Top 10 Best Iron on Fabric Transfer Paper

The best fabric transfer paper available on the market right now is a low-cost choice for those looking to get started printing on apparel. Because of the unique nature of the paper, it creates a long-lasting impression that will not fade or split even after several pieces of washing.

On the other hand, heat transfer sheets are not all made equal in quality and performance. You should shop around to ensure that you obtain the best value. The selection of the most suitable transfer paper is thus crucial.

Even more so, if you want to sell the hats, pillow covers, or t-shirts that you have created using heat transfer paper, don’t be anxious; getting the best fabric transfer paper should be straightforward.

Our Favorite Best Fabric Transfer Paper

Comparison Table

Product nameApplicable printer Product quantityPrint onPaper size
NuFun DIY Transfer Paper For Dark FabricInkjet printer5 sheetsPre Washed cotton, Polyester blend fabric, Pillowcase, Parchment paper8.5″ x 11″
Iron-On Heat Transfer Paper for Dark FabricInkjet and laser printer40 sheetsT-shirts,  Sweatshirts, Tanks, bags, and tote.8.3″ x  11.7″ 
Unewprint Inkjet Dark fabric Transfer PaperInkjet printer10 sheets Paper and cotton. 8.5″ x 11.7″
Jolee’s Easy Image Transfer Paper Colored FabricsInkjet printer5 sheetsT-shirts, Sweatshirts, tote bags8.5″ x 11″
Jolee’s Easy ImageTransfer Paper White FabricsInkjet printer10 sheetsT-shirts, Bags, and fabric8. 5″ x 11″
Avery DIY T-Shirt TransfersInkjet printer5  sheetsT-shirts, aprons, pillowcases, bags, hats, tank tops, and face masks.8. 5″ x 11″
InkjetTransfer Paper for Dark & Light T-ShirtsInkjet printer 10 sheetsT-shirts, tote bags, pillows, fabric8.5″ x 11
Pen+Gear Fabric TRANSFERS White & DarkInkjet printer15 sheetsCotton, poly-cotton, blend fabric. 8.5″ x 11″
Inkjet Printer HTV Dark and Light FabricsInkjet printer15 sheetsT-shirts, hats, aprons, cushions, scarf, and  bagsA4
Tru Heat Transfer Paper for Dark FabricInkjet printer10 sheetsT-shirts, cushions, bags, and hats.8.5 x 11″ 

Top 10 Best Fabric Transfer Paper- Buying Guide

1. NuFun DIY Transfer Paper For Dark Fabric

If you’re planning to use another kind of dark cloth transfer paper, it’s a good idea to use the best fabric transfer paper first to get a feel for the texture. When you first use this paper, it should help you and your colleagues decide what to do for work. The general public will be pleased with this, as well as with the very long-lasting printing.


High quality

For those who run a T-shirt printing company, this high-quality iron-on transfer paper may be able to aid you in creating more profitable designs.

Compatible with inkjet printers 

In this case, purchasing a second printer is not essential. It doesn’t matter your printer since the results are the same. Any inkjet printer will do, whether from Canon, Lexmark, or another manufacturer. This paper does not need sublimation ink with any inkjet printer and ink.

Easy to use

To complete your designs on this dark fabric-friendly paper, all you’ll need is a pair of scissors and some time. This paper is easy to print and cut and has many uses.


  • Product weight 3.52 ounces.
  • Sheet color white.
  • 11.18x 8.43x 0.28 inches.


  • Customizable for sports teams, schools, organizations, etc. In event t-shirts.
  • In this case, it makes no difference how you print. 
  • It’s easy to use.
  • It is vital to use high-quality transfer paper for this procedure.
  • It works with an iron or a heat press.


  • The ink may begin to crumble or peel after a wash.

2. Iron-On Heat Transfer Paper for Dark Fabric

It is ideal for screen printing applications that need more than 60% cotton graphics, such as t-shirts. When the ink on the paper dries, it changes into a beautiful film that is durable and visually appealing. It is now feasible to print on dark surfaces due to this. It is your best bet if you don’t want anything to shred under strain.


Easy to use

No testers have come forward to provide information on how long the prints remained visible after several washing items. This stuff will not leave you unhappy if you get it via the appropriate channels.

Used on

The package includes 20 sheets for heavy and light-demanding applications. They may print on any sheet. Textiles such as polyester blend nylon textiles and cotton may benefit from professionals knowledgeable in design and development.


It is best to maintain the temperature between 329 and 365 degrees Fahrenheit for optimum outcomes. Heat the film for around 25-30 minutes at this temperature. If you want a print that will survive a long time, increase the pressure to “heavy.” Before printing, let the paper cool fully before using it.


  • Product weight 6.3 ounces.
  • Paper size 20 sheets.
  • 12.56 x 9.41 x 0.31 inches.


  • Cutting using a plotter or scissors is a straightforward process.
  • It is possible to achieve this with the help of a heat press or an iron.
  • It is possible to find prints on nylon, vinyl, and polyester that will last for a long period.


  • Only printers that utilize inkjet ink, such as this one, will use this.

3. Unewprint Inkjet Dark fabric Transfer Paper

Individuals may use dark-colored inkjet transfer paper to transfer images onto clothes composed mostly of cotton or cotton and other fibers, such as a shirt. They print using water-based inks. The bundle includes high-quality graphics that are clear, detailed, and colorful. Because of their high wash resistance, they are very simple to clean.



Print pictures and text on various fabrics and other surfaces using an inkjet printer and transfer paper. It works effectively because the transfer paper is compatible with inkjet printers and inks. There is no need to make any changes or modifications to your printer.


This Dark Inkjet Iron-on Transfer comes in a wide range of sizes. Paper is only appropriate for dark-colored items due to its origins. It is feasible to clean with a white towel. It’s fantastic. If you’re working with white or light-colored fabric, you’ll need translucent paper.


You can count on our inkjet transfer paper to be both washable and simple to use. To get the greatest outcomes, you must first accurately execute the transfer.


  • Product weight 5.6 ounces.
  • Paper finishing glossy type.
  • 11.81x 8.27x 0.39 inches.


  • There isn’t anything that will prevent you from entering.
  • Transportable and practical.
  • It is an appropriate technique.
  • The set-up is compact and portable.


  • You can’t wash it in the machine since it’s too delicate.

4. Jolee’s Easy Image Transfer Paper Colored Fabrics

Someone who likes doing things independently or enjoys making things and wants to develop their abilities. Is this correct? Jolee’s Boutique Iron-on Easy Image is an excellent alternative if this is the case. 



The company has a photo gallery where you can create customized tote bags, hoodies, and t-shirts, among other items. Print out the designs you wish to use and iron them onto the fabrics of your choosing using your mother’s iron.


Hand or machine washable after the transfer. It guarantees that it will last a long period. You will get five 8.5″ x 11″ pages with thorough instructions if you purchase this.

Easy image transfer

With a Jolee’s Boutique Easy Image image transfer kit, you can personalize T-shirts, handbags, and other iron-on surfaces. Cut out your design after printing it on the transfer sheet. Then press and transfer it on the given fabric with an iron.


  • Product weight 4 ounces.
  • Shape rectangular
  • 0.85x 9.79x 12.79 inches.


  • Beginners and small enterprises will benefit from this.
  • All-in-one fabric that can be washed by machine and by hand. It has a lengthy shelf life and is silky smooth.
  • In a gallery, you may store photographs that are uniquely yours.
  • Because it comes with thorough instructions, the device is straightforward to use.


  • Only brightly colored fabrics are allowed.

5. Jolee’s Easy ImageTransfer Paper White Fabrics

Using this heat transfer paper will make all of your home-based projects a breeze. Jolee’s Boutique sells a 10-pack of iron-on transfer paper at a low price, making it affordable for everyone.


Easy to use

They’re easy to use, even if you’ve never dealt with transfer paper before, and they look professional. Jolee’s sheets are lightweight and simple to work with. The instructions given are straightforward to follow. Their guidance will take you through the whole procedure from start to finish.

Works with inkjet printers

Our evaluation of heat transfer paper includes its compatibility with inkjet printers. This printer can produce high-quality prints of your favorite designs on various objects, including t-shirts and mousepads.


The transfer paper may be cleaned numerous times and is re-usable after being cleaned. Washing it with hot water is not recommended since it may destroy the picture on the surface. If the photo is cleaned and dried outside, it will not fade.


  • Product weight 4.6 ounces.
  • Unit count 1.0
  • 9 x 0.08 x 12 inches. 


  • This bundle comprises 10 customizable iron-on transfer sheets.
  • Wear only white or light-colored clothes.
  • Users of inkjet printers will be able to benefit from this service.
  • Flexibility reduces the risk of a cloth becoming brittle and rupturing.


  •  It is best not to wash the picture in hot water since it may damage it.

6. Avery DIY T-Shirt Transfers

It is possible to have difficulty finding heat transfer sheets that are effective and easy to use. On the other hand, this one has all and a few more features. Individuals are often taken aback by how well it works. Customize face masks, aprons, and t-shirts with this offering. Because it is the same size as other tools, you will have no trouble utilizing it for a wide range of activities due to its compact design.


Use on

A unique mix of dark materials ensures that the paper will not break. It will also retain its soft, supple, and unbleached qualities for an extended period.

Transfer paper type

It’s easy to make patterns at home with this inkjet paper that warms up when printed on. Simply snip away any extra material with a pair of scissors when that is complete.


It also comes with step-by-step instructions, and photos may be transferred with a standard iron if you prefer that method. It is also possible to utilize a professional heat press, such as this one, for this purpose.


  • Product weight 2.12 pounds. 
  • Paper size 8.5x 11″ inches 
  • 12.09x 9.44x 0.14 inches.


  • It’s simple to use.
  • The normal paper size of 8.5″ × 11″ is often sufficient.
  • It is ideal for dark clothes since it does not cause crazing.
  • You may use an iron or a heat press to heat the thing.
  • If you have standard scissors, you can cut out the pattern.


  • When you cut, the blade releases ink.

7. InkjetTransfer Paper for Dark & Light T-Shirts

Transfer Master heat transfer paper allows you to display your work by attaching your photographs, drawings, artwork, remarks, and messages on various goods such as t-shirts and flags. People may simply and rapidly move the image using a heat press or an iron.



It is feasible to print inkjet graphics on this iron transfer paper for t-shirts. Any fabric, dark, light, or anywhere in between, may be utilized with Transfer Master paper. Even if you’re a newbie, you can create art on T-shirts, tote bags, cushions, and other cotton-based materials.


Thanks to cutting-edge technology, the transfers created with this set are soft and flexible. They are also machine washable and do not shatter or strain.

Easy to use

To transfer the picture to the fabric, use a home iron or heat-generating equipment. Push hard while transfer printing with a home iron for the finest results.


  • Product weight 6.4 ounces.
  • 8.5 “X 11” (10 sheets)
  • 11.69 x 9.37 x 0.28 inches.


  • To print on dark fabrics, use this product with inkjet printers.
  • It is smooth and machine washable. The design and color are clear.
  • Using an iron or a heat press machine, you may quickly apply your drawings to the material.
  • They will withstand seven to ten washes if you use a home iron on them.


  • There is no color left in the world.

8. Pen+Gear Fabric TRANSFERS White & Dark

Make these fabric transfers using an inkjet printer. This 8.5″ x 11″ package contains ten white and five dark fabric transfers. When making your T-shirt, Pen+Gear Fabric Transfers may assist you in creating something distinctive. You may use them to add a personal touch to your project.


Use on

Make a one-of-a-kind t-shirt, sweater, tote bag, or another item to flaunt around the globe. Pen + Gear Fabric Transfers allow you to add a personal touch to various items you purchase or produce yourself using custom fonts, logos, and phrases.

Transfer process

Be sure to trim around your design before ironing. Remove the backing paper and iron the transfer image-side up. Cover it with the transfer overlay paper. Then, carefully follow the instructions that come with your Dark Fabric Transfer. Then simply follow the screen recommendations. Before removing the paper, let the cloth cool completely.

Easy to use

To ensure their longevity, these fabric transfers feature a unique fade-resistant coating. To use Pen + Gear Fabric Transfers, you’ll need an inkjet printer.


  • Product weight 6.7 ounces.
  • Height and wide 8.5 X 11 inches.
  • 12.13 x 8.98 x 0.31 inches.


  • It may work with inkjet printers.
  • The only fabric allowed for this item is cotton.
  • The anti-fade technology maintains the picture’s appearance over time.
  • It is amazing and easy to use and looks great with the parchment/overlay paper provided.


  • Dark transfers didn’t work, but light transfers became green.

9. Inkjet Printer HTV Dark and Light Fabrics

Heat transfer paper comes in a 15-sheet box, with ten sheets for dark fabrics and five for light textiles. Daily, these sheets may be utilized for a range of aesthetic tasks. The t-shirt bag accessories were made using a high-quality inkjet printer and the 15 best fabric transfer paper sheets.


Print process

After printing the image on the coated layer of the paper with high-quality ink, wait about a minute for it to dry (the soft side). It uses the maximum heat setting on the iron, ironing the fabric until it is lovely and smooth.


Simply iron it into the fabric if you don’t want to remove it. Then iron it one more. The reverse of the card contains patterned lettering, while the blank side is blank. Wrap it with heat insulation paper and set it aside to iron.

Infinite creativity

Hats, aprons, pillows, scarves, and purses are just a few of the gorgeous crafts that can be made using inkjet printers. You may show off your individuality by expressing your creativity and developing your styles, ideal for all of your T-shirts.


  • Product weight 6.7 ounces.
  • Wash the textile inside out after 24 hours.
  • 12.44 x 9.57 x 0.47 inches.


  • Getting rid of the paper is a difficult task.
  • Furthermore, it is suitable for use with fabric.
  • Prints are pleasing to the eye as well as being utilitarian.


  • It became difficult to get rid of the backing paper.

10. Tru Heat Transfer Paper for Dark Fabric

To be able to send more information at once. This colorful, easy-to-cut paper is versatile. Cotton, canvas, lycra, elastic, mesh, chemical fiber, and nylon fabrics may all be printed easily and permanently due to their flexibility and resistance to breaking.


Easy to Use

This instruction may be useful to you if you are just beginning as a T-shirt printing newbie. Just a pair of scissors or a die-cutting machine will be enough to cut out the desired shape.


You may personalize anything from t-shirts to canvas bags to aprons and banners. The ability to create one-of-a-kind gifts for friends and family will be made possible due to your efforts.

Quality Transfers

These transfers are soft, vivid, and long-lasting due to contemporary technology and a specific paper composition used in their production. It is impossible to have peeling, cracking, or fading beyond that point.


  • Product weight 4.9 ounces.
  • Paper size 10 sheets.
  • 11.18 x 8.58 x 0.28 inches.


  • It can print on a variety of surfaces.
  • It’s practical and easy to understand.
  • Using high-quality transfer paper is essential.
  • It didn’t peel or fracture in the slightest.
  • Slitting the paper is a simple procedure.
  • It is well worth the investment.


  • When using an iron, the fabric does not attach to it.

Best Fabric Transfer Paper Buying Guide

best fabric transfer paper

While the most advanced small-business t-shirt printing equipment is substantially more costly than transfer paper, it is also significantly more difficult to run after you have mastered its usage and maintenance. There are various aspects to consider while looking for a new residence. When purchasing anything for the first time, there is a chance that you may get the wrong item. Before making a decision, take into account all essential variables.

As a result, we’ve put up a comprehensive checklist of everything you need to know. These characteristics will aid you in your search for the proper item. Before you go shopping, take into consideration the following points.

Paper Size

In this case, the paper’s dimensions are important. While most individuals print 8.5″ x 11″ papers on their computers, this is not the case for everyone. Using larger sheets will transfer a larger picture onto the paper. Nonetheless, for most therapies, a constant size would be better than increasing size.

Type of Printer

Inkjet and laser transfer papers and sublimation transfer sheets are often used with transfer papers and sheets and developed owing to extensive use of inkjet printers in offices. Although you may have a different printer, you may get the cartridges you want.

Fabric Color

According to the manufacturer, several fabric transfer papers are incompatible with bright and dark materials. If you wish to apply this on certain clothing, make your selections appropriately. When it comes to materials, multicolored papers work well on anything from shirts to trousers to dress pants to dresses and dresses and dresses.

Type of Fabric

It is also critical to examine if the paper will work well with the fabric. Depending on the fabric, some are more suited to cotton-polyester blends than others. Deciding on the materials you’ll choose will be important.

How to Print on Fabric Transfer Paper?

You’ve finished your mission. This assignment requires just a working printer and transfer paper. There is still a significant amount of work to be done. It is the next step. After that, the image should be printed on a sheet of paper.

Reverse Your Artwork First

First, attempt to alter your appearance somehow (if it contains numbers or text). Most printers overlook this crucial step, and the implications are obvious. To begin, ensure that your image is upside down. Then you may print in reverse. Heat-transferring the image will ensure it appears properly since it will be face down on your shirt. Before transferring your photo, use dark transfer paper to place its face-up on your shirt. You won’t have to worry about flipping your image this way, so don’t worry. A simple image editing tool or the printer’s settings may easily change the print result.

Printing On Your Transfer Paper

You’ll want to double-check that your image is ready to print and that it will appear precisely as you want it on the finished shirt. Print a sample of the image on a sheet of paper to get started. You’ll be able to have your printer crop portions of the image or print the whole thing. It also lets you verify whether the image will print exactly as it appears on the computer. Print your image on the right side of your transfer if you’re comfortable with it. Print on the coated side rather than the paper side if there are no indications in this region. You may now use a heat press t-shirt printing machine to transfer the image to your clothing.

How to Iron a Picture on a Shirt Without Transfer Paper?

It is the place to go if you’re looking for a fast and simple method to print on a t-shirt. As a result, if you have any worn-out t-shirts, this Saran wrap t-shirt printing approach is ideal. Follow the procedures in the text below to produce your t-shirt transfer paper.

Tools and Materials:

  • Scissors
  • Print your selected design on a single page of the paper (printed on normal paper)
  • T-shirt
  • Parchment paper
  • Saran wrap.
  • Iron

Get your Materials

The majority of the things on this list are very likely to be discovered. They’re more likely to be found in your kitchen or other areas of your home. To begin, gather your materials, pick a photo, and print.

Cover the Printed Image

Wrap Saran paper over the whole photo. Cut the Saran wrap in half before using it. Wrap Saran paper over both sides of the paper and secure it. It’s critical to inspect the edges for smoothness and air bubbles.

Cut the Picture

It’s time to get rid of the picture’s outline. Now is the time to carry out this task.

Iron the Picture

You are free to put the picture anywhere you choose. Now is the time to put everything back where it belongs. It’s now time to iron it. Make sure your iron is set to the lowest setting and use it with caution. The cling wrap adheres to the t-shirt as it melts. It works as follows: This is the esoteric way of doing things.

Frequently Asked Question

How Do You Use Fabric Transfer Paper?

Your image should be ready to print and look great on the finished shirt. Begin by printing a sample of the image. Your printer may crop parts of the image or print the whole thing. It also lets you see whether the image prints were exactly as they looked on screen. Print your image on the right side of the transfer. If there are no indications, print on the coated side. It enables you to heat press t-shirts. 

What Fabric Does Transfer Paperwork On?

Most transfer papers are compatible with 100% cotton, 100% polyester, and 100% polyester blends. The 3G Jet Opaque is made entirely of cotton.

Does Fabric Transfer Paper Wash Off?

To ensure long-term viability, picture paper direct transfer paper must be washed appropriately in the washing machine. Your T-shirt will survive for years if you follow these guidelines. These include turning the machine completely over and carefully rinsing after each wash.

How Do I Stop My Shirt Transfer from Cracking?

  • Preheating an iron is essential before using it.
  • Place a piece of paper over the transfer peeling off while ironing to solve the issue.
  • Iron peeling using the iron’s edge.
  • Take care to verify the transfer one more to ensure that it has adhered to the garments.

How Do I Keep My Transfer Paper from Fading?

The “Clearsoft” features a tiny hand, which the public enjoys. A thin polymer may break down too quickly. “Iron all” is printed on the same paper as “Iron all.” TJ2 has more “hand” in the first few washes, but the “hand” fades after approximately three washes, but there is still enough polymer (the chemical that creates the “hand”) to hold the colors in place. The polymer that remains is easy to deal with, despite its lack of strength.

Final Verdict

It is a fantastic method to personalize your clothing. When compared to other t-shirt printing methods, this one is a bargain since it is both inexpensive and simple to use for both novice and experienced users. Finding the best fabric transfer paper should be simple if you follow the guidelines outlined in this article. We’ve compiled a list of the top t-shirt printing equipment on the market, all of which will assist you in producing high-quality t-shirt designs that will last a long time.

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