Choose The Best Eyelash Extension Glue Reviews

An eyelash extension glue is a technique that enables you to meet the needs of artificial eyelashes and glue that attaches them to your natural lashes. Natural eyelashes do not have to be touched to use eyelash extensions.

Our company uses a very safe, painless, fast, and relaxing application process. The best glue for eyelash extensions connects the natural and artificial lashes so you can have a more beautiful appearance.

Based on the glue retention period, eyelash extensions typically last long. Choosing the right adhesive is essential to gaining beautiful eyelashes. Consider the following features and qualities of eyelash extension glue before buying one.

The following is the best eyelash extension glue review that explains everything.

Editor’s Pick-Eyelash Extension Glue

Best Eyelash Extension Glue Reviews In 2023

1. Eyelash Extension Glue Extra Strong Professional Lash Glue

This is a professional eyelash extension glue designed for use with eyelash extensions. This formula bonds immediately after contact and dries in less than 3 seconds! When applied correctly, your eyelashes should not fall out or break during the first day. The glue removal will leave no residue like other glues on the market today.


Our Eyelash Extension Glue Extra Strong is a professional eyelash adhesive that provides a long-lasting hold on your extensions. It dries fast and strong to ensure durable bonds and protect the wearer’s natural lashes.

Eyelash Extension Glue

There’s no better lash extension glue when you need a super-strong hold and crazy long retention. This advanced formula of eyelash extension glue from Eyelash Extension Glue Extra Strong Professional Lash Glue has an extra-long life span and insane retention power. Eyelash extensions will last 6-8 weeks, making this glue the strongest bonding and longest retention on the market today.

2. Sensitive Eyelash Extension Glue Stacy Lash

Valuable for people with sensitive skin and a low risk of allergies, this adhesive is water-based, biodegradable, and pH balanced. The formula creates the strongest bond possible without irritating the eyes. It can be used multiple times, so it’s perfect for the professional lash artist or those with less experience applying for extensions.

Potential Of Irritation

Sensitive Eyelash Extension Glue will help you deliver your service easily by reducing the potential effects on allergic clients. Formulated to minimize the potential of irritation, allergy, fume, or odor. This latex-free adhesive is specifically designed for lash extension salons only. Never use this product on your own with individual lashes, clusters,s or strip lashes.

Adhesive Is So Gentle

Stacy Lash Sensitive is the only glue that can hold the same type of eyelashes for more than a year. No need to worry about losing your natural lashes because this adhesive is so gentle, clean, and safe. As for the extensions, Stacy Lash, on average, lasts 5-6 weeks of wear before it needs to be removed and replaced with new ones.

3. Extra Strong Evolution Eyelash Extension Glue Stacy Lash

This adhesive is meant for professional use only. This glue is of the highest quality and meets our high standards for safety, quality, and consistency. Using this product against its instructions may cause a reaction! Please be sure you are an experienced lash artist before using this adhesive.

Extra Strong Eyelash

Stacy Lash Extra Strong Evolution is an advanced version of the original Stacy Lash Extra Strong eyelash extension glue featuring higher retention (up to 8 weeks in the manufacturer’s laboratory), and a silicon-free formula to ensure gentler and more comfortable application, as well as no allergic reactions. This glue is designed solely for professional use by certified lash extension technicians.

Adhesive Specifically Designed

Stacy Lash is a professional eyelash extension adhesive specifically designed to work in high humidity and temperatures. It is formulated from non-toxic raw materials and is ideal for use with Premium Remy Mink lashes.

4. Super Strong Eyelash Extension Glue

This is the same eyelash extension glue as our popular Sky S+ 5ml, but now you get TWO 5ml bottles for double the price! This incredible lash adhesive dries in under 2 seconds, making it perfect for busy technicians on the go. As if that’s not enough of a selling point, Sky S+ is one of the longest-lasting glue on the market today —lasting up to 7 weeks with perfect wearability. Get your hands on this amazing product before it’s gone!

Glues Are Created Equal

Lash Extensions are the BEST in lash extensions, but the glue is crucial in making them last. Not all eyelash extension glues are created equal! Our lash extension glue is the strongest and longest-lasting glue you can use on your clients or for yourself. It’s easy to apply, dries clear, and lasts up to 7 weeks. Our best-selling instant bonding glue will add confidence to any lashes you wear!

Highest Grade Ingredients

Newxsis Strongest Eyelash Glue is made from the highest grade ingredients, in line with the strictest manufacturing guidelines. The product can be used repeatedly and does not contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehide and acetone, which tend to dry your lashes and eyelashes.

5. Extra Powerful Eyelash Extension Glue

Lyon Lash Extra Hold Eyelash Extension Glue is our best-performing glue, thanks to our latest glue formula. It maximizes the bonding strength and long-lasting effect and helps keep the fume low and non-irritative.

Specially Formulated Super-strength

This glue is a specially formulated super-strength lash adhesive that dries in 1-2 seconds and is designed to hold up to a maximum of 2 months. It is waterproof, flexible, and easy to remove. It works well on all types of natural lashes and extensions.

Eyelash Extensions Glue

Lyon lash extensions are a luxury and safe eyelash extensions glue. It has a dual use; it can be used both on the eyelash extension root and on the false eyelash. The glue works wonderfully for glued-on and magnetic eyelashes for a natural feel.

6. LANKIZ Eyelash Extension Glue

Our brand was born in a seaside city, often giving us more romance and freedom. We always firmly believe that existence is the embodiment of beauty, which gives life confidence and tenacity, and we are the measure of beauty. As a professional beauty brand, we serve everyone. We strive to be a warm brand. We will continue to bring better products and shopping experiences. Links will be with you forever!

Pursue High-quality

LANKIZ was created to pursue high-quality, easy-to-use, and long-lasting lash stamping glue. No need to be an expert artist, no mess. This premium individual lash glue is not only suitable for curly lashes but also for classic lashes.

Safe & Premium Ingredients

Made for professional use, we ensure that using the highest quality ingredients that have been salon tested worldwide do not contain latex or formaldehyde.

Best eyelash extension glue Buying Guide


The brand primarily differentiates eyelash extension glues. You must select the right brand if you want the most effective results. The best results are achieved with brand-name adhesives because they are safe, durable, and effective. Trusted brands and manufacturers always promise the best quality and utility. Best-selling products also have a high rate of satisfaction.


To ensure a safe and gentle bond, eyelash extension glue must be made with ingredients of the highest quality. Make sure the product does not contain formaldehyde or latex, which may cause irritation and burn for those with sensitive eyes and skin. Medical-grade ingredients make up some adhesives, making them very safe for use. We strive to provide you with top-quality products from only the finest ingredients.


A sealed container should be used when transporting eyelash adhesives to prevent the glue from drying. Sealed packages with silica gel protect air and moisture from the product. Weak or poorly packed containers could cause the glue to dry out before it can be used. Make sure the container is kept in a cool, dry place. The glue is protected from degradation, so it lasts longer.


A good eyelash adhesive should last a long time. In addition to packaging, ingredients, and quality, eyelash adhesives can be affected by many factors. Purchase a product that will last a long time. A bit of care is also necessary to ensure that the product will be durable and retain its integrity.

Period of Retention

Most eyelash extension glues will retain their effectiveness for 2-7 weeks. The long-lasting dramatic lashes you get from this system will save time because you won’t need to go to a parlor as frequently. Utilizing eyelash extensions has the advantage of giving you long eyelashes without much effort. In addition, during your retention period, you will need to perform some maintenance. If you have little time to spend on your eyelashes, select the eyelash extension product with a long retention period.

Time to Dry

When eyelash glue is applied, the dry time is how long it takes to dry completely. It usually takes 1-2 seconds for most eyelash adhesives to dry. Depending on their texture, it may take up to 4-5 seconds for some eyelash adhesives to dry. To ensure that the glue dries properly, you have to check the humidity and temperature of the room. It is crucial that the eyelash adhesive is used in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment. Therefore, ensure that the room temperature is appropriate.


Extension of the eyelashes is a difficult procedure. To apply makeup professionally, you need high makeup skills and professional techniques. A professional makeup artist is needed to easily apply the glue on eyelash extensions designed for professionals only. Applying eyelash glue with care is necessary since it dries very quickly. Our list is curated with products that feature ultra-thin brushes that make it easier to apply products. Between natural and artificial lashes, a thin layer of glue is sufficient to create bonding.

Frequently Asked Question

What Is The Best Waterproof Eyelash Glue?

Lashgrip Strip Adhesive from Ardell is one of our most popular products simply because it keeps false eyelashes in place! Designed to apply directly to strip lashes, this latex base adhesive is dark in color. A huge advantage is that it is waterproof as well!

What Kind Of Lash Glue Do Professionals Use?

Applying eyelash extensions is quick and easy using Venus VISAGE Extra Strong Eyelash Extension Glue.  There are no traces left behind. The stain lasts for about 6-7 weeks before it turns dark and dries up. Waterproof and long-lasting, our extension glue provides longer-lasting extensions than ordinary adhesives.

Can I do my fake lashes?

However, if you are experienced in DIY beauty regimens and have a steady hand, you can do your eyelash extensions. This task is not nearly as complicated as you think. Let me go through the products and tools I use to apply my eyelash extensions.

How Do I Get Faster At Lashing?

All of these will help you see better and grow your lashes faster. Magnifying glasses, good lighting, and regular breaks will make it easier to see, which will help grow your lashes faster. A pink marker can fill in gel pads where clients’ lashes rest if they have extremely light or sparse lashes.

Is Clear Or Black Eyelash Glue Better?

On black extensions, black glue does not adhere quite as well as clear glue, but it is more “invisible”. If you want seamless extensions, you’ll want to use clear lash glue rather than black. Clear lash glue works better on colored extensions than black.


Best eyelash extension glue is the most important part of every set! It is what holds your lashes to your natural lash. The proper adhesive will ensure that you can enjoy the full benefits of wearing false lashes without any fear of them falling off or damaging your own natural ones. 

When picking out which one is right for you, there are a few things to keep in mind; firstly, if you want an eye-catching look, then it might be worth opting for something more dramatic like latex-based glues because they hold on with great tenacity but also provide plenty of flexibility so as not to damage the delicate skin around the eyes.

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