come with pros and cons. Ultimately, there is no substitute for a trained professional.

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